Easy Front Room Updates

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Well it happened–I’m officially over winter. I’m over the cold. Over the gloomy days. Over the snow. Allllll of it. Last week was so dang cold and I’m just tired of freezing all the time, ya know? And it’s always this time of year that I start to get really antsy and cabin fever sits in hard. Anyone else?! I know spring is coming, but it’s still feels soooooo far away. Heck, we still have to get through March, which is our snowiest month here in Colorado. Anyway, I need to stop belly-aching and get on with today’s post because it’s a really fun one all about some new goodies I added to our front room. I actually picked up a few things from the brand new MoDRN collection at Walmart and I’m excited to share them with you guys today!

Easy Front Room Updates. Cozy farmhouse style living room. Easy Front Room Updates. Cozy farmhouse style living room. Easy Front Room Updates. Cozy farmhouse style living room.

Walmart’s new MoDRN collection just launched a few weeks ago and I spent a good amount of time browsing through everything online. They’re offering a few different styles of decor and furniture including retro glam, Scandinavian minimal, and refined industrial, which is my favorite. I was really excited to find this pair of black throw pillows. Aren’t these awesome?! You guys know I’m obsessed with pops of black decor lately, so I just love these. The zig-zag design is really fun and I think it adds a little extra pizazz to this room. Plus they are SUPER affordable and the quality is great. (I also really love these pillows too, which are more neutral.)

Easy Front Room Updates. Cozy farmhouse style living room.

Easy Front Room Updates. Cozy farmhouse style living room. Easy updates in the front room. Farmhouse style decor in the living room.

The next thing I ordered was this large wall mirror. Again this was from the industrial collection and the second I spotted this I knew it would be great in our front room. The size is perfect and I love the look of the square frame and round mirror. And I’m really into that wood and black combo happening here too. It just really pops with that white shiplap. (I also found this large black clock that was my second choice to this mirror!)

Farmhouse style decor in the living room .
Easy Front Room Updates. Cozy farmhouse style living room.

Easy Front Room Updates. Cozy farmhouse style living room.

It always amazes me how adding in a few new accessories can make a room feel brand new. It really doesn’t take much of an investment to totally change the look and feel of a space, which is perfect this time of year when everything is feeling a bit stale. I’m really loving that this room has more pizazz now with the pops of black and wood.

And I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again–Walmart is really stepping up their game lately. Their online decor and furniture selection is amazing and I’m really impressed with this new MoDRN collection. The quality is great and you just can’t beat their prices. I’m even thinking about ordering more of those black throw pillows for my bedroom. Or even our living room–I think they would look great on our recliners too! And yes, I do have a throw pillow obsession but there could be worse things, right?! Right.

More of my finds from the MoDRN collection: 

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  1. Andrea Mack wrote:

    Awesome Sarah! I actually went to Walmart this weekend and I was amazed at their home/furniture sections. I hadn’t realized just how much Walmart has stepped their game up.

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  2. Blakely wrote:

    I love your home, so bright and airy! Where did you find the woven baskets with the leather detail, that are on your shelf beside the couch?! Looking for something exactly like that for my kids book shelf!

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  3. glenda lafont wrote:

    looking good, Sarah. we have
    not had one freeze day down

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  4. Blakely wrote:

    I love your home, so bright and airy!! Where did you find the woven baskets with the leather details, that you have on the shelf beside the couch?! Ive been looking for something exactly like that for my bookshelf! Thanks!!

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  5. Dianne Gingrich wrote:

    Love your new pieces you added. Looks so good in your front room.

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  6. Blakely Kauffman wrote:

    Sarah, you’re home is beautiful, so light and airy! Where did you find the woven baskets with the leather detail that are on your shelf beside the couch?! I’ve been looking for something similar for my bookshelf, thanks!

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  7. Kaaren Scharpe wrote:

    Hi Sarah,

    Love that mirror but am really curious about the clock on your coffee table. I’ve been really in to clocks lately and looking for one that size/style. Where did you get it?

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  8. Brenda Holladay wrote:

    I too, am amazed at Walmart’s selection. Sarah, can you tell me where you purchased the black floor lamp by the couch? Love your blog! You give me such inspiration.

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  9. Vicki wrote:

    Nice pieces! I like the pops of black you are adding to your neutral rooms, looks great and helps ground the space. Thanks for sharing about the new line at Walmart!

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  10. Kathy wrote:

    I love everything, where did you get that black floor lamp?

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  11. Debbie Hernandez wrote:

    Can you see any of these items in the store or are they all online? I haven’t gone over to the home side lately.

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  12. Mary wrote:

    What is the color of the white paint in your room?

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  13. Nan wrote:

    I truly enjoy your blog and seeing what you’ve done in your beautiful home. Walmart! Who would have guessed? I will definitively being check out their site! Thanks for the tip!

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply
  14. Shelia P. wrote:

    Hi Sarah! I love your new mirror and pillows! I have a terrible pillow obsession as well, lol. That mirror with the black and the wood really just makes your room look awesome! Sorry there’s no sign of spring there yet. Hang in there girl! Ours has already begun thank goodness! I am Not a winter person. You’re totally right, Walmart is really stepping up their decorating game! Trying to keep up with Amazon I guess. Have a great week! 😊

    Posted 2.25.19 Reply

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