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DIY Bench in the Living Room + New SelectBlinds Code

Anyone else in a bit of a funk this week? I just can’t seem to get my creative energy going these past few days. It’s frustrating. But I know it’s probably due to all the craziness happening in the world right now. I obviously don’t talk politics or current events here, but dang. We’ve all been through the ringer lately and I’m ready for some normalcy in the world. I know you are too. But I hope my little corner of the internet here can be a bright spot in your day and a distraction from all that’s going on. Anyway, today I wanted to chat about my DIY bench in the living room. I also have a new SelectBlinds coupon!

DIY Bench in the Living Room

My father-in-law was kind enough to make this bench for us. I basically wanted a dupe for this Pottery Barn bench, which is super pricey, and he nailed it. Doesn’t it fit in this little corner perfectly?! I was lucky to find huge baskets that we use these to store toys and books for the kids!

It’s 71″ long, 15″ deep, 18″ high.

SelectBlinds Coupon

I also wanted to let you guys know that I have a new SelectBlinds coupon code. I guess my last one was used by a coupon distributing site, so they had to give me a new one. Currently the code is SJBLOG for an extra 5% off your order. That works with any sales they’re currently running too. (I don’t make a commission with this code, just sharing it to help you save some money!)

I shared a full review of my blinds HERE if you want to check that out for more info. But I have the bamboo shades in the color maize. We love them!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!! I hope you have a blessed week. xo

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  • Mikalah
    January 20, 2021

    Will any plans be made available for this DIY bench? I love it!

  • Tracy
    January 20, 2021

    Thank you Sarah for sharing! I have a table that we built so it would fit perfectly my chicken coop that I have in my living room! I’m thinking of us building a night stand for our guest room so I can have it exactly like I want it! And yes I too have been in a funky mood!! Bless us!