December Favorites

Rise and shine friends, Christmas is in 8 days!! EIGHT DAYS. Eeeeek! How are you hanging in there? I’m actually not too bad on the freak out scale right now, which is surprising for me. I have about seventy percent of my shopping done, but I’m feeling myself getting mentally ready for Christmas to come. Do you know the feeling? All the build up and parties and planning and decorating can be a little much sometimes. It’s fun and I love it, but it’s also a bit exhausting, so I’m feeling ready for this crazy season to wind down. Anyone else feel that way? Anyway, for today’s post I’m mixing things up a bit and sharing a little dose of Friday Favorites on a Monday. I actually realized that I haven’t done a good ol’ Friday Favorites in a long time, so I figured why not just lump all of my December favorites into one and share them today? Sounds good to me!

The Best Slippers

First up I have to rave about these shearling slippers. I ordered these on Cyber Monday and it was the best decision of my life. Just kidding. But pretty darn close. I have been obsessed since they arrived on my doorstep. They are SO comfy and the quality is amazing for the price. I’ve mentioned these a few times over on Instagram, but I wanted to share them here too because they’re just so darn good. You can see them here.

Christmas antique typewriter

The Christmas Typewriter

This next favorite is actually all about antique Christmas sheet music. I ordered these from Etsy a while back and I styled them in my antique typewriter. I loooooove having this little display on my desk.

Christmas antique typewriter

Christmas antique typewriter

Etsy is full of cool things and these are probably one of my favorite finds ever. I love using old sheet music in my decor!

best winter candle

My Favorite Holiday Candle

My latest obsession has been this Peppermint candle from Antique Candles Works. I have to say this is my favorite ACW scent everrrrrrrr. Seriously, it’s that good. It’s a slightly sweet smell that isn’t too peppermint-y if you know what I mean. It just basically makes the house smell like you’ve been busy in the kitchen whipping up Christmas candy. It’s the best and actually 10% off right now too. Stock up while you can!

Best cozy fleece for winter!

Best Winter Fleece

Another favorite over the last few weeks has been this fleece pullover. If you watch my IG stories you know I wear this multiple times a week! It’s just SO warm and cozy, which of course is perfect this time of year. But I really love how it has more dressy look compared to most fleece pullovers. It’s still casual, but a nice-casual if that makes sense. Anyway, I love it and it’s definitely worth the money.

Favorite Makeup

Lately I’ve been LOVING a lot of new makeup. I tried the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and concealer right before I went to the Silobration and I’ve been hooked ever since. The combo is AMAZING and makes my skin look so good. Plus it has a really great wear time for me. Annnnnnnnd it doesn’t break me out, which is always a big positive for me.

pictured here: favorite bronzer // my go-to eyeshadow palette // foundation // concealer // setting powder // favorite mascara + lash primer // favorite lipstick (shade beach babe)

Favorite books of 2018

Favorite Books

I don’t have a lot of extra down time in my life for reading, but I rounded up the few books I did read over this past year or so. And yes, I even included a cook book! I love the photography in Joanna Gaines’ cookbook and it actually has some great recipes–we especially love the banana bread. I also loved Present over Perfect, Anxious for Nothing, Hope Unfolding, and Girl Wash Your Face. They’re all inspiring and empowering books. And they make great gifts too!

New Recliners in the Living Room

Cozy living room decor.

Lastly I wanted to share our new recliners in the living room. If you follow along on Instagram you have already seen these new chairs, but I know many of you don’t so I wanted to share them here too!

Cozy living room decor

For a long time now my husband has been begging me to find recliners for our living room. But it was a little tricky because we wanted recliners that didn’t cost a fortune, weren’t ugly, and were the right size for our space. These chairs fit all of those requirements and so far we are LOVING them. They’re really comfortable and I love the tufted back. And they were a huge bargain too, which is always nice. (You can also find our rug here.)

Cozy living room decor.

Other recent tidbits:

  • I’ve been a cookie making machine over here lately. I just made these snickerdoodle cookies last night and they are SO yummy. Super easy too! Next up I’m going to make these, which are my husband’s favorite.
  • I’m planning to make these easy cinnamon rolls for us on Christmas morning and I can’t wait! Can you tell I really like to eat this time of year?!
  • This cordless vacuum is something I’ve been meaning to share with you all because we literally use it every single day. It’s an upgrade from the one we had before and it’s so much better. The quality is great and it’s super convenient, especially if you have little people that drop a lot of crumbs.
  • This has been my favorite blanket lately–so soft and cozy!
  • Lately I’ve been getting the itch to paint our kitchen cabinets and even my husband mentioned that it would be nice to freshen them up a bit. I’m actually really intimidated by that kind of project because I know painting cabinets is a ton of work, but I might go for it once the holidays are over. I really love these soft gray cabinets.

Well I hope you enjoyed this random mix of favorites and tibits–from new chairs to Christmas-y antique typewriters and everything in between! Thanks so much for stopping in today, I always appreciate when you spend time with me here on the blog. I hope you have the best week!!

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  1. 12.17.18
    BJ said:

    I love your style! The chairs are awesome, of course they are sold out in the color you have, and I absolutely love your typewriter. How lucky were you? Where did you find it?

    Many Blessings to you and your family.
    Merry Christmas!

    • 12.17.18
      Sarah said:

      I found that typewriter at an antique store actually. One of my favorite finds!

    • 12.18.18
      Sarah said:

      that’s actually from a little antique shop in my home town!

  2. 12.17.18
    Charlotte Stewart said:

    Would you please share the source for your rug in the living room? It’s exactly what I have been looking.
    Thanks for sharing your home it’s such an inspiration.

  3. 12.17.18
    Micheala said:

    Loving all these favorites. Those recliners are so perfect!

    • 12.18.18
      Sarah said:

      thanks Micheala!

  4. 12.17.18
    Tammy Ganci said:

    Good Morning,
    Love your post today (as always)!!! But I must say please do not paint the kitchen cabinets any shade of grey. Why because as its been a fav for years all over the place, I worry that it will def. fade out of favor and kitchen cabinets are alot of work to paint and something that isn’t normally painted every few years. Just my thought as I too am wishing to paint my kitchen cabinets for a few years now I just can not decide on a long term color. I do not mean to scare you in this but its going to be a long term color so make sure you love it.

    Thats alot I am sorry
    Enjoy a blessed day
    Love your blog friend

    • 12.18.18
      Sarah said:

      you’re right Tammy, grey may not be the way to go. I’m not sure what would be best with those white tops!

      • 12.19.18
        Tammy Ganci said:

        Hi, I have been looking around for quite awhile now as I mentioned. I think I came across something last night on Pin…est!!! I am going to do a bright white on the uppers and a soft almost baby pastel sage on the bottoms with all black hardware. As you know I have a country coastal home so I am thinking this could be it. I also have white countertops and a hardwood floor. You had me intrigued yesterday so I spent last night sitting on the couch with the tree lit and a yummy cup of coffee in hand and my trusty laptop. lol

        • 12.19.18
          Sarah said:

          haha that sounds like a perfect night Tammy! Good luck on your cabinets–sounds beautiful!

  5. 12.17.18
    Becky said:

    Hi Sarah, love love the chairs, I did see them on your Instagram but I have to say they are beautiful! The fleece too is really cute. I am going to look that up. The sheet music is soooooo special!!!!💕 Now I have to look for typewriter and sheet music. Just kidding about typewriter, but it is really cute with the music and sprigs of greens! Ok I think I’m done rampling. Have a blessed day Sweet girl!🎀🎄🎀🎄💕💓💕🎄🎀

    • 12.18.18
      Sarah said:

      thanks so much Becky!! So grateful to have you stop by! xoxo

  6. 12.17.18
    Mirian doak said:

    Hi, where do you found you recliner?😊🙏😍

    • 12.18.18
      Sarah said:

      it’s from Wal Mart 🙂

  7. 12.17.18
    Nancy said:

    Sarah, my family loves your chicken tortilla soup so I really look forward to trying the cinnamon rolls. They look great also. Love your new recliners. Hope you and your family have a happy and healthy Christmas.

  8. 12.17.18

    Thank you so much for sharing. OMgosh, love the recliners, want them for my family room. Great price too!

    • 12.18.18
      Sarah said:

      isn’t that a bargain?! I’m still amazed we got them for so cheap.

  9. 12.18.18
    Loretta DeSpain said:

    That was quite the roundup my friend but definitely worth it. Have to say I ordered that fleece when it went on sale and you’re right it is by far the best absolutely worth it. Couldn’t get it in the black and grey in my size at the time so I ordered the pink and off white. Now if we like I must have it in black and grey too! Also, love the idea of you painting the cabinets. I think you’ll love the results. Besides what’s the worst that could happen? You don’t like, you can always try again. Anyway, thanks sweet friend! Have a blessed week!

    • 12.18.18
      Sarah said:

      That’s so true Loretta! That’s the beauty of paint. It’s an easy fix!

  10. 12.18.18
    Melissa Filson said:

    Love all of these favorites! I’m frantically trying to get ready for Christmas! One week!!! Aaaaahhhh! Maybe I can find time to try some of your recipes this week 🤞 I hope that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • 12.18.18
      Sarah said:

      thanks so much Melissa! I hope you have a blessed Christmas. xo

  11. 12.18.18
    Candy said:

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to’you and your family!
    Sarah I love everything you do, your decorating is awesome and love your style.
    I tried to find the duvet cover you have on your bed with the ruffles but to no avail. In the new year I will go to Walmart and try to buy it.
    I also love your fleece sweater.
    Take care and blessings

  12. 1.11.19
    Erin Kaven said:

    Curious if you still love your recliners after two years. They are cute but I worry about their longevity.

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      Yes I do love them! We’ve only had them about a month but so far we really do like them.

      • 1.21.19
        Jena said:

        I love those chairs, but worry if they area little hard, I like to be comfy… I also wonder how they would feel for tall people, Im 5’10 and my hubby is 6’2..Thanks for your help, I just stumbled across this and am so happy I did! Have a great day!

  13. 1.31.19
    kelli botteon said:

    Hi Sarah,
    I love the recliners you bought! When I click on the link of the recliner it brings me to Walmart but it isn’t the same recliner as yours. Your recliners have the metal tabs on the sides and across the arm and up the back. The ones in the link only have the tabs on the bottom. Thanks for your help because I really like yours better!

  14. 3.3.19
    Sarah said:

    Hi Sarah! I love your page! I have been looking at the same recliners for about 3 weeks now and can’t decide on the color! Are your’s beige or grey? I’m worried about them getting dirty real quick.

    • 3.3.19
      Sarah said:

      they’re beige! We’ve had them a few months and I can say they def spot clean easily. Even with 3 crazy kiddos 🙂