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After Christmas Winter Living Room

Christmas is officially over and now we’re heading into a loooong winter. I’m actually kinda excited about it, which I know sounds crazy coming from the girl that typically hates winter and snow and cold weather of any kind. But we’ve hardly had any snow so far this season and the kids are so eager to get the sleds out, build snowman, and do all the fun things kids like to do in the winter. I don’t blame them, winter was way more fun when I was a kid, so I’m hoping they get to do that soon. I’m sure it’s coming! Anyway, I have all my holiday decor put away now and I thought it would be fun to share my after Christmas, winter living room. I ended up not leaving any winter decor out this year, mostly because I was just really craving a simple and clean look. But I still think it’s cozy for winter!

I got these wood accent chairs from Target and they’re surprisingly comfortable. The seat is really wide and deep, which makes it nice and comfy. Plus I love that natural wood tone with the cane back!

This arched coffee table has a fun, boho vibe which I’ve been really drawn to lately. It is rattan, which is a bit risky in this dry Colorado climate, but I’m crossing it doesn’t crack or get brittle.

This area is much darker than any rug I’ve had before–it has lots of blue and dark gray in it, which is out of my usual color wheel, but I think it looks really pretty in here. Plus it’s super dupe soft! I got it form Boutique Rugs a few weeks ago. (I do have a discount code with Boutique Rugsyou can use SARAHJOY65 for 65% off)

Well that’s my cozy, after Christmas winter living room. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. And thanks for being here with me throughout 2021. It’s truly been an honor and blessing to share my passions with you! Wishing you all the best in 2022. xo


Accent Chairs


Coffee Table



Long Lumbar Pillow

Area Rug (SARAHJOY65 for 65% off)

Olive Tree

End Table

Console Table



Faux Leather Pillow Covers

Throw Blanket

Ceiling Fan

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  • Dianne Agnew
    February 13, 2022

    Fantastic blog, Sarah. Enjoyed 4 hours (Super Bowl) , don’t tell my husband. We’re just in the beginning of some cosmetic updates to our home. You can’t imagine how many notes I have made. So happy no concrete decisions have been made yet. But, tomorrow…..there will be many of your ideas shining through and included in our home. Many thanks