Painted Trim & Doors- A Big Change Upstairs!

Omgggggggggg. YOU GUYS. I can’t even contain my excitement right now because we finally completed a huge project that I’ve been waiting on for over three years now. We painted trim & doors upstairs! Now I know that probably doesn’t sound like a super exciting or glamorous project, but I’ve been dreaming about doing this since we moved into our house back in 2015. But it never happened because painting doors and trim is a huge undertaking. There’s hours of work involved, from sanding to priming, to sanding again and several coats of paint. We hired professionals/painting wizards for this project and I’m so glad we did. They did a phenomenal job and I can’t wait to share the finished look with you guys. Now, here’s a before photo:


After: Painted Trim & Doors

Such a huge change, right?! I don’t think I’ll ever get over the magical powers of painted trim & doors. It’s just amazing how much different this area looks now! As you can see in the before photos, the trim and doors were stained a dark walnut color, which was in desperate need of some TLC. It was faded, scratched, and it just looked worn out.

And how neat is that old door we turned into a full length mirror?! My dad helped us with that project and I shared it on the blog back in 2016! You can see the post here if you want to know how we did it.

Farmhouse style baby gate

Custom Baby Gate

Somehow I never got around to sharing this cute little baby gate, which my FIL actually built for us several months ago. Isn’t that adorable? I’ll probably leave this up even when we don’t need a gate anymore–that’s how much I love it!

Here’s one last before photo in all its glory:

And now so fresh and clean!

I’m so glad we decided to hire painters to help us with this project. It was a good investment in our home–especially for this kind of project that takes a lot of time. They started by sanding all of the trim and doors down (which they removed) and that process took quite a while. Then they primed everything, lightly sanded again, and then finally painted on two coats of Cloud White by Sherwin Williams. They also did some light sanding in between coats of paint, so it was definitely a HUGE job and a little pricey. But totally worth the three year wait! Creating a home you love takes time, right?

Thanks so much for stopping by today and checking out this our painted trim & doors before and after! Here’s a few other projects you might want to check out:

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  1. 1.26.19
    AnnTN said:

    Love! I was expecting to see black doors, which I also love.

  2. 1.26.19
    Marilyn S. said:

    You aren’t kidding -what a huge difference . It’s just beautiful so fresh ,clean and new looking . Love it oh and the baby gate -great idea.

  3. 1.26.19

    Love the trim Sarah. It looks so fresh and clean. Love love! I also love the old door turned into mirror. Omygosh! Awesome! Have a great weekend Sarah. Thanks xoxo💖💟💗

  4. 1.26.19
    Dena said:

    It looks amazing and so fresh and clean! What a transformation!! Sidenote…LOVE the wall mirror hanging in the landing area. May I ask where you found it?

  5. 1.26.19
    deanne said:

    awesome,I love it!!!!

  6. 1.26.19
    Micheala said:

    OMG!! This is such a dramatic change! I love it so much basically looks like you have a brand new house 🙌🏽🙌🏽😍

  7. 1.26.19
    Melissa Filson said:

    It looks SO GOOD!!! It definitely brightened everything up! I’m hoping to paint my living room and dining room soon but can’t decide what color! What color are your walls upstairs?Also, did you make that mirror? Hope you have a great weekend!

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      Hi Melissa! I really can’t remember the color of the walls in this area Melissa, they were painted this color when we moved in! But I sure do love my white walls down stairs–they’re Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. And yes we did make the mirror from an old door!

      • 1.30.19
        Melissa Filson said:

        Thanks Sarah! I’m afraid to go too light with my paint because we have brown leather furniture that I can’t afford to replace right now 😫 Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking a light beige or ivory?

  8. 1.26.19
    karolina said:

    It s so beautiful and clean and -white- and looks just perfect. Enjoy!

  9. 1.26.19
    Lorri said:

    Love it..looks so clean…makes the area look larger… Nothing like paint to make yr house look top notch..Yr baby gate is soooo cute.😍

  10. 1.26.19
    glenda lafont said:

    It looks wonderful. Great job.

  11. 1.26.19
    Janet Meisner said:

    It is beautiful – such a difference. I congratulate you on your decision to hire the painting done. When we built our 2 story farmhouse 14 years ago I decided I wanted to paint the trim myself. The painter had it all primed so I just needed to apply the paint….it took me 2 years!!! I was working full time at the time and by the end of the project I was crying while painting. Now we hire out all but the very small painting jobs. We just had our bathroom wallpapered with black/white toile I had for years because I couldn’t face doing it myself. Love your blog.

  12. 1.26.19
    Sheila said:

    I love wooden doors but this looks so refreshing and updated. Painting doors takes a lot longer than one would think lol. Great job!

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      it really does take a LOT longer than you’d expect. So glad I didn’t have to do it!

  13. 1.26.19
    Candy said:

    Good Morning Sarah
    Your bedroom turned out so beautiful but I must confess I am so jealous!…lol. It is so fresh and clean looking, but than your whole home is like that. Are you sure I can’t move in and be your nanny or something…lol
    Have a great day!

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      hahah!! Sure Candy, we could use a good nanny 🙂

  14. 1.26.19
    Brittany said:

    It looks absolutely amazing, Sarah!!! I love it. Crazy the difference a little paint can do 😍

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      So true Brittany! Paint works wonders.

  15. 1.26.19
    Gayle said:

    Looks absolutely stunning Sarah!! It’s nice to hear how excited you are about it!!! 😆 What a difference, definitely worth the wait!! Yes I agree…. creating a home does take time. What we’ve loved about doing projects around our home when we can verses all in one go is that it’s exciting doing things along the way. It may take years but it’s all part of the fun. I’m also glad we’ve taken our time because I’ve realised what I really love with the design side etc and it’s different to when we first built our house!

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      that’s so true Gayle! Taking your time allows you to know what you really want to do. Sometimes rushing into things means you have to re-do them later.

  16. 1.26.19
    Laura Harrie said:

    Sarah, no wonder why you are so happy. What a beautiful transformation! Paint is magic! Glad it was worth the wait.

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      right?! Paint really is magic. I love before and afters like this.

  17. 1.26.19
    Sharalyn said:

    It looks so good!! Such a difference. We’ve been talking about doing ours for awhile now, and these pictures definitely make me want to do it even more!! I’d love the name of the painters you used, if you’re willing to share.

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      It’s called Nova Painters. They do all over the Denver area.

      • 1.28.19
        Sharalyn Ball said:


  18. 1.26.19
    Sia said:

    Hi, Sarah love the new look. I think you’re next project if you like should be to do all the door knobs I know you like black, but I love the look of antique glass door knobs lol only a suggestion Thanks Sia

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      Ohhh Sia, that’s a GREAT idea!

  19. 1.26.19
    Jan said:

    WOW! Huge difference & it looks phenomenal!
    It is very time consuming, but, it looks so good. I just did it in our home and was I excited everyday when another oak board turned black.

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      haha I feel the same Jan, every time I look at the doors and trim I just smile!

  20. 1.26.19
    Arlene said:

    Love the look, my floors and doors are the same. My walls have been BMoore Vintage Taupe for several years. I am tired of the pink under tone and would like something more neutral, may I ask what color your walls are ?

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      Hi Arlene, our white walls are Alabaster by Sherwin Williams!

  21. 1.26.19
    Terri said:

    I love the doors and trim what a difference, great job!

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Terri!

  22. 1.26.19
    Susan said:

    Love the change, Sarah! Good job!

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Susan!

  23. 1.26.19
    Susan Blakely said:

    Such a beautiful transformation. It elevates everything. So elegant and fresh! Great choice.

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      I agree Susan, it definitely elevates everything!

  24. 1.26.19

    Love the new look! We did the same thing four or five years ago. I really disliked the stain!!
    Our first floor walls are Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore and that white woodwork and doors look soooooo nice!
    My husband did the entire house by himself. I am sure he would have loved to hire painters!!
    Love that old door mirror and gate! Too much inspiration could get me in trouble!!

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      Oh wow, kudos to your husband for doing that all himself!! That’s a HUGE job.

  25. 1.26.19
    Chris said:

    Oh Sarah!!! It’s stunning! What a huge difference…from kind of rustic to classic elegance. (and dare I say, OMG! No disrespect… I mean “oh my gosh” too!)

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      hahaha OMG! (insert eye roll)

  26. 1.26.19
    Marilyn said:

    Leaving the baby gate up is a very good idea. I have a friend who fell down her stairs in the night (even though she’s lived in her house for years!) That baby gate would have saved her a long-time injury. (And it looks cute, too!)

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      oh no!! That would be terrible. Hope she’s ok!

  27. 1.26.19
    Shelia P. said:

    Oh wow Sarah!!! I can’t get over how much better that looks!! I don’t blame you one bit for hiring that job done. Painting doors and trim are the Worst! It’s time consuming back breaking work and I loath it. I’d be excited too if I were you! It really looks so much fresher. I’m so happy for you! Enjoy those beautiful doors and trim! 😁👍🏻
    Shelia P.

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      amazing, right?! it’s so fun to look at these before and after photos. You’re right, painting doors is so much work! Very happy we paid for it to be done .

  28. 1.27.19
    Lisa said:

    We just completed the same project on our main floor. Love the way it changed the look. Next up – Staircase – yikes

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      Oh good luck Lisa, we use did our staircase recently too.

  29. 1.27.19
    Angie said:

    OMG! I love the ‘after’ pictures! It looks so clean and fresh, and it makes your wood floors stand out! Just beautiful! Definitely a good investment!

    • 1.27.19
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Angie, we are so happy with it!

  30. 1.27.19

    Looks amazing Sarah!!! Great job

  31. 1.27.19
    Lisa said:

    So great that you hired painters to do the work. It looks so good. I remember having to do all of ours many years back. I was dealing with peeling paint and had to scrape it all off and sand before I could paint. It took forever! But so worth it. I wish I could of hired someone. Great decision on your part. 😉😍❤

  32. 1.28.19
    Joyce said:

    Beautiful ! I used to try to do painting around the house. Hiring pros is the way to go.
    And that baby gate… adorablez

  33. 1.28.19
    Linda said:

    The magical powers of paint, you’re so right! It looks so bright and clean, fresh and new! And I love that baby gate at the top of the stairs. I’m sure it’s much more sturdy and safe than the gates held in place with spring tension! The full length mirror made from an old door is sooo cool! I love all your ideas! Thank you!

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      thanks Linda, I love that little gate too. I’ll probably leave it up even when the kids are older 🙂

  34. 1.28.19
    Debbie said:

    That is simply remarkable!! Gorgeous!! And…that baby gate! Love it! I want me one and we don’t have any babies”!!!

  35. 1.31.19
    Susan said:

    I love it!So fresh and clean looking,open and airy. And the door/ mirror! Gotta do this! Your a wonderful inspiration!And you are so beautiful!

  36. 2.9.19
    Sarah said:

    The change is stunning!

  37. 2.9.19
    Cindy said:

    I absolutely love what you had done! It looks so fresh and clean or and of course new.

  38. 12.17.19
    Annette said:

    It Beautiful,!!simple but elegant I love it . I like the gate , great idea.