DIY Vintage Card Catalog Coffee Table

Yep. It happened! You can probably tell from the title of this post that we finally turned our old vintage card catalog into a DIY coffee table. Eeeeek!! I’ve been talking about doing this project for a while now, but it was one of those things that just never happened for one reason or another. But this past weekend I was actually spending some time with dad and he was sweet enough to help me put legs on this old beauty, which turned it into the coolest coffee table in all the land. I can’t wait to show you guys!! Here’s how it looked before:

Modern farmhouse dining room

And here’s how it looks now:

DIY Vintage Card Catalog Coffee Table. Beautiful farmhouse style living room. DIY Vintage Card Catalog Coffee Table. Beautiful farmhouse style living room. DIY Vintage Card Catalog Coffee Table. Beautiful farmhouse style living room.

Isn’t that the cutes little coffee table you ever saw?! I’m in LOVE with it. And it was actually a pretty easy project. My dad and I simply added a few boards to the bottom of it so we could screw in the table legs. Here’s a bit of the process:

So the tricky part of this project was that the bottom of the card catalog was not flat or whole, as you can see (the drawers are out in the photo above). It was basically two small boards on the bottom–that was it. So we decided to add an additional board so we’d have something to screw the legs to.

Then we simply drilled a small hole for the legs and screwed them into place. We made the hole slightly smaller so it would be nice and snug. And we also put a good dollop of wood glue in there to help secure the legs even further. We also could have nailed them into place, but we decided this was good enough!

Bada boom bada bing. DONE!!

DIY Vintage Card Catalog Coffee Table. Beautiful farmhouse style living room. DIY Vintage Card Catalog Coffee Table. Beautiful farmhouse style living room. DIY Vintage Card Catalog Coffee Table. Beautiful farmhouse style living room.

DIY Vintage Card Catalog Coffee Table. Beautiful farmhouse style living room.

I can still remember the day I found this old card catalog. It was hidden under a table at an antique store and I was on my last loop around the place when I spotted it. I almost missed it actually! But thank goodness I noticed it tucked away–it’s one of my best vintage finds ever. If I remember right I paid $130 for it.

DIY Vintage Card Catalog Coffee Table. Beautiful farmhouse style living room.

I think it’s safe to say this is my favorite DIY/repurpose-y project we have ever done. That card catalog just wasn’t quite tall enough to be a coffee table without those legs, so now it’s perfect and it looks like the real deal. And I’m so glad my dad could help me with this project–it makes this little coffee table even more special, which is a double win in my book.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my new fancy schmancy DIY vintage card catalog coffee table. Here’s a few other similar projects you might enjoy:

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  1. 1.28.19
    Jeannie S said:

    It looks so much better, love it!

  2. 1.28.19
    Karen P said:

    I loved it before but now…ALL THE HEART EYES 😍😍😍
    Is that a jute rug? Where did you get it? Please and thank you!

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      Yes it is a jute rug Karen! It’s from Pier 1 a few years ago.

  3. 1.28.19
    Melissa Filson said:

    This is the cutest little coffee table I’ve ever seen! I want one too!! Fabulous idea Sarah! Just out of curiosity, does your little one mess with stuff you set on your coffee table/end tables or is that just my little wild child? Lol

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      haha yes definitely Melissa!! I just try to teach her not to and some days are better than others. But she’s learning!!

  4. 1.28.19
    April davis said:

    Looks great!!

  5. 1.28.19
    Nikki said:

    I love it! The cutest coffee table ever. ❤️

  6. 1.28.19

    Hi Sarah, Beautiful……. It looks absolutely awesome. Love it. So sweet you have your Dad to help you. Treasure that!💕💞💕 xoxo

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      yes!! It was so special to do this project with him.

  7. 1.28.19
    Linda said:

    Turned out adorable as a coffee table! Fun vintage piece.

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Linda!

  8. 1.28.19
    Peggy said:

    The table legs look great! Such a little thing that makes a huge difference. It is wonderful!

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      That’s so true Peggy–the smallest things can be such a big difference.

  9. 1.28.19
    Juraye Moran said:

    It looks adorable. As if it was meant to be a table. I was wondering where you got your couch/loveseat in that room? So soft and comfy looking.

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      That sofa is actually from Ikea! It’s super affordable.

  10. 1.28.19
    Carol Holtorf said:

    The table is even more special since you and your father worked on it together. The sewing thread knobs are really cute.

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      Yes it sure is–I always love doing projects with him!

  11. 1.28.19
    Suzee B said:

    Awesome! It was awesome before but making it into a coffee table was genius!

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      thanks you Suzee!!

  12. 1.28.19
    Chris said:

    Holy honk!! I loved this piece from the get-go, but this…this is perfection!!

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      haha holy honk!!

  13. 1.28.19
    Jonita said:

    I love it. Your so lucky to have your Dad to be your partner helping you with different projects. Every time you look at it you will think of your Dad. Have a very very blessed day.

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      yes I definitely am!! My dad and I are really close, so it was awesome to have his help on this project.

  14. 1.28.19
    Jenny said:

    This is the sweetest coffee table I have ever seen! What a great idea you had!!! Thanks for inspiring us. 💕

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      aw thank you Jenny!!

  15. 1.28.19
    jennifer bacon said:

    Love it! Looks like it was always meant to be a coffee table! Great job!

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      Doesn’t it?! It was meant to be a coffee table, that’s for sure.

  16. 1.28.19
    Dot said:

    OMGOSH!! Such a beautiful transformation just by adding legs!
    I do have a question. When DO you sleep?!

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      hahaha! It’s not work when you love it, right?!

  17. 1.28.19
    Candy said:

    Good Morning Sarah
    I love what you have done with the your new coffee table from the antique cupboard. To die for! The corner cabinet your got for that price is amazing. Did you have to paint it or was it like that. I have two corner cabinets, one is like a primitive style the other has two doors on the bottom and two glass doors on top. I would love to chalk paint them

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Candy, it was actually already painted like this when I bought it. Such a steal!!

  18. 1.28.19
    Karen Rolland said:

    I want one! These are the best finds,the ones that almost got overlooked. Excellent job!

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Karen!

  19. 1.28.19

    That is so gorgeous!!! I love it!!!

  20. 1.28.19
    Angela Servello said:

    I love it. Fabulous DIY project. I hope you gave your papa bear big hugs and kisses. You are so blessed having such a good and helpful daddy. 🙏

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      Oh definitely did!! My dad is the best and truly the happiest guy I know.

  21. 1.28.19
    Jan said:

    It IS the coolest coffee table in all the land!
    Loved it before, love it now!

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Jan!!

  22. 1.28.19
    Karen said:

    Love it

  23. 1.28.19
    Kathy McD said:

    It’s so perfect Sarah! Love it!

  24. 1.28.19
    Debbie said:

    I absolutely love how you transformed the card catalog into a coffee table! It looks so pretty and perfect there. I want one too. Another great DYI project. Beautifully done my friend ❤️👍

  25. 1.28.19
    Tamara O. said:

    I absolutely love how it turned out, and the fact that it was a together project with your dad! Gorgeous piece to forever cherish!

  26. 1.28.19

    Yayyy it looks so good!! Definitely a great DIY.

  27. 1.28.19
    Sheila Nokes said:

    Well done Sarah and dad. I am on the look out for something to turn into a new coffee table.

  28. 1.28.19
    Brenda Johnson said:

    I love the little bun legs you chose for it, they are perfect and now it’s a great height!

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Branda!! I’m so happy with it and you’re right–I think the height is perfect now.

  29. 1.28.19
    Pat said:

    Awesome! You two made it perfect for a coffee table! I know you’re going to enjoy this so much!

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      Yes definitely Pat! This one is a life long keeper.

  30. 1.28.19
    Tracy said:

    This is so super cute!! I love your ideas and how you “transform” some of your pieces – such inspiration to us all! Yeah!

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      Oh thank you Tracy, I have so much fun with it!

  31. 1.28.19
    Vicki said:

    Super cute, those legs are just what it needed! I think in general adding legs/feet to flat bottomed case goods like dressers, chests, cabinets, bookcases, (or card catalogs!) really elevates the look, not to mention adding needed height. I recently started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and I’ve noticed there is a card catalog in the window of the diner! Makes me want one even more😍

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      I totally agree with you Vicki! I’m just so glad we finally go this done–it looks so much better now.

  32. 1.28.19
    Gayle said:

    Looks awesome Sarah! I just love how it turned out!! I turned a vintage suitcase into a table and I love how that turned out as well!! It’s feels so good turning something you love into something practical!! Well done to you and your dad 👍🏼 Dads are so handy!! Very special 😄
    What have you done with that other cute piece you were using before?

    • 1.28.19
      Sarah said:

      Oh that suitcase sounds awesome Gayle! I need to try that sometime. Do you mean the vintage trunk I was using in this room? I moved it into the TV area in our basement for now. But I might put it in our bedroom!

  33. 2.4.19
    Paula. House said:

    How absolutely wonderful!! I am going to be looking for one of those so I can do the same!

  34. 2.14.19
    Patricia FRANKLIN said:

    I love the table; where did you find the legs. They are exactly what is need for a project I want to do. Thanks for sharing.

    • 2.18.19
      Sarah said:

      Picked the legs up at Home Depot!