10 Ways to Get Farmhouse Style in Your Home

Hey hey good lookin’! I am soooo excited for today’s post because I’m sharing 10 ways to get farmhouse style in your home. I actually had a question recently over on my Instagram feed that sparked the idea for this post. Someone commented on one of my photos and asked what I would suggest for anyone wanting to transition to a farmhouse look. That got my mind racing with lots of different ideas, so I put some notes together and came up with a little crash course on how to get the look in your own home!

10 Ways to Get Farmhouse Style in Your Home

In my view, farmhouse style doesn’t mean you actually live on a farm. However, it does mean you are decorating and styling your home with a simple and practical mindset that often comes with living the country life. Instead of bright and flashy decor, you’re looking for soothing color combinations, natural elements, and texture. Keep in mind, these are my personal opinions and definitely not rules. Farmhouse style is open to interpretation, these are simply the common trends I’ve found in my own little farmhouse.

1. Neutral Colors on the Walls

The first step in achieving a farmhouse look is definitely neutral paint colors. Avoid dark or bright colors and also try to keep from painting each room a different color. Choose a soft beige, cream, or even gray–it doesn’t have to be white. Having a light color on the walls sets the tone for the farmhouse look. And keep the walls all within the same color scheme is calming and helps blend everything together. I shared lots of great neutral paint colors ideas and a full guide here.

2. Incorporate Dimension 

If you want a big change, find a way to add beadboard, shiplap, or wainscoting into your home. One thing you’ll notice about a lot of farmhouse style homes it that the walls are full of dimension and texture. In fact, many true farmhouses were full of real, rustic shiplap. Try starting small and consider adding beadboard to the walls in your bathroom, shiplap (or planked walls) in your living room, or maybe wainscoting in your dining room. You all know I love a good planked wall, like this one I recently completed in our breakfast nook.

10 Ways to Get Farmhouse Style in Your Home

3. Mix Old and New Elements

I’m a big fan of mixing old, vintage items with the new and fresh. For example, instead of using a standard vase for your flowers or greenery, try using something unexpected and vintage–like this old flour sifter. Incorporating the old and using it in a practical sense is a big factor in farmhouse style.

10 Way to Get Farmhouse Style in Your Home: Old Coke Crate 10 Ways to Get Farmhouse Style in your Home. Coke Crate on coffee table.

4. Avoid Bright Colors

Along with light colored walls, try to avoid using lots of bright or crazy colors in your decor if you’re looking to achieve a farmhouse look. Now I know this might ruffle a few feathers, but I really believe neutral colors will help create more of a calming and cozy feel in your home. Most of my decor is full of neutrals–and I generally avoid using things like red, orange, purple, etc. However, this doesn’t have to be definite rule. Of course you can always mix in pops of color as you wish! I’d just suggest using those colors sparingly.

5. Use with Wire Baskets

I recently did an entire post dedicated to decorating with wire baskets. I think wire baskets are a simple and easy way to get a rustic, farmhouse feel in your home. And there are so many possibilities! Try adding a few to the wall, or even using a large one to store a few pillows in your living room. Check out that post for more ideas and suggestions on great wire baskets like these on Amazon.

10 Ways to Get Farmhouse Style in Your Home

6. Incorporate Wood

Try adding wood in various forms into your decor for a more rustic, farmhouse look. I personally love antique washboards and spindles. Or you could even use old barnwood to make a farmhouse style sign, like the bakery sign I recently made using salvaged wood from my childhood home.

10 Ways to Get Farmhouse Style in Your Home

10 Ways to Get Farmhouse Style in Your Home

This DIY bakery sign was so easy and it adds so much charm to this space. You can see the full tutorial here.

 7. Farmhouse Light Fixtures

One of the fastest and easiest ways to change the feel of any space is with a light fixture. It’s a guaranteed way to change the vibe in any room without a lot of expense or time. Really, I can’t stress this one enough–light fixtures are HUGE, folks. We recently changed out the light for this new one in our dining room and it made a gigantic difference in the overall style of this room. I have an entire post about farmhouse style light fixtures, which you can find here.

8. Paint Old Furniture

If you have any old furniture that is looking worn out, try freshening it up with paint. If you’re brand new to painting furniture, you will not believe the transformation. Now keep in mind, this doesn’t always work for everything, and some furniture is better left in its natural color. However, I’ve found that keeping your furniture within the same color scheme really pulls the entire room together–kind of like having your wall colors match. I painted this old dining table and the transformation was pretty darn awesome. You can see how I did it here.

10 Ways to Get Farmhouse Style In your Home

9. Add in Distressed Furniture

You all know I love a good piece of distressed furniture. And one of my very favorite elements of farmhouse style is the use of old doors and windows. We have a few, but this old door is probably my favorite–it’s like we brought a piece of an actual farmhouse into our own home. From the old, antique door knob to the chippy white paint, I just love her.

10 Ways to get Farmhouse Style in Your Home: Old Door

10. Leave the Mall

Lastly, I would say one of the best tips on getting farmhouse style is to simply avoid shopping at the mall. I know, this one is a bit controversial. But hear me out. Instead of shopping at your typical box stores, I’d suggest checking out your local antique shops and thrift stores for unique items that will fill your home with personality and charm. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Target just as much as anyone, but I find my best home decor at unique places, even auctions and farm sales. So avoid decorating your entire home with mass-produced items, and instead use those stores to help fill in the gaps. If farmhouse style is your goal, collect old, vintage pieces with stories, history, and meaning. I promise, you will love the feeling of warmth it adds to your home.

10 Ways to Get Farmhouse Style in Your Home

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope this helped give you a few ideas on how to get farmhouse style in your own home. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m always happy to chat!

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  1. Jessica wrote:

    Great tips Sarah!!! Loved it!

    Posted 3.13.16 Reply
  2. Sarah wrote:

    Loved this post Sarah!! Easy, Simple ideas that anyone can incorporate-great job! ????

    Posted 3.14.16 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thank you so much Sarah!

      Posted 3.14.16 Reply
  3. such a gorgeous post Sarah! I just love all your decor and use of soft farmhousey goodness 🙂 One of these days I’m actually going to clean my house so I can take some blog pics – ha!

    Posted 3.21.16 Reply
  4. meegan wrote:

    Sarah. I really love your style and taste. You put some much into all the details of every space. It is so inspiring.
    Have a great week.

    Posted 3.29.16 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thanks so much Meegan!

      Posted 3.29.16 Reply
  5. Great tips Sarah. I wrote half those things in my modern farmhouse kitchen post….neutral paint, wire baskets, weathered wood, and, farmhouse lighting! I love it all and your house is awesome.

    Posted 4.1.16 Reply
  6. Nicki wrote:

    Hey there! This was such a helpful and inspiring post. It really got the wheels turning in my head for ways I can “farmhouse-up” my home!

    Posted 4.2.16 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thanks for reading Nicki, I really appreciate it!

      Posted 4.7.16 Reply
  7. Leanne wrote:

    Great post Sarah. Your photos are very inspiring as well!

    Posted 4.4.16 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thanks so much Leanne!

      Posted 4.5.16 Reply
  8. Susanne wrote:

    I want to paint a few pieces of furniture that we have, but the hubby won’t let me!! I am hoping to turn it into his idea…I get my best laud plans put into action that way!! Live your decor!!

    Posted 4.10.16 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Yes, that is a very effective strategy! Convince him it is HIS idea. Thanks for reading Susanne! 🙂

      Posted 4.11.16 Reply
  9. Tyler Phifer wrote:

    Very useful info!! You are amazing!

    Posted 4.13.16 Reply
  10. Sam wrote:

    Mind telling me what you use your tall boy dresser for in that spot? I have one almost identical that I’ll be refinishing and don’t need it as an actual dresser but want to utilize somewhere…..

    Posted 4.24.16 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      I use it for family photos right now. Works great!

      Posted 4.24.16 Reply
  11. Nancy wrote:

    Love it all! Everything looks so clean and crisp. Thanks for posting!

    Posted 6.3.16 Reply
  12. Lois wrote:

    Love your post Sarah. Your house is beautifully decorated.

    Posted 7.14.16 Reply
  13. Tammy wrote:

    Love your home! Where did you get your trellis rug in your family room?

    Posted 8.26.16 Reply
  14. Judy wrote:

    I love all your decorating ideas and I’m changing from cottage to more farmhouse. I noticed in the picture you had after the Leave the Mall, you had a door or shutter, with black scroll insert. Ive seen these at Hobby Lobby and Kirklands and they look Spanish to me. How do they fit into the farmhouse look ?

    Posted 2.26.17 Reply
  15. Doreen wrote:

    Sarah, fabulous post today. It was pretty simple transitioning to farmhouse style and I absolutely love it and all the tips you give. ????

    Posted 5.2.17 Reply
  16. Gail wrote:

    Is it really possible to have a farmhouse feel without having to paint wood. I abhor painted wood furniture with a passion but like everything else about farmhouse style. Every website I go for suggestions or to look at the pictures for inspiration is all about painting the furniture. ANY thoughts?

    Posted 5.19.17 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Definitely Gail! I think the farmhouse look is perfectly suited to natural wood tones, just don’t put too many in the same room and I think you’ll be good to go!

      Posted 5.21.17 Reply
  17. Anna wrote:

    It’s interesting to me to see what young women today call “farmhouse style”. Having grown up on a ranch/farm, I think I would have LOVED this style instead of the dark and dreary homes most ranches/farms had back in my childhood days. 🙂

    Most of my friends also grew up on farms or ranches and for even those who lived in town, I can honestly say not one single home had anything near this ‘modern farmhouse’ style. Small, dark, cramped spaces, overly filled with too much stuff because families lived in smaller homes with many more kids, parents, grandparents all sharing the space.

    But that all being said, I like the style ….as long as there’s not toooooo much chippy stuff and/or things that are brought in from the barn/chicken coop/garden shed. -) (I remember seeing a chicken feeder at a flea market. Now, while I knew what its original use was, and could see its possible function in modern farmhouse decor, I wasn’t keen on the leftover straw, feed pellets and poop still in it! Hahahha….. Let’s hope the buyer cleaned it before use. {giggle})

    Posted 2.21.18 Reply
  18. It’s great that you mentioned that mixing old, vintage items with the new and fresh is a good way to have a farmhouse-style home. My wife wants to re-decorate our home and this is the theme that came to mind. I’ll take a drive around the area and check if there are vintage farmhouse decor that we can use to complement the modern objects that we have at home.

    Posted 4.16.18 Reply
  19. Jessica wrote:

    Love your tips to create the farmhouse look! It’s so restful and simple. I created a blog post around some essential features to transition into the modern farmhouse look that we’re starting to see everywhere…

    Posted 7.29.18 Reply

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