Wood Floor Options for the New House

Anyone want to chat about some wood floor options for the new house?! I hope so, because that’s basically all I can think about lately so I figured why not bring the conversation here! I’ve narrowed it down to a few choices, but I thought it would be fun to just get your input. It’s always good to hear what you guy think and something you all give me new ideas I hadn’t even thought of yet. Also, quick update for you–our closing on both houses has been pushed back about two weeks both for reasons out of our control. It’s kinda funny in a way because I feel like God is always trying to teach me patience and this is another example of that! So instead of stressing about it, I’m just going to enjoy these next few weeks of “calm” before all the chaos starts. It will happen when it happens and I’m a-ok with that! All righty, now lets’ chat about some wood floor options. Here are a few photos of the new house so you can see where the floor will be going:

So here’s how things are looking now at the new house. Obviously they still had lots of finish up when I took these photos, but you can get the idea. The main living space here will have carpet and a dark vinyl flooring. I’m not crazy about either, so we are going to take those up immediately. (And yes, we tried to keep them from installing the carpet and flooring, but they had to since the products were already ordered when we got under contract!) We’ll be doing wood floors throughout this whole area and the bedrooms too. My vision is to add loads of shiplap in here and I’d love a nice wood floor to add some warm and coziness!

I’ve always wanted a light oak floor–something without a ton of yellow or orange. There are a few options I’ve narrowed it down to right now. I’m uploading these photos with no editing whatsoever so you can really see the true color of the wood!

 (All of these samples are from a great flooring place in Denver.)

My top pick from these three would probably be the lightest one, but I worry that it might be too light. I definitely don’t want a floor that shows every little bit of dirt. We’ll be living in the country so I’m sure things will be dirty all the time! I love the second one and I feel like it would add a lot of warmth to the space, but will it bee too orange? Lastly, the last option there has no orange or yellow at all, which is great, but I think it will be too dark. Although I do love the textured lines!

I also found these two great choices at Home Depot, of all places! I LOVE both of these options, especially the top one. It has a nice textured finish which would be great to hide scratches and little dings from the kids. The top one is French Oak Point Reyes and the bottom one is French Oak Light House. Both are solid hardwood.

Well there are a few of my top choices! I’m hoping to get the flooring ordered this week, so I need to make a decision pronto. Let the know what you think. I’d love to hear it!


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  1. Debbie Tavares wrote:

    Actually love the two from Home Depot Love the colors and textures on both. The others were OK but as you said one was too orange and one too light light. Good luck I’m sure you’ll make the right choice .You have a beautiful home!!!!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
    • Tanya wrote:

      So glad you are not doing tile! Love the grey. Light but will mask some dirt. Living in the county definitely has it’s flooring challenges. Just be sure to choose a finish that doesn’t show the scratches all the rocks will scare it with. The grey would probably get prettier as it scars.

      Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  2. Ivy Villegas wrote:

    Love the texture and warmth on the HD options way more than the others. My favorite is the top one, as it has a very reclaimed look to it. And kids are notorious for dings and marks- which is totally okay!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  3. Rhonda wrote:

    I love all the light in your new house, and I would go with the lightest wood to keep that beautiful airy feel. (I’ve had dark wood floors, and actually I’ve decided they show dirt more than the lighter woods.)

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  4. Cindy Baker wrote:

    I love the one in the top photo, left side. Not too dark, not too light.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
    • Zahra wrote:

      I like the house and the opening space. can I ask what is the carpet’s color?

      Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  5. Kathy Shannon wrote:

    I love the medium gray-ish one! Not too light, not to yellow/orange, a good neutral that will be super easy to live with. That really light one will make you crazy. Congratulations on the new house! It’s beautiful!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  6. Lisa M McCoy wrote:

    I like the Home Depot ones especially the one on top. They are all great and you can’t go wrong with solid wood. We’ve always had solid site built wood floors and any dogs and kids with spills and scratches. Still look great and the nice thing is you can have them redone many times if needed. We never have because I like the character of the nicks and scratches.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
    • Barb wrote:

      I like the top HD one and the dark one from the other three. You have a ton of light in that beautiful home and I think the contrast would be nice… and it is not that dark of flooring … from what I can tell!!

      Posted 7.13.20 Reply
    • Lori wrote:

      Home Depot samples are nice. Like the first one. We got the almond truffle maple from Home Depot and love it! I am sure you will have a beautiful home! 🏠

      Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  7. Sia wrote:

    Love the floor from homedepot both are nice but I like the second option French Oak Light House Both the textures are great for hiding scratches

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
    • Jan wrote:

      I like the the darker one, which I would consider more of a mid tone not really dark at least on my monitor. I think it would be a great color with your furnishings and would hide the dirt!

      Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  8. Debbie Hibbert wrote:

    The two from HD look “unfinished” to me … probably just how it looks on my phone. I like both #2 & #3. With all of your light furniture I prefer the darker two.😃

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  9. Michelle wrote:

    I would go with the lighter ones; either the top one or the HD one. Don’t go dark. I did at my dad’ a house and it shows every speck of dust and fur if you have pets.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  10. Laura wrote:

    Having lived with dark floor for a year now, I would go with the 2nd flooring with the golden tones. My friend has a light flooring and we both complain that you are constantly cleaning the floors.
    Good luck with your choice; it’s exciting to see it all come together.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  11. Amanda Renfroe wrote:

    My favorite is the 3rd option. I don’t think it will be too dark at all. Or both Home Depot options are good too, but seem too light.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  12. Sarah wrote:

    I love the lighter two options and don’t think you can go wrong with either! I saw on stories that you scratched one of your samples and it was very easy to scratch. Have you tested these samples too? Just curious because I’m on the hunt for really durable flooring and don’t like vinyl

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  13. Becky McCoy wrote:

    All of these would look great! But,,,, have you thought about vinyl planks??? We went with it and love, love, love it! Looks like real wood and no worries about it being damaged from water!!!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  14. Pamela wrote:

    The Home Depot flooring in French Point Reyes seems to fit the criteria you want. It is warm without being too light or moving into the amber/orange color range. Enjoy picking what will work for your home and lifestyle.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  15. Sheila wrote:

    I think, assuming that the Shaw flooring that you absolutely love is definitely out (no partnership possibility?), the darker one will hide some of the dirt and is neutral with no orange tones.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  16. Susan Remngton wrote:

    The darker sample will clearly pop your white colors. It adds contrast.
    You’ll notice light furniture looks so much better against the darker color. White gets lost with too much white.
    Hope this helps

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  17. Yogi O'Leary wrote:

    I am assuming your walls will all be white and furnishings light so color on the floor is important for warmth. I love the planks on the top photo first one on left except I would probably nix it because the horizontal lines on each side of them are too uniform and when a whole lot of floor is laid it will be really noticeable it us not natural looking. My choice for the country look would be same photo but the 3rd plank. You will probably add rugs and this will affect the colors but I love the rich warmth of it and it looks more natural than the others. Good luck.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  18. Amy wrote:

    I love the one where you are afraid it might be too orange….i think that shiplap walls will definitely compliment it nicely. I currently have laminate wood flooring and I chose a gray wood and it reminds me of an old barn…but now that I have had it a few years…I’m leaning towards warming it up and oh my goodness, I love the options you have shown.

    Good luck picking the perfect one out, I cannot wait to see what you decide!! 🙂

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  19. Traci wrote:

    When I was deciding on new wood flooring, I took all the samples and placed them in different places in the rooms so I could see how the different lighting effects the colors.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  20. Kerri wrote:

    Love the darker one top left. It will not wash out your light furniture, it has movement but not too much and is not so trendy which you can use for years to come. It is not really that dark. Enjoy this season!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  21. Angela Servello wrote:

    Hello sweet Sarah, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to add my two cents. Everything seems out of whack lately. Anyway, first let me say how happy and excited I am for you and your family. Congratulations on your new adventure. Secondly, on your flooring options, I love the darker of the three. I do like the grey/whitish but love love the dark piece. I agree the other has a bit more orange than I prefer. To me the dark piece looks really farmhousey if that’s even a word lol. After all is said and done, everything you pick is pretty much spot on. Go with your gut. Sending tons of love and hugs your soul sister/mama/friend, Angela 🏠😷🙏

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  22. mary wrote:

    they are all beautiful. nice to get feedback. I’still wondering what paint you used on your old house. I asked a few times. I love the creamy color of the wall and would really like to know.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  23. mary wrote:

    they are all beautiful. nice to get feedback. Im’still wondering what paint you used on your old house. I asked a few times. I love the creamy color of the wall and would really like to know.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  24. Bev wrote:

    Hi Sarah
    I like the sample on the right in the first photo. I think it would contrast nicely with your light furniture and add warmth as well! Have fun!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  25. Megan wrote:

    I love the two HD options. I like the French oak point Reyes one the absolute best. Good luck! Whatever you pick will be styled with perfection like always!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  26. kim craythorn wrote:

    ok so I am going to be the odd man out and say I would go with the darker tone and this is why:
    a: your goal was to add warmth not light, you have white walls, white kitchen and are adding shiplap (lots of light) plus you have a ton of light from your windows

    b: the warmth of the floor will draw your eye up to the light on the walls etc. if you use the light grey (I do like color) it will all look the same nothing will pop

    c: you have a large space, you can get away with it vs a small room etc, your furniture will pop more so will decor especially holiday time ( you will feel the warmth and coziness) I have been in your shoes and had to make the same choice went darker tones and it has made my fireplace and accessories look homier and cozy people have given us lots of compliments (light fixtures will make a difference too) I tend to go bold with them again to draw the eye up – good luck love the blog!!


    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
    • AnnTN wrote:

      I agree with this.

      Posted 7.14.20 Reply
      • Letie wrote:

        Yes to this!

        Posted 7.14.20 Reply
  27. Donna Bergthold wrote:

    I do like the lighter one in the top photos but leaning toward the Home Depot ones especially the bottom color. Tough choice though. I’m sure you’ll figure out the best choice for your home. It’s a beautiful house. Can’t wait to see all the changes.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  28. Sandra wrote:

    I love the golden tone floor. It would look so warm and a nice contrast if there is going to be a lot of white. It’s also a tone that won’t show a lot of dirt. Speaking from experience.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  29. Tammy Merritt wrote:

    My favorite is the French Oak PointReyes from Home Depot. It’s light enough to give that airy feel, yet still hide dirt, and it’s not too dark so that every speck of dust shows. Congratulations on your new home! Looking forward to watching you make it sparkle and shine.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  30. Cindy wrote:

    I really like the second flooring choice —
    it has a rich golden color to it! Would
    look awesome in my house too!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
    • Jenn wrote:

      As a homeowner with natural, light hardwood floors here in CO, I can tell you it HIDES dirt, much better than dark wood. I’ve had both, and I will never go back to dark or even medium hardwoods. Light wood hides dirt, scratches, and makes our home so bright and airy.

      Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  31. Abby wrote:

    I love the color of the left side (third option) but I’m not a fan of the textured cuts on the sides of it. Of the other two options, I think I like the light best!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  32. Shannon Johnson wrote:

    I definitely like the #1 and #3!! Farmhousey and light and will hide dirt:)

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  33. Micheala wrote:

    Unpopular opinion, but I really like the second option. I do not think that it is too orange. I think it will add so much warmth knowing that you are going to keep everything else pretty neutral. It also has the best looking wood grain.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  34. Ramona Wampler wrote:

    I like the top on from Home Depot!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  35. Sharon wrote:

    Don’t let them make you install flooring you don’t want. Make them give you a credit then get what you want.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  36. Karen wrote:

    I like the middle one. I don’t think it will show much at all. We did dark coffee in our kitchen and drives me crazy plus it is engineered and I would never do that again. Live and learn. Good luck. And I love your hair.❤️

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  37. Linda wrote:

    Hi Sarah, I like the darker of the flooring you showed us. I had stained concrete and hated it. During the pandemic my husband and I payed 1800 square feet of vinyl laminate that looks like wood and love it. It is planks and almost 9” wide. We have dark cabinets and lots of light. So, I agree with one of the other comments with light walls, light kitchen and all the light from your windows I would go with a little darker flooring. We bought ours at Home Depot the brand was Lifeproof waterproof color is Wood acres Oak. Looks great and so easy to keep clean.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  38. My pick is the French Oak Point Reyes! It’s light, but not too light and solid hardwood!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  39. Anna lancaster wrote:

    Love the ones at home depot and i think the top one too.But, i love the ones they have at home depot thats gray and feels like old barn wood.Enjoy that new home and what ever you chose will be great!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  40. Lynn wrote:

    I like the first one from Home Depot….Point Reyes.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  41. Amy wrote:

    Top Home Depot

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  42. Wendy Gish wrote:

    How exciting!! I can’t believe they can’t go ahead and install your choice of flooring. But of the options I LOVE the 3rd on from the flooring place in Denver and the darker of the two from home depot.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  43. Cathie Donahay wrote:

    I like the very top the right one as it’s more of a country Farmhouse look. 🙂

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  44. Peggy wrote:

    For texture ( and to hide the dirt and scuff marks) go with the French Oak Point Reyes. From your pictures your new house will be beautiful. Show us pictures when you get each room done so that we can drool.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  45. Dor wrote:

    My favorite of the three is the golden floor. With shiplap and light cabinets I think it would feel warmer. Second choice is the first of the three which looks rustic to me. I feel the white floor would wash out the space. You appear to have plenty of natural light so my vote is for the ones with more color.
    Good luck!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  46. Jill V Schwartz wrote:

    The top HD option for sure! While you dont want yellow or orange, I would also stay away from too much gray. Go as neutral mid-tone as you can. I know you like it, but Im not a fan of the faux little line cuts on every edge so evenly. Seems too faux.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  47. Sally wrote:

    Hi Sarah, you have to take into consideration the colour of your furniture – do you want you furniture to be the feature or your floors? I have something similar to your lightest one with a similar carpet and interestingly the dirt isn’t as obvious as you may think – it also helps to make the space visually larger so worth thinking about. Be careful the yellow option will date quickly and completely change the feel of your home. Any who, enjoy the ride 🙂

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  48. Anita wrote:

    I personally like the 1st one!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  49. Candy wrote:

    Hi Sarah
    I also love the HD flooring…the top one. What width are you going for? I love the 6 or 7” width as I think it would look more farmhouse..not sure though

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  50. Kathleen wrote:

    I LOVE the grays. That being said, I think you should get the lighter color options for the floor. It always looks spacious with a lighter color!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
    • Sherry Duff wrote:

      Choosing floor can be mind boggling!!! I would go with the the 3rd one (the medium color)from the top choices as the grayish color would probably camouflage sand and dirt. The top one on the HD ones would be my choice for same reason. My son works at a flooring company and usually recommends the floating water proof vinyl planks for families with children. Looks like wood and is water proof which is awesome for a kitchen.

      Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  51. Deedra wrote:

    I love the third one in the first picture, that has the most warmth. I think the gray wood has peaked and has been trendy. I like more classic looking fixed elements.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  52. Faith wrote:

    Check out Provenza luxury vinyl planking. It’s beautiful, and scratch proof, and WATERPROOF. Looks amazing. If it had been around when I did my wood I definitely would have used it. Lots of colors and you can’t tell it’s vinyl. Colors from gray to beige to saddle. Gets superior reviews. Affordable too!!
    Take a look, worth the time.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  53. I really like the lighter one, followed by the medium one. I find the darkest one looks a bit tired.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  54. Pauline Hinsch wrote:

    With light walls, a light ceiling, and light furniture, I’d stay away from the lightest color. I feel the top picture, far left is best. It isn’t that dark and will warmly ground your rooms. Good luck on your choice.

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  55. Laurie wrote:

    I love the French Oak Point Reyes. I’m sure you will make the perfect decision for you. 😊

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  56. Vicki wrote:

    I think either one of the darker two at the top would be nice. They look the most like authentic wood floors from an old farmhouse. As someone who has had darker wood laminate floors, they definitely show a lot of dust, but I don’t think either of those look too dark. The whiter one just doesn’t look cozy and authentic to me, and I personally would want more contrast with white walls, cabinets, and lighter furniture. I agree with the Home Depot ones looking very unfinished. I have Shaw Hacienda Pecan wood look tile in our new home and it looks similar to the one you think might be too dark, and I love it. It’s a nice cool toned medium brown and seems to hide a lot, and we live in the country on a ranch. We had the flooring store order several samples of the tile we liked, as each piece will look different and it gave us a better idea of how it would look when we could lay several pieces together on the floor next to our furniture. Definitely stinks that they have to lay new flooring they ordered and you have to remove it. Would think they could have returned it or used it in another home. Anyway, good luck, I know it’s overwhelming! For what it’s worth, I recently read that you should get flooring that matches the color of the dirt in your area, lol!

    Posted 7.13.20 Reply
  57. Oleda wrote:

    I love the 3rd one from the top. My second choice is the top one from home depot

    Posted 7.14.20 Reply
  58. Gayle N wrote:

    The light options are the best!! Especially the one from Home Depot 👍🏼 I think darker wood shows the dirt more from my experience!

    Posted 7.14.20 Reply
  59. Sheilah Perry-Rosales wrote:

    The third choice would be my choice. I have pine floors and they are orange so hard to decorate around.

    Posted 7.14.20 Reply
  60. Jennifer wrote:

    Love your style and love all three but my favorite is the lightest! I think it will actually hide dirt quite well because I have dark floors right now and most of what you see is the lighter stuff on it

    Posted 7.14.20 Reply
  61. We have floors very similar to the top option from Home Depot! With three kids and a dog I can tell you that the textured feature is a real life saver at hiding songs and scratches!

    Posted 7.14.20 Reply
  62. Ruth wrote:

    When I moved into my house I had all the carpets pulled up and I went with a medium color hardwood floor. I wish I would have gone lighter. I say stick with your lighter choice, you’re going to put area rugs too.

    Posted 7.14.20 Reply
  63. Julia Crutchmer wrote:

    I like both of the ones from the store in Denver. Very rich.

    Posted 7.14.20 Reply
  64. Krystina McCarthy wrote:

    I like the last option from the flooring place in Denver because a lot of your furnishings are white/light and this will be a contrast without having a yellow tone. 🙂

    Posted 7.14.20 Reply
  65. Sarah, You are right to wait patiently. God knows. Calm is good. The floors I think i llike the lightest as well! It all will be so pretty!!!! Excited for you. xoxo

    Posted 7.15.20 Reply
  66. Rhonda R Wilson wrote:

    How exciting!! I love the warmth of the first one.
    With your beautiful light, airy furniture it will add such a beautiful contrast with your light colors.
    Happy house decorating!

    Posted 7.15.20 Reply
  67. Jeannie Wildermuth wrote:

    I would go with the light color. I have dark wood floors at home and they show everything! Cleaning them constantly.

    Posted 7.15.20 Reply
  68. Sylvia wrote:

    The very first photo, first from the left great colour bit without those “dents” /”notches” on sides… It will be too unnatural looking when laid. I would say stay away from the textured ones as the dirt will be clogging in them. Darker floors show definitely less dirt and you will be living in the countryside after all 🙂 good luck, the house is going to be gorgeous 🙂

    Posted 7.15.20 Reply
  69. KATHLEEN LIVICK wrote:

    Love the 2 from Home Depot!! God bless!!

    Posted 7.19.20 Reply
  70. Deborah wrote:

    Dear Sarah,
    I do like the lightest wood floor option. I have dark wood floors and the dust shows up easily, my hope might be the lighter floor wouldn’t.
    I just received my happy mail from Antique Candle Company your Warm Carmel Crumble scent is amazing. Yes it smells like a bakery. Yum.
    I love reading and seeing your blog. The reading nook cushion cover looks wonderful. Blessings to you and your family in your new home.

    Posted 7.19.20 Reply
  71. Alicia Hursley wrote:

    I really like that first option too. I know the dirt might be scary, but I honestly think it’s worth it. When I first installed mine I went with a slightly darker color and regretted it. I’m having my floor refinished by Fabulous Floors Michigan right now, and I’m actually having them apply a lighter stain to try and brighten things up. Would advise against making the same mistake I did and just go with the lighter option that you love.

    Posted 7.21.20 Reply
  72. Karen Colton wrote:

    Just want to say it’s a myth that light floors show the dirt. I have had both dark and light wooden floors and the light appears clean all the time. The dark one showed every spec of dust, muddy marks and smears! Go for the one closest to your heart.

    Posted 7.24.20 Reply
  73. Becky wrote:

    I recently did the same thing to my house. Tore out all the carpet and put in wood floors…I love it! My type of wood is more favorable to the darker wood or oak. I especially love oak wood.

    Posted 7.28.20 Reply

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