When Change is Hard

I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I should write this post, but it’s been on my heart all week, so I gotta be honest with you–this season of life we’re in right now is new and exciting, but it also involves a LOT of change for our family. And so it’s been a very emotional week for me. Our move not only involves a new house, but we’re moving out of the town we’ve lived in for ten years, a brand new school for the kids, and really a completely new way of life. As much as I’m excited for the new path we’re on and all the fun projects happening at the new house, I’d be lying if I said I’m not nervous and a little sad at the same time.

Change has always been hard for me. I’m a creature of habit and I find a lot of comfort in the things I know. But this move is challenging me to step out of that comfort zone and go down a new path. And I think what’s making it so emotional for me is that fact that this move was not brought on by a dislike for our current home. We’re only moving because we wanted more land and a country lifestyle for our family. I’m grateful we’re getting that, but dang. That doesn’t making leaving any easier. And I have to admit, packing this place up over the last few days has been HARD. I’m excited for what’s ahead, but at the same time my heart aches for what we are leaving behind. And then my mind begins to wander–will we really love the new place? Will we like living out in the country? Will the kids like the new school?

I’ve felt guilty for feeling this way, especially with so many exciting things happening at the new house. And then I see other people move with such ease and I wish I could be that way too. What the heck is wrong with me?! But the truth is, change is hard on my heart. The emotional impact of moving isn’t easy on me and maybe instead of wishing those feelings away, I just need to acknowledge them and give myself some grace. Sure, it’s going to be emotional for a bit and that’s ok. Embrace it, trust God to lead the way, and move on to the next chapter.

I’m sharing this today to encourage any of you that are also in a season of transition. If you’re experiencing some big changes in your life, I just want to let you know you’re not alone. And this too shall pass. Before we know it, we’ll look back on this time and we’ll know all these changes were for the best. We’ll be so grateful we walked through the unknown to the other side. xoxo

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Jeremiah 29:11

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 8.19.20

    this hit home for me♡ thanks so much for sharing! 2020 has been hard, but you’re right chamge can be good♡♡

    • 8.19.20
      Traci A Skaggs said:

      Yes & Amen! 💗
      God is always working our favor. Thank you sharing, we all struggle. Being real is what helps us all stay connected.
      Be bless!

    • 8.19.20
      Denise Johnson said:

      Seasons of life are a good thing and change can also be a good thing. We are in that transition as well. Very excited for our new adventure. God knows your tomorrows. I love that verse.

    • 8.20.20
      Kathleen A Livick said:

      Yes, I agree with all that you are saying. God bless you and He will take care of you and your family.

  2. 8.19.20
    Karen Cassetta said:

    Beautifully said, I love your blog you are so “real” and “relatable “ and I thank you for that. Much blessings to you and your lovely family!

    • 8.19.20

      Beautiful post. I can relate. It’s a lot of pressure making big decisions like this, let alone making a decision that affects the whole family. The new house is beautiful and your family is what makes a house a home ❤

    • 8.19.20
      Liz said:

      First of all that is my life verse. What you are feeling is true. You had your children in that house and created so many memories there. God has led you on a new path that will Bri g so much joy in the things you didn’t have like land, open space. You will creat new memories in your farm that will be teaching your kids a whole new adventure. I love your post. focus on your new adventure so you don’t miss out in Gods daily Blessings.

      • 8.19.20
        Tina said:

        Such wise words! Thanks for sharing your heart. I too have a hard time with change so I can totally relate! Your post really resonated with me as I am also in a season of change. It’s hard and challenging but good to push through and try to find joy in all of it! Best of luck to you and your family in your beautiful new home ❤️

      • 8.19.20
        Kristin said:

        Change is hard but change is good to! I am so happy for you and your family I think your kids are going to do wonderful in their new school! I’m excited to see the fun new projects to do with this home!

  3. 8.19.20
    Gina said:

    Wow! So true. We are also moving and like you for no other reason but a change. We have lived in our home for 21 years. So many great memories but excited for new ones in the new house. Blessings to you and your family!!

  4. 8.19.20
    Janet said:

    Moving brings out emotions. 30 years ago my brother and 3 year old nephew were helping me move. I was nervous and doubting my choices. I was in my 30’s and single. On the less than 1 mile trip with with a load, my nephew told me my new house was cute. From that point everything was fine.

  5. 8.19.20
    Jen said:

    Thank you Sarah for your honesty. I am the same. Thinking and praying on leaving the only place I have ever known for 40 plus years is Kinda giving me a tummy ache! But your right this time shall pass. I am praying for you and your heart!

  6. 8.19.20
    Vicki said:

    Great post! I feel the same, change is hard for me! This Pandemic has taken its tole on many of us. I’m much older than you and I keep saying I don’t have time for this!

  7. 8.19.20
    Crystal said:

    Change is hard! I too am soon to be leaving my comfort zone home which I purchased alone two years ago after I separated from my husband. Now I’m building a new house with my soulmate and blending our family. Onto a bigger and happier life. But man am I scared!!

  8. 8.19.20
    Courtney Gorman said:

    Thank you for sharing. I started following you sometime this past year. I love your home and decorating style. I can’t imagine how hard it is and you’re not alone. You will have so many wonderful new memories in your new home and will make it your own. Good luck!

  9. 8.19.20
    Jena said:

    Things will be amazing…God has put you right where your supposed to be, or you wouldn’t be there…you’ll see..embrace it all…have a blessed day.

  10. 8.19.20
    Vicki said:

    Oh, Sarah, bless your heart! There is nothing wrong with you, you are human! Of course, we all process and handle things differently, and some people are less sentimental than others, but moving is stressful and can be very emotional. You put a lot of time and energy into your home and have a lot of wonderful memories there. It can take a little while for a new home to feel like, well “home”. Being in the middle of a pandemic and all that entails certainly doesn’t help. We just moved recently, a very different situation from yours, but still, I can say that our house felt a lot more like home after I got more settled and organized and decorated, and of course all of that takes time. I struggle with anxiety and things got overwhelming at times, so definitely give yourself some grace. Prayers for you, and thanks for sharing your heart❤️🙏🏼.

    • 8.19.20
      Sheilah Perry-Rosales said:

      You want change? Come to Cedar Rapids Iowa and experience our whole cities change. Derecho really has made all of us change our ways of thinking and feeling.I was one of the lucky ones I only had minor damage my neighbor lost his house 200 yr old oak tree went though the middle of it.

  11. 8.19.20
    Diane said:

    I am also moving out of our home of 8 years. This move is what we wanted. However, one of our grown kids has left for college. Next year the other two will move out as well. So we say goodbye to not only a home but a Big stage of life! From now on our kids will visit us instead of live with us. That is a big transition. God is good and we are grateful for the beautiful life we had raising our kids. 🙏🏼❤️ Thank you for giving me a safe place to acknowledge how I feel.

  12. 8.19.20
    Hilary said:

    I think you are carrying yourself very well for someone who has a hard time with change! You look and sound brave and excited! You can get through this and everything will be so much fun when the “work” is over 🙂

  13. 8.19.20
    Sandee said:

    If some how someone has made moving look easy to you, it wasn’t. Moving and making big changes is scary and hard and should be emotional. It’s also thrilling and to know it’s a new life to begin. Your family is going to thrive. New memories are about to be made. I wish you all a wonderful life in your new place. 💛

  14. 8.19.20
    Melissa said:

    I love that you share ALL the things. You are so relatable. 🙂 I’m in a time of transition, myself. Believe it or not, I’ve grown so much during this pandemic. I have gained clarity on so many things. Clarity often results in change and my change relates to my job. I need to talk very soon with my boss about making some changes and if the changes are not acceptable to the company it will be time for me to move on. I don’t mean it to sound like an ultimatum…it’s not. I just know what is right for me and if it’s not right for the company that’s ok! I’ll land on my feet, I always do. 🙂 Keep doing what you do, girlfriend! I love your new house and your land and darnit I want chickens!!

  15. 8.19.20
    Yenelys said:

    I was in your shoes 2 years ago. Moved from a very populated and high paced Miami, FL to a small country town. The move was crazy. You don’t realize how much stuff you accumulate living in one house for almost 20 years. Our lives changed so much. Our kids started a new school, I started working from home and we have no family around. I can honestly say that I wish I had left south Florida sooner. I’m loving the relaxed country life. Love following you. Enjoy your new home.

  16. 8.19.20
    Catherine said:

    We need shelter from the outside world be it weather or just every day life. We need a place to lay our heads and a place our kids come home to. Your old house is wood it won’t miss you when you’re gone it worked for you day and night this new house is wood it’s where you are that makes a house a home 🏡 and where ever you are you make it a home.

  17. 8.19.20
    Amanda Dicks said:

    Preach it sister! We sold and bought a new home through quarantine. I lived in the home we sold 21 years. Lots of memories. I feel guilt as my twins drive to their old school cuz there Seniors and we moved to a new town 30 mins away. I know it’s only a short time, but all the unknown is sucks! I’m a big creation of habit too. Hang in there and yes, God is the way!

  18. 8.19.20
    Kelly Hoffman said:

    Thank you so much foe your words – they really hit home with me. I just recently sold my house where I had raised my kids after my divorce. I struggled with the decision and am still struggling – I downsized to an apartment to embark on a new phase of life. May god guide us and give us strength. Warm thoughts!

  19. 8.19.20
    Margaret DiSanto said:

    Thank you, Sarah, for the inspirational words! Brought tears to my eyes as I have also been on the verge of making a big change. For me, fear of change has immobilized me in the past and has kept me in situations that have not been healthy for me. Sometimes we have to step out of the comfort zone, walk “off the cliff” and find out that once done, we have “arrived” and we are “where we were meant to be”. Godspeed to you and your family!

  20. 8.19.20
    Marilyn Gabriel said:

    This brought tears to my eyes. I too, have a hard time with big change. Your post today, I needed to read. It touched my heart. The Lord God goes with me every step of the way.

  21. 8.19.20
    Pamela said:

    I too have a difficult time with change. I remember leaving the first home we had and brought both of our children home to as being the most daunting. I began a tradition with that move. I would pack everything, then the last thing I would do is scrub the kitchen sink and say “goodbye” to the house and walk out the door. I would then leave the house and not come back. I was lucky that my husband understood and he along with friends moved everything. This has served me well over the years. Good luck to you and your lovely family. Looking forward to your future new home posts.

  22. 8.19.20
    Anna lancaster said:

    I know exactly how you feel.12 yrs.ago something happened in our family and we had to sell our home of 20yrs.in the country.My kids grew up there and was pretty much gone.It was really hard to live somewhere else.But,now me and hubby are all to ourselves in a new home in the rural area and we love it.It will get easier with new memories.God Bless

  23. 8.19.20
    Wendy said:

    Your feelings are perfectly normal! Always remember you trusted God to guide you in your housing choices! You are going to love it once you are settled in!!

  24. 8.19.20
    Cori Baird said:

    Thank you so much for sharing…we are going through the exact same thing this year. Not so much by choice, but by necessity for my husband’s job…still getting to move to a country life we have all dreamed of as well! Change is HARD! I have loved this scripture. “I will lead blind Israel down a new path, guiding them along the unfamiliar way. I will brighten the darkness before them, and smooth out the road ahead of them. Yes, I will indeed do these things. I will not forsake them. Isaiah 42:16 God is good, and has blessed every step of the journey as I know He is going to for you! xoxoxo

  25. 8.19.20
    Shaylan said:

    This is something I’ve been trying to work on this year. I’ve been reminding myself that just because ‘she’ does it one way doesn’t mean the way I’m processing something is bad or wrong. I’ve been giving my feelings their space and realizing that if I’m having a feeling/emotion it is valid. Then figuring out what step I need to take next to move forward. Praying things ease up for you mentally and things settle down!

  26. 8.19.20
    Kacy Sexton said:

    We just moved states and I have to say that after all the upheaval, doubt and uncertainty, a suddem calm amd assurance hit us. I couldn’t be happier with our choice. I pray you get the same peace and validation in your choice for yoir family ❤️

  27. 8.19.20
    Mallorie said:

    Thank you for sharing your heart! ❤️ You’re not alone, and we love reading about your journey! You got this, girl! I love following you — while you may not feel inspired, you’re inspiring to me!

  28. 8.19.20
    Mary Ellen said:

    It is hard and I’m sending hugs and prayers your way. Your post totally resonated with me and I’ve been there a few times in my life. And more likely because well – that’s how life is. I’m so happy that you know how much God loves and guides you – and yes, I look forward to that post where you say – ‘remember how nervous and sad, but happy I was when . . . ” And there will be joy in the morning. Set the intention and prayer that your children will adjust well and find new, positive things about their new school. I know you’ll all “make new friends, but keep the old” as the old round song goes. God bless.

  29. 8.19.20
    Joyce Hale said:

    Amen !

  30. 8.19.20
    Susan Ellis said:

    I have taken Jeremiah 29:11 to heart many times. Love that verse. When you start with negative feelings about your move, recall the verse. You are a God fearing women. It’s all going to work out!

  31. 8.19.20
    Sue Ringey said:

    NO ONE moves with ease! Your feelings are normal, you’re a good mama. New memories have started already; enjoy!

  32. 8.19.20
    Ashley said:

    We moved last November. My son was 19 at the time and still living at home. When the house was empty and we were just about to leave for the last time I walked in his room. It smelled like him, boy sweat, cologne, sleep. I broke down crying. It just hit me then that chapter of our life was closing. I knew he wouldn’t be living with us too much longer and this was the last place I’d have memories of him as a kiddo. I love our new home, it’s perfect. He eventually moved out but his room is still here. And new memories will be made, hopefully with grandkids in the future ❤️

  33. 8.19.20
    Sherry Strock said:

    Sending you so much love Sarah. I’m the same when it comes to change (not a fan). But, sometimes that change brings a welcome peace and calm and a new way, a better way of life for you all. Trust in god to see you through.

  34. 8.19.20
    Rhae said:

    Oh I feel this so much right now. We are currently in the process of looking for a new house out in the country for the same reasons as you guys. I LOVE my house right now, it’s also my first ever house purchase, but we just need more space. I’m also in the process of transitioning to a new job during all of this. It’s so much work and it’s definitely hard on the heart but you’re right….these changes will be for the best!

    Congratulations on your new house and all the best at settling into the new things! 🙂

  35. 8.19.20
    Sandy said:

    We had a new house built last year, did a lot of purging. Our son bought the house we lived in for 18 years, maybe because he was going to live there made it easier and the fact that we were staying in the same city, but we were so excited to move. I also had to deal with the loss of my Mother and get her house ready to put on the market and get that sold. 35 years of stuff, all last year. Other than missing my mom terribly, things are so much better with our move. You are going to love it. Blessings.

  36. 8.19.20
    Michelle said:

    I know how you feel about change I recently married, and moved out of my parents home at 53 years old, and it’s been hard I am a creature of habit also. We all need grace I like that you said it out loud! We also would like to move out of Austin to a place with land and a nice lake view (some day) your view in your pictures looks great may I ask what state your in? I’m new to your blog, but am enjoying it!

    • 8.19.20
      Jodie Felten said:

      She is probably busy moving, so I will answer for her. She live in Colorado!

  37. 8.19.20
    Donna said:

    I’m going through some major changes in my life right now and I have been so tempted to give up and remain where I am but I’ve gotten so much support from my kids that I’m pushing through. Then I read your blog and it reinforced all that I’ve been feeling. The verse at the end made a huge impact because just yesterday that verse came to mind so I went online and printed it out to hang on my office wall for inspiration! Thank you for your blog!

  38. 8.19.20
    Becca Watt said:

    Beautifully written! No matter what season any of us are in, change is hard, but from
    Following your stories, God truly did open that house for you and your family! Looking forward to journeying along side with you …

  39. 8.19.20
    Kay kielbowick said:

    Hi Sarah,
    I have never wrote before but I love all your post. I felt like I need to write today. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. You have put yourself in family in that home with everything you have done there. If course it would be sad and hard to leave. You have had many amazing memories in that home but remember you will not lose any of those. You and your family are going to make so many new memories in your new home. You all will love this new freedom that you will have in your new home…yes I live in the country and love it…give yourself the ok to feel sad for the home you are leaving but then remember how much fun you are all going to have making so many new memories….

  40. 8.19.20
    Jill Morin said:

    I am very much like you as far as change goes so this post felt like I was hearing from a kindred spirit 😊. About a year ago we moved after living in the same house for 16 years at it was very difficult for me to get on board with the idea. My husband always wanted acreage, but I grew up a city/suburb girl so it took a long time for me to be open to the idea of such a change. It’s been almost a year and I’m glad I took the leap and I hope you will be too 😊

  41. 8.19.20
    Julie said:

    Yep, those of us who find comfort in routine, rules, familiarity find change difficult and challenging. But the Lord is with us. Submit your plans to Him. And because He loves us, even the challenges will be beneficial. I’m personally struggling with some changes, but have the support and encouragement of family. Rest in the assurance you are loved and cared for.

  42. 8.19.20
    Amy said:

    Beautifully written! I felt the same way when we moved just a few years ago. So bittersweet! Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart ❤️

  43. 8.19.20
    Michaela said:

    Beautifully written, Sarah! Change is so hard, but it is also inevitable, and it typically turns out to be a great thing. 🙂

  44. 8.19.20
    Jan Iannone said:

    This came at such a good time. Thanks for the reminder to give ourselves grace! Praying for you and your sweet family

  45. 8.19.20
    Pam Emma said:

    Sarah Joy, You are certainly not alone on how you are feeling. You are closing one chapter and opening a new one. Remember you take your memories with you and they will be very precious. I also was a person who did not like change but boy have I been through a lot and the last one was a life change from Massachusetts to South Carolina. It was all for the right reasons to be closer to my daughter, son-in-law and my 2 grandsons. I had experienced a lot of loss in 4 years before moving – my dad, my son and my mom (in that order). I was existing and going through the motions of life. Moving closer to my grandsons saved me and brought me back to life. It was also the best for them too and we are making so many wonderful memories together. It will take a little time for your new place to feel like home but one day you will wake up and see your girls happy and thriving and you will realize “This is Home”. Home is where your family is, the structure is a structure. Home is kisses, laughter/giggles, wiping tears away, reading stories, hugs and so much more. You all will be fine. Keep smiling.

  46. 8.19.20

    I know how you feel. When we first got married we were city folks and than moved outside of town with the kids. They were still little and was not in school yet. It was exciting and terrifying at the same time. Right now we are fixing up our home to sell next year after Hubby retires. Again, it is exciting and terrifying. It will be our last home and we are still not sure what we what in it. Life is full of changes and I too am not great with changes.

  47. 8.19.20
    Kim said:

    It’s okay to feel everything your feeling! Transition is hard but change is good, it helps us grow! When we move on, you brings those memories with you & the most important thing is your doing it as a family! Togetherness at this time is so important! Wish you the very best, your making this house your home!
    I’m going thru a transition very different but similar. I lost my jobs several years ago & exactly the same time my Dad whom I adore became critically ill. We found out later he has Leukemia & I’m absolutely devastated. I went home to CA last Thanksgiving & saw him but I can’t go out & visit him freely as it’s a second marriage but married 55 years & she doesn’t like me! I’ve attempted early on to find a job but rejection is hard! I’m lacking motivation. I’m helping a friend through her husbands recent death & I’m terrified, my brother, a Physician, who just diagnosed as being positive for COVID & has underlying health issues. We’re living in unprecedented times, so we need to carve out what our new normal is while keeping our sanity.
    Wish you Peace & Happiness!

  48. 8.19.20
    Laurel Hall said:

    I follow your blog, “religiously”, but I have never written a comment. I feel compelled to write today. Your style is my style and I get very excited when there is a new post on the blog. You have touched my life over the years in SO SO SO many ways. I am a professional engineer, but the creative side of my brain is equal to the logical side. In addition to being an engineer for 44 years and owning my own engineering company for 24 years, I also have two Airbnb vacation rentals, I own a hair salon and I just bought the buidling next to my salon to expand into (picture “our” style in a commercial salon setting…gorgeous).

    I wanted to let you know that you must trust your gut and trust that God has your back…because He does!!! I have stepped outside my engineering comfort zone and into these (on the surface) totally unrelated and illogical ventures. Real change takes courage and that, my dear, you have in spades.

    Let go and let God. Change is equal to growth.

  49. 8.19.20
    Caitlin said:

    I felt the same when we moved 2 weeks ago. I cried the first week thinking I chose the wrong house and made the wrong choice for my family. I feel your pain and know it gets better.

  50. 8.19.20
    Angela Servello said:

    Change is hard, even when it’s a good thing. There’s nothing more I can say, that your loyal followers haven’t already said. Just remember it’s everything you said but also you are extremely tired, hard work will do that, he’s hee. When you are hot and tired everything seems monumental and overwhelming. Slow down every once in a while and take a deep breath . You are running on fumes and you must recharge. All your fears and concerns will disappear once you are in and semi settled. Just remember Rome was not built in a day. God speed my friend, sending you lots of good energy and of course love, Angela 💕

  51. 8.19.20
    Leslie said:

    One small phrase that works best for me: Just lean into it ♥️

    It works for change, worry, happiness, everything! Take all of life as it comes because it is exactly as God intended. 💯

  52. 8.19.20
    Allison said:

    When I started reading this post, I confess to having mixed feelings. You’re one of my favorites on social media. But I had a little bit of envy and even though I am glad for you and excited to see your new home…I still had that little bit of thought…that you’re able to purchase this home with acreage and your dreams seem to coming true and i compared it to my apartment and my own financial circumstances. And then, as I read, and the scripture you included… I just literally burst into tears. Thank you for being honest, transparent, and for using your platform to be used by God to whisper to my heart that He still has plans for me. That He still has good things coming for me and that I just have to trust that in His timing things will happen. 💗

  53. 8.19.20
    Bethany said:

    Thank you for sharing your heart! 2020 has been a struggle in itself, but now we’re expecting baby #2 in a couple months and making a big move next year. It’s exciting but scary too! Trusting that God has it ALL under control and good things ahead. You’ve made your recent transitions look so easy!

  54. 8.19.20
    Ramona wampler said:

    This is only understandable. You have made so many memories in that house with the birth of your children and growing family. You will make new memories in this house too as your children grow and you have many adventures together! I know exactly how you feel with change whether it’s big or small. Even trading for a new car I find myself having a little sadness saying goodbye to the old one that we made many memories in!

  55. 8.19.20
    Mary said:

    Some of us gals are just more emotional and sentimental than others…..and thats OKAY!!! Our feelings are valid 🙂 Change can truly take an emotional toll on you and I do think its important to give yourself space for those emotions. This has been my encouragement through challenging times over the past couple of years: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. ” Joshua 1:9
    May God bless you on this journey!

  56. 8.19.20
    Jessica Allen said:

    Thank you for sharing your heart. So often, social media only shows us the “pretty” side of things. I appreciate seeing the good and the bad…..it means your human and just like the rest of us. Embrace your feelings, let your children know that it’s hard for you because it might be hard for them as well. We all express ourselves differently. I appreciate being able to share this journey with you.

  57. 8.19.20
    Noreen Hicks said:

    NO ONE moves with ease. It is a very stressful, gigantic under taking to move from house to house. Think of it this way, which is what I did and told my kids. We are getting a new home, the people who lived here are getting a new home, and the people moving into our old home are getting a new home!!! It is a win win for all. You are lucky to have loved and appreciated what you had. It will be the same in this new space because you will make it your own. I look forward to taking the journey with you. God bless.

  58. 8.19.20
    Deborah said:

    Change can be difficult but God does not put anything in your life that you can’t handle. Don’t doubt yourself or this wonderful new opportunity for your family. Keep those memories in heart, keep your feet grounded to the earth and keep reaching for the stars. You will be fine!

  59. 8.19.20
    Tracy said:

    I think it’s always that way; bittersweet in leaving behind or really going forward with a new path and those memories that were made will always be with you and your family and that’s the good news in all of this ! You do need time to reflect and then the time comes to embrace and be excited for the new chapters in our lives! So happy for you Sarah! Thanks for sharing your heart with all of us! We are honored to go along side of you in this journey!❤️😊

  60. 8.19.20
    Sharis Norris said:

    Oh Sarah, thank you for keeping it real and sharing the “bad with the good”. You are not alone. And as you know…our God is always faithful…you are growing and gaining wisdom. This is an exciting time for you & your family. Thank you for sharing it with us! You are a “breath of fresh air”! 🙏🏼✝️♥️🏡

  61. 8.19.20
    Donna Bergthold said:

    Oh Sarah, I’ve been where you are. I moved from California(born & raised there) to Texas last year. My mom is still there so that’s been especially tough. So I feels all the feels you do. And it’s ok to feel that. Anytime there is a huge change there is an adjustment to make. You do the best you can. And I hate change too! Things will get better and you’ll have a new norm. I’m sure you and your family will love your new place and living in the country. Embrace it all and don’t be too hard on yourself. Wishing you so much happiness in your new house!

  62. 8.19.20
    cheryl lenkiewicz said:

    Just Beautifully said! My heart tells me you are going to be so Happy and Blessed!

  63. 8.19.20
    Penny said:

    Sarah, I so enjoyed your post today. Believe me we’ve all been down your path. With God All Things Are Possible.

  64. 8.19.20

    They do say any move takes at least 3 years for a person to acclimate. I get it! I moved to China to teach when I was newly engaged waaay back in the 80s (with no communication other than by cassette tape 🤣) but I felt I had to fulfill an earlier calling God Had placed in my heart. Then later with kids & moving from my home church of 21 years where both Sets of parents Attended to a more liberal city…just lots of changes! I have always liked the phrase, “Do it afraid!” We don’t always feel comfortable with transitions but it’s definitely how we grow deeper for sure! May you find great blessings and deep lessons in this new move!🙏 💗

  65. 8.19.20
    Robin said:

    I loved reading this. It made me a little sad reading but also know that change is always best. My shy anxious daughter is starting high school and we are going through tough times now too. I know she will be fine but getting there surely is trying. Have faith and pray often. I love seeing you everyday on my feed and is a little ray of sunshine in my day.

  66. 8.19.20
    Robin Monroe said:

    I love that you are claiming Jeremiah 29:11! I pray for God’s grace and peace to fill your entire family as you transition into your new home.

  67. 8.19.20
    Tammy Ganci said:

    This post is spot on!! I also have a hard time with change. For the past 12 years i lived in our house in the Northern part of N.J. and had a summer home at the Jersey Shore…82 miles from my everyday home. But just this past June 30th we moved into the summer house full time and put the other one on the market. Sure we now live at the beach but the memories came with us. I get emotional every now and then but I stop and look around and I now say it’s ok..it’s good..the memories stay and new memories are to be had. You will be fine and your children will be fine. At the end of the day you only left walls a floor and a ceiling…everything else is still with you.
    Have a blessed day
    Love your blog friend
    Tammy 💖

  68. 8.19.20
    Brenda Johnson said:

    I understand and can relate to your struggle! I have had to move out of state a few times and it was quite hard, but I also found that my kids adjusted well and I feel like it built character in them to handle the life changes they have had in their adult lives now! Your new home is so amazing and have some space will be so wonderful for your children! Enjoy!

  69. 8.19.20
    Kyla said:

    I think moving with kids is part of what makes it all so emotional. If the kids grew there and it’s all they’ve known it can be hard to leave. But the kids adjust so quickly so just try to focus on the new memories and exciting things at the new house. Once you are down with the moving part too I’m sure you’ll be more settled, you guys have been in limbo for months so that has got to be tough! Praying all goes smoothly with the move and excited to see the new adventures at the new house!

  70. 8.19.20
    Janice A said:

    Change can be hard. We were a military family and moved several times. I found if we were upbeat and positive, our children were OK, even when they had to change schools, say goodbye to friends, etc. Enjoy your new adventure!!

  71. 8.19.20
    lorri malloy said:

    Ahhhh! Thank you for being so real, so transparent, so you!! I felt like I was reading a story about me. Godspeed to both of us, all of us, who are making these changes and not digging being out of our comfort zone!! Thank you!!

  72. 8.19.20
    Beryl said:

    Oh Sarah these are such big, valid emotions! I totally feel this right now. The last move we made was the best choice for our family, but it entailed leaving a place that I’m still in love with. We really couldn’t stay in our old town because of my husband’s job opportunities, but sometimes I still can’t get my mind off of it. I think you can have both though. You can miss your old place and still enjoy your new place. There’s room in your heart! Good luck with the move!!

  73. 8.19.20
    Faby said:

    God’s plan is perfect!! Hugs! ☺️

  74. 8.19.20
    Ann said:

    My son moved out into the country … now town has been built all around him . South lands is near them. Where did you move?

  75. 8.19.20
    Diane said:

    Hi Sarah you are not alone !! I am the same way always thinking would have, should have!!! Your gonna love the new home and all that property and of course those farm animals!!!! We should always trust in God cause he’s got this!!! Let go and let God!!!

  76. 8.19.20
    Shannon Motyl said:

    Sarah, I absolutely adore you and your blog and instagram. Thank you for sharing this. I needed to see this as a reminder for something I’m going through as well.

  77. 8.19.20
    Carolyn said:

    No need to respond. Your busy! You seem as though you run everything past God first so know that God
    Is always guiding you and he has guided you and your family to make this move. Just like you said, this transition will soon be a thing of the past! What a blessing this will be for y’all!

  78. 8.19.20
    Kristen Cheatum said:

    So so beautiful! Many blessings to you and your family on your new home, new adventures and many many amazing memories! 💗

  79. 8.19.20
    Donna Warren said:


  80. 8.19.20
    Dana said:

    This post is my life. We too are moving from our home of 20 years. Leaving my job of 18 years. Kids are grown and we are downsizing house but gaining 50 acres. Moving from my friends. I too am a creature of comfort. We bought a farmhouse and completed renovated. I know it is time for a change but this is HARD!

  81. 8.19.20
    Emily said:

    I relate to this so much! After living in the same house and same bedroom until college and then returning home to that same room during vacations from college, it was so difficult when my parents sold their business and our house and built a new one. I was emotional on so many levels saying goodbye to the business and to the house I grew up, but when I go home to their new house now it feels like it’s always been theirs. That made me realize that home will always be wherever my parents and family are — it really is more than a building. We hold onto and celebrate the memories in the old house and with the old business, but now cherish how they got us to this chapter.

    Now at 32, I’ve experienced that in my own living situation. Growing up in Vermont, I went to college in Pennsylvania, and then took my first job in Atlanta, GA — it was to this day the third hardest day of my life only behind the death of my Gramma and my Aunt, but I realize now what perspective that move has given me. It’s funny, I lived in Atlanta for two years before my company moved me to Pennsylvania and the irony was I cried leaving Atlanta even knowing I was getting closer to home in Vermont. A year later I had the opportunity to return to Atlanta, and I struggled with it because it’s where I wanted to go but I knew that the decision would again take me far from family. I lived in Atlanta for another 5 years, got engaged and moved even further south to Mobile, AL for a year before my husbands job gave us the opportunity to relocate back to Atlanta. And now that we’ve been back in Atlanta, and begin the plans to start a family — I find myself counting down the months until we can get everything lined up to move home to Vermont and start our own chapter there. I can’t wait until that opportunity comes, but I now know that I wouldn’t be me without all of the other places I have lived and the people I have met there. I am so grateful that leaving each of the places I have left has been hard because it means that good memories and life experiences were had there. It means you invested a piece of you in growing where you were planted.

    Through each of these moves, just like you, Jeremiah 29:11 has been my guiding verse. I had never heard it before but it was shared with me by a close friend when I made my first move from Atlanta back to Pennsylvania. So, as you cry and embrace the feelings of leaving your house I hope you realize that each of these places make up a piece of you. God gave us the ability to love and grow so that we can leave a little piece of us wherever we’ve been and still continue to grow. Change is hard but it’s hard because we care. 💕💕💕 Praying for you and your family as you transition to this new adventure and build new memories together!

  82. 8.19.20
    Patty said:

    I totally get where you are coming for. Change is really hard for me. And of course this year just sucks lol.
    But your new house is beautiful and I hope your family is totally happy and satisfied there!

  83. 8.19.20
    Marcia Hron said:

    Hello Sarah! I can identify with your stress over change and relocating is a BIG CHANGE. We were in our home for 43 years and we relocated 6 years ago. It is disorienting and takes lots of work, but it is ALSO AN OPPORTUNITY for a whole new ADVENTURE for the entire family. I also see that it often “draws a family closer together,” knowing they are a “unit” in this adventure. Love and prayers . . . use this as a demonstration of faith in God.

  84. 8.19.20
    Catia said:

    WOW! You’re honesty in such a public forum is commendable! Yes, change can be hard because you are being pushed out of your comfort zone BUT God put you here for a reason which is yet to be discovered. I just got a sign which will hang in my room and will be the last thing I see before I close my eyes at night to sleep. The sign says, “Give it up to God and go to sleep.”
    Your children are young and resilient. Follow their leads. Children are amazing gifts. Stay well and embrace the grandeur of your space. All will be well with God.

  85. 8.19.20
    Sue said:

    Change is hard, it’s change. How we accept it is how we move on and we have to move on. You are not alone. Change is hard and also exciting all at the same time. Take your time and feel all the feels…😘

  86. 8.19.20
    Deb said:

    I was a military ‘brat’ (child of a military person), and joined the military right out of high school. I was used to only living somewhere for 3 years, sometimes only one (I went to first grade in 3 different schools, different towns and countries! ). Currently I have lived in this home for 12 years, the longest I have lived anywhere my whole 63 years. Through all that, all the moves I remember were hard. I was sad for the friends and familiar places we were leaving but at the same time excited for what lay ahead. Being pulled by both those emotions can be draining but in the end the new life and adventure always won out. Congratulations on your new home, embrace the new and remember the old with all the love it generated.

  87. 8.19.20
    Sarah said:

    Hang in there, Sarah! I’m praying for you! It can be such a whirlwind of emotions. You are not alone in these feelings. We’ve moved so much and I think I had all different emotions for every single move.

  88. 8.19.20
    Laura Bryant said:

    New to your journey but have loved following! Change is SO hard for me I cry at the simplest things like this week as my 2 and 3.5 year old transition to a new classroom and teacher at school. I mean meltdown for me! So thank you for sharing your honest heart!

  89. 8.19.20
    Sheilah Perry-Rosales said:

    You want change? Come to Cedar Rapids Iowa and experience our whole cities change. Derecho really has made all of us change our ways of thinking and feeling.I was one of the lucky ones I only had minor damage my neighbor lost his house 200 yr old oak tree went though the middle of it.

  90. 8.19.20
    Brittany said:

    Jeremiah 29:11 has always been my favorite verse. I find great comfort in those words of truth! I was thinking about the reality of my parents moving one day (from the home I grew up in and I was feeling rather sad)and it hit me that “home” is not here, on earth…this is not our eternal home, but our home is WHO we are with, not so much as where we live. So anyway, it comforted me remembering those things. I hope it comforts you as well as you embark on this new journey in your new “earthly” home;) Blessings!

  91. 8.20.20
    Linda said:

    Sarah is there a link for the stamped books you posted awhile back? I want to make my own.

  92. 8.20.20
    Heather said:

    I can relate to this and understand what you are feeling. Although I’m not moving, but always say I would LOVE a new house, I can totally relate. I have a lot of emotional memories in our home, and I know I would for sure cry a bunch!! I love that you share your faith and teach others to follow God and trust in his plan. I always feel he lets us know we’re on the right path! Much love! ❤️

  93. 8.20.20
    Heather J. said:

    I can relate to this and understand what you are feeling. Although I’m not moving, but always say I would LOVE a new house, I can totally relate. I have a lot of emotional memories in our home, and I know I would for sure cry a bunch!! I love that you share your faith and teach others to follow God and trust in his plan. I always feel he lets us know we’re on the right path! Much love! ❤️

  94. 8.20.20
    Fran said:

    We also are building out in the country which we left 13 years ago and starting over at 64 and 72 😳 but we are building next to our daughter! I feel God has lead us all to our next chapter in life and I just leave the new build, selling our homes and back living in the country to him! 😊 I know what your going through because we left a home that I raised my girls in the country to the city after they grew up and moved out and it was hard and very sad! I had days that I was excited and I had days that I thought what have we done but just make it a new home to raise your kids since they are still young! Enjoy!😊

  95. 8.20.20
    Kari said:

    Thank you so much. I so needed to hear this from someone experiencing it! I’m in moving mode, leaving a home I love for a new community away from all I know. And everyone keeps saying how excited I must be, but I feel so much loss. Thanks so much for helping me feel that what I’m feeling is normal too!

  96. 8.20.20
    Sue Dunn said:

    I’m glad you DID write this post straight from your heart. I agree with all your thoughts…and how wonderful to know God is with us every step–to bring comfort along with the excitement of new adventures! 🙂

  97. 8.20.20
    Sandy Mccrea said:

    That is my favorite Bible verse. Whenever I am dealing with stress I pray that verse. It gives me comfort. Just know that God is guiding you n the feelings you are experiencing are normal. Change is hard but when all is said n done just remember that God is guiding you. Wishing you many blessings
    You are special

  98. 8.20.20
    Tanya said:

    Amen! God has a plan for your sweet family. Take time to morn and then celebrate the new. God only expects you to be human!

  99. 8.20.20

    I can totally relate. When we moved from our home of 12 years to our home now, it was a very stressful time for me. It took alot of adjusting and getting used to on my part. Over 5 years later, I love it, but I sure hope we never have to move again! You will LOVE THE COUNTRY… wide open spaces.

  100. 8.22.20
    Sharon Neighoff said:

    Thanks for sharing Sarah! I am going through major changes at work, and feel the same way. It’s scary, but hopefully in the end will be worthwhile. Thanks also for the quote at the end. That Bible verse sums it up perfectly. Best of luck to you and your family and keep smiling 🙂

  101. 8.22.20
    Tracie Jones said:

    I accepted Christ with hearing Jeremiah 29:11 spoken over me in October 2001. The big change in my life this year has been becoming engaged and our planning a fall wedding. It is going to be small and low fuss. I am very happy, but it is a big change. 🙂 I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, too. 🙂 Loving him doesn’t mean I am not nervous. God IS in control. That is the truth.

  102. 8.26.20
    Valerie said:

    This post speaks volumes and I’m so grateful that you were willing to share! Your new home is/ will be just as lovely as your last home 🤍

  103. 8.30.20
    Celeste said:

    7 years ago I felt this way. Leaving a home and community I had been happy in for 11 years, started my family etc., to start a new chapter on our farm. Big change but best thing we ever did. We love our life here and can’t imagine raising my kids anywhere else! It’s where we are meant to be. You and your family will love this new lifestyle 🙂 thank you for sharing your journey!

  104. 2.12.21
    Ann said:

    We moved in August and although we didn’t move far, we moved from a home that we were in for 22 years. I still have not adjusted and my heart aches some days for the old “home”. The new one just isn’t quite right yet.