Vintage Hotel Mailbox & Updated Front Room

Have you ever put one new piece into a room and then that little item prompted you to rearrange the entire room like a crazy person? This happened to me last week. And if I’m being honest, it happens a lot. I’m a chronic rearrange-er of things, but you know this by now. And we’re still friends, right? Right. Well today I’m sharing a few changes to our front room and the little treasure that started it all: a vintage hotel mailbox. I actually got this last year from my parents. They stumbled on it at an antique shop and being the good parents they are, they scooped it up for me. The shop owner told them a bit of history about it—apparently this mailbox had been in a hotel in Lamar, Colorado for years and years. Pretty cool if you ask me. I used it to decorate for Christmas last year, but haven’t had it out since then. I recently found it in storage and felt like a fool for keeping it tucked away. So here she is along with a few other changes I made in this room.

Vintage Farmhouse Home

Vintage Hotel Mailbox Farmhouse Style Decor

Vintage Mailbox Farmhouse Decor
Vintage Mailbox Farmhouse Decor

Vintage Hotel Mailbox Farmhouse Decor

Vintage Mailbox Farmhouse Decor

Isn’t it cute?! I wasn’t sure if I’d like the pop of green in this room, but I actually really love it. I cleaned it up the best I could and left it alone for the most part. Thankfully there were two perfectly placed holes in the back that made it easy to hang.

Vintage Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Decor and Vintage Pitcher

Vintage Farmhouse Decor Old Trunk

I took my old door out of the corner and moved the tallboy dresser into its spot. Plus I slid the crib back against the wall, which makes this room feel sooo much bigger.

Vintage Farmhouse Style Old Crib Turned Couch

I also changed out my old curtains for these snazzy drop cloth curtains. This rod is HUGE, so I couldn’t find any rings large enough to work. I had to get a little creative when it came to hanging them up, but I made it work with some twine and I love this warmth it adds to this room. If you don’t know what drop cloth curtains are, check out this post and review. I’ll give you the cliffnotes: they’re super cheap and easy!

Farmhouse Decor Old Books in Milk Crate

Vintage Farmhouse Decor Old Trunk and Vintage Crib

Farmhouse Decor and Vintage Scale

Vintage Mailbox Farmhouse Decor

I love the setup so much better in this room–I always say that after rearranging things. But I think it’s true–each room is always improving little by little. This space in particular is home to many of my favorite vintage goodies–the crib, my Granny’s old trunk, and now the mailbox. And this is the perfect spot for them because we don’t spend much time in here. My chickadees would much rather play in the living room or basement, so it’s a great spot for me to decorate to my heart’s content. And that’s a-ok with me. Let me know what you think of my cute little green mailbox, I always love hearing from you in the comments. Thanks so much for stopping by today, I really do appreciate it! xoxo

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  1. Gayle McLawhorn wrote:

    Very, very cute, Sarah! I love the mailbox and I agree, the green looks great for a pop of color. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 9.1.16 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      I agree Gayle! I think it’s the perfect addition to this room. Thanks for stopping by!

      Posted 9.1.16 Reply
  2. Linda wrote:

    I love the green mailbox. Too cute.

    Posted 9.1.16 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thanks so much Linda!

      Posted 9.1.16 Reply
  3. Jonita wrote:

    Love the green mail box,

    Posted 9.1.16 Reply
  4. Helen wrote:

    I love the mail box. You could store all kinds of decorative pieces in it…bundles of candles tied with string, little jugs, cups and sauces, the possibilities are endless!????X

    Posted 9.1.16 Reply
  5. Mary wrote:

    Very cute! Are you planning to display anything in some of the nooks? Little pumpkins would be cute this time of year 🙂 The green looks great in your room too!

    Posted 9.1.16 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      I definitely will, pumpkins is a great idea Mary!

      Posted 9.1.16 Reply
  6. Marijean Jenson wrote:

    I love everything about this room. The mailbox is the frosting on the cake !

    Posted 9.1.16 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Yay, I’ glad you like it. Thank you so much!

      Posted 9.1.16 Reply
  7. Patty wrote:

    Sarah, I am SO in love with your farmhouse look! OMGosh! I would love to get some of this look in my house someway. What color of white do you use and do you always use chalk paint on your furniture? What about your lamps and small things…do you use spray paint ever? I’m dying here! My husband is very reserved and doesn’t like change so have to do this very slooowly. ????

    Posted 9.1.16 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thanks Patty! I use Behr Pure White on a lot of my stuff as well as Annie Sloan Old White. I don’t always use chalk paint, but it’s what I reach for the most. And I have used spray paint on many projects, it’s a great time saver if you’re working on something small. I’d say start with a small piece and see how you like the transformation. But be careful, you might get addicted! 🙂

      Posted 9.2.16 Reply
  8. Tori Clark wrote:

    Hi Sarah…love this room and the review of the spray chalk paint. I was wondering where you found the buffalo plaid pillow? If you made them do they have zippers?



    Posted 2.15.17 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thanks Tori, I actually got those pillows from Target! They come in a pack of two.

      Posted 2.16.17 Reply
  9. danielle lawson wrote:

    I love everything about this room! The bed, the mailbox, the antique trunk, the shiplap walls, the distressed and chippy all came together beautifully! Wonderful job.

    Posted 1.5.18 Reply
  10. Terry wrote:

    Sarah,I enjoy your blog so so much.I always get lots of ideas from you.I am now doing a small project using old dresser drawers and making them into shelves for my living room. Keep your good ideas coming.By the way I love your green mail box.Tooty toot.Terry

    Posted 2.7.19 Reply

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