Farmhouse Bedroom Updates

So I read some where the other day that if you wake up and make yourself smile for the first five minutes of your day that it basically forces you to be in a good mood. Apparently the physical act of smiling sends off some kind of good feeling chemicals in your brain and it actually does improve your mood. Something like that anyway. I’m so scientific, huh? Anyway it’s a good habit to get into so I’ve been doing my morning smiles and I gotta say–it does work. And it’s especially powerful if you immediately follow up that five minutes of smiling with a delicious cup of hot coffee. And maybe even a donut or pastry of some kind. It’s the perfect combination for a happy mood. You should try it sometime. You know what else makes me happy?! All the fun farmhouse bedroom updates I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. I’ve added a pair of new lamps, new decor over the bed, and a new rug that I LOVE. There’s still more I want to do, like replace the old fan with a purdy farmhouse light, but it’s coming along bit by bit and I’m excited to show you the changes today. So put your smiles on and let’s dooooooo it.

Farmhouse Bedroom Updates Farmhouse Bedroom Updates Farmhouse Bedroom Updates

This bench was a birthday gift from my in laws last year. They actually made it from an old bed frame they found. Aren’t they nice?! We’ve had this in our basement for a while but I think it works so much better here at the foot of the bed. And I’m digging the natural wood so I didn’t paint it white. I repeat, I DIDN’T PAINT IT WHITE. Let the record show that I don’t always paint everything white.

Farmhouse Bedroom Updates Farmhouse Bedroom Updates Farmhouse Bedroom Updates

I adore these black frames and I’ve bought several of them now. They’re super affordable and I love how they have such a vintage vibe. I’ve been loving the black and white combo lately and they work perfectly in this old door frame.

Farmhouse Bedroom Updates

I told you guys a few weeks ago that I ordered this rug for our bedroom and I am absolutely smitten with it. Seriously, I love this rug so much I wish I had three more of them. It always amazes me how an area rug can totally transform a space and just pull everything together. This room is so much more cozy now.

Farmhouse Bedroom Updates Farmhouse Bedroom Updates Farmhouse Bedroom Updates

I wanted to buy new nightstands that have more storage, but since that isn’t in the budget right now I decided to get these large baskets and use them to store all our extra stuff. These work really well and it looks so much better than having all our books and random junk stacked in the middle of the nightstand. I also got new lamps from Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago when they were half price. This is the second set of lamps I’ve purchased there and I really love them. The quality is great and they’re always so affordable.

Farmhouse Bedroom Updates Farmhouse Bedroom Updates Farmhouse Bedroom Updates

Even though I still want to replace that old ceiling fan and update the headboard, I’m pretty happy with how our bedroom is looking with the few changes I’ve made over the past couple weeks. I know down the road when the budget allows I can spruce things up a bit more and I’ll be sure to share when it happens!

Well thanks for dropping in today and spending some time with me here on the blog. Now go have a fabulous week and make sure to get your five minutes of smiling in. And maybe that donut we talked about.

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  1. 2.5.18
    Sheila Sanchez said:

    I am in love with your rug. I bought one very similar to that for my living room awhile back to brighten up the space. I don’t think I could ever go back to any other style of rug. I’m also surprised how clean I can keep it with living in the country with four kiddos. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I may need to pick up some scotch guard for carpets eventually!

    Your room looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2.5.18
    Jacqueline Meddings said:

    Lovely, what is that in the frames? Just being nosey x

    • 2.5.18
      Vicki said:

      I believe it is art that comes in the frames when you buy them. If you click to go to Target website, you can see them there. It can be replaced with your own art or photos.

  3. 2.5.18
    Tammy said:

    First off, LOVE your style! I’ve been following your IG for about a year now. You remind me of myself. Just had our 3rd baby girl last March and we are currently renovating our 80’s home to farmhouse.
    Jus curious, what ceiling fan would you put in your bedroom if you could choose one now? I’ve got about 2 more weeks to make that decision and I’m stuck! (FYI: oil rubbed bronze hardware throughout and walnut-y dark/light mix handscraped wood floors)
    Keep up the awesome, inspirational posts! Thank you!!!

  4. 2.5.18
    Mother Henn said:

    I actually love your nightstands….can you share where they are from?

  5. 2.5.18
    Sara said:

    Your frames lake super great! I always hesitate to hang pretty things on our shiplap. My worry is making the holes in the board. What if it doesn’t look right?

  6. 2.5.18
    Loretta DeSpain said:

    This room looks so bright and airy how could you not wake up and smile! I’m really hoping to tackle our bedroom this year. My walls are currently wine red 🀒 I’ve always hated it but the previous owner had a much different sense of style. I asked my husband to paint it for me as a birthday gift this year and I was thinking of light French gray or BM gray owl. Fingers crossed it gets done. And I absolutely love that rug. I’m thinking of ordering it for my living room. Do you think it will hold up to 3 boys and a dog 😬

  7. 2.5.18
    Tammy Ganci said:

    That Bench!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

    Enjoy a blessed day with your family,
    Love your blog friend,

  8. 2.5.18
    Chels said:

    First of all – YOU HAVE the best parents and in-laws! I love that they are always finding and giving you treasures, but even more that they aren’t just handing you junk. They know your style and I think that is so cool! It really speaks to the relationship you have with them, which I can you tell you is very important!
    Second- your room is beautiful! I love the frame over the bed and the bench looks amazing!!!! Seriously, I don’t know if I would ever leave my room if it looked like that! πŸ™‚

  9. 2.5.18
    Dianne Gingrich said:

    Beautiful and cozy.

  10. 2.5.18
    Mary said:

    Love everything! I ordered the bedspread after you got it and included it in a post. Love it! It is wearing well and still looks great πŸ™‚

  11. 2.5.18
    Kristi said:

    Eeeeekkk Sarah this is so amazing. You rock girl!

  12. 2.5.18
    Kellie said:

    It looks amazing, Sarah! So fresh and bright, yet cozy all at the same time. I love the frames and the bench and the rug the most!!

    • 2.7.18
      Sarah said:

      thanks Kellie! Aren’t those frames cool!? They’re from the last Heart and Hand launch. I’m obsessed with them!

  13. 2.5.18
    Dina said:

    Looks great!!!! When is the BIG reveal on the paint job in your living room???

  14. 2.6.18
    Doreen said:

    Love the transformed bedroom. The rug and bench look wonderful. I am going to try your AM tip. Smile and coffee works for me st 5am. Have a fabulous day. 😘

    • 2.7.18
      Sarah said:

      Yesssss Doreen, smiles and coffee can cure any bad mood. Or at least make a good start at it!

  15. 2.6.18

    Love everything about this room. How bright it is, how cozy it is, how farmhousy it is. Better than any hotel!

    • 2.7.18
      Sarah said:

      Aw thanks Cindy. It definitely feels like a little sanctuary!

  16. 2.6.18
    Beth Evans said:

    It makes me feel peaceful just looking at your bedroom! QUICK QUESTION – Is your bedding the sand color? It looks whiter than what is online so I wanted to ask before ordering. Thank you!!

    • 2.6.18
      Sarah said:

      Yep, it’s the sand color!

      • 2.7.18
        Beth Evans said:

        Thank you!

  17. 2.6.18
    j said:

    love love love!!!! where did you find your night stands? I’m actually looking for something like those for my sunroom..

    • 2.7.18
      Sarah said:

      Those are just old ones from Craigslist that I painted!

  18. 2.7.18
    Dawn McDaniels said:

    I always get accused of painting everything white :). I changed my living room rug from jute to something similar like yours. Made a huge difference. Your room looks very calming. Nice job.

  19. 2.7.18
    Blanca said:

    Love the bench! Where did you get the the wooden tray on your bed? I love it! Thanks for sharing

    • 2.7.18
      Sarah said:

      Hi there! I got that from a local boutique actually. But it would be super easy to DIY.

      • 2.7.18
        Blanca said:

        Thank you

  20. 2.7.18
    Teresa said:

    Oh, I just love what you have done here Sarah , its just beautiful. I purchased a rug right before Christmas similar in colour but haven’t got to use it due to renovation going on . Looking at this post today has lit a little flame underneath me to get me moving again.
    Im finding it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel on this house, and then you come along an inspire us thanks for all your posts, you continue to inspire time after time.. Beautiful

  21. 2.12.18
    Sharon J said:

    I love this room. I have my old twin 4 poster that my girls used also growing up. If my granddaughter doesn’t use it I want to make it a bench like this one. But it is white so I will just leave it white. Where did you find the cushion for it may I ask? It looks great and so comfortable. Great job with the room. My hubby won’t let me do the white thing much around the house and we do live in a 100 yr old farmhouse! I am going to do the guest room though πŸ˜‰

  22. 6.20.18
    Alice Prince said:

    Can you share the wall colors? Is the shiplap a different color than the rest of the room? Working on s similar look for my guest room.