Updated Entryway: The Prettiest Chandelier

Eeeek!!! I can’t even contain my excitement for today’s post. We have a new chandelier in our entryway! And I don’t just mean any chandelier, this baby is the chandelier of all chandeliers. Well technically, I think this is called a foyer pendant, but either way it is ammmmmmazing. We put it up last weekend and ever since I’ve just been standing in our front room, staring at it and drooling. You know, like any normal person does when they get a new fancy light. I’ve wanted to change out our old one for sooooo long now and it’s finally happened. Just look at all the pretty!

The Prettiest Farmhouse Chandelier

The Prettiest Farmhouse Chandelier

Let’s just stop and admire the beauty for a hot minute. Seriously, this is so darn gorgeous I can’t get over it. I’ve never had anything like this chandelier before. I mean, the light I have in our dining room was a craigslist find that I chalk painted. And the pendant in our breakfast nook is something I found at an auction for $5 and made into a light. So having a beauty like this feels like a dream.

The Prettiest Farmhouse Chandelier

The Prettiest Farmhouse Chandelier

The Prettiest Farmhouse Chandelier

I’ve wanted a wood chandelier like this for so long. I just love the curves and details, and you know I’m crazy about that distressed look. I think it blends in really well with the rest of our home. The light we had in this spot before was dark and super old, so I’m loving the way this brightens up the entire foyer area. It always amazes me how one change can make such a huge impact.

The Prettiest Farmhouse Chandelier

The Prettiest Farmhouse Chandelier

The Prettiest Farmhouse Chandelier

I once heard that the first room, or the entry, of your home should set the tone for the rest of the house. It’s a special space that welcomes people as they come in and it gives them a little insight into who you are. I feel like having a piece like this hanging in our entryway is a beacon for my style and what I love. It just makes my heart happy.

The Prettiest Farmhouse Chandelier

The Prettiest Farmhouse Chandelier

Every time I walk in our front door I just smile because this view makes me soooo giddy. Little by little, we are turning this 1980s fixer upper into our dream home and it’s just so fun to see my vision for this place come to life. Ok, so I know you’re probably dying to know where you can find this beauty. This is the White Distressed Moroccan Pendant from Boxwood and Barndoors, which is a super cute local shop full of farmhouse goodness and home decor. It’s actually where I found the antique dresser in our front room. The owner Sarah just launched a brand new website, so this is available to order online. Yaaaaaaay!

Well that’s all for me today my friends. I better get back to staring at my new chandelier. Ha, I’m kidding. Kinda. And by the way, I’ll be blogging that gallery wall on the staircase soon. I’ve been putting it together over the past few weeks and it’s almost done. Be sure to let me know what you think of my updated entryway! I always love chatting with you fabulous people. xoxo

Sarah here! Nice to meet you. I’m a mama to three, wife to my high school sweetheart and accidental blogger. We recently moved to our little homestead on ten acres and we're loving the small town life in Colorado. I hope this space can inspire you to create a home you love and enjoy the simple moments the most.


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  1. 10.2.16
    Tracey Tobin said:

    It’s gorgeous!!!! It looks beautiful! Just wish I could afford it!! Maybe there is something similar and cheaper out there in the universe 🙂 For now, I will vicariously live through yours 🙂 Enjoy it!!!!

    • 10.2.16
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Tracey! It’s definitely an investment, but maybe you can add it to your Christmas list?! 😉

  2. 10.2.16
    Vanda King-Loder said:

    It’s beautiful! I’d feel same way as you.

    • 10.2.16
      Sarah said:

      Thanks so much!

  3. 10.2.16
    Chrissy said:

    Ohhhhh! That’s gorgeous !

  4. 10.2.16
    Kim said:

    Absolutely beautiful. I can see why you sound and drool!!! ????

    • 10.2.16
      Sarah said:

      Ha! Thanks Kim!

  5. 10.2.16
    Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said:

    Gorgeous, love your entry and that chandy is so pretty

    • 10.2.16
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much!

  6. 10.2.16
    Jonita said:

    Love it, so happy for you.

  7. 10.2.16
    Nancy said:

    Love, Love, Love the warm Welcome one feels with the entry to your home!

    Awesome Sarah!!!

  8. 10.3.16

    Looks beautiful in your entry way!

  9. 10.3.16
    Allison said:

    Love it!! Absolutely beautiful!

    • 10.3.16
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Allison!

  10. 10.3.16
    Doreen Sulfaro said:

    Absolutely love the chandelier and the wall behind it. Looks wonderful!!! Very homey and warm entry.

  11. 10.4.16
    Nancy Kaptis said:

    Sarah, as I look at your entry way, I’m thinking to myself….I wonder if I could pay Her to come decorate my house. Your house looks so homey and loved. It’s not what you have, it’s what you made with what you have. Like your new light!

    • 10.5.16
      Sarah said:

      HA! I’d love to Nancy, I’ll be right over! And thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it 🙂

  12. 10.7.16

    Haha, disregard my comment I left on your gallery wall post asking about this fabulous light. Seriously still drooling. Thanks for sharing. I love it.

    • 10.8.16
      Sarah said:

      Isn’t it pretty?! Totally a game-changer for our entryway.

  13. 7.24.17
    LeAndra Martin said:

    Where did you find this light? I absolutely love it!

    • 11.16.18
      Elizabeth said:

      I wondered the same thing. I saw the blog mentioned something Boxwood and Barndoors but unfortunately the links don’t work any longer. Bummer. We are remodeling our entire home after a house fire this year and I thought this pendant would be beautiful in our entryway!

      • 11.18.18
        Sarah said:

        I’m sorry it’s not available any longer!