Summer Favorites–What I Read, Wore + Loved

Let’s chat about some summer favorites, shall we?! I have lots of things I’ve loved this summer, including things I wore, read, new habits I formed, and just random things I enjoyed.


I actually got in a bit of a reading kick this summer. I’ve read several good books over the last two months, most of which are faith based (my favorite thing to read about these days).

Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table--this book was so powerful and such a good reminder of how the enemy wants to get into all of our thoughts and wreck havoc on how we think. This is the kind of book I want to read every few months to keep things fresh in my mind. I got SO much out of it. Highly, highly recommend!

The Spirit Filled Life by Charles Stanley–I wasn’t sure I’d get a lot out of this book, but it was amazing. It taught me so much about the Holy Spirit and I think it’s a fabulous read if you’re looking to grow in your faith. I love Charles Stanley books so much.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry: This was the only fiction I read of the summer and it was a cute read!

Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow: This book is great if you’re prone to worry, over-think all the things, or deal with anxiety. I loved it and learned a lot about how to let God carry our worries and fears.

Safe All Along by Katie Davis Majors: I was really excited to read this book because I’m a big fan of Katie Davis, she’s been an inspiration to me for years. And her new book does not disappoint. It’s an easy read and she opens shares her struggles with trusting God and truly knowing that we are safe with Him.

Next on my list: M is for Mama by Abbie Halberstadt


Short Overalls: I wore these overalls on repeat all summer long. I just love them so much! They’re comfortable, cute, and these feel more stylish than a tank and normal shorts. I have size small. Definitely a favorite this month!

Black Shorts: If I wasn’t wearing overalls, I was wearing these black shorts. They’re only $13 and so comfy. I got my normal size.

Tank Top: I have this tank in so many colors and wore them all summer long.

It Cosmetics Nude Glow CC Cream: My favorite foundation of the summer.

Sling Bag: I carried this sling bag all summer. It’s from Amazon and the brown is sold out, but it does come in black.

H20 Lip Gloss: I love love love this gloss in the shade villa, it’s the perfect soft pink color. SARAHJOY15 saves 15% on Tarte.


Memorizing Scripture: This summer has been a huge spiritual journey for me. God has taught me a lot and walked with me through a lot of personal things. I really want to have more verses memorized and rooted in my heart, so I started writing verses on little notecards and carrying them around with me in my pocket or in the pocket the back of my phone cover. I take them out and read them several times through the day.

Journaling: I’ve spent more time journaling this summer, jotting down things God is teaching me, things I hear Him say to me, and just writing down how I’m feeling. It’s been really therapeutic.

Reading instead of looking at my phone: This is a habit I picked up during my social media break and I’m trying to keep it up. I carry a book with me everywhere now and whenever I’m waiting on something I pull it out and read instead of looking at my phone. Also trying to do this more throughout the day at home when I have a few minutes to relax or in the evenings.


This song: Oh how I love this song. I downloaded it on my phone and I listen to it a few times a day. Ain’t nobody love me like Jesus!

This blog: I re-discovered this blog over the summer and it’s been a fun treat because it’s loaded with so many good things. It’s definitely inspired me to cook more meals at home. I also really enjoy her podcast too

Stanley Tumbler: I know these are insanely popular right now, but I really do love mine and carry it with me everywhere we go. Every time I leave the house I have this tumbler with me. I like the 40oz and I have it in several colors!

Glycine: When I got my genetics tested earlier this year I worked with a doctor to go over the results. He suggested lots of different supplements, some of which I tried and some I didn’t. But one I tried and really liked was glycine. It’s an amino acid and benefits so many things from collagen, to sleep, and anxiety and more. I do one teaspoon in water every night.

Artichokes: This is totally random, but we have had steamed artichoke almost every week this summer. We figured out that we can steam them in our Ninja Foodi in only 15 minutes and they come out perfect! We dip the leaves in melted butter and lemon with a pinch of salt. Delicious!

Essential Oils: I’ve just recently gotten back into essential oils and I’ve been really enjoying it! I was a on a major kick a few years ago and then somehow lost most of my oils when we moved in 2020. Anyway, I’ve been diffusing things like Stress Away, Peace and Calming, and Frankincense lately. Love them!

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