Simple Ways to Decorate with Spindles

One of my favorite things to decorate with is old spindles. I’m sure you’ve probably noticed them in many of my photos. They’re just so darn versatile and easy to use. Sure, you can repurpose them for a million different things–Pinterest is overflowing with ideas–but I just love a spindle for what it is, with no bells and whistles, you know? I was actually browsing through my old photos the other day and found that I have used the exact same spindles in a ton of different ways over the past few months. (Remember that time we found a bunch of old porch railings at an auction? Spindle heaven!) So today I have compiled several of my favorite looks and a few new ones to show just how simple, and awesome, it can be to decorate with spindles.

Simple Ways to Decorate with Old Spindles

Spindles On the Wall

Spindles Hanging on wall over Reading Nook
Spindles Hanging on Wall over Reading Nook

Hanging a few spindles on the wall is a great way to add texture and character to any space. I really like how these two little spindles draw your eye up and bring so much more attention to the reading nook. It only took me about 5 minutes to get these babies on the wall. I just used longer nails so the spindles would have something to sit on. Done! This would also be a great option if you’re putting together a gallery wall or looking to bring more attention and interest to a specific area.

Spindles on wall over Reading Nook

Spindles over Reading Nook

Spindles In a Basket

Spindles in vintage metal milk crate

Throw a little bundle of spindles together, tie them with burlap or something purdy, then simply lay the bundle in a milk crate, wire basket, or even an old wooden crate.

Decorating with Vintage Spindles

Decorating with Vintage Spindles

Spindles in wooden crate farmhouse decor

Farmhouse Decor Spindles

Spindles in a Vignette

Spindles in farmhouse style vignette

Spindles in farmhouse style vignette

For this look I just took one of my longer spindles, chopped it in half, and laid the two halves over each other. Super easy and great for working in a smaller space. And they add so much character to this whole look. That chippy white paint is definitely making a statement.

Spindles in farmhouse style vignette

Spindles in Farmhouse style Vignette

Old Window Farmhouse Decor Spindles

Simple Vintage Centerpiece Spindles

Simple Vintage Centerpiece with spindles

I shared this vintage hat box centerpiece a few months back. I can still remember playing around with this setup for a while, a bit frustrated and stumped, before I remembered that spindles make everything better. Well, spindles and ice cream. And coffee. But that’s obvious. Anyway, once I laid this little guy down in front of the boxes I felt like the look was complete.
Simple Vintage Centerpiece with Spindles

I also used spindles in my vintage toolbox centerpiece a few months ago in this post.

Decorating with Vintage Spindles

Decorating with Vintage Spindles

Spindles on the Mantel

Summertime Mantel Vintage Style with spindles

If I had to pick a favorite way to use spindles, this would be it my friends. Putting them on the mantel is an easy win. A slam dunk. Hole in one. Touchdown. You get the idea. Spindles on the mantel will never fail you. They effortlessly create symmetry and balance, which you sometimes want for a look like this. The larger ones you see in all my mantel looks below were actually a free find. I found 4 total, painted them all white, distressed a bit, then cut them in half. As you can tell they’ve been on my mantel a lot!

Spindles on Mantel

Farmhouse Mantel with Spindles

Farmhouse Mantel with Spindles

Decorating with Spindles on the Mantel

So there’s a bunch of simple and easy ways you can use spindles in your home. I’ve used mine over and over and over again. But I doubt I’ve even began to cover all the possibilities with spindles–it’s really all up to your creativity. And take my advice now: if you ever see spindles at a yard sale, thrift store, or even on the side of the road, you stop your car and pull over immediately. I promise, you will use them for many years to come! Thanks so much for stopping by friends. Let me know if you have any questions and as always feel free to track me down on over in the lovely world of Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram.

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    Pam said:

    Love all there at ideas with spindles!! Beautiful home????

  2. 10.4.17
    Candy said:

    Love the golden yellow paint color on the walls! Could you share the color name/brand?

    • 10.4.17
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Candy, it’s call Autumn Blonde by Sherwin Williams.

      • 3.22.22
        Diann said:

        I love the way you decorate. And loved all the ways you used the spindles. And all the chippy paint Love..