Simple Hack to Use a Basket as a Vase

One of my favorite little decor hacks is to use a basket as a vase. I’ve been doing it for years now and it’s really so easy–you just need to find a glass vase or canister that is a similar size to your basket. I can usually find super cheap options in the Target dollar spot!

Both of these glass vases are sightly smaller than the baskets I’m using, which is ideal. You want it just short enough so you don’t see it over the basket! Then fill with flowers and place inside the basket.

Ta-da! Easy peasy. And it’s such a simple way to get a cozy look compared to just the glass vase. Short basket linked here.

These baskets are actually the perfect shape for a bouquet of flowers. And I love the little tassels.

Give this little trick a try next time you buy some fresh flowers. This also works with faux greenery too!

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