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Our Plaid Carpet in the Bedrooms

When we bought this house we knew the carpet in all the bedrooms would need replaced. It was in fairly rough shape and we knew the best time to get the floor done would be before moving in all our furniture. We debated wood floor vs carpet, but ultimately we decided on carpet, which honestly felt a bit of risky since we were used to the ease of wood floor in our bedrooms at the previous house.

The main reason I wanted to do carpet in the bedrooms this time around was primarily due to the comfort and coziness of carpet. We’ve had wood floor in bedrooms before, which was amazing because of how easy it is to clean. But even with a cozy area rug, those rooms still felt a little cold. Obviously this is a personal choice, but I’m really glad we went with carpet this time around. The kids LOVE it!

When we looked at all the carpet options, I was immediately drawn to this one because of the plaid design. I’ve never seen carpet this pretty before and I knew it was the one! Matt wasn’t so sure at first because he thought the plaid design might look too “busy”, but thankfully I won out on this one. And now he loves it too!

I really love the texture with this carpet and the mix of soft cream and that light tan. I really didn’t want anything with a cool tone, so this color was perfect.


Suffolk 8910
Color is called Ellis

We purchased this through a local carpet company, but it looks like this carpet is widely available. I’ve had lots of question about it over on Instagram, so hopefully this helps if you’re looking to replace any carpet in your home!

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The Comments

  • Whitney
    April 8, 2024

    I like the carpet! I like having carpet in our bedrooms too! Is this carpet soft or does it have a more “rough” texture?

  • Lynne Martino
    April 8, 2024

    Congratulations on your new home in Colorado. It is a beautiful state and your home looks lovely!!! Much happiness being wished for you!!!! I love your blog and interior designs.

  • Candy
    April 8, 2024

    Hi Sarah
    I love the carpet, looks so beautiful. I also love your new home!
    All the best and lots of love and happiness there.
    Love Candy