New Dining Room Space!

I have start off this post by saying a huge THANK YOU to all of you that left kind and encouraging comments on my last post. I seriously love this community so much and I’m so grateful to have your kindness and encouragement on a daily basis. I have read every comment and it was so uplifting to see how so many of you have felt the same way after moving. I know I’m not alone in feeling that way and hearing your stories really encouraged me! I’m happy to report I did have a bit of a breakthrough moment this weekend when I decided to move our dining table into the room I was trying to use a little sitting space. Putting that table in there was like a breath of fresh air and it definitely started a change in my heart. Here’s how it looks now:

Isn’t she so pretty there?! It was a shame to keep this amazing table in storage. What the heck was I thinking?! This room was originally intended to be a dining room and that’ what she needs to be. I love this SO much more than the sitting area I was trying to make work here–that just wasn’t jiving. This is exactly where that table belongs! It looks so good with our cascade chandelier.

(I always get questions about these dining chairs and I just found them online HERE.)

I also decided to move my sofa table in here and style it with this mirror and olive trees. I love this here! It’s a bit taller than the other table I had in this spot and it fits the space perfectly.

It’s crazy how much different I feel about things after getting this space put together in a way that I love. It really was a breakthrough moment for me and even though it may seem like a simple thing, it did give me a sense of home. I feel so much hope that we can turn this place into something we will love for many years to come!!

We’re doing shiplap in this room starting on Wednesday, so I can’t wait to share how it looks in just a few days! xo

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 9.28.20
    Anita said:

    Your new home looks so inviting. You do a great job decorating. Enjoy your home.

  2. 9.28.20
    Angela Servello said:

    Hi sweet Sarah, Much, Much better. I have to admit I wasn’t loving the sitting room set up, just seemed like a waste of good space. This is definitely a dining room. Beautiful, just beautiful. I knew you would get there. Everything takes time. Love and hugs, Angela 💕

  3. 9.28.20
    Mallorie Malenke said:

    Love this look! It really helps fill the space and gives it function! And that table is GORGEOUS!

    • 9.28.20
      Dawn said:

      Totally changes that whole space!! Love it!! That table is gorgeous and way to awesome to hide away😊 Great job Sarah!!

  4. 9.28.20
    Kathy said:

    Hi Sarah, Love this look! The cascade light and that table are gorgeous. 😍

    • 9.28.20
      Rae Lynn said:

      Absolutely beautiful! It will all fall into place , you have a beautiful home and a great eye for detail. No worries!

  5. 9.28.20
    Marty said:

    I love this space as a dining room. It looks amazing.

  6. 9.28.20
    Gail said:

    So so much better- I have always loved that table and so glad to see it back.

    • 9.28.20
      Barb said:

      It looks beautiful!! That table is so gorgeous, glad you got it out!! Your such an inspiration to everyone, we’re always cheering you on!! So glad it’s coming together for you.

  7. 9.28.20
    Elaine Robertson said:

    I loved the way you styled your dining room. Could you share the color and manufacturer of your flooring. That is my next acquisition; I need help! Don’t want to make a mistake.

  8. 9.28.20
    Deedra said:

    Oh that looks perfect there!! I was missing that table in your previous posts and I’m so glad you are using it again. So pretty!

  9. 9.28.20
    Vicki said:

    Looks beautiful, Sarah! I love the mix of light wood, black and gold, so classy! Our dining space is one of my favorite rooms in my house, it gets a lot of natural light like yours does. I think having family meals there will go a long way towards helping it feel even more like home! Glad you had a breakthrough, love seeing the spaces you are creating in your new home!

  10. 9.28.20
    Candy said:

    Hi Sarah
    OMG, I can’t tell you how much I love your dining room decor. The table is perfect and chairs.
    When you do your ship lap please let me know how to do that ok.

  11. 9.28.20

    I love what you have done. Looks beautiful.

  12. 9.28.20
    Dianne Gingrich said:

    Dining room perfection! I love it.

  13. 9.28.20
    Sherry said:

    Beautiful…Just beautiful. You are starting to feel your new home…This space now feels like you and its perfect!!!!

  14. 9.28.20
    Pam said:

    Love love love it!!!! So glade u decided to put that beautiful table in there. Think the ship lap will look amazing but not a big fan of the wallpaper.

    • 3.12.22
      Merideth Hill said:

      Can you tell me where you found your chair cushions?

  15. 9.28.20
    Juli said:

    Sarah… this is beautiful… just did this in my home too… think outside the box, switcheroo, follow the Sunshine comin’ through the windows.. and Voilà! Hahah LOVE IT!!!! 💕

  16. 9.28.20
    Gayle N said:

    Yesss!!! Love it Sarah!! This looks amazing in this spot!! I was wondering where that beautiful dining table was at??!!! So happy to hear there’s been a shift in your feelings about home! May God pour His wonderful blessings into your new home as you and your family make new memories and as you seek His guidance in it all!!

  17. 9.28.20
    Karen said:

    Such a beautiful home! You’ve done an amazing job! Enjoy ❤️

  18. 9.28.20
    Tracy said:

    Oh this is so pretty !! You never know what you might end up with working with your rooms, but it’s just wonderful when it’s just the right fit!

  19. 9.28.20
    Tammy Merritt said:

    This is stunning! So airy and inviting. I love it. Looking forward to seeing the shiplap installed.

  20. 9.28.20
    Krista Lewis said:

    I love it! I’m so glad you’re feeling more at home! Everything you have done so far is wonderful!!!

  21. 9.29.20

    Looks beautiful!!!!

    Love your post

    • 9.30.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you!

  22. 9.29.20
    Stacy said:

    This looks more Sarah and we love Sarah!

    • 9.30.20
      Sarah said:

      haha well thank you Stacy!! xo

  23. 9.29.20
    Sharon said:

    I looove the table here Sarah. It just looks like it belongs here! Love seeing your new house become a home😍

    • 9.30.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you Sharon!! It definitely seems to fit this room perfectly. I should have done this weeks ago!

  24. 9.29.20
    Carol said:

    Love your chairs, especially the contrast of them and your table.

  25. 9.29.20
    Carol said:

    Love your dinning chairs especially how the color of them contrast with the table.

    • 9.30.20
      Sarah said:

      yes!! Love that too.

  26. 9.29.20
    Donna J Ryan said:

    Love that you moved that table back into this beautiful new Home. All fits it perfectly. What happened to the chairs you had on your kitchen from old house??? I just loved them. Keep up the great work.

    • 9.30.20
      Sarah said:

      The black metals ones? I took those out of storage and they’re at the breakfast nook table now.

  27. 9.30.20
    Francisca Veiga lopes said:


  28. 9.30.20
    Peggy said:

    Beautiful dining room table. My husband asked the question just the other day, “what is your favorite room in the house?”. My reply was our dining room and expandable table. Our home is not nearly as large as yours, but making space, even if sometimes crowded, to gather around the table for fellowship, food, and making memories, is precious to me. Having our children grow up in a home that I really didn’t think would be our “forever” home has taught me contentment in small spaces. Because in all too short of time, there are empty bedrooms. But, each Sunday after church services, we all gather together around the table once again! Enjoy your new house that is becoming a home!!

  29. 10.1.20
    Alice said:

    Hi Sarah, thank you for sharing this amazing idea and work on the dining space and this looks amusing.
    Keep sharing more such work.

  30. 10.1.20
    Alicia Nagy said:

    Beautiful! Can you share where you found the tray on the dining room table?I love the brightness of all!

  31. 10.8.20
    Sheila Kennedy said:

    Sarah, you took my advise and I looooove it!!! So pretty! I was hoping that you’d give the dining room idea a chance. So glad things are coming together.