New Dining Chairs–Better in The Dining Room or Breakfast Nook?

I’m going through a bit of a dining chair dilemma over here. See, I sold my big wingback dining chairs and ordered some new black ones, thinking I’d put them in the breakfast nook. But once they arrived and I put all six of them together (talk about a time consuming endeavor!) I couldn’t decide where to put them. So I did what any good blogger does and I put a poll up over on IG stories. To my surprise, it was literally split down the middle–50% voted dining room and 50% voted breakfast nook. I honestly can’t decide where they should go, so I thought it would be fun to share both options with you guys! Ok here’s how they look in the breakfast nook:

And here’s how they look in the dining room:

What do you think??!! Honestly I thought the chairs would be a smidge taller than they are, so I’m wondering if they’re too short for the dining room. Heck, they might even be too short for the breakfast nook. Should I sell them and start over?! I’d love to hear your input!

Also here’s a great round-up some affordable dining chairs from Target:



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  1. 8.4.21
    Angela Meylor said:

    Start over. Better without arms or different heights since they will hit the tables

    • 8.4.21
      Sarah said:

      that’s kinda what I’m thinking at this point too.

      • 8.4.21
        Mary said:

        Oh gag! Why in the world did you sell your black taller wing back dining room chairs? They were perfect there, why mess with a good thing? And another thing, I hate your new desk in your office smushed up against the wall backwards.

  2. 8.4.21
    Jody Jackson said:

    Personally, I think they are a bit to short for both areas. I mean if I had to pick, I’d put them in the breakfast nook before the dining room. But can’t you just return them for taller ones?

    • 8.4.21
      Sarah said:

      I don’t think I can return them now, I threw the boxes away after we assembled them. Ugh!!

      • 8.4.21
        Jody Jackson said:

        Sarah, did you try putting a chair at each end of the dining room table? You know, instead of 3 in a row on each side. Maybe it would look better that way.

      • 8.4.21
        Amanda said:

        Target takes back furniture that has been assembled and has no box!:) they are great for returns, another reason I LOVE target

        • 8.4.21
          Sarah said:

          Oh I had no idea! I ordered them online so I have the receipt…I seriously might do that!!

  3. 8.4.21
    Sharon said:

    I much prefer the chairs in the breakfast area. I think dining room chairs should have higher backs.

    • 8.4.21
      Catherine said:

      Personally I love the ones you had previously. The wing back chairs but if I had to choose I prefer the breakfast nook. They just don’t do that beautiful table justice.

  4. 8.4.21
    Kristin said:

    Love them in the dining room!!! <3

  5. 8.4.21
    Christy H said:

    I love them in the dining room. I like the look of where the curved back of the chair meets the table face board and sits directly under the table top. My first thought was they look like they were made specifically for this table.

    • 8.4.21
      Paulette said:

      As much as I want to love them, I agree with starting over. The style seems a departure from what you already have going on in your house. And they are really short. 🙁

  6. 8.4.21
    Betty said:

    These are not as charming as a taller style would be. Don’t much the style you have going.

  7. 8.4.21
    Ardis said:

    I would start over. They do seem short in the breakfast nook and I don’t think fit or look nice enough for the dining room.

  8. 8.4.21
    maureen said:

    If it’s not too much trouble I think you should sell these and look for taller chairs for the dining area. Black is good color wise, they just look too short. Maybe also look for some different chairs for the ends. I think they look better in the breakfast nook but they still look too different style wise.

  9. 8.4.21
    Patricia said:

    Better in the breakfast area. It’s too bad you sold your beautiful wingback chairs. I would try to finds ones just like them for the dining room. But these are cute in the breakfast area – maybe some cute chair cushions on them too.

  10. 8.4.21
    Michelle said:

    Hi Sarah! Love love love seeing y’all the new updates!! While I love the chairs, I personally would start over. They are a smidge too short for the breakfast table ( beautiful table by the way)and upon my first glance it looked overcrowded in the breakfast nook area. Mind you, I’m no decorator by any means,( that’s why you are my go to) but something looks a tad off. I pray this helps and I know if anyone can make it happen, it’s you!! GOD bless!

    • 8.18.21
      Debbie said:

      I agree with this post

  11. 8.4.21
    Destiny Cortis said:

    Dining room

  12. 8.4.21
    Martha Brewer said:

    Sorry, Sarah, but I agree with you. I think they are too short for both tables, although the rounded backs look better with the round table. I like the style of them, though.

  13. 8.4.21

    I agree with you that new chairs are short looking. Think taller and less chunky chairs would work better with both tables.

  14. 8.4.21
    Kimberly Keefer said:

    I definitely vote for the breakfast nook if you decide to keep them. I loved the other chairs you sold.

  15. 8.4.21
    Kelly said:

    I think the chairs look better in the dining room. They look short for the kitchen table…I don’t know why, maybe because it’s round? LOL I have no idea what I am trying to say but I vote “dining room” 🙂

  16. 8.4.21
    Patti said:

    Sorry, but I feel that they are too short for both tables. Return them (if you can) and buy the taller ones with the X back. A repeat of your downstairs Xs. Just a thought. Your home is fabulous BTW!

  17. 8.4.21
    Nancy White said:

    I agree. Taller chairs in the dining room. The chairs work well in the kitchen – you can easily see your beautiful view!

  18. 8.4.21
    Maureen said:

    Check out Lillian August rope weave chairs. I got mine on TJ Maxx website. They would look really amazing on the ends of your dining table. Also they can be used in the living area for extra guests as they are so comfortable. So sorry you spent the time putting them all together.

    • 8.5.21
      Faith said:

      Nook…the round backs look good with the chandelier. Besides with kids, it’s nice to have chairs that can be wiped down well.
      The DR chandelier is busier, needs chairs that can hold their own in there.
      Good luck!!

  19. 8.4.21
    Peggy said:

    I’m sorry but I don’t like them in either place. Maybe I’m too matchy matchy but I liked your old ones bettter.

  20. 8.4.21
    Jmac said:

    Waaay too small for dining room! Kinda ok in nook.
    I LOVED the chairs you sold…wondered why you got rid of them. I thought they were perfect style for your home

    • 8.4.21
      Doreen Kurtz said:

      I prefer the previous chairs!

      • 8.5.21
        Cindy said:

        You are great for sharing your life with us and open to so many different opinions. But since you asked, I do agree with the majority of comments. I don’t care for the chairs in either place. If you keep them, I think the nook would be best. The black and white does work together. Beautiful vintage table, just not the right chairs for it. Big hug for you.💛

    • 8.4.21
      Linda Nix said:

      I agree with you, I think they are too short for either space. The ones you sold looked good. Like some of the others had posted add a couple in the dining area at the ends of the table. I love your style of decorating and use alot of your style in my home. Have a blessed day and good luck in finding the right chairs for both spaces.

  21. 8.4.21

    Definitely NOT the dining room! They do look odd in the breakfast nook too to me.Way to short as you said.

  22. 8.4.21
    Patricia Tagner said:

    The chairs are too short for either table. They are nice though

  23. 8.4.21
    Diane Milani said:

    I like them best in the breakfast room. 😍

  24. 8.4.21

    Definitely Not in the dining room and they do look odd in the breakfast nook too to me.Taller would be better.

  25. 8.4.21
    Deedra said:

    I think they look best in the breakfast nook. They seem to just look better with that round table imo.😀

  26. 8.4.21
    karin w. said:

    in my personal opinion, the chairs should stay in the breakfast room. i like the way the curve of the table plays up the shape of the chairs. the dining table is on the larger, chunkier side and needs a bit of a taller, perhaps sturdier, chair. p.s. i’m writing this without reading the comments of others.

  27. 8.4.21
    Gabriel Marilyn said:

    I’m not fond of the style or color. They look out of place with both tables. Maybe it’s me, but they just don’t fit.

  28. 8.4.21

    start over!

  29. 8.4.21
    Jeannie Sullins said:

    Definitely the breakfast nook! But if you’re have second thoughts switch them now while you can possibly return them!

  30. 8.4.21
    Parilee Brenchley said:

    If you cannot return them then the nook is best!!
    So hard to see things in our homes!!
    I’m going Thru the same dilemma!!

    • 8.4.21
      Karen Rolland said:

      The dining room table calls for a higher back chair,without arms and with one at each end. The chairs do look great in the kitchen though.

  31. 8.4.21
    Karen Rolland said:

    The dining room table calls for a higher back chair,without arms and with one at each end. The chairs do look great in the kitchen though.

  32. 8.4.21
    Sharon Neighoff said:

    I think they are fine for the breakfast nook (like them with the black wall organizer that you have in there). I don’t think they do anything for the dining room space. Just my opinion!

  33. 8.4.21
    Michelle Pederson said:

    I personally would start over. Just not crazy about them in either spot.

  34. 8.4.21
    Rachel Beth said:

    I do love the chairs…however, I think they are a bit overpowering or seem to be competing with your tables. They are better with the breakfast nook table but maybe not the best option. Maybe a chair with a more straight back would be a good option. You have good taste though – love your blog!

  35. 8.4.21
    Laura said:

    Hi Sarah! I loved your wingback chairs. I would start over. Your new chairs look like the chairs in our office conference room. Sorry Girlfriend.

  36. 8.4.21
    Tammie Rheiner said:

    The new black chairs look great in the breakfast nook! I would suggest chairs with a taller back, for your dining room. Hope this helps. 😊

  37. 8.4.21
    Dena said:

    They are nice chairs but I think they are too short….I would start over. I don’t think you would be happy with them now at this point.

    • 8.5.21
      Ada said:

      I agree with Dena..

  38. 8.4.21
    Diane said:

    My first thought was that they seem alittle short for both areas. If I had to choose which place to put them, I would choose the breakfast nook.

  39. 8.4.21
    Mary said:

    Start over!

  40. 8.5.21

    I think the chairs are to small and shirt. They look like a college roommate chair. I would do a bench seating in your kitchen nook with your table and then add 3 or 4 wooden chairs or black. The dinning room needs bigger chairs for shore. I would do 2 end chairs cloth and black like you had in the sides.

  41. 8.5.21
    Rachel said:

    I’d say they don’t look comfy enough for the dining room, so more suited to breakfast. But they don’t look great in the breakfast nook! Start over I reckon…

  42. 8.5.21

    Sarah I’ve loved everything you’ve ever done…until now😂😂
    I read where you thought the chairs would be taller and that was my first thought when I saw your pictures.. Love the chairs but not with your tables…
    I Love seeing what all you do to make your house a HOME❤

  43. 8.5.21
    Kristine said:

    Sarah~ You have great taste and all that you do inspires me. I vote 100% for the chairs in the breakfast nook. While I’m not an interior decorator professionally, I feel the dining room chairs should be more formal and maybe wood, not black. Good luck

  44. 8.5.21
    AnnTN said:

    Sell them and start over. Sorry. 🙁 I think they need to have taller backs for either table. Black with the white table works, if the chair is taller. I don’t like the black with the dining room table. The style of your dining table needs a more vintage style chair. Just my thoughts. 🙂

  45. 8.5.21
    Bev said:

    I agree that they’re too short for dining room table.They’re nice chairs but they don’t quite work. A higher back chair would look better😊

  46. 8.5.21
    Eileen said:

    Sell and start over!

  47. 8.5.21

    Send them back

  48. 8.5.21
    Karen CM said:

    Black chairs look great with the natural wood, but these are too low in profile and peek across the table. Table needs chairs with more substance. However, like the curve as it echoes the turned legs. Taller backed, unpainted wood chairs with simple lines for the white nook table are better.

  49. 8.5.21
    Angie said:

    They look best in the breakfast nook, however, I don’t think they really improve either spot over what you had. They’re cute chairs, though.😊

  50. 8.5.21

    I vote for the dining room…cleaner lines and looks less cluttered

  51. 8.5.21
    Charlotte said:

    Far be it for me to ever critique your decorating, but these don’t look like you in either place. Take them back to Target and start over. But definitely not in the dining room.

  52. 8.5.21
    Karen said:

    I agree they are too short. Of the ones you pictured, I would choose the leather ones for the nook and the cane back ones for your dining room.

  53. 8.5.21

    The chairs are not my taste, but I think it makes the kitchen table area too crowded. They go fine in the dining room but the black color seems a bit out of place. Just my opinion.

  54. 8.5.21
    Mika said:

    Dining Room! I love them!

  55. 8.5.21
    Angela Servello said:

    Good morning my love. I have to admit I agree with most here. Definitely not for the dining room, Much too short, however I would try the suggestion of putting one on each end just to see what it looks like. I’m not loving them in the nook. It seems a bit crowded. I really loved the bench in there. Just do whatever makes you happy. 🙏💕

  56. 8.5.21
    Sara said:

    I really don’t like them in either room. I loved your old chairs.

  57. 8.5.21
    Julia said:

    Breakfast nook. They just POP in there. They just blend in the dining room.

  58. 8.5.21
    Betty said:

    They are nice, but I think they are too short for both tables. Sorry.

  59. 8.5.21
    Tracy said:

    I honestly, truly, liked your previous chairs much better.

  60. 8.7.21
    Gayle N said:

    Hey Sarah, I think you should start over and it’s just my personal opinion but I feel the black is too much. It’s kind of feels like it’s dominating the space and I’m not suggesting white either. Black should be an accent I guess. Oh well all part of designing and decorating. Sometimes you just have to accept it might be a mistake and move on because if it’s not right the space just never feels good!

  61. 8.9.21
    Tammy Ganci said:

    Buy your chairs back!!!!!!!

  62. 8.11.21
    Cynthia said:

    I think the breakfast nook. I was not sure why but when you said may be too short for DR that resonated. Meanwhile my DR chairs are way too high 😂😂

  63. 8.18.21
    Grace said:

    It looks better in the nook because you have other stuff in black.
    There’s none in the dining room I think you’re better of getting chairs in the colour of the table but with a crisscross style in the back of the top of the chair

  64. 2.3.22
    Tracie said:

    I am not sure what you decided, and I want to say this very kindly, not at all in an impolite or rude or offending way, but I do think they seem not quite right for either spot, though you have a great eye and creatively a very big talent. You have a lovely home and I do know if you ever published a decor book, I want it. :). I think in your post “Let’s try this again-New dining chairs in breakfast nook” those chairs are such a pretty highlight to your white table. I am not sure if you kept the black chairs in the dining room, but I think they were a little too small and short in both spots, and maybe not quite the color.

    I like black, too, and I do feel the interest in splashing out with it, but sometimes the harmony seems more homey than a bigger contrast color, and though I think the black and white can be more artistically decorative, the softer effect to me seems a little more homey. However, we all define our own way what that is to us. If you adore something, it is perfectly right for you and go for it!!!!

  65. 3.7.22
    Laura Weber said:

    Hi!! Everything is beautiful! I can only dream of making my house look like this! Can I ask where you got the light fixture in your breakfast nook? I love it!

    • 3.10.22
      Sarah said:

      Hi Laura, that light is from Arhaus!