My Trip to the Silobration with KILZ

Do you ever go through a crazy experience and then afterwards the whole thing feels kinda surreal? That’s pretty much how I feel about my trip to the Silobration with KILZ. It came and went in a blink of an eye and I’m still trying to absorb everything that happened. The entire experience was absolutely AMAZING and even better than I had imagined it would be. In fact, I wish I could push rewind and do it all over again. Unfortunately, rewinding time isn’t my super power, so I’ll just have to settle on sharing 3,810 photos with you guys and chatting about everything that happened! I have so much to share, so let’s hop to it. First up is the KILZ booth–which was set up like a mini greenhouse overflowing with colorful cans of the Magnolia Home Paint.

Doesn’t it all look so great?! The KILZ team did a fantastic job with everything. Any visitors that dropped by were welcomed to pick up a brush and paint their own terra-cotta pot with the Magnolia Home Paint, which includes interior, exterior, trim, cabinetry, and of course chalk style paint. It was such a fun and creative way for folks to play with the paint and get a feel for how it applies.

It was so much fun to spend time at the KILZ greenhouse. So many people came by to paint a pot or just chat about the Magnolia Home Paint line. And I even had the chance to meet several LVN readers, which was absolutely amazing. Then to top it all off, I got to spend time with a few of my favorite bloggers, who were also there with KILZ. It was a dream come true!

Then of course I had to spend a little time in Magnolia Market and it was just as beautiful as I remember from my last visit. In fact, I think it was even better this time. Everything was styled so perfectly in the store and it really feels like walking into a decor-lovers Disneyland. I was lucky enough to be there right before they closed for the night, so I was able to snap a few photos when it wasn’t crowded with people!

Seriously, every last detail is perfect, right? The store is absolutely gorgeous and I could seriously walk around in there for hours–I get so much inspiration from every display. And the entire place has this really calming and relaxing feel to it. I mean, even with a zillion people walking around it still has a very peaceful, uplifting vibe which I know probably sounds crazy. It’s hard to describe, but even my husband mentioned feeling the same thing.

Completely soaked in the rain and standing in puddles, but happy as can be.

Even with pouring rain coming down for half of the trip, I still had the most amazing experience at the Silobration with KILZ. It was the kind of trip that I wish could have lasted another day or two, because I really wasn’t ready for it to come to an end. Not only was the KILZ team incredible, but so were the other bloggers that I was fortunate to be there with. Everyone was so kind and sweet, it just couldn’t have been better.

And best of all, I feel so inspired and encouraged after this experience. On Friday night, Joanna Gaines was speaking about her journey over the last 15 years and she mentioned how Magnolia started as a small dream back in 2003 when she opened her first shop. She talked about the struggles, the fact that they had no money, and how hard it was at times. But she kept working towards her dream and now things are bigger than anything she imagined. And in my opinion, that’s what Magnolia Market is all about–dreaming big dreams and saying yes, even when you’re unsure of the path ahead. Truly, anything in life is possible if you’re willing to put the time and work into it!

Thank you again to the amazing people at KILZ for taking me on this adventure to the Silobration. I am truly so grateful. xo

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  1. glenda LaFont wrote:

    happy for you

    Posted 10.24.18 Reply
  2. Kellie wrote:

    It all sounds so perfect!! And looks like you all had a blast! Thank you for sharing this with us!!!

    Posted 10.24.18 Reply
  3. Melissa Filson wrote:

    It looks like an absolute dream come true!!! Some day, some how I will make it there! So happy for you and thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

    Posted 10.24.18 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Oh you have to go Melissa, you would love it!! And the delicious cupcakes are worth it too 🙂

      Posted 10.25.18 Reply
  4. Donna Bergthold wrote:

    Looks like so much fun! I so want to go there! It has to be one of my top happy places to visit! Thanks for sharing your awesome journey with us!

    Posted 10.24.18 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      You have to visit one day Donna, you would love it!!

      Posted 10.25.18 Reply
  5. Diane Lane-Cormier wrote:

    I also went and was star struck! We saw Clint and Kelly Harp, Jimmy Don, their producer, David (Waco’s most eligible bachelor) Joanna, Chip, her Mom and Dad and baby Crew!
    We attended the Friday night Silobration concert and at one point I waved to Joanna and she waved back…thought I was in heaven. What is most inspiring is their desire to give back and truly leave this world a better place.
    I also walked through the vendors booth and thought the Kilz one was set up nicely!

    Posted 10.24.18 Reply
    • Kimberly Youngblood wrote:

      Wow! How exciting!! And what an unforgettable experience.

      Posted 10.24.18 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Oh my goodness, how fun Diane!! I waved at her too but I don’t think she saw me. haha!!

      Posted 10.25.18 Reply
  6. Candy wrote:

    Oh Sarah, I am so jealous! Lol. Thanks for sharing your time at the most amazing place on the planet. On my bucket list to,go there some day. You are right, everything is displayed so perfect, of course that is Joanna…I am so happy that you had a great time and got to,hang out with some friends.

    Posted 10.24.18 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      thank you so much Candy, I hope you can visit one day soon!

      Posted 10.25.18 Reply
  7. Lindsay Schofield wrote:

    Thank you for your latest post. Looks wonderful. More photos please!!
    I am a UK fan of all things” Magnolia” but unfortunately the shipping costs to the UK make it unfeasible to buy a Demo Day t-shirt . Which is the one item I would dearly love!
    Thank you for bringing your Silobration experience to my home and I am so happy you had a great time.

    Posted 10.24.18 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Oh that’s a bummer! Those pesky shipping prices can get super high. Maybe you can find a local printer in the UK and make your own Demo day shirt? We have places around here that will do special T-shirt designs for fun little things like that.

      Posted 10.25.18 Reply
  8. Iva wrote:

    We were at Magnolia the week before Silobration. For me the take-away was the amazing vision Chip and Joanna were able to bring to life. We walked through the grounds and were inspired at every turn: the photo ops, the shaded seating, the turf area, and, I must mention the spotless, glistening bathrooms!!! As you did, Sarah, I came back recharged and ready to create. Thanks for sharing your journey 😄

    Posted 10.24.18 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      I totally agree with you! It’s just the most inspiring place and I love the uplifting vibe there. I always leave so inspired!

      Posted 10.25.18 Reply
  9. Carol Holtorf wrote:

    Thank you for sharing your Silobration experience with us. How fun for those who got to stop by the Kilz greenhouse and meet you and paint a little pot to bring home. I loved the pictures inside the Maganolia store. I think Joanna changes it for each season so there is always new merchandise.

    Posted 10.24.18 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thank you Carol, it was such a fun experience!! I wish I could do it all over again 🙂

      Posted 10.25.18 Reply
  10. Becky wrote:

    Oh Sarah I am living vicariously through you! Won’t most likely get there but as always you bring us the best!!! So happy for you and your dreams happening. God has blessed you and I pray it continues. You deserve it. You have a sweet soul Sarah! xoxo

    Posted 10.24.18 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thank you so much Becky, I really appreciate that!! You always brighten my day with your kind words. xoxo

      Posted 10.25.18 Reply
  11. Nancy wrote:

    I am so happy you got to go on this trip, wish I could have gone with you! It is on my bucket list to someday make the trip. It seems to be such a cool place. You looked so happy in all your pictures. I will really look forward to your future creativity.

    Posted 10.24.18 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Ah thank you so much Nancy, I WAS happy. It was such a dream come true!!

      Posted 10.25.18 Reply
  12. Jennifer wrote:

    This is so awesome. I went to magnolia market in June. It was SO peaceful there. It is really unexplainable how a place with so many people can be that way. I looks like you had an amazing trip. Thank you for sharing

    Posted 10.25.18 Reply
  13. Julie wrote:

    How lucky you are! My dream to go to all things Magnolia. Is there a tutorial for painting the terra cotta pots? I’m slowly transitioning to farm house and appreciate all your pics & tips!

    Posted 10.26.18 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      I don’t have a tutorial, but it’s super easy. You don’t need to prep the pot or anything, just start painting it! I love the Magnolia Home chalk paint and it would work perfectly for that kind of project.

      Posted 10.28.18 Reply
  14. Sharon N wrote:

    Thanks for sharing!! I too want to go visit sometime! I love your blog and am happy you got to go!

    Posted 10.28.18 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thank you Sharon!

      Posted 10.28.18 Reply

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