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My Favorite Patio Chairs

At the old house we didn’t really have that much patio furniture. Honestly, I never bought more than a few chairs because it all blew around with the crazy wind we always had out there (sure don’t miss that!). But I did buy two gorgeous patio chairs last year and they have held up so well in all the snow, wind, hail, etc. We left them out in the elements all year without a cover and they still look great. Of course I brought them here to the new house and wanted to share because Walmart has them back in stock and on sale!!

These chairs are on sale for $324 for a set of 2 right now!

I love the boho vibe of these chairs! And I’m so impressed with how they held up all winter. We had them outside, with no coves, and they still look great. They also come in white.

It’s way too cold for real flowers just yet here in Colorado, but for now I used these faux flowers. I bundled them in this large glass vase.

Absolutely recommend this set of patio chairs if you’re itching to start putting together your outdoors spaces! They are 10/10 in my book. I also linked up some more Walmart outdoor furniture HERE.

Thanks to Walmart for partnering with me on today’s post.

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