Light Fixture Options for the New House!

I’m currently sitting at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee, trying not to get myself too worked up because we just found out we’re closing on our new house in two weeks!! Eeeeeeeeeek! Things have progressed sooner than we expected, so closing got moved up. My mind is racing with a zillion things we need to get done, but I’m just so excited. It’s really happening and I can’t wait to transform our new house into the cutest little farmhouse ever. It’s going to be so much fun! I’m starting to order a few things and first up is light fixtures. We have three pendants over the kitchen island that I plan to replace, so I’m trying to decide what look would be best. Here’s a photo I snapped of the kitchen a few days ago:

The pendants here are super small as you can see, so I’d love to change those out for something bigger, with more character. I’ve narrowed it down to two different styles–rattan pendants and lanterns. I love rattan pendants for the warmth and texture they give a space, but I also love the simplicity of a great lantern pendant. Here’s how both options would look:

Obviously this isn’t the best visual of what they’d really look like, but it’s pretty darn close. And at least it gives me an idea of what it could look like! These pendants also come in black, but I think the natural would be super pretty in this space. (I also found this more affordable dupe!) Here’s a few other similar options I love:


Here’s what the black lantern lights would look like:

Now here’s the second option: lantern pendants! I love the simple and classic look with these lights. I’d definitely go with black or an antique brass color.


Well which one do you like best?! I’d love to hear it and get your input. I always love getting feedback! Plus I’m hoping to start ordering things soon with closing only two weeks away, so it’s time to start making some decisions. We’ll also start construction on the basement right away, so things will be busy here sooooooon. Can’t wait to get started!!

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 6.24.20
    Cherish S said:

    I vote for Rattan Pendants. they leave the space feeling soft. The blank lanterns are nice but a little harsher – if that makes sense.

    • 6.24.20
      Michele Bates said:

      I would go with the lanterns in a brass asthewwill not go out of style where the others ones will. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    • 9.30.20
      Lanea Head said:

      I agree.

  2. 6.24.20
    Lorrie S said:

    Definitely go with the black lanterns. I feel the woven ones would not give much light and are very trendy.

    • 6.24.20
      Lora Keys said:

      I agree.

      • 6.24.20
        Joy Hester said:

        I like the lanterns. They are timeless. The rattan is more trendy.

      • 9.30.20
        Lanea Head said:

        The lanterns look like they should be outdoors. No lanterns….they’re too harsh for indoors.
        The natural brown rattan ones look the best. They soften the space up & add a touch of style at the same time.
        ✔ Definitely the Rattan

    • 6.24.20
      Melohio said:

      If you’re keeping track, I vote for the glassed lantern. More light and classic .

  3. 6.24.20
    Funmi Vogt said:

    I love both, but if I were choosing for myself I would go with the lantern pendants in a warm brass or copper finish.
    Congrats on your new home! I’m, waiting patiently in prayer for my dream home to materialize, and in the meantime enjoying living your dream!

  4. 6.24.20
    Bonnie S. said:

    I love the black lanterns in that beautiful kitchen ❤️

  5. 6.24.20
    Gayle said:

    I am partial to the lantern pendants, although the rattan doesn’t look bad. If it were my home, I would definitely choose a lantern style. The house is gorgeous and can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • 6.24.20
      D. Lendach said:

      Have you tried the rattan in black? I prefer the rattan to the lanterns. I feel the lanterns kind of overwhelm the space. Whatever you do, I know it will be beautiful.

  6. 6.24.20
    Lisa Yelichek said:

    I’m not a big wicker fan personally and this is YOUR space 😜 but I really like that first lantern you showed. Simple yet striking. Have fun with all of this!

  7. 6.24.20
    Bonnie S. said:

    I love the black lanterns in that beautiful kitchen ❤️ They would look nice in the antique brass also !

    • 6.24.20
      Kathy said:

      Rattan, they give a warmer feel to the space and are more you!

  8. 6.24.20
    Kim H said:

    I like the black lanterns… timeless

  9. 6.24.20
    Krislee said:

    It’s a beautiful kitchen/house! I love the black lantern look.

  10. 6.24.20
    Rosemarie said:

    I would go with large clear glass pendants. It keeps your space open with such a beautiful view!!!

  11. 6.24.20
    Debbie said:

    Rattan looks darling but cleaning them may be harder to care for. To me the lanterns looked a little to large maybe a bit smaller ones would work better.

    • 6.24.20

      My thoughts too are the black lanterns are very large and overwhelming there.

  12. 6.24.20
    Wendy Mican said:

    I love the lantern pendants!! To me, they look more farmhouse. Congratulations on your new home!! I can’t wait to see it completely finished!

  13. 6.24.20
    Sheri Ghee said:

    Love the lantern pendants

  14. 6.24.20
    Wendy Price said:

    What a beautiful house – my vote would be the lanterns.

  15. 6.24.20
    Laurabeth said:

    I love the black lanterns with the single bulb. The rattan may be a issue with cleaning. Such a exciting time!

    • 6.24.20
      Robin said:

      I like the lanterns best, but not sure I would use black. They should be size appropriate for the area. Love the new house!!

  16. 6.24.20
    Niki said:

    Congratulations on such exciting news!
    I just wanted to let you know we ordered the S & L pendants but preferred the World Market pendant. We were at the expense of shipping them back but just didn’t feel there was a justifiable difference in cost. Also I am very particular about quality. Hope this helps.
    All the best,

  17. 6.24.20
    D said:

    I totally see you with the rattan in your new space!

  18. 6.24.20
    Gina said:

    My vote goes to the lanterns!

  19. 6.24.20
    Sheila said:

    I actually like the wicker better but would be concerned about keeping them clean in a kitchen area and the amount of light they give. The antique brass lanterns would be easier maintenance and provide more light while still coordinating with your flooring.

  20. 6.24.20
    Peggy C said:

    I have to agree with you on the look of warmth and texture the rattan gives the space.

  21. 6.24.20
    Loretta DeSpain said:

    I think both are beautiful but the rattan seems more trendy. Could also be difficult to keep clean. The latent May be a more timeless look.

  22. 6.24.20
    Linda said:

    Sarah,hey,so excited for you and your family. Love both styles but I think if you decide on lanterns then maybe just use two or pick a smaller one like that third one in the sample boxes and then 3 would be good.

  23. 6.24.20
    Vivian said:

    i love reading about your adventures and love love your style!! i would vote for the rattan pendants. love the texture they would bring; plus the color. looking forward to seeing what you do with this new home! congratulations sarah!!

  24. 6.24.20
    Linda said:

    I would choose the lantern, it’s classic and won’t go out of style.

  25. 6.24.20
    Amy C said:

    I am so excited for you and your family, Sarah! You are gonna make this space so amazing with your touch! I cannot wait to see it unfold. I think you should go with the rattan option. Not only for the natural feel it gives, but also they are simpler. I think the lanterns are all too busy to have 3 above the island. Some of the lanterns had 4 light bulbs! My thought with pendants is this: each pendant should have one bulb and be an added extra to the whole lighting of the room – not the main source of lighting. I hope this helps you!!! Love you, your blog, and following along on IG 💜💜💜

  26. 6.24.20
    susan said:

    Congratulations on your lovely new home. May I suggest the lantern look sans the glass. Much less aggravation when it is time to clean.

  27. 6.24.20
    Leslie Stedman said:

    Hi Sarah! Definitely lantern, but the smallest one. The square with the pointed top. The style in your picture looks too big. Have fun!

  28. 6.24.20
    JMC said:

    I would go with the antique brass lantern. It is not trendy and will stand the test of time.

  29. 6.24.20
    Lynn said:

    Such exciting times! My advice is to wait. Move in . You will be better able to make a decision that’s right for your home.

    • 6.24.20
      Polly said:

      I agree with waiting until you’ve moved in and lived in it awhile. Once your own furnishings are in the space, it will make such a difference. And your decision will be much easier! Beautiful house!!

  30. 6.24.20
    Tracey White said:

    Love the Rattan option!!

  31. 6.24.20
    Kelly said:

    Wicker for the win! They would be so beautiful with the other changes you plan to make in the room…plus they just look more like you.

  32. 6.24.20
    Pamela Knichel said:

    I like both, but having rattan in a kitchen, never again! They catch a lot of stuff and cleaning them was a chore. I’d go with the lanterns. And congrats on your new home!

  33. 6.24.20
    Karen said:

    I like the rattan pendants you chose but also think these ones would look beautiful too
    Stockton 1 – Light Single Geometric Pendant

    Will look forward to seeing all your choices in your new home.

  34. 6.24.20
    Dot said:

    I like the first and last of the black pendant lights you showed us as choices. I prefer the open bottom, if that makes sense! I am so looking forward to seeing you transform your new house into your new HOME !

  35. 6.24.20
    Denise Brown said:

    I would go with the lantern in an antique/oiled rub finish and very simple lines to it.

  36. 6.24.20
    Linda said:

    Personally I like the black finish lantern. The one in the picture of the kitchen were a great look, but for your kitchen I would choose the Lighter antique brass. Beautiful kitchen. Rattan is nice, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t give enough light. Excited for your new house and see what you do!!!! Love your ideas.

  37. 6.24.20
    Anna lancaster said:

    I think the third one down on the lanterns. It’s more country farm to me.But, there all real nice.Have fun shopping.

  38. 6.24.20

    Three black lanterns seemed to overpower the space. Maybe use brass and small lanterns if you don’t like the rattan.

  39. 6.24.20
    Joyce said:

    Rattan for sure

  40. 6.24.20
    Michelle said:

    I agree with the other comments that the lanterns with more than one bulb seem too busy. I like the one with only one bulb and I think I would like to see the lanterns in the natural wood color instead of the black to keep it softer.

  41. 6.24.20
    Suzee B said:

    The rattan. I think the pendants are a bit too much.

  42. 6.24.20
    Marilyn Gabriel said:

    I’m not excited with any of them. I feel they block the beauty of the cabinets and take away from the countertops, leading the eye up. That’s just me, I love that kitchen. ❤️❤️❤️

  43. 6.24.20
    Shawna said:

    I love the black lanterns. Super easy to style and versatile when you decide to change it up. Congratulations on the new adventure ❤️

  44. 6.24.20
    Courtney said:

    I love the pendant option! I feel like the Ratan would be a pain to clean lol!

  45. 6.24.20
    Deb said:

    I like the black wicker. I think being wicker is a warmer material. The lanterns are pretty, but seem big for having 3.

  46. 6.24.20
    Rachel said:

    The rattan ones are fine but I think the metal ones would give more of a presence to the kitchen.

  47. 6.24.20
    melissa said:

    I personally like the black lantern over the rattan. I guess I’m not much of a rattan person. I really like the top left one in the block of 9 options. Whatever you pick will look amazing because you have great taste.

  48. 6.24.20
    Linda said:

    I love both but in the long term I would go with the black lantern look. I think they are such a statement piece for your room. The wicker I feel is more of a fad and will go out of style sooner then later

  49. 6.24.20
    Gena said:

    If you want more of a courtly look I feel black lantern style works best
    Rattan feels Boho
    Black pops nicely against white cabinets

  50. 6.24.20
    Laura said:

    I would opt for the more classic lantern pendants. While the rattan is a little boho and trendy.
    So excited for you and your family. I am looking forward to see what you do with your new home.

  51. 6.24.20
    Karen said:

    My vote is Rattan!!! But I know whatever you pick will be beautiful!!!

  52. 6.24.20
    Katie said:

    I honestly thought at first the black lanterns would be too much, but I LOVE them! They just look so timeless. Either option is beautiful of course, but the black just seems to speak to me!

  53. 6.24.20
    Christy said:

    I would go with the rattan. Adding some texture warms up all the stark white. From experience I can tell you the glass shows every spec of dust when the lights are lit and would need to be cleaned all the time. Life is too short for that!

  54. 6.24.20
    Kelli said:

    I am trying to pick pendant lights for our new home as well. I like the lantern look and was thinking about those for over my island. Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  55. 6.24.20
    Mary said:

    I like the 4th pendant in the lineup; looks like a champagne color metal. It would keep the space open and airy. So much fun! Congrats on the new house!

  56. 6.24.20
    Eileen said:

    I love the rattan ones, as far the lanterns, the antique brass would be better than the black, which look to stark.

  57. 6.24.20
    Marne S said:

    I like both. What kind of hardware will you have on the cabinets? That might help you decide

  58. 6.24.20
    Jordan said:

    I love the lantern style lights! They give a “heft” to your visual line of sight and is very farmhouse style. Either way, it’s going to be beautiful!

  59. 6.24.20
    Mallory said:

    Rattan! I’d typically vote for the lantern without a second though…but they just don’t seem to “go” here. The rattan adds so much more warmth and coziness!

  60. 6.24.20
    Vicky Morrow said:

    Love the rattan pendants. They give the kitchen a homey but classy look.

  61. 6.24.20
    Bev said:

    I’m not a wicker fan, but I love the lantern pendants maybe in a brass or softer finish,I think the black is too harsh. For me, I would try to find a little bit smaller lantern so they don’t overwhelm the space. It will be beautiful no matter what you choose!

  62. 6.24.20
    Betty said:

    I like the lanterns but the black is too strong.

  63. 6.24.20
    Corene said:

    Love the options you are showing! My thought is, are you wanting focused light on the island, or more light for the area? If the rattan is too dense, the light will go down, not in all directions! I like the metal, because it would be easier to keep clean!!

  64. 6.24.20
    deanne said:

    Hello,We just did the home tours in Madison,there is rattan and wicker everywhere,I like that option as it is so light and airy and open which aligns with the overall feel of this new space.

  65. 6.24.20
    Grace said:

    I love the warmth and texture that the rattan pendants bring! The lanterns however, are pretty timeless. Maybe brass lanterns to bring warmth & keep it timeless? Hmm!

  66. 6.24.20
    Tracy said:

    I like the rattan ones for a softer look! Beautiful kitchen!

  67. 6.24.20
    Linda said:

    I vote for black lanterns. I love them.

  68. 6.24.20

    The lanterns for sure!

  69. 6.24.20
    Liz said:

    I like the pendants.

  70. 6.24.20
    Jeannie said:

    I like the lantern look. So fun. Such a beautiful kitchen.


  71. 6.24.20
    Rhonda R. Wilson said:

    Definitely lanterns! Antique brass would look stunning!
    Happy decorating! Excited for you!

  72. 6.24.20
    Robyn said:

    I like the lanterns! I feel like the rattan would get greasier and be harder to keep clean – and I love the black!

  73. 6.24.20

    I love the rattan pendants for the country vibe! And I feel like they are more “you!” It also keeps with the light and bright airy atmosphere! ❤️

  74. 6.24.20
    Georgina Porter said:

    Hi Sarah, I actually love both your designs i think the rattan has a definite country rural look about them, and the black metal and glass are pretty smart and would look good in a farmhouse or a smart city flat . I am sure whichever design you go for you will be happy with your choice for me i would go for the black design myself, partly because I have a black and white kitchen with hi gloss white cabinets and black granite wotk surfaces i hope my comments help regards Georgina

  75. 6.24.20
    Jen said:

    I love both options but I think the Ratan is more of a fad and won’t be in style in a year or two

  76. 6.24.20
    Pam Rychener said:

    I vote yes for the lanterns

  77. 6.24.20
    M Gray said:

    Wood frame lanterns no glass.

  78. 6.24.20
    Jessica A said:

    They are both beautiful but I the rattan are my favorites. They feel peaceful to me, if that makes sense.

  79. 6.24.20
    Christina said:

    I like the antique brass lantern option. I think it will add to the open, airy kitchen. I am excited to see everything you do!

  80. 6.24.20
    Cindy said:

    I really feel the single-bulb black lantern
    in the upper left corner would look
    awesome in your beautiful kitchen!
    I am dreaming of a new kitchen some
    day !

    • 6.24.20
      Tracy said:

      I like the black lanterns. They look sophisticated! LOL! And I know you will bring warmth in the room with accessories! I also think they will stay timeless.
      Congratulations too!! Super excited for your journey!

  81. 6.24.20
    Cynthia said:

    I love the Rattan Pendants. They look fresh and light. I think the black lanterns look a little harsh.

  82. 6.24.20
    Angie G said:

    I like the black lantern lights. They look sharper and are not so trendy. If it were me, I would choose the black lantern lights.

  83. 6.24.20
    Carol Holtorf said:

    Liked the rattan in both the natural and black. I’m sure whichever light you choose will look perfect.

  84. 6.24.20
    Vicki said:

    So happy for you! As someone who just moved into a brand new home two months ago, I agree with waiting until you are living in the space to get a true feel for it. I purchased several things ahead of time for our house that didn’t end up working. Since you have recessed lights and good natural lighting, the pendants are mostly for aesthetics. My kitchen is similar to yours with white cabinets, subway tile granite countertops, and wood look tile floors. I would go with small simple classic (one bulb) black lanterns. I feel like brass is also somewhat trendy; it wasn’t that long ago that everyone was getting rid of brass and gold fixtures, lol! I used oil rubbed bronze, which almost looks black, for my light fixtures over island and above sink, but use the recessed lights to really light up the space for working. Too many bulbs in three light fixtures close together could get really harsh and overpowering. I agree with rattan being trendy and harder to keep clean, especially in a kitchen. You could add the warmth of rattan, wicker, and natural wood with baskets above your pretty cabinets, trays, cutting boards, etc. (Tip-line the tops of the cabinets with wax or parchment paper so when they get greasy/dusty you can change it out). Right now you are looking at an empty undecorated white space, and things will feel much different once you have moved in, trust me! I am still trying to get my house organized and decorated two months later, and while I want it done now, it pays to be patient😊. Have fun!

    • 6.24.20
      Sarah said:

      Very good advice, thank you so much for sharing Vicki! So many good points you brought up. And I have to agree with you about the brass–it wasn’t popular too long ago! I definitely love the black.

      • 6.24.20
        Vicki said:

        You’re very welcome, looking forward to seeing your decorated new home, I know it will be beautiful😊

  85. 6.24.20
    Tracy said:

    I like the black lanterns. They look sophisticated! LOL! And I know you will bring warmth in the room with accessories! I also think they will stay timeless.
    Congratulations too!! Super excited for your journey!

  86. 6.24.20
    Cheryl said:

    I love the look of the black lanterns!

  87. 6.24.20
    Cindy said:

    # 5 of the wicker ones

  88. 6.24.20
    Kim said:

    Im thinking the rattan in the dark color

  89. 6.24.20
    Tammy Ganci said:

    Hi, I am so excited for you new home and all you will do to it for your lovely family. I recently as you know purchased a house on the Jersey shore. I just purchased the exact same black lantern lights for over the island and over my dining room I purchased the same lantern but in a large rectangle shape. They are amazing as I am making the decor of this house country/coastal.

  90. 6.24.20
    Kathy said:

    I’d go with the black. I love the rattan but the black gives a nice contrast with all the light colors in the kitchen.

  91. 6.24.20
    Suzie said:

    I like the black rattan . The color draws the eye in but it’s still light and airy.

  92. 6.24.20
    Sue said:

    Love both but from experience the rattan pendants are beautiful but so hard to keep clean especially in a kitchen area. It is not like you can windex them clean.

  93. 6.24.20
    Berniw said:

    Definitely the Classic look in black!

  94. 6.24.20
    glenda lafont said:

    do the rattan pendents

  95. 6.24.20
    Pamela said:

    While the rattan is beautiful I would go with the lanterns in an antique brass finish for a more timeless look!

  96. 6.24.20
    Donna L Bergthold said:

    I vote for the rattan pendants. While I love the black lights I think the rattan brings more warmth.

  97. 6.24.20
    Candy said:

    Hi Sarah
    I am so excited for you closing in two weeks, wow! I can’t wait to see what you do as I love your decorating. I love the rattan lights as I have never seen these…

  98. 6.24.20
    Nell Maisel said:

    The black iron pendants look much better in my opinion!

  99. 6.24.20
    Cindy Baker said:

    Lantern lights for sure!

  100. 6.24.20
    Traci said:

    Congratulations on the new house, Sarah! I can’t wait to see how you decorate all this new space!

    My vote is for lanterns over the island.

  101. 6.24.20
    Juli said:

    totally off topic, but I love the long cardigan you’re wearing in this photo – great for warmer weather. Any chance you can share where you found it? Thx!

  102. 6.24.20
    Kathy said:

    I just finished choosing my lighting options for our new build. I went with the elongated lantern light fixture over my table (Craftmade Flynt collection). 3 large glass pendants over my island and the large lantern chandelier in my foyer. You can see All my lights as you enter my house through the foyer. I like the black lantern over your island. It’s an airy look. Can I ask? What stone did you go with in your kitchen?

  103. 6.24.20

    Thinking I like the lantern idea, but maybe in a gold finish, and use a gold finish for the faucet. I love gold in the farmhouse vibe.

  104. 6.24.20
    Janet said:

    I love the rattan! Softer, and lovely!

  105. 6.24.20
    Jan said:

    Lanterns, the one with the single bulb! I love the rattan but all I see is dust stuck all over them & hard to clean.

  106. 6.24.20
    Cynthia said:

    God bless your home!!!!!
    I vote for the black/brass lanterns. I think they are more timeless.

  107. 6.24.20
    Alex said:

    Love the lantern pendants – in either black or brass!

  108. 6.24.20
    Lisa said:

    I personally like the lanterns but maybe in the antique color so a little more airy looking, the black looked a little heavy in the picture. But then again, you are envisioning it from a different perspective and i’m sure whatever you pick will look lovely:)

  109. 6.24.20
    Mary Ann said:

    Lanterns for sure!

  110. 6.24.20
    Carol said:

    I prefer the rattan for its Beautiful color, texture and warmth. Rattan seems more like you! And I wouldn’t want to have to clean the glass on some of those metal ones.

  111. 6.24.20

    I lurve the rattan! But the lanterns are more dramatic and add contrast. I’m no help whatsoever!!! I don’t think you can go wrong…. but after thinking about it, I might lean a little more toward the lanterns, in a bronze or weathered finish if you can find a weathered finish. IDK tho, those wicker ones….. 🙂

  112. 6.24.20
    Pam said:

    Between the 2, I would choose lantern but maybe a softer tone .
    My favorite is a big classic glass pendant (pottery barn)

  113. 6.24.20
    Randie McGrew said:

    I like the off shaped looks like pewter lantern. So different!!

  114. 6.24.20
    Nancy Hiemstra said:

    I love the lantern style, and I’d select a bronze color. The black might look a bit harsh in that beautiful light space.

  115. 6.24.20
    Sally Cahill said:

    Hi Sara, it depends on the overall look you’re going for. I think the rattan ones look coastal/country and will create wonderful patterns when lit while the lantern pendants are a more sophisticated style (personally like the top right style!) both suit your space, have you considered lighting in the nearby spaces – do you want to have something similar throughout or contrast lighting to define different areas? Lots to think about, enjoy the adventure!!!

  116. 6.24.20

    Hi Sara it depends on the overall look you’re going for? The rattan lights are more coastal/country and will create wonderful shapes when on, whereas the pendant lights are more of a sophisticated style (personally like the top right design) also do you want lights in the other nearby spaces to match or will they be completely different? Lots to think about, enjoy the adventure!

  117. 6.24.20
    Brenda Johnson said:

    I would go with the lantern style and think about going with one that has no glass, because keeping the glass clean can be a pain! It’s a beautiful kitchen!

  118. 6.24.20
    Joyce said:

    The rattan looks more you! But I also like the lantern style.

  119. 6.24.20
    Sia said:

    I love the look of the rattan softer look

  120. 6.24.20
    Eva said:

    I have glass lights over my island and swore I’d never do it again because they need cleaning SO often, and are difficult to get clean and streak free. Just FYI 🙂

  121. 6.24.20
    Kelly Martino said:

    I LOVE your new place and the scenery wow! So fun to watch what you would do. I have a big open room I like all of them would the glass lanterns shine in your eyes or reflect in your TV? The basket ones look like you warm. That’s my 2 cents Thanks Sarah!❤️

  122. 6.24.20
    Jan said:

    I love the rattan. I actually like the dupe better than the SandR. It will let more light in. Its gonna be gorgeous! Yaaay

  123. 6.24.20
    Vickie said:

    Ok I like the rattan or maybe a lighter wooden lantern. The black metal is very heavy looking

  124. 6.24.20
    Tina said:

    I like the pendant. The ones with the chrome would look nice with the other elements in the kitchen.
    I love the countertop. Do you mind sharing the information on it? Congrats on your new home!

  125. 6.24.20
    Cathy A said:

    Lantern in the gold.

  126. 6.24.20
    Peggy CLIFFORD said:

    I love the rattan, not to big as there are 3, more neural colors ! I also like clear class school house shaped!! , I think the other choice is to much for the island !

  127. 6.24.20
    Gayle said:

    Hi Sarah! I love the rattan pendants!! So what if they’re on trend and may go out of fashion quickly…..just get different ones down the track 😂
    But…….if you were going to do that black metal shelving like in your inspo post I would definitely do the lanterns.
    Also I’d hang them a bit higher up. I’m sure whatever you do in your lovely new kitchen will look awesome!!

  128. 6.24.20
    Jody Jackson said:

    I think I’d like the rattan ones better. They look cozier to me. I liked the rattan that you picked out better than all the other rattan ones.

  129. 6.24.20
    Lesa said:

    I like the rattan pendants best.

  130. 6.24.20
    Sharis said:

    Hi~First, congratulations on your new home! Super exciting times for you and your family. Second, I vote for the last black lantern, one bulb, no glass, mixed metals and makes a statement, but not too much of one. Third, after moving in our brand new home 2 1/2 yrs ago my thoughts are the less work at cleaning the better. Less glass makes cleaning a breeze. That’s why I didn’t pick the wicker lanterns, even though I adore wicker. And fourth, honestly I know it’s super exciting to be picking out lots of finishes now, but I’m truly glad I lived in the space for several months before I made big decorating decisions ~like foyer & dining room chandeliers, kitchen pendants and ceiling fans etc. After living in the space a few months I changed my mind on what I thought I wanted more than once.

    But, you have great taste and i have no doubt it will be fabulous!

    Enjoy the process ~
    Sharis Jean

  131. 6.25.20
    Cindy said:

    I love the black lanterns. I think they are classic. Not a fan of the rattan ones. Best wishes to you. Have fun!

  132. 6.25.20

    I love the lanterns. I would be afraid the rattan ones would be dust collectors and hard to clean

  133. 6.25.20
    Darcy said:

    Ohh how exciting so happy you have found your new home. Personally I think the rattan gets lost in the open space. I would choose the lanterns. They say come look at my beautiful new kitchen.

  134. 6.25.20
    Julia Crutchmer said:


  135. 6.25.20
    Michelle said:

    Oh my goodness, congratulations! You must be so excited! I can’t wait to follow along as you makeover your farmhouse.
    I like both options but vote for the lantern. I actually really like the third from the bottom of your choices. It’s classic but also a little modern.
    Whatever you choose will be perfect.

  136. 6.25.20
    Cheryl said:


    I have glass and it’s amazing how quickly they get dusty.

  137. 6.25.20
    Joy said:

    I really love the lanterns! The rattan pendants seem trendy!

  138. 6.25.20
    Tanya said:

    I love the lantern look! To compliment the space I’d go with Brass lanterns, especially the Hemisphere Garnet Lantern! The black lanterns are staple & classic too! They’d go into any space.

  139. 6.25.20

    I love, love the Black Lanterns for the kitchen. That little bit of color just makes the cabinets pop. In my picture of the kitchen, it looks like you have gray with black in the countertops. The BLACK just adds so much to the kitchen. That POP of color.

  140. 6.25.20
    denise limb said:

    hi i like the simple lanterns

  141. 6.25.20
    Sharis Norris said:

    Ooops…I meant I liked the 5th black lantern (not last as previously written). Think you’ll be glad If you choose something with no glass to clean. New homes are notorious for lots of dust. I was taught every room needs a touch of black for drama, 😉

    Enjoy and thanks for letting me correct myself.


  142. 6.25.20
    Pam said:

    As much as I know you are dying to make improvements and make this kitchen “yours”, I have to agree that you might want to wait a little longer. I can definitely picture the rattan pendents in your house because they do seem to be more “your style”. However, I can also see you wanting to change that dining room chandelier! HA! Will your choice of pendents match the chandelier? I believe Joanna Gaines once said to take your time and don’t rush when decorating a new space. Then you will be sure to fill it with your favorite things that you will be meaningful and special to you! I have no doubt that whatever you decide, in due time, will be beautiful. Happy decorating!

  143. 6.26.20
    Cheryl said:

    Where did you purchase the black floor lamp in the living room, I love it! I vote for the rattan pendant lights!!!

  144. 6.26.20
    Christy mcgrath said:

    I like the rattan. The lighter look will be timeless. The lanterns are Too heavy and bulky look.

  145. 6.27.20
    Nancy said:

    I love the rattan pendants! They are a bit more casual and add a warm character to all of the white. I think the other choice is too formal, but that’s my taste!

  146. 6.27.20
    Sheilah Perry-Rosales said:

    I’d go with the lanterns in black.

  147. 7.1.20
    Gina vanGreuningen said:

    I love the rattan pendants, however, because you have to have 3 hanging, I think they should be a bit smaller as it looks too busy with the 3 larger ones you have chosen. There should only be 2 pendants above the size of island if you are using larger shades. The house looks awesome though!

  148. 7.3.20
    Stephanie said:

    My vote is for the rattan pendants! Love them!

  149. 7.3.20
    Nancy said:

    I like the Stockton 1 light lantern pendant, I think the other lanterns are too overpowering for the space considering there are three lights over the island.

  150. 7.3.20
    Pam said:

    I feel the metal ones look too heavy and more for the outdoor, rattan for now and as the fashion changes you can change

  151. 7.4.20
    june fisher said:

    I put the next to the last lantern in my bathroom with vaulted ceiling and love it. Pretty lines and no glass to wash!!::))

  152. 8.19.23
    Kristi said:

    Hands down, the rattan looks best!