How I Manage Stress

I’m going to be totally honest here and I say that I’ve been feeling some extra stress and anxiety this month. I have SO many big things happening in July–including two huge house projects that I’ll share soon, as well as a ton of other things in my personal life and for the blog. And even though it’s all positive and good things for the most part, it’s still a LOT and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Anyway, last night we went on a nice little hike as a family and it really helped clear my mind. Plus it reminded me about the things I’ve been forgetting to do that make a difference when it comes to managing my stress. So today I wanted to share those tips in case any of you are also having a busy, stressful month too. I’m also sharing an easy outfit idea that is perfect for getting outdoors this summer!

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BREATH + BE GRATEFUL: Anytime I feel overwhelmed, the first thing that really helps me calm down is taking a quiet moment to just breath and remind myself of why I should be grateful. Focusing on my family and my blessings really helps alleviate my stress. Then I start thinking of the things I “get to do” instead of what I “have to do“–that always helps change my perspective for the better.

CROSS OFF WHAT I CAN: When anxiety sets it, it’s so helpful for me to look at my to-do list and cross off anything that I don’t absolutely have to do. Is there something I’m choosing to do that’s causing me stress? Something that I can push off until later? Anything I can say no to in order to free up time for something else? Focusing on what HAS to be done and then giving myself permission to say no to everything else makes a huge difference.

GET OUTDOORS: Anytime I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it always helps to get outdoors. Going for a run, taking the kids for a hike, or even going fishing is so therapeutic for me. Being outdoors was a huge part of my childhood, especially during summer, so it has a very calming effect on me. It’s like nature reminds me that life is so much bigger than what I’m stressing about.

Now let’s chat about what I wore for our hike last night! You guys, I am thrilled to team up with the cool folks over at Backcountry to show you an easy outfit idea that is perfect for being active outdoors. If you’re not familiar with Backcountry, they are an incredible company that believes people should be outside in nature, living life to the fullest. I love this company and what they stand for, so I’m really excited to share this easy outfit with you guys today!!

First I have to talk about this cute rope sling pack because it’s possibly my favorite part of the entire outfit. This bag is super lightweight, so it’s perfect for hikes with the kids. But it’s also great for running errands every day–I LOVE all the outer pockets. It comes in tons of colors and pattern options too! Also, can we talk about this cute hat?! It’s made of wool felt, so it’s really durable. I feel like this could be worn with so many different outfits.

Another Backcountry find is that stretchy skort. You guys, this thing is so dang comfortable. And now I feel like every skirt should have a pair of shorts underneath it. The fabric is very breathable, plus it also has UPF 50 to protect against sun damage. How cool is that?! This is definitely a must for summer. I’m wearing a size small here. I’ve paired it with this super soft scoop neck tank top in the color Rhubarb Heather.

I practically live in sandals during the summer, so I wanted to style this outfit with a pair that work for EVERYTHING. These sandals pair well with just about any outfit. And I’ve been so impressed with the quality on these–I’d say they definitely live up to the hype. Plus the cork footbed molds to the shape of my feet, so they get more and more comfortable the longer I wear them.

Aside from awesome gear and footwear, Backcountry also has tons of accessories like hats, sunglasses, watches, etc. I grabbed these sunglasses and they are amazing. I got them in bronze and they are hands down the best sunglasses I’ve ever had in my whole dang LIFE.


I’m so impressed with Backcountry andI hope you check them out if you’re looking for great outdoor clothing and gear this summer. They even do free two day shipping on orders over $50. Whoot whoot! Plus they were kind enough to give me a discount code for you guys too. You can use SARAHJOY15 for 15% off your order! This is good for first time purchases only and some exclusions may apply.

Here are a few of my other favorites under $75:

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  1. 7.17.19
    glenda lafont said:

    go to a gym. I wouldn’t hike up there I would
    be afraid of cougars. the gym handles my

  2. 7.17.19
    Pat said:

    I can’t imagine hiking in sandals! I would think if you were truly hiking you would need more support, especially for the ankles. Way too easy to twist an ankle on rocks in sandals!

    • 7.17.19
      Sarah said:

      It wasn’t much of a hike Pat, much more like an easy walking trail!

  3. 7.17.19
    Denise Raley said:

    Not sure where you live, but it sure is beautiful there.

  4. 7.17.19
    Marcia said:

    Why would you even walk or hike in sandals …too easy to twist your ankle…..get some hiking or walking shoes.

  5. 7.17.19
    Belinda said:

    You look gorgeous, Sarah. I would only say learn to say no to things not too important. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by too many committees and projects. You are a young mother, and as healthy and fit as you seem to be, it does eventually catch up to you. Adore you ❤️

    • 7.17.19
      Belinda said:

      Correction to my comment. Meant to say commitments not committees, haha.

    • 7.17.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Belinda, I always appreciate your sweet words and kind heart! xoxo

  6. 7.17.19
    lynn said:

    love your site and clothes you have the are so cute can you add me to your blog thanks ! even my husband thinks your site is great.

    • 7.17.19
      Sarah said:

      Oh wow thank you so much Lynn!! xo

  7. 7.17.19
    Wendy said:

    I completely agree with everything Belinda said! Thank you Sarah for always inspiring me!!

    • 7.17.19
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you so much Wendy, I really appreciate that!! xo

  8. 7.17.19
    Bev said:

    Sarah.. I love skorts!! I have two that I purchased at a golf store and they are sooo comfy! I wear them to excercise in and just for fun. I will check out that website. Thanks for the tips too!

  9. 7.17.19
    Jill from Wyoming said:

    Hi Sarah – Knowing you are a Christian, I feel that I can share that my favorite passage to rely upon is Matthew 6:25-34. Somedays I need to tape it to my forehead! Thank you for your other ideas as well.

    • 7.17.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much for sharing that verse Jill!

  10. 7.17.19
    Diane said:

    Hi Sarah. I went onto the Backcountry site & ordered a rope sling pack as soon as I finished reading the blog today. It’s already shipped out and I can’t wait to get it! Thank you so much for all the fun info!!

    • 7.17.19
      Sarah said:

      Oh yay, so excited for you!! You’ll love it–the bag is perfect!

  11. 7.17.19
    Salena said:

    I can definitely relate to feeling anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed. Thank you for sharing your tips.

  12. 7.18.19
    Jill said:

    You are so real and great to watch, thank you!
    “We get to” instead of “we have to” is what we constantly correct with our boys. It’s a privilege to be able to do the things we do! It was nice seeing you say that. 👍🏻😁

  13. 7.18.19
    Sheilah Perry-Rosales said:

    Nice outfit for the park or zoo but not a nature hike! Please wear proper foot protection and clothes when out on a hike we don’t want you to get hurt!

  14. 7.19.19
    Janet V said:

    I love following you! You are encouraging and full of great tips/helps, etc. your shoes were fine for a stroll with the family🙂

    • 7.19.19
      Sarah said:

      well thank you so much Janet, I appreciate your kindness!

  15. 7.19.19
    Mary said:

    Hiya 🙂
    Ty for sharing!
    Enjoy your posts especially the finds from Walmart or etc where u share affordable items.
    Ps. its Breathe ( im familiar with that word as i like to LOOK @ it as a reminder during my day)
    here is a little breathing tip from me
    Mouth shut
    breathe in nose
    hold for 4 ( more if u want)
    let out mouth
    mouth shut
    breathe in nose
    out nose
    Bless us all:)

  16. 7.23.19
    Susan said:

    I’m laughing at some of the comments about “hiking” in Birks! It’s obvious this was a photo shoot/walk/pretend hike. I have 3 pair of the same Gizeh Birks in diff colors, one for getting dirty, two for cute outfits. They just survived trails at the beach & the mountains, so comfy and supportive. I would not go for a serious “hike” in them either! Love your blog!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      You’re right Susan, it was definitely a leisurely walk with the kiddos. Thanks for your support!! xo