Friday Five: Life Update, Prayer Journal, Cozy Aerie Finds + More

Well hellllllo there and happy Friday to you! I slept through my alarm today, so now I feel like I’m scrambling around and all out of sorts. Apparently I need that early morning time even more than I realized! Anyway, today I wanted to share a fun Friday Five with a few random favorites from the week. AND I have a super exciting life update to share with you guys. Eeek!


As most of you probably know, my husband has been in law enforcement for 14 years now. It’s been his passion and despite my own fears, God has always kept him safe. He has done exceptionally well in that career, however over the past year and a half, he felt a tugging on his heart to try something new and make a change. So we prayed about it and waited for doors to open. Sure enough, God slowly but surely began to provide a way. And now I’m so excited to share that he has accepted a position with an incredible training company and officially resigned from law enforcement. This new opportunity has been such a blessing for our family because it gives him much more time at home, but he’s still able to pursue his passion–just in a new way. And even though it does feel a bit strange to no longer be a LEO family, we are thrilled and so grateful for this new journey!





Thanks for stoping by the blog today. Hope you have a great weekend!! xo

Sarah here! Nice to meet you. I’m a mama to three, wife to my high school sweetheart and accidental blogger. We recently moved to our little homestead on ten acres and we're loving the small town life in Colorado. I hope this space can inspire you to create a home you love and enjoy the simple moments the most.


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  1. 2.19.21
    Kathy Squires said:

    What house are you in front of?

    • 2.19.21
      Sarah said:

      Just an old historic house we love!

      • 2.19.21
        Kristine said:

        Congratulations on his new job! We are a family of law enforcement (NYPD). So happy for your beautiful family ❤️

        • 2.22.21
          Sarah said:

          oh wow, that’s amazing! Sending prayers your way.

  2. 2.19.21
    Tammy Ganci said:

    So happy for your family on the new path your husband is taking. I wish him all the best!!!!
    Enjoy your weekend and your family and have a blessed day
    Love your blog friend,

  3. 2.19.21
    Sandee said:

    CONGRATULATION to your Hubby on the new career path. I know it must be a huge weight off your heart. I don’t know how LEO families do it.
    So happy for all of you.

  4. 2.19.21
    Denise said:

    Very exciting. So great to hear of the change. Blessings to you all.

  5. 2.19.21
    Janae said:

    So excited for you guys with your husbands new career! Sounds like an answer to prayer 😊

    • 2.19.21
      Lisa said:

      Congratulations to your husband on his new career path. So happy for you and the fam.

      • 2.22.21
        Sarah said:

        thanks so much Lisa!!

  6. 2.19.21

    So,happy for your family and hope everything goes great for yall. Just love your blog and ideas.Have a blessed weekend.

  7. 2.19.21
    Lisa said:

    Congrats to your husband on this NEW CAREER ADVENTURE..may it bring him great JOY and FULFILLMENT! I really LOVE your designer style and tips😁I would love to have someone with a designer touch do my! Maybe one day😁Blessings and Love to you sister and have a BLESSED weekend😘😘😘😘Lisa

  8. 2.19.21
    Candy said:

    Hi Sarah
    God does work in mysterious ways, and I am so happy for you and your hubby. Being in law enforcement is a sacrifice they make everyday to service the public.All the best!

  9. 2.19.21
    Stacy Roberds said:

    What relief you must feel! No doubt this is the pinnacle to your move to the country where you and your husband can raise your beautiful children a little to the left of all the crazy things popping up center stage! The ripple effect is powerful and you have kept so many of us grounded with living in the minute in our homes during these unsettling times. (There is program for this called Full Catastrophe Living) So glad you will have a little more of the peace for yourself with which you have so generously showered your followers. Hugs, sweet Sarah!

  10. 2.19.21

    That’s awesome! So happy for you guys. Its amazing how God works!

  11. 2.19.21
    Kim Jordan said:

    Congratulations! I hope your husband is successful with his new job!!! Sounds exciting!!!

  12. 2.19.21
    Kim said:

    So excited for you and your family on this new adventure!! Sending best wishes and positive thoughts your way!

  13. 2.19.21
    Kim Shields said:

    Congratulations to your husband on this new adventure! Blessings to your family

  14. 2.19.21
    Shanda said:

    I am so happy for your family. Togetherness is one of my favorite things! We made decision not exact but similar and it’s the BEST!

  15. 2.19.21

    This makes me so incredibly happy for your family! God works in mysterious ways and when he puts something on our hearts we need only have faith and step forward! Many wishes of happiness and new amazing moments for your family and hubbies new career! Love your light, Sarah! You are a breath of fresh air! ❤️

  16. 2.19.21
    Angie said:

    This brings tears of joy to my eyes!!! I’m so excited for this new journey for your family. Blessing & prayers as your hubby starts his new career.

  17. 2.19.21
    Tristie said:


  18. 2.19.21
    Barbara said:

    Oh my gosh. I am so happy for you and your family. I cannot imagine the stress that all law enforcement families feel every, single day. You and your husband are heroes. Isn’t it amazing how God walks with us? Congratulations!

  19. 2.19.21
    Deb said:

    Sarah Joy,
    Wow! So happy to hear of your husband’s

  20. 2.19.21
    Heather said:

    Congratulations!! So happy for your family!

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you Heather, we appreciate that!! xo

  21. 2.19.21
    Debbie said:

    Congratulations to your hubby on his new career. I wish him all the best. So happy for you all and thank you for your sacrifice and for his service. Have a wonderful new journey in your life. Blessings to you all❤️👍🏻🙏🙏

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Debbie, we really appreciate that! So excited for this next chapter and grateful to God for leading the way. xo

  22. 2.19.21
    Tori said:

    Congratulations to you and your Hubby!!! What fantastic news!!! So glad that he still gets to do something he loves but you’ll have more peace of mind! Prayers for a blessed new season of life!

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      yes exactly, Tori! We are very excited for this next chapter.

  23. 2.19.21
    Bernie said:

    Congratulations to you all! Have a great weekend!

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      thanks so much Bernie!

  24. 2.19.21
    Jan said:

    Congrats to the new career change! My Dad was a State Trooper in IA and it was a very rewarding job but also a stressful job at times, but he never let it show.
    You’ll love the change! My husband just retired and the “honey do” list just seems to keep growing!

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      you’re right Jan, it’s a very rewarding career and also very stressful too. But like you said about your Dad, my husband ever complained. It takes a special kind of person to do that job!

  25. 2.19.21
    Megan said:

    Congratulations to your husband on his new job and to a new beginning for you and your family!

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      thanks so much Megan!

  26. 2.19.21
    Jill McDermott said:

    I am so happy for you and your family with your husbands new career opportunity!!

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you so much Jill!

  27. 2.19.21
    Mallory S said:

    Congrats to him and thank you for his and your family’s service. It absolutely takes the entire family. My husband was an officer for 12 years and it was so bizarre for his to transition into something in the same field, but off the street. But how exciting for your family! And thank you for sharing your dependence on God, in this post and in several other ways! I love following you!

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      You’re right Mallory, it is a bizarre transition. Definitely strange at times, but we’re all just so grateful for this next chapter. God is faithful!

  28. 2.19.21
    Dawn Joyce said:

    I am so happy for your family. God is good 💛💛

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      Amen to that! Thank you Dawn.

  29. 2.19.21
    Kim said:

    What incredible news!! I am so happy for your family!! Please thank you husband for all his years of service and sacrifice! Best of luck in his new job!

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      Oh I will, thank you Kim! We are all so excited for this next chapter.

  30. 2.19.21
    Kathleen said:

    God bless … it’s so nice to hear a happy story these days and He always rewards patience and prayer!

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Kathleen!

  31. 2.19.21
    Lea childress said:

    Congratulations on your husband new adventure. My husband just retired of law enforcement of 22 yrs. we are moving soon to our new home and adventure to a new city new a wonderful lake in Kentucky. We are so excited. Hope all goes well with him. And also I love your new home. I get a lot of ideas from it thanks!

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      oh wow that is so exciting!! Good luck on your next chapter!

  32. 2.20.21
    Cindy Walker said:

    Congratulations on the new career path for your family! I saw all his work with Fieldcraft 😊 You will never regret more time with your kids💛

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you so much Cindy!

  33. 2.20.21
    Heather said:

    Congrats to your husband on his new job, and to your family!! I know how stressful you were worrying about him. Your basement and office and just your whole new home is beautiful! 🥳👏🏻❤️
    P.S. The prayer journal is beautiful, I just may order myself one! 🙏

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Heather, we are all so grateful for this next chapter!

  34. 2.20.21
    Denise said:

    Congratulations to him 🙏🙏🙏

  35. 2.20.21
    Ruth said:

    Congratulations on your husband’s new career! God listens to our prayers and guides our path.

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      Amen to that Ruth!

  36. 2.20.21
    Amy said:

    Congrats! My husband is in his 25th and final year of being a police officer! He is looking forward to retirement so much! Thanks to your hubby for his years of service!

    • 2.22.21
      Sarah said:

      Oh wow that’s awesome. Congrats to you both for such a long and successful career!

  37. 2.23.21
    Heather Joyner said:

    Congratulations on the new career path and please thank your husband for his service. Those who choose to serve our country in law enforcement and the armed services deserve everyones gratitude. Thank you also for sharing your life with us I enjoy following along and finding new ideas.

  38. 2.23.21

    Awww……my son-in-law is in law enforcement and I’ve always appreciated the words of encouragement you’ve shared in that regard. Here’s to being open for what the Lord has in store!!