Friday Five: Baby Chicks, Defining Success, Spring Decor + More

Holy moly, it’s been a crazy week over here. Every day was jam packed with meetings, errands, activities, and other random adulting tasks. But the best part of the week was getting baby chicks yesterday!! Seventeen to be exact. And they are the cutest little things. The kids are absolutely obsessed and it’s so fun to see them get to experience something that was so special in my own childhood. I have so many memories of getting baby chicks when I was growing up. That was always one of my favorite days! And now it’s pretty cool to finally have the chance to give my kids the same kind of memories.


  • Tare just launched a brand new creamy version of their super popular Shape Tape concealer. I was lucky enough to get my hands on it early and it’s SOOO good. It’s much more hydrating than the original formula (with the same amount of great coverage) and also more forgiving if you have dry skin or more mature skin. It’s definitely my new favorite concealer. Check it out here. Code sarahjoy saves 15% + free shipping.
  • Lately I’ve really been enjoying Gavin Luke’s piano music. I love listening to it when I’m working on my computer or when I just want to relax. It’s so calming! This playlist is awesome.
  • Awesome deal happening on this set of Diamonique earrings.
  • A few days ago I was listening to one of my favorite motivational speakers/business guru Dean Graziosi. He was talking about how we define success. That got me thinking about my own definition of success and for me, it really comes down to simple thing. Being a happy, joyful person is success to me. Loving Jesus and living my life for Him is success to me. Raising my kids to be kind, hard working people is success to me. Being married to my best friend is success to me. Appreciating simple things like coffee with the sunrise and family dinners is success to me. It’s not money or fancy things that motivate me at the end of the day. It’s family, love and happiness. How do you define success?
  • My favorite steamer is back in stock.
  • I’ve been re-discovering my love of this CC cream over the last week or so. I haven’t worn it in years and I forgot how amazing it is! QVC has a really good deal for two right now. They also have this awesome five piece kit for the today special value.
  • More It Cosmetics sale finds here.
  • Absolutely loving Heather Robertson workout videos on YouTube lately.




Well that’s enough rambling from me today. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. See you back here soon!


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