Friday Favorites: Vintage Frames & Galvanized Buckets

Well I have officially made it through another week my friends. Can you guys believe I’m still pregnant?! Yep, still pregnant. I’m 39 weeks today and honestly I don’t anticipate this baby coming for at least another week. I mean, I told you guys already that I tend to over-cook my babies. My son was 41.5 weeks for heaven’s sake! I barely survived. My daughter was overdue too, so I highly doubt this babe will come early but you never know. I’ve been trying to take it a bit slower lately, but I really don’t do well with sitting around. It’s actually a challenge for me to do nothing. I love being busy, piddling around the house and working on projects. It’s just my nature I guess. But I am starting to slow my roll a bit and relax more, which is a good thing when you’re this large. Anyway, today’s Friday Favorites is a fun one. I have some random goodies to share with you, but I’m most excited about a pair of giant vintage frames!

Painted Vintage Frames

So a few weeks ago my mom actually found these huge vintage frames for me at an estate sale for $3.50 each. How sweet of her, huh? They were an ugly gold-ish brown color, so I gave them a quick coat of white paint (of course!) and they have a whole new look now. I am actually thinking of doing a fun wall collage with these, but I styled them up on our mantel for now.

Vintage Frames in Farmhouse Style Mantel

What a steal at $3.50 each, right?! I see these in antique shops, already painted and distressed, all the time and they’re usually $25+ for frames this large. Or easily more. These were a total score!

Vintage Frames in Farmhouse Style Mantel

Hanging Galvanized Buckets

If you saw my front room makeover post earlier this week you might have noticed the hanging galvanized buckets on the door over in the corner. I actually got these at Magnolia Market when we visited back in March. I had them on my staircase gallery wall for a while, but I don’t think I ever really mentioned them, which is craziness because I LOVE these buckets. They’re so versatile and they actually come with little hangers on the back so they can be put on the wall or anywhere your heart desires. I hung them on this old door for my room makeover and I’m kind of smitten with them in this spot.

Hanging Buckets on Old Door. Great way to use an old door! Hanging Buckets on Old Door. Great way to use an old door!

Since they have little hangers on the back it was super easy to hang each one from a little nail in the door. They went up in just a few minutes and I think they add a lot of charm to this old door.

Hanging Buckets on Old Door. Great way to use an old door!

Unfortunately these are no longer sold on the Magnolia website, but I did find a few very similar options for you guys!

Farmhouse Style Galvanized Hanging Buckets

Shop the Buckets

Favorite Summer Makeup

All right, I want to chat about something girly for a hot minute. You guys, I have been looooooving this CC+ Cream from IT Cosmetics. This is my go-to summer beauty product when I want something easy and quick for my skin. I used this last summer too and I actually just picked up a tube for my hospital bag because I wanted something quick and easy after baby is born. It gives great coverage, plus it’s loaded with tons of amazing stuff for your skin–including sunscreen, which is perfect for summertime.

Favorite Summer Makeup

4th of July Firework Blondies

Firework Blonde Brownies

So yeah….This happened. Of course I’ve been browsing Pinterest for 4th of July food ideas and I came across these Firework Blondies from Crazy for Crust. OMG. How amazing do these look?! I love blonde brownies, I mean who the heck doesn’t, and these couldn’t be more perfect for the holiday weekend. I don’t know who is more excited about making these–me or the kids!

All right my friends, that’s a wrap for me today. I’m off to make brownies and wait for baby to come. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

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  1. 6.30.17
    Pam said:

    As usual I am awed how beautiful your styling is with such simplicity that results in a burst of beauty!!! LOVE the frames styled on the mantel!!! Those little basket/buckets are DARLING!!! Keep those great works of styling art coming… everything you so! That baby will come soon-rest as much as possible sweet Sarah!

    • 6.30.17
      Sarah said:

      You are so darn sweet, thank you so much for all your kindness and encouragement! xoxo

  2. 6.30.17
    Sharon Warren said:

    Probably me, but I couldn’t get the “buckets” photos to work. Would love to shop for some…can you help?

    • 6.30.17
      Sarah said:

      Hi Sharon! Don’t click on the large photo of the buckets, you’ll want to scroll down below that to click on the smaller photo of each bucket. Just click on whichever one you want to see more of and it should take you there. Hope that helps!

  3. 6.30.17
    Pamela said:

    Love all the tips today, love the buckets, and what a score on the frames.

    • 6.30.17
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Pamela, so glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. 6.30.17
    Sharon Isaac said:

    Love those frames, Sarah. They look great on your mantel and what a bargain! I wish I had a mantel. Hope that little girl of yours doesn’t keep you waiting too long. Best wishes x

    • 6.30.17
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Sharon, they were definitely a steal at 3 bucks each. And thanks so much for the well wishes, I really appreciate it!

  5. 6.30.17
    Mary said:

    What and exciteing time for you and your family!
    I love the buckets. What have you put in them?
    I also love a good find at an esate sale. Your mom was spot on when she saw these frames. I just posted how I decorated my new home with all thrifty finds.

    • 6.30.17
      Sarah said:

      Those are just faux flowers from Hobby Lobby, Mary! Thanks for dropping by, I’m going to hop over and see your thrifty finds!

  6. 6.30.17
    Corinne said:

    Absolutely love the topiary orchids. Where did you get them from? They look stunning on the mantel!!! It looks so clean and beautiful!

  7. 6.30.17
    Angela said:

    Hi pretty mama, I am in total awe of you, being so so pregnant and still doing all that you do. What a great example you are for your children. No sitting around moping for you. AWESOME. But please remember it’s a good time to take a breather before your beautiful little girl arrives. I’m so excited, it’s almost like my own daughter having a baby. Love and hugs Angela

    • 6.30.17
      Sarah said:

      Aw Angela, you are way too sweet! I just read this comment aloud to my husband and we are so grateful for your support and kindness. Thank you so much! I definitely plan to take it easy this weekend and do a whole lotta nothin’!

  8. 6.30.17
    Susan Koehn said:

    We might need one last picture especially if this is your last baby. You do look precious.

    • 6.30.17
      Sarah said:

      I have one last pregnancy update planned for next week, so stay tuned for that Susan! 🙂

  9. 6.30.17
    Elisabeth Cuningham said:

    Everything’s so cute ???? Good luck these next few days! Praying everything goes well for you! (Don’t know you but I feel like I do!)

    • 6.30.17
      Sarah said:

      Aw thank you so much Elisabeth, I really appreciate that!! xoxo

  10. 6.30.17
    Mary said:

    Your mom did a great job grabbing those frames for you! They look wonderful with the new paint. My 3 sons were all late too….the first one was 2 weeks late, second one 7 days and the third one 3 days! So I know how you feel…..get lots of rest ????

    • 6.30.17
      Sarah said:

      Oh Mary, bless your heart! I know all too well how hard the waiting game is. I’ve been thinking this 3rd one might be early, but I’m actually kind of hoping she waits a bit longer. I need just a little more time!

  11. 7.1.17
    Helen said:

    Hi Sara…love the painted frames…told you before I think we must be related…I’ve just bought two and they’re on my mantle??!! Spooky, spooky! I’ve just read some of the comments here and feel exactly the same about this baby…I even chatted to a friend on a dog walk and coffee all about how excited I am ???????? Rest up…and lots of love x

    • 7.3.17
      Sarah said:

      Are you kidding Helen? That’s so crazy about the frames! Guess great minds think alike, huh?! And how sweet are you telling your friend about me?? I need to hug you. Thanks so much for all your sweet support and encouragement! xoxo

  12. 7.1.17
    Hilary said:

    So cute!
    Good luck with your upcoming delivery!

    • 7.3.17
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Hilary!

  13. 7.2.17
    Teresa O'Connor said:

    Love love love those frames.
    Wont be long till you hold your bundle of joy , how exciting for you!

  14. 7.5.17
    Vickie said:

    When you buy frames at thrift stores to redo, are they plastic, wood or both??

    • 7.5.17
      Sarah said:

      I always buy the wood frames, definitely don’t bother with the plastic ones!