Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover

You guys, I am literally giddy about today’s post. Seriously, as I sit here typing I’m grinning from ear to ear and sooooo darn excited to show you the farmhouse style makeover we did in our front room this past weekend. Now if you follow me on Instagram you already saw a teeny tiny sneak peak of this in my stories. I actually got a brand new settee for this room and I shared a little video of me unboxing it–which felt a lot like Christmas morning if I’m being honest. And of course with the new settee I had no choice but to completely re-do this entire room. I blame my crazy nesting instincts happening right now. One thing led to another and before I knew it this room was completely different. I’ve actually been wanting to change this space up for a while now. You know, make it a bit more warm and welcoming and a little less antique shop–which is the vibe I had going on before. It was just too cold. I can’t wait to show you the transformation, so let’s get to the tour already. Now to start here’s a little reminder of how this room looked before:

And how it looks now:

Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover

Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover

If you saw our living room refresh last week you know I moved these cozy chairs out of that space. I planned on putting them in the basement, but they just seem to go so much better in here. And they are soooooooo comfy. Seriously, these make the perfect reading/blogging/coffee-time chairs. In the past I haven’t really sat in here all that much, but now that we have these cozy chairs we actually want to hang out in this room and enjoy it.

Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover.

Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover

And here is my new settee. This is the Eleanor Settee from Birch Lane. EEEKKK! Isn’t she a beauty? Let me show you a few up-close shots so you can see all the purdy details!

Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover

You know I’m drooling over the weathered wood. Literally drooling.

Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover. Farmhouse style settee.

The whole thing has a farmhouse-y, old-fashioned, antique vibe going on, don’t you think? The wood frame, button-tufted backing, and curved legs. I loooooove it all. Birch Lane really nailed it with this one.

Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover

Window seat still in full view. Yippppppeeeee!

Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover

Another change I made in here was to add drop cloth curtains to this window. Again, this is something I’ve been wanting to do forrrrrrrevver but never got around to. In fact, I’ve had the drop cloths sitting in a cabinet for at least four months now, just waiting to be used. Anyway, we finally hung up this industrial style rod and got it done. And for those curious about how drop cloth curtains actually go up (they’re super easy!) I plan to share a detailed, step-by-step tutorial soon–so stay tuned for that!

Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover

I couldn’t resist a pair of cute new pillows to finish it off. I love the quilted pattern on these!

Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover

Farmhouse Style Front Room Makeover.

We moved the old pie safe over in the corner by the fireplace. I really like it so much better back there–it’s out of the way but still in sight, which is perfect for this room. I really wanted the whole space to feel much more cozy and family-friendly, it really wasn’t sending off that vibe before. Not even close. But with a few changes, the new settee, drop cloth curtains, and putting my comfy chairs in here this room is completely different–it’s so much more inviting. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a simple room makeover in a loooooong time. It’s like suddenly I realize THIS is how this room should have looked all along. Too bad it took me nearly two years to get there!

Well I hope you all enjoyed this little tour of our new and improved front room. I’d love to hear what you think and definitely let me know if you have any questions.

Here’s all the goodies/sources from the room!

Eleanor Settee

Beige Accent Chairs

Jute Rug

Gather Sign

Industrial Style French Rod

Quilted White Pillows

Grain Sack Pillows

Gingham Pillows

Stripe Throw Blanket

Farmhouse Chalkboard


Side Table

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  1. 6.27.17
    Judi J. said:

    Love the re-do. Looks comfy and cozy, those chairs are perfect and the settee is gorgeous.

    • 6.27.17
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Judi, it’s much more comfortable now!

  2. 6.27.17
    Vicki said:

    It’s beautiful! Those chairs look so comfy. I’m curious, you didn’t really address switching out the brown trunk for the white coffee table. Where did you put the trunk?

    • 6.27.17
      Sarah said:

      Good question Vicki! That’s in our basement right now actually. I’m sure it will re-appear soon!

  3. 6.27.17
    Sharon Isaac said:

    It looks like a completely different room. Beautifully done Sarah. I’m just wondering, does your hubby ever get sick of moving furniture around? Lol

    • 6.27.17
      Sarah said:

      Ha! Well we actually haven’t moved big furniture like this in a while, so he didn’t mind so much this time!

  4. 6.27.17
    Kim Lord said:

    Always love everything you style! This is so pretty…love those chairs!

  5. 6.27.17
    Mary said:

    Super cute, love your new redo! The new settee is perfect!

  6. 6.27.17
    Hilary said:

    I love it! Just as you said, it looks so much more inviting. And I love those drop cloth curtains! Great job!

  7. 6.27.17
    Jeanette Vincent said:

    Love it! So cozy!

  8. 6.27.17

    Absolutely stunning! I’m loving those drop cloth curtains 🙂

  9. 6.27.17

    gorgeous, sarah! love the settee! thinking of you! kim

  10. 6.27.17
    Rhonda S. said:

    Girl, when you get to fixin’ something, you do such a great job! I could hang out in this room all day. Can’t wait to see your little one, whom you are nesting for!

    • 6.28.17
      Sarah said:

      Aw thank you Rhonda, I appreciate that!!

  11. 6.27.17
    Brenda said:

    Love all the changes, I think it all looks more cohesive and inviting. I’m swooning over that settee, it is adorable!

    • 6.28.17
      Sarah said:

      I agree Brenda. It’s so much better and much more kid-friendly!

  12. 6.27.17
    Julie said:

    Looks like you have incorporated French country with Farmhouse – I like to call this French Farmhouse ???? Love the sette but out of my price range right now ???? starting a blog but I have no idea what I’m doing! Love yours.

    • 6.28.17
      Sarah said:

      OMG, how exciting about your blog. Good luck to you Julie!!

  13. 6.27.17

    I can see why you’re drooling – its gorgeous! Everything is beautiful.

    • 6.28.17
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Cindy!

  14. 6.27.17
    Helen said:

    Oh my goodness… that sofa??!! I looove it! The whole room looks so welcoming, just perfect!x

    • 6.28.17
      Sarah said:

      Right?! It’s so dreamy! Thanks for dropping by Helen. xoxo

  15. 6.27.17
    Diane said:

    Beautiful redo! I love your new piece. It looks perfect with the light, airy vibe the room has! Thank you for the drop cloth tutorial. I think that may be my next project!
    All the best with your new little one arriving soon!!

    • 6.28.17
      Sarah said:

      Oh so glad you watched my drop cloth tutorial in stories Diane, good luck if you do it–I know you’ll love it!

  16. 6.28.17
    Julie Briones said:

    It’s all so gorgeous. Definitely going to use some pieces for inspiration! 😉 I like how everything is not ‘matchy-matchy’, too! Does that make sense?

    • 6.28.17
      Sarah said:

      Totally makes sense, thank you Julie!

  17. 6.28.17

    Can you do a post about decorating the outside of your house?

    • 6.28.17
      Sarah said:

      I can definitely work on that Alyssa. Do you mean like a front porch or what specifically are you looking for?

  18. 6.28.17
    Judy Roberson said:

    Just found your blog, Love/love what you did with this room.. Hubby and I retired, and moved into an “old/really old
    house”.. We have been redoing it for a year.. wow..lots of work.. But ,oh so fun.. I am just discovering the farmhouse look and love it.. I am getting so many ideas from you.. thank you.
    Also, thank you for listing where you found lots of the items you use.. SO helpful..
    Have a great day. Judy

  19. 6.29.17
    Lori said:

    Hi! Where do I find your drop clothe curtain tutorial?

  20. 7.18.17
    Beth said:

    Just put drop cloth curtains in my sunroom. I bought the drop cloths at Walmart for 9.99 and split them in half lengthwise. Each panel cost 5.00 which was great since I needed 8 panels. They are gorgeous and heavy enough to hang correctly! Love me a bargain????.

  21. 9.6.17
    Janet said:

    Hi Sarah

    Love love love the new front room makeover! I’ve recently added drop cloth curtains to my home decor! Can you tell me where you got the seltzer bottle on the coffee table? I really like the white look it has. Thank you