Friday Favorites + Chit Chat

Today marks four weeks that we’ve been in the new house! Four weeks of living in the country. I really can’t believe it’s been that long already. I’m still unpacking boxes and trying to figure this place out, but it’s been a lot of fun and the kids are loving it here. We also got kittens!! We surprised the kids with them about two weeks ago and they were ecstatic. We’re hoping to get a dog for the farm next, then chickens and possibly goats. I can’t wait to have animals roaming all over this place. Anyway, today I wanted to do a quick Friday Favorites post–I have lots of good deals to share from the week. I also wanted to chat a bit more about our new life in the country.

Life in the Country

Moving to the country has been a dream of ours for the last ten years. My husband and I always wanted to have a farm for our kids to grow up on and it’s kinda surreal that we’re finally making that dream happen. Sure, we have a lot of work ahead of us to make this place a real “farm”, but just having the land feels like an accomplishment. I always refer to this as our little house on the prairie and it’s definitely a blessing from God to have this property. I’m fully trusting Him to help us make it something great.

I will say there have also been a lot of learning curves when it comes to living in the country. For example, I’m learning that no one can find our address, so I need to expect any deliveries to be at least two to three days late, if not more. It’s been frustrating, but I hope it gets better with time. I also need to add an extra five to ten minutes to my drive time anywhere just in case I get stuck behind a tractor. Yes, traffic jams now involve tractors. I actually kinda love it, but I definitely can’t be in a rush to get anywhere around here!


  • This limited edition jumbo size Shape Tape concealer is a crazy good deal! It also comes with Tarte’s liquid highlighter and a little sponge for $39 plus free shipping. The normal concealer is $27 alone, so this is total bargain. Stock up while you can if you love this concealer. (If you’re new to QVC you can use the code WELCOME for another $5 off!)
  • I’ve been using this So Pumpkin Sugar Scrub pretty much every night for the last week and it’s ammmmazing! I’m not the biggest fan of pumpkin, but this stuff smells incredible. Plus it’s awesome for making my skin smooth and soft. Highly recommend if you want to spoil yourself with a little skincare treat! You can use SARAHJOY for 15% off.
  • Wore this flannel button up this week and it was so cozy.
  • Drywall is going up in the basement today!! I’ll share an update on the progress down there soon.
  • We’ve been busy installing blinds in the house and I’m SO excited to get them all up. We got bamboo blinds in the color Maize from SelectBlinds again, which is what we bought for the window seat at the old house. They’re amazing quality and I love the way they give just the right amount of texture. They were nice enough to give me a coupon for you guys too! You can just JOYS5 for 5% off your order, and it works with any sales they are running! I am planning to share a full review once we get them all up.
  • I just started using this teeth whitener kit and I’m loving it so far. So easy to use and it only takes a week.
  • I was listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast on living courageously and she said something that really stuck with me this week. She said, “think about all the things you’ve already missed out on because of fear.” WOW. What a truth bomb, right?! I pray every day for God to give me courage and confidence in all things.

curtains // light fixture // curtain rod // blinds (color is Maize) // chairs are from Wayfair but no longer available

Well that’s a wrap for me today! Hope you have a the best weekend and I’ll see you back here sooooooon. xo

Hi, I'm Sarah. Welcome to my happy place! I'm mama to three, wife to my high school sweetheart + Colorado native. Let's decorate. Or maybe go on a Target run?!

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  1. 9.18.20
    Kim Foster said:

    Can you post a pic of your new blinds. I’m getting ready to order from Select Blinds. I like the color you picked out.

    • 9.18.20
      Sarah said:

      yes I can! I’ll snap a pic real quick and add it to this post. I get the bamboo blinds in the color Maize.

    • 9.18.20
      Sarah said:

      Ok I added a photo so you can see how it looks once it hung up! I’ll be sharing a full review post soon too.

  2. 9.18.20
    Kathleen said:

    You have TONS of courage! You hung that mirror like a boss! 😊

  3. 9.18.20
    Diana said:

    Love what you’ve done in your new home!!!! Can you send me the link to the curtains in your kitchen? They are so pretty!

  4. 9.18.20
    Dianne Horton said:

    Where did you get the curtains? They are beautiful!

  5. 9.18.20
    Ramona Wampler said:

    Four weeks?!? I can’t believe that! Time moves so fast it seems these days. I’m so happy and excited for you and your family and I’m loving how you are decorating!

  6. 9.18.20
    Michelle said:

    Wow. Could never afford to pay 900.00 for one light fixture but fun to see it in your home. Good for you..looks great

  7. 9.18.20
    Toni said:

    Hi Sarah!
    I love that your traffic jam is a tractor! Life on the farm is going to be great! 😊
    Can you please tell me if you paint your Shiplap? If so, can you tell me the color you use and if you paint it before or after hanging it. I’m getting ready to hang some for the first time. Wish me luck! 😉
    Have a blessed day!

  8. 9.18.20
    Angela Servello said:

    Wow, that pic of your amazing house is awesome. I truly was brought back to little house on the prairie days. One of my favorite books and series. Enjoy it my love. A lot of hard work ahead but so worth it. Just remember to stop and thank the Lord for bounty he has given you and your family. Lots of hugs, Angela 🏠🙏💕

  9. 9.18.20
    Peggy said:

    Love how your house is becoming a home! If you get goats….install tall fences……kids can jump high and far!! Yes, we know from experience that our standard field fence was not tall enough!! Enjoy!

  10. 9.18.20

    Hi Sarah, Your home is beautiful! Do you have to budget time to get out to the road? So cool, can’t wait to see it evolve into your Home! xoxox

  11. 9.18.20
    Rissa Bahler said:

    First week on the blog and I like it. It makes it so personable. Bought the shapetape bundle and cannot wait to get it! The house looks great and I love seeing Avery with the little kittens. So sweet (and frightening sometimes- LOL). Loving all of the decor.

  12. 9.19.20
    Sheilah Perry-Rosales said:

    As someone who lives in a farming state yes tractor s are a way of life.Also get a 4 wheel drive pickup and a good snow blade!

  13. 9.19.20
    Amara Schiecke said:

    Dear Sarah,
    i’m a silent Fan from Germany and i’m so happy for you and your Farmdream come to life. I really hope for a farmlife for myself. I just wanted to ask, to which Joyce Meyer Podcast you’re listening, cause i found so many. Lots of love!

  14. 9.19.20
    Maricela said:

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your new beautiful home!Love your stories😉God bless🙏🏻💛