Friday Favorites

Good morning sunshine and happy Friday!! How was your week? It’s been a really good one over here and it actually went by pretty quick, so that’s always nice. Plus the weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately and I’ve been soaking it up as much as I possibly can. Anyway, I wanted to pop in quick today with a few things I’ve been loving lately for Friday Favorites. And I’m happy to share that we are finally in the beginning stages of doing a makeover on our kids’ bedrooms! I’ve never really shared those spaces with you guys, so I’m pumped to start working on those rooms and take you all along through the process. It’s definitely looooooong overdue. We have lots to move around and figure out, but I just ordered the beds!

The girls will eventually share a room, so I wanted to find matching beds for them. I’ve literally been looking online for weeks now and I just couldn’t make up my mind. But I stumbled on this simple black metal frame and I think it’s perfect. I love how the headboard is higher than the footboard–that was something I was specifically looking for. Plus the price is so affordable. I’m thinking we will do shiplap in that room, so this black frame is going to look so nice against the white wall!

I ordered this cozy fleece pullover a few weeks ago when it was on sale and I can’t wait to wear it once the weather cools down. It’s just so darn soft and I know I’ll be living in this thing throughout fall and winter. I’ve also been super lazy lately and I wear this hat pretty much every day. I LOVE it.

Here’s a few other things I picked up from Abercrombie recently:


I finally got my hands on Magnolia Table, Joanna Gaines’ new cookbook, and I loooove it so much. I’ve made a few recipes now and they’ve all been super easy and delicious. Plus the photography is just beautiful and everything is styled so perfectly. You guys know I’m not a big fan of cooking, but this cookbook actually inspires me to cook because everything is so pretty!

I know we are still several months off from Christmas, but I think this cookbook would make such a great gift! Or birthday gift. Or any kind of gift. It’s just so good. I also picked up this book yesterday and I’m excited to start reading it.

A few days ago I picked up this fun powder room sign from Target and I think it’s just the cutest thing.

This is the bathroom adjacent to our living room and right across from the mudroom, so it’s kinda a tricky spot to photograph. But I wanted you guys to see how cute that sign is hanging on the door. I think it’s adorable and I love small finds like this.

I had something really big happen this week that reminded me how God’s timing is always perfect. I can’t share the details just yet, but it was the kind of thing that made me stop in my tracks and give praise to Him for always working things out just as they should be. I’ve been in a rut lately to be honest, so this was the morale boost I really needed to know I’m on the right path. God’s plan is always at work, even when I may not realize it or feel like things are happening the way I wish they would. His plans are always better and I need to stop worrying and let Him take the lead. I wanted to share that today in case any of you needed that reminder too.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Well that’s a wrap for me today. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I’ll see ya back here Monday! xoxo

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  1. 9.21.18
    glenda LaFont said:

    Love this post.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      thank you for stopping in Glenda!

  2. 9.21.18
    Charles W Varney said:

    Your message on God’s timing was a bright spot! thanks for sharing

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Thank you for stopping in!

  3. 9.21.18
    Sally Brown said:

    You have such beautiful hair. Take the cap off! Love your home, can not wait to see the kids rooms.
    Hang in there God does have plans. I think I told you before child # 3 your life would never be the same. I never got good at juggling 3.
    May God bless and keep you and your family.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      haha thanks Sally, wish I could do my hair everyday but sometimes a cap is the best I can do! 🙂

  4. 9.21.18
    Marilyn S. said:

    I love those beds -they are timeless and will never look dated -good pick . Thanks for sharing the scripture too ….. I think I needed to hear that today , You are definitely being used by God in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      I needed it too Marilyn. It’s one of my favorite verses. Thank you so much for the sweet words! xo

  5. 9.21.18
    Becky said:

    Good morning sweet Sarah, love your favs but I truely love the words that we need to wait and God is working for us. You can’t know how much that meant to me and feel that I do needed to hear! Have a wonderful weekend Sarah! xoxo💞💓

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      I needed that too Becky!! It’s one of my favorite verses ever.

  6. 9.21.18
    Diana Reeser said:

    Always love your style!!!!! What I love even more is that reminder that our God is Always at work in our lives behind the the curtain at times, but when His work is then revealed what GREAT joy we we get to celebrate!!!!

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Amen to that, Diana! He’s always at work, even when we don’t feel like it or see it happening. So grateful for that!

  7. 9.21.18
    Deborah Shuler said:

    Dear Sarah,
    Thank you for sharing through your blog, your beautiful gifts assist others. You are appreciated.
    I look forward to your posts. I have purchased several things through your sites given.
    The beds for your girls look great.
    Your scripture today is a life verse for me. I needed that reminder.
    Blessings and prayers for you and your family.
    Take care.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Ah thank you so much Deborah. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. So grateful to have you here following along!!

  8. 9.21.18
    Angela Servello said:

    Thank you my Lord and Saviour. Amen 🙏

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      amen to that!

  9. 9.21.18
    Dianne G said:

    Love that verse. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      love that verse too, it’s one of my favorites!

  10. 9.21.18
    Krislee said:

    I love your style and creativity! Thanks for the message too! It’s been a rough week and your post is perfect!

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Hang in there Krislee, hopefully this next week is a better one!

  11. 9.21.18
    Laura Harrie said:

    Sarah, you are a timeless beauty both in words and action. Keep creating and sharing.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Laura, you are too sweet! xoxo

  12. 9.21.18
    Heather said:

    Great post. That’s my all time favorite scripture. I stand on those words always! I love your blog!

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      It’s one of my favorites too, Heather. It gives me so much comfort!

  13. 9.21.18

    I also have purchased Magnolia Table. Her After School banana bread is fabulous! Have already made it five times! I have made it with walnuts as I am not crazy about pecans.Have made it with chocolate chips and also chocolate chip and walnut combined. It is incredibly moist!
    Waiting for some real fall temps to make the soups!
    Looking forward to seeing your girls’ bedrooms!
    Have a great weekend!

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Yes!! Totally agree Dot. The banana bread is amazing.

  14. 9.21.18
    Linda Richards said:

    Sarah, Thank you soooooo much for that Bible verse and your comments about waiting on the Lord. We live in North Carolina where the flooding is so bad and we are having to wait for the water to go down. Your blogs just refresh each time I read them. Thanks for all you do to encourage us. May God continue to bless you.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh Linda. My heart goes out to you, I’m so sorry. Sending prayers for you right now. Hang in there and stay safe! xoxo

  15. 9.21.18
    sharon said:

    Love the verse, I know it well, but forget how true it is! Thank you for the reminder.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Yes me too! It’s one I need written on my hand every day.

  16. 9.21.18
    Jeannie Wildermuth said:

    Thank you for sharing God’s plan. I really needed to be reminded of this today. In the process of purchasing a new home, but need to sell the one we are in first. My husband and I are just really getting anxious to get moved into this new home.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh I know that feeling very well Jeannie. Hang in there and trust that the perfect house is waiting for you!

  17. 9.21.18
    Teresa said:

    Sarah, you are a wonderful blessed lady that God is using in so many ways. You really have no idea how many lives you are touching. You are talented in more ways than I can count and a strong Christian, which is the best part. I thank God for people like you and your sharing with us.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Aw Teresa, you are way too kind. Thank you so much for the sweet words and support, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. xoxo

  18. 9.21.18
    Shelley said:

    Hey Sarah,
    What you share is always so valuable, but your encouraging words and verse reminder today felt like they were meant for me! Thank you for being such a great friend (in my head :)) and letting the lord use you to speak through!


    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Definitely a friend Shelley! So grateful to have you here. xoxo

  19. 9.21.18
    Lisa said:

    Thanks for your sweet greetings this Friday morning! I loved all the finds and the links! But most, I loved the final tidbit of encouragement! I was touched and thankful for it. It was so timely you have no idea.


    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      So glad it encouraged you Lisa. That verse always does the same for me!

  20. 9.21.18
    Vicki said:

    Thank you for sharing, especially the scripture! Love the beds you have chosen! We purchased a very similar style in dark bronze several years ago for my teen son’s room, which I recently redecorated in a vintage travel theme. That style is so timeless!

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh that’s awesome, I bet they look great. Cant’ wait to get them in our kids’ room!

  21. 9.21.18
    Patricia Tyson said:

    I just posted that same verse on my FB due to my husband’s illness this week and we are currently In the hospital. Thank you for sharing your blog with us. My prayers are with you.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh I am so sorry to hear that Patricia. Sending prayers your way right now. xoxo

  22. 9.21.18
    Michele Ward said:

    Definitely needed that reminder. It’s such an inspiration. When I’m able, I’m planning on picking the Magnolia cookbook. Thanks for all of your creativity and posts. Keep it up!

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Michele, I appreciate you being here!

  23. 9.21.18
    Melanie Schroeder said:

    Thank you. God bless you and your family.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Melanie!

  24. 9.21.18
    Patti said:

    I am always inspired by your posts. The bible quote today was perfect timing.

    Thank you and God bless you and your family.

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Patti! And same to you. xo

  25. 9.21.18
    jean said:

    Loved your post today. The Powder room sign looks so good. Thanks for sharing your private life with us, especially when it pertains to God and His powerful message He is sending us each and every day. We all get in that place and it is great to know God is always there even thou we may not see or feel it at the time. I needed that inspiration at this time in my life!!! Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait till Monday to see what you have for us and how your weekend was. God Bless always

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      I needed that inspiration in my life too Jean! That verse always comforts me. Thank you so much for stopping by, I appreciate it! xo

  26. 9.22.18
    Dana said:

    What a great reminder, Sarah. A great word for all to remember. I always love your decor ideas and designs, and especially your inspiration! Thanks for sharing all facets of yourself!

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Aw thank you for that encouragement Dana, I definitely appreciate it!! xo

  27. 9.22.18
    Jeannie said:

    Wow, this is the second message I’ve read today about waiting on God’s time, really needed the assurance He hasn’t forgotten. Thank you for sharing. I’m new to your blog and it’s so lovely. Blessings!

    • 9.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Amen to that Jeannie. He hasn’t forgotten! Hang in there and trust that He is working it all out for your good. xo

  28. 9.24.18
    Jackie Lindsey said:

    Sarah I think we all tend to forget that God is working in our lives in his own time. We may not see right away but things do work out as long as we put our trust and faith in his hands.
    I’m excited to hear the good news!

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      Amen to that Jackie! I couldn’t agree more.

  29. 9.24.18
    Maria said:

    Thank you for sharing. Ive been serving God for over 25 years and I think “wait” is the most difficult response from God, Not yet … but I’m working . I needed this reminder today. I will wait upon Him and His perfect timing.