Cozy Fall Decor in the Front Room

Want to know something random?! I hate pumpkin spice lattes. Really, it’s true. And I know hate is a strong word, but it’s pretty accurate. This weekend I was in Starbucks and it seemed like pretty much everyone around me was going coo-coo over pumpkin spice lattes and I just can’t get into it. NOT. AT. ALL. And to be honest, I don’t really like pumpkin flavored anything. Unless it’s pumpkin bread, but only if it’s not too pumpkin-y and even then sometimes I don’t like it. Anyway, I’m totally rambling and probably boring you to death, so let’s move on. Today I’m super duper excited to share some cozy fall decor in our front room. I spruced it up this weekend and I gotta say–I LOVE IT so much. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever loved this room more than I do right now and that’s saying a lot. I think it’s just the pops of orange and browns that are making me so happy, which is a bit surprising for this neutral loving gal. But it feels so darn cozy and you guys know I love me some coziness. I took about 4281 photos, so grab your coffee and get comfortable!

Cozy fall decor in the front room. Simple and easy fall decor ideas for any room in your home! #falldecor #falldecorating

You might remember that pumpkin patch pillow from last year. Isn’t that so adorable? I was excited to bring it out of storage and use it again this year. It just makes me happy.

I stacked up a bunch of my vintage suitcases and that cute wicker basket to make a fun focal piece in front of that old screen door. Then I used a little plaid throw (from Hobby Lobby) for just a pop of fall color in this corner. And of course I had to grab some fresh sunflowers because they always remind me of fall.

My idea for this room was to make two focal points: one on the coffee table/trunk and another over in the corner by door. I wanted to keep everything else super basic and simple. So for this coffee table I just combined some faux fall florals, a little wooden pumpkin, and that old clay pot. I love the dark orange color on that chippy pot–I think it’s perfect for fall.

And I couldn’t resist piling up a bunch of mini pumpkins in that wire basket!

I loooooooove the way this room is looking for fall and I had so much fun putting it all together. I think the pops of color have really brought this space to life and I just wish I could hang out in here all day long with a cup of coffee and a good magazine. Maybe even a brownie. A girl can dream, right? Too bad I have 981,702 other things to do and three little people to take care of. BUT in my imagination, I’m there. And so are you!

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Cozy and simple fall decor ideas. Easy fall decorating ideas for any room in your home!

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  1. 9.24.18
    Nathalie-Catherine said:

    Could you please tell me where I can buy the cushions? Sorry, my English is not so good, I’m à French Canadian from Quebec City.

  2. 9.24.18
    Donna Bergthold said:

    Looks fantastic Sarah! Lots of great ideas!

    • 9.25.18
      Sarah said:

      thank you Donna!

  3. 9.24.18
    Sandra said:

    Love it! I have some terra cotta pots laying around, I’ll be copying your idea of putting a pumpkin in it. Thanks for the inspiration as always.

    • 9.25.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh yay, go for it Sandra!

  4. 9.24.18
    Jean said:

    Soooo cute! What a cozy fall celebration you’ve put together🍁 So in love with that trunk😍!! Oh and we are on the same page with the lattes 😝

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      thanks Jean!! And glad to hear you feel the same way about PSLs 🙂

  5. 9.24.18
    Karen said:

    Have never ever liked anything pumpkin spice flavored…Can’t figure out all the rage! LOL Seems I’m not the odd (wo)man out anymore! Your fall decor is very welcoming.

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      Hey we can be odd together Karen!! High five. xo

  6. 9.24.18
    Marilyn S. said:

    I think I have to agree -I love this room better than ever . First you absolutely did the right thing by not painting that gorgeous trunk. Secondly , just focusing on the two areas was a great idea — cozy is the look you are going for and you nailed it . And last but not least -that first picture is magazine worthy!

    I’m so jealous of that cute carved wooden pumpkin on the trunk -I saw it in Marshalls this weekend and didn’t buy it -Whats wrong with me ????

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      Ahhhh no! You should have grabbed that little pumpkin Marilyn. I was bummed because Marshalls only had one! I would have bought 5 if they were there. Go back, maybe it’s still here!! Thanks for always brightening my day with your kind comments. xoxo

  7. 9.24.18
    Becky said:

    Hi sweet Sarah, Love love love every minute of it!!!! When i pulled out my bins I thought omgosh I have alot of colors for fall. Now me being a newbe to farmhse decor for awhile I was stumpted. Well I basically just incorporated some o the fall colors with the whites and I do love it too! Now yours is gorgeous,and you have such a way with your styling! Maybe just maybe!!! lol I’m getting it. Love it and you and I follow follow follow. Thank you sweet girl!💞

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      You can TOTALLY use color in farmhouse style decor. Heck, you can do whatever you want Becky. Do what makes you happy and just roll with it!! Last year I had almost no color and this year I’m in the mood for a little more. I say do what you love!! xoxo

  8. 9.24.18
    Jan said:

    I love pumpkin bars, cinnamon coffee, chocolate pumpkins if that counts?😉
    Your room looks cozy and once again I love the black awesome screen door and the way you made it a focal point. Looks wonderful & I agree coffee & magazines are a relaxing must in your room!

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      haha chocolate pumpkins aren’t so bad! Although just pure chocolate might be better 🙂

  9. 9.24.18
    Monique said:

    I can’t stand anything pumpkin either! 😉
    I love the way your room is looking, and you are right, it is super cozy! And I am so glad you left your blanket box that original wood color 🙂

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Monique, I’m so glad I left it the original color too. I LOVE it!

  10. 9.24.18
    Mike said:

    so cute! I love your white slipcovers on your love seat! Where did you get them?

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      Thank Mike, it’s from Ikea!

  11. 9.24.18
    Melissa said:

    I always love all of your ideas! Where are your checkered pillows from? I like the soft colors in them.

    • 9.25.18
      Sarah said:

      Hi Melissa! Those pillow are actually from Target.

  12. 9.24.18
    Angela Servello said:

    You are so funny, that’s what makes your blog so much fun to read. For the record not a big fan either. Your front room is picture perfect. So warm and cozy, without being overly done. Great job. Have a wonderful day. 💞 Angela

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      Ah thank you Angela, you are always such a sweetheart. So grateful to have you here!!! xo

  13. 9.24.18
    Sybil said:

    Lol…finally someone else who isn’t into pumpkin flavored foods . ..lattes are the worst! The obsession has been showing in my newsfeed for weeks now.

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh high five Sybil! I’m right there with you.

  14. 9.24.18
    Sally Brown said:

    Love that you are adding some color. Beautiful!

  15. 9.24.18
    Carol said:

    Can I come to your house and drink my coffee? Lol. It’s just beautiful and wow….your trunk was the perfect find…glad you decided not to paint it. After your post last week, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some flowers for my kitchen table …so thanks for the heads up on that 🤗

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      haha anytime Carol!! I’d love that. And so glad you found those faux stems at Hobby Lobby too. I actually love them now!

  16. 9.24.18
    Cynde said:

    I’m with you on the pumpkin lattes, but not because of the flavor, but because of the calories!! Love your living room, so cute, and that terra cotta pot is unexpeced and so cute, it just pops!!! It seems everyone gets crazy over pumpkin flavored everything in the fall, last year at Trader Joe’s I loaded up so many pumpkin things, even pumpkin milk bones, and guess what? My dog wouldn’t even eat them!!

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      haha! How funny that your dog wouldn’t eat those pumpkin treats. I guess he isn’t a fan either!!

  17. 9.24.18

    I love it all!!! Where did you get the orange pumpkin on the magazine table to the left of your sofa?
    Thanks for your hard work for all of us!

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      Hi Virginia, that’s actually a real pumpkin! Home Depot already has them out!

  18. 9.24.18
    Vicki said:

    Love it, Sarah! All the gorgeous fall colors really warms up the space, and the trunk looks fabulous. I pretty much only like cream cheese pumpkin bars and pumpkin scented candles, but I do love to decorate with them! You’ve helped inspire me to get motivated and bring out the fall decor. Btw, where did you get your lamps? I’m considering updating mine and I love the turned wood spindles.

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      Hobby Lobby for the lamps!! That is the best place to get them in my opinion because they’re so affordable. Just be sure to go when they’re 50% off, which is basically every other week.

  19. 9.24.18
    Brenda Johnson said:

    Your living room looks great! I was surprised to see you use so much color, but how can you not this time of year, right? The yellows and touches of orange are just so cheerful looking.

    • 9.25.18
      Sarah said:

      I know, me too Brenda! I wasn’t expecting to use so much color, but I figured why not give it a shot this year. And turns out I actually love it!

  20. 9.24.18
    Diana said:

    Yes finally!! I love the color you added to the room. Its just perfect. I happen to be one who loves pumpkin anything!!! I do have to ask though, since you have a Blog & people ask you questions about your decorating or where to purchase a particular item why is it you don’t answer their questions anymore???? In fact hardly ever. Just saying

  21. 9.24.18
    Diana said:

    Yes finally!! I love the color you added to the room. Its just perfect. I happen to be one who loves pumpkin anything!!! I do have to ask though, since you have a Blog & people ask you questions about your decorating or where to purchase a particular item why is it you don’t answer their questions anymore???? In fact hardly ever. Just saying

    • 9.24.18
      Sarah said:

      Diana, I ALWAYS do my best to answer every single comment I ever get on a blog post, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I typically sit down and answer them all at once at the end of the day. I haven’t had a chance to get to the comments on this post yet, but I will tonight.

  22. 9.24.18
    jeannie said:

    I hate PSLs too, yuck. Lovely decor, especially the buffalo check pillows, so cozy!

    • 9.25.18
      Sarah said:

      thanks Jeannie, those are from Target!

  23. 9.24.18
    Deedra said:

    Oh Sarah, the room is so pretty and cozy. That trunk is absolutely beautiful and really warms up your room. So glad you didn’t paint it!☺️ I love all of the farm colors in your accessories and throws. Just gorgeous!

    • 9.25.18
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Deedra! I love how it all come together. Wish it could stay like this forever!

  24. 9.24.18
    Cathe said:

    Love the room… just getting ready to pull out my fall stuff. As for pumpkin flavored coffee and the like… yuk!!! Although I bake pumpkin breads… cakes… pies… muffins… just don’t eat any of it!!! Weird I know!

    • 9.25.18
      Sarah said:

      haha that’s so funny! Well I applaud you for baking those things anyway Cathe. My husband loves all things pumpkin and I never bake anything with it. Poor guy!

  25. 9.24.18
    M'elle said:

    That plaid throw would make more sense on the sofa than in a basket with a white pumpkin in it — just the touch to draw me to snuggle up and enjoy the coziness of fall. Yumm, the little white pumpkins, a healthy snack to munch on and the seeds are great popped in oil and sprinkled with pink hamaly salt. Keep up the beautiful posts, love your style and sass! Right on trend — especially screen door in the corner. Much better than storing it in the garage!!! Xoxo

  26. 9.25.18
    Mary said:

    Looks great Sarah! But I must say that I love everything pumpkin! I buy ground pumpkin coffee when it’s on sale at the end of the season and drink all year. Also, if you ever do decide to paint your trunk, how about black? Keep up the good work 😊

    • 9.25.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh I hadn’t even thought about black!! That could be so fun!

      • 9.27.18
        Mary Beth Sinnott said:

        Sarah, I started following you recently and just love your blog and style. I could look at your photos all day, when I’m not shopping and rearranging my house. LOL! I love decorating for every holiday and season with vintage and new things. My theme for September is sunflowers!

        I think Black would look great on the trunk or maybe a gray. Have you ever used Krylon chalk spray paint? It works really well on furniture and comes in a Paver Gray and Misty Gray.

  27. 9.26.18
    Cindy said:

    I love that you’ve embraced nature’s Fall colors to add to your decor. This is God’s gift to us at this time of year. Everything looks so full of life in your room capped off with your touches of black that totally ground your room. Glad you’ve respected the true integrity of your trunk by not painting it. …. I don’t even like pumpkin pie, let alone anything that tries to copy that flavor😃

  28. 9.27.18
    Mary Beth Sinnott said:

    I love pumpkin bread, soup and cookies but leave it out of my latte.
    I’ve attached my pumpkin bread recipe which I make in huge batches and freeze. I used to make mini muffins for my kids lunches/snacks. My kids friends football teams and family would follow me into the desert for my pumpkin bread.

    Pumpkin Bread

    3 Cups sugar 3 ½ cups flour
    1 cup cooking oil 1 ½ teaspoon salt
    4 eggs 2 teaspoons baking soda
    1 cup pumpkin ½ teaspoon baking powder
    2/3 cup water 1 teaspoon cinnamon
    1-cup raisins 1 teaspoon nutmeg

    **I usually add cloves and allspice it gives it a lot more flavor.

    Combine sugar, oil, eggs and pumpkin; mix thoroughly. Add water, dry ingredients. Slowly add to pumpkin mixture, add raisins. Mix well. Makes about 3 -4 loaves. Bake for 1 hour at 350. Spray pans with cooking spray.

    I buy the large can of pumpkin and it makes three separate batches and makes close to 15 loaves. I usually buy the disposable pans so that I am not constantly cleaning the pans or worried about them sticking. Really nice to give at Christmas time.

  29. 8.13.19
    Carolyn Croft said:

    I’m right there with you with the pumpkin.. just never cared much for the room..

  30. 8.13.19
    Vicki said:

    So pretty! I adore warm colors and fall is definitely my favorite season to decorate for. Your wooden trunk looks fabulous with your floors and the warm colors of fall, so glad you left it as is🧡. That screen door is also amazing, love it in black!