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It’s been about a month since that I wrote a post about overcoming fear and my blogging story. And since then I’ve been blown away by all the emails and messages I’ve received from the sweetest people, wanting to know more or sharing how they too decided to drop kick fear and go for it. It’s seriously been the coolest thing, to connect with other dreamers and hustlers that are taking chances, being brave, and pursuing their passions. And even though I’m still less than a year into this whole blogging thing, it will be one year in December, I can honestly say starting a blog has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only has it been great for me personally, I truly love having this happy place to share our home, but it’s also been a huge blessing to our family. Financially, this little blog is bringing in extra income that is making a big difference in our lives and for that I am incredibly grateful. And now I find myself wanting to help other people do the same thing–whether it be starting a blog about home decor, recipes, or motherhood–whatever it is you’re dreaming about, it’s time to go for it.

So to follow up to that post last month, I want to share that I’ve created a super detailed, step-by-step guide to starting a blog. This not only walks you through the entire process so you know exactly how to get started, but my hope is that this guide will show you just how easy it really is. You don’t have to be tech savvy or a computer whiz to start a blog. It’s actually very simple, the hardest part is convincing yourself that you can do it.


Step by Step Guide to Starting a Blog

I’ve also created a new tab in the upper navigation menu at the top of the screen that is dedicated to my fellow bloggers and dreamers. That’s where you can find the step-by-step guide and I’m also planning to include more resources and helpful information over time. My life has changed thanks to this blog and all of you fabulous people that drop by every day. God has truly blessed me and I’m just so grateful. And while I’m definitely not a blogging expert, not even close, I am passionate about encouraging you to follow your own dreams–whether that be blogging, starting a new business, or going back to school. It won’t be easy, there’s sure to be a lot of hard work and late nights involved, but I hope you go for it. Believe in yourself, trust your instincts, and kick fear to the curb. I know you can do it.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by. And let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to chat!

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 9.15.16
    Tracey said:

    This is great! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring!

    • 9.15.16
      Sarah said:

      Thanks for your support Tracey!

  2. 9.16.16
    Shannon said:

    Bless your sweet heart for putting this together and helping others take this exciting step towards pursuing their dreams! Having just started this journey, it’s so comforting to know there is a support system out there of encouragement. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Sarah! You’re an inspiration.

  3. 9.19.16

    That fear is REAL, isn’t it? I sat on my little blog for over a year before really publicizing it and creating regular content. I was sooooo terrified of failing and it took me so long to be ok taking the chance. I’m so glad I did because I’ve had so much fun since and I feel like I’m really just getting started even though I’ve really been at it about a year and a half! I just found your blog about a week ago and I instantly fell in love with your style. I really how clean blog’s design is too. Hope you have a great week.