Farmhouse Sink Review

Soooooo I don’t know how your week went, but I’m pretty darn happy it’s Friday. Very, very happy. My week started out with a two-hour dentist appointment on Monday and various other not-so-pleasnet things happened throughout the week. Nothing major at all, but it was just one of those weeks where I felt like I hardly kept up with all the things and my to-do list was pretty much untouched. Frustrating would be a good word to describe it. But that’s ok. All is well and we have a fresh weekend staring us in the face. Hallelujah! Anyway, I was thinking the other day, while elbow deep in dishes, how I’ve been meaning to do a farmhouse sink review for you guys. It was actually something I wanted to do before the holidays, but then life went crazy and I never got around to doing it. You know how that goes. But today is the day my friends! I’m here to spill the beans on all the good and bad that comes with owning a farmhouse sink. I hope this helps if you’re thinking about installing one in your own home or if you’re just curious about the pros and cons.

Farmhouse sink review. Everything you need to know before buying one!

Farmhouse sink review. Everything you need to know before buying one!

So just a bit of backstory before I jump into the review–we’ve had our farmhouse sink about 3 months now, which I think is plenty of time to get a feel for things. If you followed along on our kitchen makeover, you know that a farmhouse sink had been on my home bucket list for years. It was one of those things I always wanted in my “dream home”, so I was beyond excited to get one. We went with the Sinkology fireclay farmhouse sink, which is actually reversible. We could choose to have the classic plain front facing outwards or the portrait front. We went with the classic front because I wanted the traditional, timeless look. I am so happy we went that route because I love the way it looks!

Farmhouse sink review. Everything you need to know before buying one! Farmhouse sink review. Everything you need to know before buying one!

Positives to Love:

Durability: This sink is heavy duty and super durable. Since it’s fireclay, which is a blend of clay and glaze, it’s scratch, stain and heat resistant. It also resists cracks and it doesn’t chip. We aren’t necessarily easy on the sink and it holds up like a champ. This thing is rock solid.

No Rust or Fading: An extra bonus of fireclay is that it does not rust or fade at all. I love knowing that it will stay that vibrant white color FOREVER.

Large Size For Washing All The Things: One of the big perks of a farmhouse sink is that it’s large enough to put big pans and pans in to wash. For instance, I use a lot of large cookie sheets and baking dishes. Before our farmhouse sink I’d always have to wash those in sections because the sink was too small. But this guy is large and deep, so it allows for plenty of room to wash all the big stuff!

Garbage Disposal Compatible: We weren’t sure if our garbage disposal would work with this sink, but it is completely compatible. My husband was able to make it work using the drain that came with the kit. I was soooooo grateful for that because mama needs her garbage disposal!

Timeless Look: As far as looks go, I don’t think you can go wrong with a farmhouse sink. It has a classic, timeless look that will stand the test of time–no matter your style. And in my opinion, it totally changes the overall vibe of the kitchen. It instantly adds lots of character and charm, which I LOVE.

Farmhouse sink review. Everything you need to know before buying one!

Negatives to Consider:

One Basin: There is obviously only one large basin with our sink and it took a bit of getting used to. With our old sink, which had two separate basins, I would always wash in one and rinse in the other. Now we have to make sure we rinse all the food off everything first before we fill the sink with water. It isn’t a big deal, but it just takes time to get used to a new process of doing dishes. You can find farmhouse sinks with two separate basins, but it’s just a personal preference on the look you want.

Gotta Keept It Clean: I’ve noticed that if we don’t keep up on cleaning the sink, as in regularly scrubbing it down and keeping all the junk out, it can look dirty. Since it’s so large and perfectly flat, food and other stuff gets caught in the corners, which means we have to use the hose on the faucet to reach all the corners to keep it clean. And of course anything like coffee or spaghetti sauce can leave pesky little splatter marks that are easy to see on the white backdrop, but they quickly wipe off.

Installation: Installing a farmhouse sink is definitely a bit of work. It’s not like simply dropping a regular old sink in–you have to support it with reinforcements under the sink. It’s nothing major, you can check out my tutorial here to see how we did it, but it’s something to be aware of. You’ll also need to adjust the lower cabinet under the sink. Thankfully my husband was able to save our cabinet doors and just trim them down to size to make them work! You could also remove the doors all together and use a curtain instead.

Price: Farmhouse sinks aren’t cheap. They’re definitely an investment, but in my opinion there is no better place to spend your money than in the kitchen. It really is the heart of the home.

Farmhouse sink review. Everything you need to know before buying one!

Overall, I absoutlely LOVE our farmhouse sink. In fact, I’m already planning on taking it with us if we ever move. Kidding! Sort of. But really, it’s amazing and I am so happy we finally have one. They’re just so timeless and they add loads of charm and character to any kitchen. And even though they’re pricey, I really do think it’s worth the investment. Especially with a good quality fireclay sink like ours, it’s pretty much guaranteed to stand the test of time. And unlike an expensive refrigerator or oven, there is really no worry about it fritzing out on you. It’s there for good!

Well I hope this review helps if you’re thinking about getting a farmhouse sink for your own home. Please let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to help!

And if you’re on the market for a fireclay farmhouse sink, here are a couple of great options:

pin for later:

Farmhouse sink review. Everything you need to know before buying one!

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  1. 1.12.18
    Lisa said:

    We installed a Shaw farmhouse sink (using your tutorial- thank you!) 4 months ago. I agree 100% with your lists of Pros and Cons. The Pros far outweigh the cons!

  2. 1.12.18
    Peggy Boe said:

    We purchased a fireclay farmhouse sink two years ago. I was researching them on-line and chose a “Blanco”. Upon opening up the box, I found instructions for the sink – instructions that were not found on-line during my search. I can’t use bleach or cleanser in this white sink nor can I pour boiling hot water from the stove down the sink as it may “crack”. After spending hundreds of dollars on this sink, we opted to keep it anyway. I had to adapt to these precautions and am now ok with it. The sink still looks brand new. As far as having only one basin, I’ve purchased a plastic dishpan that I leave inside the sink (same color so you can’t see it) and this is what I use doing dishes. This eliminates filling up a huge sink like mine for washing dishes. I’ve wanted one for years and despite all of the “should not do’s, I still love it and love the way it looks and functions (large pot and pan cleaning) for me!

  3. 1.12.18
    Jennifer Beckham said:

    Love everything you do and have been following you daily. I have a question, where are you finding the greenery that is pictured above over your farmhouse sink? Just curious.

  4. 1.12.18
    Judy W said:

    While I LOVE, love, love the look of the farmhouse sink, I have a 2 basin sink (guess I always have had that kind) and keep a small drainer on one side. I let the dishes air dry as I wash. Then I finish and put them away…but not always at that same time. I know it may look cluttered, but the basin is deep and it’s not like they are really noticeable. I use my dishwasher some, but since we are empty-nesters, I mostly wash the majority of items. I never put pots and pans in the dishwasher. So I think I would miss the draining part. I guess you must have something you use for that purpose? My DIL has a brass hammered farmhouse sink which is gorgeous!! She has one of the absorbent pads she uses as she washes, but then she always dries and puts away everything. Thanks for sharing your review. Love your blog!!

  5. 1.12.18
    Teresa said:

    Thanks for the update on the sink . I’ve been wanting one forever.
    I do agree they are timeless and add charm . Thanks again Sarah!

  6. 1.14.18
    Julie said:

    Which faucet did you get? I love the look of yours.

  7. 1.21.18
    Barbara said:

    I am currently having a farmhouse sink installed after doing some major research on them. I’ve loved the look too for a long time now. I’m also getting soapstone counter tops. I noticed in this post that your counter tops are white, but on Instagram they look like soapstone. Have you changed your counter tops recently? If it is soapstone, do you like it? Thanks for this post. I love your style and your blog. Blessings!!

    • 1.21.18
      Sarah said:

      Hi Barbara! The countertops are quartz and the color is called Arctic White. We just got them installed a few months ago and so far we are loving them. Good luck with installing your new farmhouse sink!

  8. 7.18.18
    Trish said:

    Your kitchen is beautiful. Now that you’ve had your farmhouse sink for a while, how do you like it? Any issues with it? Trying to get feedback on the different kind of farmhouse sinks that are available. Any thoughts on a cast iron one? Thank you.

  9. 10.6.18

    Hi, Your kitchen is looking beautiful. I’m also getting soapstone countertops. I noticed in this post that your countertops are white, but on Instagram, they look like soapstone. I love your style and your blog. Keep up with good work.

  10. 2.22.19
    Jul said:

    Just curious how your sink is still holding up? Have you had any issues with chips/scratches? Did you purchase a sink rack? Would you still choose the fire clay over stainless, or other options for apron/farmhouse sinks knowing what you do now.
    Thanks so much!

    • 2.22.19
      Sarah said:

      No issue at all–it’s holding up great. We LOVE it. And the sink rack is from Sinkology.

  11. 7.1.19
    Karen said:

    Hi Sarah!

    I am also a Kitchen lover guy and still working in this sector. Your Sink Review was good also the farmhouse sink’s Images you attached in the post. Definitely Helpfull the guide.

  12. 1.17.20

    Can you recommend a white farmhouse sink that doesn’t have a split? We just want one basin and both suggested on this site are split.

  13. 2.28.21
    Beth said:

    I noticed in someone else’s review it said you can’t pour boiling water in it or it will crack, is this correct? The sink i am purchasing is the fireclay one from sinkology.

  14. 4.30.21

    What is your brand of sink?

    • 5.4.21
      Sarah said: