The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever

Happppppppy Friday my friends! Today I’m sharing with you the easiest DIY Christmas pillow ever. Really, it is. This is a 5 minute pillow and it only costs $10. Pretty crazy, right?! I’ve actually been a busy bee getting our whole house decorated for Christmas. I know, it’s early, but I have a few big holiday projects coming up soon so I have to get going now. And even though I didn’t plan to start sharing Christmas decor posts until next week, I seriously could not wait another minute to share this super thrifty trick with you guys. Here’s my $10 pillow:

The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever

The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever

Adorable, right? Ok. Let me tell you how I did it. This all started when I was doing a little online shopping and came across this canvas Christmas gift bag for a whopping $10 on Amazon. My very first thought when I saw it was how I wish I could find a pillow that had the same design. Then it hit me: just use the gift bag as a pillow cover. BOOM.

The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever

This is what it looked like when it arrived. I ironed the wrinkles out and began looking around the house for pillows I could use to fill the bag. I ended up using a couple of the summer-y pillows I had packed up for the winter. I threw a few in so it was nice and full and that was it. DONE.

The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever

The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever

I absolutely love this North Pole Post Office pillow and it literally took about 3 minutes and 26 seconds to put together. This bag is canvas, so it’s nice and heavy–I was really impressed with the quality. Can’t beat it for $10. We all know how expensive throw pillows and pillow covers are–especially those that are seasonal.

The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever

So once I discovered this trick I went on the hunt for more large gift bags. I found a similar one at Target for $8 and I did the exact same thing. This is the Burlap Special Santa Delivery Jumbo Gift Bag.

The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever

Again I just stuffed it up with a few of the throw pillows I don’t use in the winter and voila!

The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever

I am pretty jazzed about these pillows. I just can’t get over how inexpensive these large gift bags are. Amazon has lots of options and different styles. I also saw a few smaller ones at Target, so hurry over there and snatch them up before they’re all sold out. I also thought this would be cute sitting on the fireplace hearth. Lots of possibilities with these large bags!

Well I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak at my Christmas decor. I have some really great and inexpensive Christmas ideas and DIY projects coming up– it all kicks off next week! Let me know what you think of my idea. Are you going to give it a try? I’d love to chat!

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Holiday Gift Bag Used for the Easiest Christmas Pillow Ever

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  1. 11.11.16
    Marilyn Soto said:

    Brilliant ! I have seen these bags and loved them , but since we don’t have kids to buy for – I passed them by. Not any more …..I’m using this idea. Thanks.

    • 11.11.16
      Sarah said:

      Glad you liked the idea Marilyn, such a fun and inexpensive trick! Thanks for stopping by my friend.

  2. 11.11.16
    Donalee said:

    Fantastic idea! They are adorable! Going shopping!

    • 11.11.16
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Donalee!!

  3. 11.11.16

    I can’t get to target fast enough! fantastic, sarah!

    • 11.11.16
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Kim, I’m glad you liked my trick!

  4. 11.11.16
    BETH said:


    • 11.11.16
      Sarah said:

      Aw thank you so much Beth, so glad you enjoy my blog! Thanks for being here, it really means so much to me.

  5. 11.11.16
    Jacy said:

    Genius! Definitely stealing your brilliant idea perhaps for every holiday!

    • 11.11.16
      Sarah said:

      Thanks girl, steal away! 🙂

  6. 11.11.16
    Jane Lange said:

    Perfect! Exactly what I’ve been searching for to add to our farmhouse for the holidays. Like Kim, I could not get to Target fast enough for four of them, plus ordered another four canvas ones from Amazon. Great idea, Sarah. Thanks!

    • 11.11.16
      Sarah said:

      You found 4 of them at Target?! High five Jane, so glad you like my trick!

  7. 11.11.16
    Helen said:

    Wow Sara! This idea is fab! Now I need to hunt for some choices here in Blighty!x

    • 11.11.16
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Helen!

    • 11.27.19
      Jennifer said:

      Hi. Night before thanksgiving 2019. Absolutely genius idea. Gonna save me some work and time and money. I hope you get this comment. Happy holidays. – Jennifer

  8. 11.11.16
    Heather said:

    Well this is genius. Kicking myself for not thinking of it myself! 😉 I’ve seen some smaller ones in the dollar spot and passed them up. Now I might go back and grab some!

    • 11.11.16
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Heather, it was definitely a light bulb moment!

  9. 11.11.16

    I am SOOOOOO doing this. I just can’t get over how simple it is. I can never bring myself to spend money on buying seasonal pillows so this is perfect!

    • 11.11.16
      Sarah said:

      Right?! They can be so pricey. So glad you liked my trick Chelsea!

  10. 11.12.16
    Doreen Sulfaro said:

    What a fabulous idea. Ordering it now from Amazon. Absolutely love it. Thank you Sarah. Happy Saturday.

  11. 11.12.16
    Donna said:

    Love this idea…so adorable! I just love all your ideas and your home.

  12. 11.19.16
    Jana said:

    Saw it, did it, love it. Check out the same look in paper gift bags and frame them.

  13. 12.7.19
    Karen said:

    Fantastic idea! Love it