DIY Board + Batten Wall in Pink!

Well we got another project in the books–we did a DIY board + batten wall in my daughter’s room. And we painted it PINK. I am so happy with this little project and I wanted to share a quick post to show you guys how it turned out. Also I’m sharing the step by step process for how we (aka my handy husband) did this DIY board + batten wall.

DIY Board + Batten Wall

For this project my husband started by marking off the studs in the wall, then he placed 3″ MDF boards in white across the top of the wall, sides, and bottom, almost like a large frame on the wall (he left the existing trim in place and put the “frame” over the top of that).

Once the frame was in place, he measured the length between the bottom board and the top board, and put a vertical piece in the center of the wall. Then from the middle piece, he measured the distance to the wall on the right, and put another piece in the middle of that. He repeated that process on the left. That created the vertical lines. Then for the horizontal lines, we chose to do two equal distances from the top and bottom board. PS: he used liquid nails to adhere the boards to the wall where he couldn’t nail to the studs.

Overall this DIY board + batten wall project was super fast! However, the longer part was filling all the nail holes, sanding those, and then caulking around the edges of the boards prior to painting. That added a few hours to this project! Next up was paint–we used Ella Rose by Magnolia Home. Here’s how it looks now:

I am so smitten with this pink wall! And my daughter LOVES it. She’s been patiently waiting on this wall to happen and I’m so glad we finally got it done. Also, isn’t it crazy how such a simple wall treatment can make a whole room feel different? I want to board and batten alllllll the walls now!

Well thanks for dropping by the blog today. I hope this post gives you a few ideas for your own home. Also if you’d like to see another accent wall, check out this DIY herringbone wall HERE. xo



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  1. 9.28.21
    Barbara said:

    Goodness, that turned out beautifully! The whole room is gorgeous. Your daughter is one lucky girl. Your hubby does good work!

    • 9.28.21
      Sarah said:

      doesn’t he?! I love these accent walls so much!

  2. 9.28.21
    Wendy said:

    So pretty! It seems like it wasn’t too difficult at all. Now I want to do a board and batten wall somewhere in my house. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. 9.28.21
    Gabriel Marilyn said:

    Such an adorable room. I love the sweet girl feel if it. Great work, you two!

  4. 9.29.21
    Charlene said:

    Beautiful room, love it!

  5. 9.29.21
    Deedra said:

    What a pretty room!! Love that wall color as well! I know she must be over the moon with how it turned out.

  6. 5.16.22
    Kay Reece said:

    I love this room!!! I am doing something similar for my granddaughter’s room at our house. Would you happen to remember where you got the bed skirt? Having trouble finding the right color.
    Thank you so much. Love your blog!

  7. 7.1.22
    Alice Y said:

    Looks great! Does the horizontal board on the bottom stick out further than your baseboard? If so, does that bother you? I am trying to decide what to do with my baseboard. It’s thinner than the board I’m going to use for b&b.