Cozy Summer Deck + Coffee Spot

One of my absolute favorite things about our home is all the different outdoor spaces. We actually have six little outdoor living areas, which I feel like is pretty fitting for a gal that loves summer as much as I do. We have a spot for just about everything and so today thought it would be fun to share where I love to enjoy my morning coffee. Yes, I have a designated spot for coffee. That’s normal, right?! It also works well for afternoon coffee. Or even evening coffee if I’m feeling brave. It’s just the perfect cozy summer deck!

Isn’t this the coziest little spot? I feel like “cozy” is kind of a weird way to describe an outdoor living space, especially a deck, but that’s how I feel about it. And it kinda reminds me of sitting in a tree house, perched high up in the trees.

It took me a while to figure out how I wanted this area to look, but I was able to put this together with outdoor furniture we already had on hand. The chairs are an old set I’ve had for years now–I just spruced them up with some new cushions and cute throw pillows. Easy peasy!

I’ve been having SO much fun working on these outdoor spaces and I just love how this deck came together. I feel like this is a happy little spot–I love all the flowers and that giant tree. My favorite thing to do is sit here in the morning, soaking in the view off our deck and drinking my coffee while the kids play. It’s those simple moments that are the best, right? Right.

Well thanks so much for stoping by the blog–I hope this post gives you an idea or two for your own patio or deck. Now go have the best weekend and I’ll see you back here sooooooon! xo

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  1. As usual you make it look so pretty. I only have my porch and 1more space in the yard, but I do try to enjoy whenever I can. Hopefully we’ll have some great weather to enjoy those spaces! Thanks Sarah. You always give me a lift in my day! xoxo๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™

    Posted 6.14.19 Reply
  2. Heather wrote:

    Hi Sarah! It looks lovely! What do you do about the fact that itโ€™s an uncovered deck? I see you have cushions, a blanket, a wood tray on the table, and even a faux olive tree….do you bring those things in every time it rains, or does everything hold up in the weather? I have a large uncovered deck I am styling and so I am having this dilemma and would love to know what you do.

    Posted 6.14.19 Reply
    • I also would like to know what you do with all your “stuff” when it rains. I bought a very large bin to store the outdoor seating pillows in, every time it rains. Ugh. Also what about the rug, furniture, etc. during weather.

      Posted 6.14.19 Reply
      • Sarah wrote:

        That’s a great idea! I need a bin like that, Kathy. Thanks for the idea, I usually run out and grab a few things (like the pillows and blankets) before it rains. But we are so dry here in Colorado, things usually dry out super fast after a rain cloud.

        Posted 6.16.19 Reply
    • Nina Fields wrote:

      I too am hesitant about using a rug and pillows on my deck. The sun destroys what the rain doesn’t and it just seems a waste. I do love the look but the wind blows my pillows everywhere and I can’t always be home to bring everything in. Thanks!

      Posted 6.15.19 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Hi Heather, I usually try to bring in the pillows when it rains, so if I’m home I’ll run out and grab a few things before it rains. But that’s about it. Everything else does fine and it always dries out really fast here in Colorado. Nothing stays wet for long!

      Posted 6.16.19 Reply

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