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Boho Style Vanity Desk

Back at our old house I used to have this cute little vanity desk setup in our master bedroom. (Who remember this spot?!) I used to sit there in the morning to do my devotionals, drink coffee, work, and also put my makeup on. I loved that little space so much, so I decided to set up something similar here. I used a corner in our bedroom that wasn’t really being used and I love how it came together!

I looooove the detail on this mirror! It has such a pretty, vintage vibe. It looks great with this ribbed desk.

I just love this little spot so much! I can’t wait to sit here and have coffee in the mornings, get ready for the day, work or do whatever. It’s mom’s corner! And this is such an easy idea if you have an empty wall or corner in your home. Just grab a desk, mirror, chair and voila–easy peasy vanity!



Office Chair


Round Pillow

Artwork is by Casey Weigand



Picture Frame

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  • Betty
    May 5, 2022

    So cute !!!