Before + After: Painted Kitchen Island!

Happy Monday!!! I hope you had a relaxing weekend. It’s been toasty warm around here lately, which feels AMAZING. It finally feels like summer and I am loving every second of it. Especially the evening–I was out on the back patio last night and the sun was still up at 8:45. Birds were singing away and it just felt like heaven. I just love this time of year so much!! Anyway, I wanted to share our painted kitchen island. I finally got the guts to paint it black, which I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I’m so happy I decided to take the plunge–I love it it turns out!! Here’s how it looked before:

And here’s how it looked during–gotta tape off alllll the things!

And how it looks now:

Such a big change, right?! I can’t get over the difference! It brings so much balance and the right amount of contrast to this space. We went with the color Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams. It’s a soft black, which is perfect.

It’s always amazing to me how something as simple as paint can make such a dramatic difference. I love this new vibe in here and I think it suits the rest of the house really well! So glad I finally went for it. I would love to hear what you think of this before + after!!



Island Pendants


Wooden Pedestal Bowl

Appliances are Cafe Appliances

Marble + Wood Round Cutting Board

island paint color: Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

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The Comments

  • Whitney
    June 13, 2022

    It looks great!
    P.S. I’m ready for the podcast to come back!!! ☺️

    • Sarah
      > Whitney
      June 17, 2022

      ah thank you Whitney! Can’t wait to get back to the podcast.

  • KCAD
    June 14, 2022

    Amazing transformation…adds depth and interest. Re: taping off the front panels. Did you consider leaving them white? Also, what sprayer did you use?

    • Sarah
      > KCAD
      June 17, 2022

      No I never thought about that! And also we hired a painter so I’m not sure what sprayer he used.

  • Nicole
    June 16, 2022

    Looks so good! Did you paint it yourself?

    • Sarah
      > Nicole
      June 17, 2022

      we hired a painter to do it for us since it needed to be sprayed!

  • Pam
    June 23, 2022

    I love it. I just had mine painted a sage green and was amazed at the difference a small change can make. Every time I walk into the kitchen I think I should have done this a couple of years ago when I considered it!

  • Julie Nathe
    June 28, 2022

    I absolutely love the transformation!

  • Shauna
    July 7, 2022

    Love this!! I’m considering doing the same thing to my island. What finish paint did you go with?

    • Sarah
      > Shauna
      July 8, 2022

      it’s a semi-gloss finish!

  • Jaime
    October 23, 2022

    What paint color did you use for the white cabinets?? Love the transformation!