Affordable Cozy Finds from Walmart

Well it finally happened. I finally caught the yucky bug that’s been going around our house since last week. And let me tell ya, it was BAD. Really bad. But the worst part was that I missed trick or treating with the kids on Halloween, which is one of my favorite things to do every year. I’m still pretty bummed about it, but I’m grateful to be feeling much better now. Hopefully we are done with sickness for a while! Anyway, I wanted to pop in today to share some affordable cozy finds from Walmart. I found some really great stuff, so let’s hop to it!

Affordable Cozy Finds from Walmart

First up is this long cardigan, which is one of my favorites finds–it’s SO dang soft and cozy. It’s from the brand Scoop, which has been crazy popular at Walmart lately! I love this because it can be dressed up or down, plus it comes in several different color options. It’s also bit heavier than most cardigans, so it will be nice and warm for winter. I’d say it fits true to size–I’m wearing a size small here. See it HERE.

Affordable Cozy Finds from Walmart

Next is this adorable pair of wedge booties. I was a bit nervous when I ordered these because I didn’t know how they’d fit on my wide feet, but I LOVE them. They’re actually very comfortable and the cozy lining makes them great for the colder months. Plus they’re less than twenty bucks! I’m usually a 9.5, but I ordered 9 and they’re a great fit. See them HERE. They also come in black too.

Affordable Cozy Finds from Walmart

Another great find is this cozy pullover sweater. You guys, this sweater is TWELVE DOLLARS. I can’t get over the price because the quality on the is amazing–I love the drop shoulder and the mock neckline. It’s definitely a great basic for winter! I’m wearing size small and it comes in several different color options too. See it HERE.

Affordable Cozy Finds from Walmart

Next is this super cozy camo sherpa jacket! I was so excited when I found this because it’s a total dupe for several more expensive options on the market right now. And I have to say–it’s AMAZING. It’s so warm and perfect for cold weather. Again, I’m blown away at the quality for the price on this. I’m wearing size small. See it HERE.

Affordable Cozy Finds from Walmart

These lace up duck boots are another great find for winter. These are perfect if you live somewhere cold with a lot of snow. Plus they’re very affordable compared to similar boots on the market. If you’re in between sizes I suggest going down–they run big. See them HERE.

Affordable Cozy Finds from Walmart

Last is this cozy outfit perfect for Sunday afternoon and football. This pink sherpa pullover is SO soft and it basically feels like wearing a blanket. Plus it has a hood and I love the cute buttons on the front. I’m wearing medium here (I think it runs small) and it comes in a few color options. I paired it with these leggings, which come in a pack of two for less than twelve bucks, and these cute suede boots. The boots run big, so if you’re in between sizes go down.

Affordable Cozy Finds from Walmart

Well that’s it for my affordable cozy finds from Walmart. I’m so impressed with everything I got in my order and I hope this helps if you’re looking for a few extra pieces for the colder months ahead. Walmart’s online selection is pretty incredible these days and they have TONS of great holiday fashion too!

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  1. 11.3.19
    Karen said:

    Walmart needs you to model their clothes! Everything looks so much better on you than it does on their website!
    Glad to hear everyone is feeling better over there! πŸ€—

    • 11.3.19
      Sarah said:

      haha you are so sweet Karen, than you!

    • 11.4.19
      Kristen McNabb said:

      I was literally getting on the comments to write the same exact thing! You make these clothes shine Sarah!!

  2. 11.3.19
    Donna Lendach said:

    Sarah, you look adorable in everything! Quick question; have you washed that long sweater, yet? I’m wondering how it holds up after washing (I’m assuming it’s machine washable). Thank you.

    • 11.3.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Donna! I haven’t washed it yet, but I’m thinking it will hold up fine. It’s a pretty thick material!

  3. 11.3.19
    Jeriqa said:

    Soooo cute!! You have been my own personal shopper lately! I feel so cute! Thank you!

    • 11.3.19
      Sarah said:

      ah yay!!! So fun!

  4. 11.3.19
    Tracy said:

    Thank you for sharing your great finds. I love your blog; sharing all things personal, home decor, DIY’s, great clothing finds, etc… know you are an inspiration to us that read this blog. I hope that you will continue on and keep sharing, from the littlest thing to the biggest… know we are interested in all things because we can relate it to our own lives! Your blog is a bright spot in my life and I ALWAYS look forward to what you have posted. p.s. can’t wait for the Christmas decor to start coming up, because I am ready.. and I don’t care that it’s early. How can anyone be upset about enjoying Christmas decor early on, it get’s you ready to think of others and being joyful for what Jesus has done for us!!

    • 11.3.19
      Sarah said:

      Ah wow, you just made my day Tracy!! Goodness, thank you so much for those kind and supportive words. Truly appreciate it!! And heck yes to the Christmas decor, I have some Christmas inspo coming for my next blog post! xoxo

  5. 11.3.19
    Ruth Newton said:

    Love, love everything you showed from Walmart. Looks so super cozy…a few of those are calling my name!!

    • 11.4.19
      Sarah said:

      yay!! Thanks Ruth. Glad you liked my finds!

  6. 11.3.19
    Mary said:

    Tnx for sharing this kind of content.
    Love Dupes & more affordable things:)
    Keep them coming!
    All the very best!

    • 11.4.19
      Sarah said:


  7. 11.3.19
    Sheri Ghee said:

    Love all your finds! Super cute!! Looove the duck boots 😊

    • 11.4.19
      Sarah said:

      Aren’t those boots cute?! I’ve been wearing them for about a week now and they’re so good!

  8. 11.3.19
    Sheri Ghee said:

    Love all your finds! Super cute!! πŸ˜€

    • 11.4.19
      Sarah said:

      thanks Sheri!

  9. 11.3.19
    Kathy M said:

    I was thinking exactly the same thing that Karen said. I would never think these clothes were appealing the way they are modeled on the Walmart website, but you sell them! You look so darn cute in every single think you try on!

    • 11.4.19
      Sarah said:

      ah you are so kind Kathy!! Thank you for the sweet words. xoxo

  10. 11.4.19
    Casey said:

    Hi again!
    I am loving your style!!! I was thinking of ordering that long cardigan, but sometimes they don’t look right on me because I’m on the shorter side lol. I’m sorry if you’ve mentioned this before, but how tall are you?
    Thanks so much for sharing your awesome finds πŸ™‚

  11. 11.4.19
    Tammy Ganci said:

    Hi…..I just bought the link hoodie with the 3 buttons…..I love it!!!!!!! Had to buy a size up but oh so comfy…thanks Sarah
    Have a blessed evening
    Love your blog friend

  12. 11.7.19
    Kaaren said:

    I bought that pullover sweater and no lie, it is the comfiest sweater ever!
    It will be my new go to!

  13. 11.10.19

    I Recently ordered the pink Sherpa hoodie in size large through your site. I would like to return it because it is too large and I cannot find how I can return this item. when I go to my account on it does not show this purchase. please help

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      Oh no! I’m sorry about that, Louise. Usually each order should show up under your account tab. Go to the link that says “track orders” and it should pop up for you!