A Few Affordable Summer Outfits I’ve Loved Lately

Anyone else getting excited for the Olympics?! We watched the women’s gymnastics trials on TV this weekend and holy smokes–those tiny little gymnasts can flip and jump like straight up superheroes. I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open, just watching in amazement as they did their crazy back bends, triple twirls and other fancy gymnastics things. It was so fun and it got us all so excited for the Olympics next month! I can’t wait to watch it all. Anyway, today I wanted to chat about a few affordable summer outfits I’ve been loving lately!

Summer Outfits I Love

Ok, first up–how dang pretty is this blue and white kimono?! I ordered this on a whim and I’m so glad I did–I love it. It’s great like this with shorts if you want a little more coverage, but it also works as a swimsuit cover. Plus it’s on sale right now! (I’m in size small/medium). The perfect summer outfits!

This triple layered necklace combo is so pretty! I love having a few necklace options like this in my stash for times I want to add a little extra pizazz to an outfit.

I’ve also been wearing this pretty pink and gold bracelet set lately!

I’ve been trying to expand my summer outfits options with more dresses and skirts lately, so when I saw this floral wrap skirt online I thought I’d give it a go. And I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried it on–I LOVE it. It’s super comfy, the length is great and it’s perfect for summer. I paired it with this simple black tank top (size small), which is only $11!!

I feel like a broken record raving about these jeans lately, but they are SOOO comfy! And easily my favorite jeans ever from Walmart. The fit is true to size and they’re on sale for $20–they also come in several color options. Also this basic white tee is a must-have for summer. And it’s on sale for $7!!!


This pink tee is on sale for $9 and it’s SO GOOD!! The material is super soft and cozy, plus it has a bit more weight than a basic t-shirt. And I love the rolled sleeves! I’m wearing a size small here.


I have this box tee in a few colors now--it’s just the best basic tee. Plus it’s on sale for $7.50 right now! This is size medium here, but I have the white in size small. Either works for me!


Even though I’m pretty basic in most of my summer outfits and 80% of the time I’m just in jeans and t-shirt, it’s still fun to share my outfits with you guys!! I hope you enjoy it too and maybe get a few ideas for yourself. Also I have to say, I’ve been LOVING the Free Assembly and Scoop line at Walmart. They have tons of cute and affordable stuff out for summer right now! And everything over $35 ships for freeeeeeee.


Thanks to Walmart for partnering with me on today’s post!

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  • Bev
    June 28, 2021

    Hi ! Try not to be too nervous about flying! My husband and I have flown twice since last October with no problem.
    Enjoy Florida! I don’t know what part of the state you’re going to, but my daughter and her husband just got back from their honeymoon on Marco Island on the west coast . Typical rain every afternoon but that’s Florida in the summer!
    Enjoy every day!😎

    • Sarah
      > Bev
      June 28, 2021

      Ah thank you for the encouragement Bev, I really appreciate that!