The Best (Affordable) Curtains

About six weeks ago I made the fatal mistake of washing my curtains. I was in cleaning mode one day and noticed that my curtains in the breakfast nook and living room were looking a little dingy. So I took them down and tossed them in the wash. Turns out that was a terrible idea because they each shrank about five inches. I hung them back up and couldn’t believe how much smaller they were! Not my best move. Anyway, since then I’ve been on the hunt for new curtains and I just found a great option from Walmart of all places. And they’re only $17 a panel!

Can you believe these are $17 curtains?! Compared to what I had here before (these curtains for $88 a panel) I am so impressed with these from Walmart! And so happy I found them because they saved me a lot of money. We have the 108″ here, but they do come in different lengths and color options too.

The large basket holding the fiddle tree is another Walmart find. It comes in a set of two!

It’s crazy how many great finds I’ve come across from Walmart. Even that table and bench are Walmart finds! They came with a dark stain and I sanded them down to that lighter finish. They are super heavy and solid wood. Anyway, thanks for dropping by the blog today. I always appreciate it! xoxo

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  • Jean Marie Poster
    August 8, 2023

    I love your content!! I have tried searching but would you mind linking (or telling) the kitchen light fixture.

    thanks s so much!