A Sweet Little Giveaway!

***The giveaway is now closed. Congrats to CASEY for winning a leather cuff from Farmgirl Paints! And thank you so much to everyone that entered! I read each and every comment, and I have to say that you are all seriously the sweetest people. Thank you so very much for sharing your hearts with me!***

Well hello there friends and happy weekend! So nice to see you here on a Saturday. I’m absolutely tickled pink about today’s post because it’s all about giving back to you lovely people! It’s a GIVEAWAY!! I’ve joined forces with my friend Becky of Farmgirl Paints to give one of you lovely ladies a gorgeous leather cuff in honor of your awesomeness! You’ve heard me talk about my love of leather cuffs a few times before. I actually mentioned it in this Friday Favorites post a few weeks ago. I have four from Becky’s shop now and I absolutely love them. Each one says something different and has special meaning in it’s own way. I’m not exaggerating when I say I wear one of my leather cuffs almost every day of the week. I’m obsessed. Anyway, today I get to give one of these gorgeous cuffs to YOU!! Becky is currently offering a special “shabby rose” leather cuff, which is so gorgeous and I think it’s perfect for Mother’s Day coming up. Just look at this beauty.

Personalized Leather Cuff for Mother's Day

Personalized Leather Cuff for Mother's Day

Isn’t this just beautiful?! I love, love, love the floral design. It definitely has a vintage feel to it, which you know I’m crazy about.

Personalized Leather Cuff for Mother's Day

Of course I had to get one for myself and I decided to have mine stamped with the word “BELOVED” as a reminder of God’s unfailing grace and faithfulness. I hate to say it, but it’s so easy to forget how much He loves me, especially on days where I feel like I’m failing at everything. I get wrapped up in my own doubts and insecurities and I forget that I’m a daughter of the King. He’s got my back and it’s all going to be ok. This is a simple and beautiful reminder of that love.

A Vintage Inspired Floral Leather Cuff for Mother's Day

One lucky person will win a beautiful shabby rose leather cuff and you can customize it with whatever word you choose–Becky has a list you can pick from! Pretty cool, right? Here’s how to enter:

Giveaway Rules:

1. Only open to U.S. residents (sorry to my international friends, you know I love you!)

2. Simply leave a comment below to be entered. Tell me why you want the cuff, why you love Mother’s Day, or what your plans are for the weekend. Any comment will get you entered!

3. One winner will be chosen using a random number generator.

The giveaway closes Sunday, April 23rd at 9:00pm EST. I’ll announce the winner on Monday!

And one last thing–Becky is currently running a special promo in her shop for Mother’s Day! Use the coupon code MOM15 for 15% off your order. I know these shabby rose leather cuffs won’t last long, so be sure to snag one soon if you want one!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for supporting my blog and giving me so much encouragement and love on a daily basis. I wish I could give each one of you a big ol’ squeeze! Or maybe a high five if that’s too much for you. Either/or.

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 4.22.17
    Rachel Nelson said:

    These cuffs are beautiful! I’ve never seen a flower one! I’d love to give one to my mom for Mother’s Day. We still meet at my grandma’s house on Mother’s Day after church for a big meal (the guys cook on Mother’s Day) and with my grandma, my mom, myself, and my daughter, there are 4 generations celebrating!

    • 4.22.17
      Lissette Marrero said:

      A perfectly beautiful reminder oh His love and grace. I spent Mother’s Day in an ICU after surviving a ruptured brain aneurysm. This would make such a beautiful reminder of grace and hope for the future.

    • 4.22.17
      Teresa Capps said:

      Hi there, oh how I would Love to win this bracelet, It is Beautiful. So, on Mother’s Day this year at our church, I have made each mother a fan to give to them or they can give it as a gift to their mother. I have been wanting to do this forever. And, by the way they are made from vintage style paper and there are no two alike. Then after church I will spend time with my family. Love them so much. Hope you have a Blessed Day!

    • 4.22.17

      I absolutely love your blog and how personal you are with us. In regards to the cuff, I think it’s fabulous and I would wear it daily. Unfortunately, my husband (Kevin) and I weren’t able to have children. However, we have three furbabies. Stella Rose who is a bullmastiff, Walter Louis a peek-a-poo and Henry Mitchell a cane corso mastiff. IT would be a blessing to me if my number was picked for the beautiful and meaningful cuff. Thank you kindly
      Have a great weekend.

  2. 4.22.17
    Julie said:

    What a lovely cuff!!!! We should all have a reminder of how unique we are to Him!

  3. 4.22.17
    Christine Sousa said:

    Love the floral cuff, very unique! I love spending time withwill my family on Mother’s

  4. 4.22.17
    Kelly said:

    Absolutely lovely! I would love to show off this beautiful cuff during our annual Mother’s Day dinner.

  5. 4.22.17
    Teresa said:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  6. 4.22.17
    Cheryl stueven said:

    Alsolutely love this piece of jewelry and I have nothing like it! Makes me excited, Spring is here!???? Thank you!

  7. 4.22.17
    Kelsey said:

    I love this cuff simply for the vintage feel like you said and being able to customize it makes it special. This year will be my first Mother’s Day ever! I love being a mom to my sweet baby girl???? This weekend I plan to do some Rae Dunn mug hunting and maybe a little Magnolia market shopping. Love reading your blog! I look forward to it always❤

  8. 4.22.17
    Wanda McDaniel said:

    I adore the cuff! Would like it to wear, commemorating the day I was baptized – Mothers Day!

  9. 4.22.17
    Melanie said:

    Hi Sarah
    Love your blog! This is such a beautiful cuff! When I saw it I thought of my mom who I lost almost 10 years ago. I miss her so much and Mothers Day is hard for me but I focus on my beautiful two girls and my beautiful two granddaughters that I am so thankful for. This is what my mom would want me to do, so I will be spending time with them on Mothers Day and remembering my mom in the garden that I planted for her.
    Thank you for this special giveaway!

  10. 4.22.17
    Diane said:

    Luv the cuff and the idea of daughter of the King’ is particularly good cause I had such a ‘different’ time growing up till He adopted me as a 19 year old

  11. 4.22.17
    Karen said:

    We will be working in our garden all weekend!

  12. 4.22.17
    Emily Crawford said:

    Love the cuff! Plans for the weekend… I’m going to go buy a bag of mulch at Pike Nursery for my hydrangea and pick up a free bag of ladybugs for the garden! 🙂

  13. 4.22.17
    Sharon Isaac said:

    I’m so disappointed I can’t enter the competition but I live in Australia. Anyway I still love your blog. I look forward to it every night (that’s when I get it). These cuffs are truly gorgeous and I know whoever wins it will really appreciate and enjoy it.

  14. 4.22.17
    Glenda said:

    I hope to spend Mother’s Day with my husband and my 3 wonderful sons!!!

  15. 4.22.17
    Robin said:

    Love your blog, love seeing all your decorating ideas. Love this cuff it does have a vintage look to it. Mothers Day is such a special day to honor Mothers. If I win this bracelet I would want blessed put on it, God has truly blessed me, which I don’t always deserve. Thanks for the give away.

  16. 4.22.17
    Rene said:

    I love this! Reminds me of my mom. She was from Scotland, loved flowers, and always called me rosebud. I would most likely wear this everyday to keep her near; reminding me to stop, pause, take breath, be calm, and always take time to smell and appreciate flowers and God’s beautiful work.

  17. 4.22.17
    Donna said:

    I love her cuffs! I bought my daughter one last Christmas and she wears it almost everyday!!!

  18. 4.22.17
    Jan said:

    A great gift for my daughter-in-law who is expecting my first grandbaby!

  19. 4.22.17
    Donna said:

    I have lost my mom, but I am trying to be a great mom and grandma to my family.

  20. 4.22.17
    Tina said:

    Good morning, I am new to blogging and you are the first one I chose to follow and what a good decision, I love your blog and look forward to it each day.
    I would love to win that beautiful bracelet so I could give it to my grandsons to give to their Mom for Mothers Day.

  21. 4.22.17
    Cindy said:

    My Mom absolutely LOVED flowers. She has been gone 10 years now. When I wear the cuff, I will have a beautiful reminder of my beautiful Mom.

    Love your blog!

  22. 4.22.17
    Angie said:

    My four lovely daughters are treating me to the stage show Chicago! So excited to just get to spend time with them. Thank you for all the effort you put into your blog. I look forward to reading it daily.

  23. 4.22.17

    I feel so lucky to have fallen upon this blog. You have given me such great ideas to do to our new home that is a true fixer upper!
    This give away is great! My mom lives in Charleston SC and I live in Lagrange Georgia. She used to live here and this is the reason we moved here. But, her and my stepdad wanted a change. So that is why they moved to Charleston. I sure do miss having her close by, but I know that it’s a short distance away and I can still go and see her.
    Her and I have been through a lot and I am greatful to have her on my life.
    I have kind of rubbed off on her with some farmhouse ideas. I didn’t think she would but she has. Lol
    This vintage cuff is beautiful and reminds me of the beauty that God has pur into my life.
    Thanks again Sarah.

  24. 4.22.17
    April Davis said:

    Love that cuff! We are packing to move to our new house in the agricultural district this weekend, and I have found so many good ideas from your blog for decorating it! Thank you!!

  25. 4.22.17
    Chrissy said:

    Words are powerful. Especially on a rose cuff!!!! Love it!

  26. 4.22.17
    Sara said:

    Luv the cuff and really love your blog!!

  27. 4.22.17
    Carol Harrigan said:

    These cuffs are beautiful. If I win this I will send it my mother in Florida. She’s been missing her grandkids. I will Def have take order one for myself tho too!

  28. 4.22.17
    Annette Pollman said:

    It is a very unique piece. I Love it. I will be spending Mothers Day with my husband and 4 beautiful children along with my mom and dad. I look forward to your blog everyday. Happy Saturday!

  29. 4.22.17
    Margaret said:

    We lost our beloved mother in July – if I were to be chosen, I would give this bracelet to my baby sister – Mom was living with her at the time of her death and, although we have all deeply grieved, my sister has taken it especially hard. This is our first Mother’s Day without Mom and it would be a constant reminder that not only was Mom beloved, but that she is too.

  30. 4.22.17
    Jenn said:

    I would LOVE to win this bracelet and give it my my sweet mama… but I would love to order one for myself as well. They are just precious!

  31. 4.22.17
    Bethany said:

    I would so love this cuff because truth is SO important. I love Jewelry that reminds me of the things that God is teaching, something to remind me of his awesomeness when I see it. May family has been walking through my Dad having cancer for the last six months, and sometimes it’s just the little words or verses around our house that keep us going. So thankful for our mighty Jesus who keeps us going through the hardest times. ❤️❤️❤️

  32. 4.22.17
    Mary said:

    So so lovely ❤️
    What a great visual reminder of His promise
    Thanks for a chance to win

  33. 4.22.17
    Allyne said:

    My sister who is no longer with us and also a mother loved statement
    pieces. This one is sooo
    delicate yet incredibly strong. She would love us both to wear a matching one.

  34. 4.22.17
    Jenny wheeler said:

    This cuff is amazing and so pretty! Love wearing arm candy that speaks and tells a story! I enjoy being with my mom and mother in law on mother’s day and being pampered by my own boys and husband! Such a good day!

  35. 4.22.17
    Cindy said:

    Love the cuff and love your blog you always have so many great decorating ideas and tutorials.

  36. 4.22.17
    Casey said:

    I would love to win this cuff! I’ve been swooning over the cuffs for some time but it was never in the budget. A few weeks ago, I was chatting with Becky through Etsy to make sure I was entering all the details correctly, when the one I had in my cart get swept up my someone else! This would be a lovely Mother’s Day gift to myself because let’s face it, mom’s always put themselves on the back burner!

  37. 4.22.17
    Kali Bailey said:

    So pretty! I love it!!! I have one cuff-would love this one!

  38. 4.22.17
    Lisa said:

    Mother’s Day is my favorite holiday! Since becoming a mom 21 years ago- I look forward to all the extra cuddles, handmade cards and love every year!

  39. 4.22.17
    Laura Roberts said:

    This is a beautiful cuff and such a sweet giveaway!
    Thank you!!

  40. 4.22.17
    Carolyn Wesolowski said:

    That is a beautiful leather cuff!
    I’m enjoying this absolutely beautiful day with my family!
    I love your blog and all your DIY’s!!!

  41. 4.22.17
    Suzanne Ross said:

    Love these cuffs and have admired them for so long. Would love to wear one and have my mom wear one with these words spoken over us! Love honoring my mom on Mother’s Day too. I’m always in awe at the sacrifices she made for me growing up and still does now. Love being her baby girl at age 38 still.

  42. 4.22.17
    Juda said:


  43. 4.22.17
    Michaela said:

    This would actually be perfect for Mother’s Day. My mom has had the what may be the hardest year of her life and the word beloved that’s already stamped would be so fitting.

  44. 4.22.17
    Patricia Broom said:

    Love Mothers Day… I’m blessed with a wonderful mother and a mother to two awesome grown sons..What a beautiful cuff. I have one myself and cherish it and the words on it .

  45. 4.22.17
    Cherith Herron said:

    Love those cuffs so much! What a beautiful reminder of how Jesus sees us…. as His beloved. Mother’s Day is a specia day to me because it reminds me how blessed I am to have 4 kids of my own and how thankful I am for my own mom and mother in law????

  46. 4.22.17

    I love Becky’s cuffs! I have a lot-some for myself and many that I give as gifts throughout the year! Tomorrow we will go visit with my daughter at APSU in Clarksville, TN. They are having a commissioning ceremony for their summer missionaries at the BCM. My daughter will be serving in South Korea and Southeast Asia! Every day is Mother’s Day for me as I have been blessed with the best mother and I am so very thankful for my own 3 children!!! God is so Good!

  47. 4.22.17
    Casey T said:

    I just found your blog because I follow Farmgirl Paints on IG! So happy to have found it. Her cuffs are all gorgeous, and I have been wanting one for some time. The shabby rose is beautiful and perfect for spring!

  48. 4.22.17
    McCall Burkett said:

    Love the cuff! I love little items like that for reminders and also other people to see and be the example.

  49. 4.22.17
    michele said:

    these cuff bracelets are lovely! thanks for the chance to win one … we will al get together at my home …my three daughters ,all moms also, their hubbies and my 6 grandbabies… nice mom celebration!

  50. 4.22.17
    Kris said:

    Such a beautiful cuff and a beautiful reminder of how loved we are by our children and by an amazing love from above! I help at a tea room and would love to wear at our Mother’s Day event to remind each mom how loved they are as I have the privilege of loving on them at our event. You blog is amazing too!!

  51. 4.22.17
    Joni said:

    No matter how old I get, with Mother’s Day coming up soon, I think of how I miss and will always miss my mom. ‘BELOVED’ reminds me of her unconditional love, now and forever!

  52. 4.22.17
    Heather R said:

    I just love that floral cuff! There is something about the beautiful, bright floral color and design that makes it feel perfect for Mother’s day. I am hoping to spend the weekend with my kiddos doing only whatever we want! ????

  53. 4.22.17
    Janet Anderson said:

    Love the simpleness of the cuff and the constant reminder that I am beloved by my Father.

  54. 4.22.17
    Lori vastbinder said:

    I never knew my purpose in life until I became someone’s mom. It’s like wearing your heart outside your body.

  55. 4.22.17
    Susan Somers said:

    These are beautiful! I’d love one just like you have pictured… Beloved.

  56. 4.22.17
    Jennifer said:

    This cuff is absolutely breathtaking. I would love to gift it’s beauty to a beautiful friend.

  57. 4.22.17
    Karen Cadden said:

    We all need to be reminded that we are His beloved. As Mom’s, we are in “putting our selves last” mode quite often. But He sees our needs, and gives us His love and grace for each day. That’s what the message on this cuff reminds me of.

  58. 4.22.17
    Hannah Whitenack said:

    Love ❤️ this floral cuff! Perfect for Mother’s Day and every day. I love spending time with my 3 girls on Mother’s Day and realizing the precious gifts God has given me.

  59. 4.22.17
    Allison Stuart said:

    This is such a beautiful and unique piece! I plan on spending Mother’s Day with my family and participating in my favorite pastime, shopping at vintage stores!!

  60. 4.22.17
    Nancy said:

    We are actually in Nashville, home of the sweet Becky! I love her cuffs and have admired the one you are giving away! She is very creative! I just signed up for your newsletter and love the farmhouse print! I am a momma of 2 and Gigi to 3! Love them and teaching them about Jesus!

  61. 4.22.17
    Aimee Painter said:

    I am crazy about roses ????! The reason is because I have a baby in heaven named Elizabeth Rose who passed away on the day she was born 13 years ago. I have pink roses everywhere to remind me of her ! This cuff is amazing because it would remind me of her and of God’s love ! I would cherish this ! On mother’s day I love to be surrounded with my family and go to church and just be together ???? Having all my family around me is my greatest joy !

  62. 4.22.17
    Rachel said:

    I just love the personalized cuffs and vintage look on this cuff and color!What a beautiful way to remind us of how much we are loved by HIM!I have one now and love when I look at it and I’m reminded to not look around but look up!That I’M ok because I’m saved by Grace and his love for me!These cuffs are absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

  63. 4.22.17
    Jenny Mills said:

    I have been eyeing those cuffs for so long! I love that they are beautiful reminders of God’s goodness.

  64. 4.22.17
    Sandy Shepherd said:

    I absolutely love shabby chic everything and like you cuffs are my favorite. I lost my mother last year so this Mothers Day I plan on spending with my children and grandchildren. Life is too short and mom will be in my heart and thoughts all day. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!!

  65. 4.22.17
    Kim said:

    Such beautiful responses about family unity & love of mothers! Mother’s Day weekend has always been special as the family celebrates my birthday & my sister’s birthday as well as Mother’s Day. (She was born on my 4th birthday ????) We’ll have a picnic at my older sister’s home with all my family! It would make a wonderful gift for my sister, a mother of 2, on her special day! Love your word choice! You are most definitely beloved! Xx

  66. 4.22.17
    Mary said:

    I enjoy your blog very much, thank you. The cuff is beautiful.

  67. 4.22.17
    Amy said:

    Beloved…. Truly- There’s no doubt that God had this planned long ago!! He constantly whispers that i am His Beloved- it’s the meaning of my name!! This cuff is gorgeous

  68. 4.22.17
    Amelia Stasz said:

    I love Mother’s Day because it gives us all a chance to celebrate the amazing woman who gave us life! I love spoiling my mom a bit and of course it’s a perfect excuse to come together with family for a yummy brunch!

  69. 4.22.17
    Jackye said:

    Absolutely love…beautiful in every way!!!

  70. 4.22.17
    Beth B said:

    I am going to celebrate and reflect and honor my Mom in heaven…and be thankful for being a Mom…and Mimi.

  71. 4.22.17
    Elizabeth Taylor said:

    This is a beautiful cuff! Perfect for spring.

  72. 4.22.17
    elizabeth said:

    Would love to share this beauty with the world when they see it on my wrist!

  73. 4.22.17
    Ann said:

    This would make the perfect gift for my daughter-in-love who the the mother of my two amazing grandlettes.

  74. 4.22.17
    Licia Allen said:

    My mom and grandma love gardening. This cuff is a sweet reminder of their love of flowers and truth, that we are beloved. To celebrate we will make breakfast is bed for my mom and rest. Every mamas dream ❤️

  75. 4.22.17
    Ginger said:

    It is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to wear it as a message to others showing how awesome our Lord is. I hope to spend my Mother’s Day with my husband and two sons and a daughter-in-law. I will be thinking of my Mama who went to Heaven six years ago. I love and miss her so much. I know I will see her again one day because of what Jesus did for everyone of us.

  76. 4.22.17
    Amy Miller said:

    How beautiful! I’ve not seen flowered leather before. I’d love to have it. Thanks for the giveaway. I’m new to your blog but I look forward to it everyday and am anxious to try some things you’ve written about.

  77. 4.22.17
    Holly said:

    Such a gorgeous and lovely piece!! I would love to wear this or give it to my mom for mother’s day! She’d love it too!! 🙂 xx Holly

  78. 4.22.17
    Becky said:

    What a beautiful cuff! Mothers Day to me is a day filled with thankfulness for my mom and my children. It reminds me that my cup of blessings overflows.

  79. 4.22.17
    Mary McEnteer said:

    Love this!!

  80. 4.22.17
    Mary McEnteer said:

    Love this!

  81. 4.22.17
    Casey said:

    This cuff is so different from the usual leather cuffs that I’m use to seeing. I was blessed with a wonderful Christian grandmother and mother! It will be 5 years the day after Mother’s Day since she passed. She had such a green thumb and her flowers were always beautiful! The colors and flowers reminds me of her! It’s amazing how God puts little things here and there to remind us of certain things! When I see flowers and hummingbirds it makes me smile because I think of her!! Such a thoughtful thing of you two to give away!!!

  82. 4.22.17
    Paulette Avery said:

    Such a beautiful cuff! Love the roses. Happy Mothers’ Day to all of you great moms out there.

  83. 4.22.17
    Danielle said:

    That cuff is the prettiest! I love the word you chose. What a great reminder of His unfailing love towards those who are His.

  84. 4.22.17
    Pam Collins said:

    Love being with my girls and family on Mothers Day❤️

  85. 4.22.17
    Debbie Wiseman said:

    What a beautiful cuff. I can’t write about my own mother. I haven’t had one since I was 4 mine passed away. BUT I can talk about being a mother! Thats all I ever wanted to be growing up. I love it!!!!! I have been blessed with 3 children who make me so proud to be their mother. I thanked the Lord every day for my family. Jenny 37, Michael 35 and Lizzie 22.
    I would have Blessed stamped on it because that’s what I have been.

  86. 4.22.17
    Dodi said:

    Beloved is a word that God whispered in my ear 13 years ago, and it was life changing. My name is Hebrew and means Beloved. I had a framed print with my name on it and it’s meaning. It hung in my bedroom most of my 20’s, and I never paid it much mind. I always hated my name and desired to have my twin sister’s name most of my life. One day, I was struggling with self worth and I heard God whisper “My Beloved” and I looked up and my eyes fell on the framed name print. And God began to minister and speak in to my heart about my true identity, as a Child of God. I was transformed! So, when I saw your giveaway away your beautiful Beloved cuff, it spoke to my heart and it’s such a beautiful reminder of that moment of truth where I received the gift of revelation of who I am…literally.

    Dodi, God’s Beloved

  87. 4.22.17
    Donna Holevoet said:

    “God knew His church wouldn’t be complete without you in it….
    God thinks of the nicest things! What a wonderful gift idea.
    Thank you ! I love your blog and have my daughter-in law now enjoying it, as well!!!
    I do not have Facebook , but do email….

  88. 4.22.17
    Jennifer Hazzard said:

    These cuffs are beautiful! I follow her on Instagram. Everyday is Mother’s Day ❤️ I plan on spending like I do everyday, with my 4 kiddos.

  89. 4.22.17
    Hollie said:

    It’s so refreshing. Always love proclaiming my Lord as saviour. That’s a beautiful cuff.

  90. 4.22.17

    What a beautiful cuff! I would gift this to my daughter who along with being the mother of our sweet four year old grandson also gave birth to identical twin girls on March 27th of this year. Love….

  91. 4.22.17
    Lori said:

    I am looking forward to Mother’s Day because my husband gives me the entire day off! I get to take a long shower, eat undisturbed, & maybe take a nap!!
    That cuff would match everything!!

  92. 4.22.17

    Would love one of these beauties for my daughter!

  93. 4.22.17
    Tracey said:

    I have never seen such a beautiful cuff! So pretty!

  94. 4.22.17
    Cindee M said:

    I absolutely adore this cuff by @farmgirlpaints!!! All her work is beautiful and this cuff is perfect for Mother’s Day from the beloved to the awesome floral design!!!!

  95. 4.22.17
    Barbie said:

    That is just beautiful! The floral design appeals to my vintage soul!

  96. 4.22.17
    Kim said:

    I would love a cuff as I don’t accessorize but this accessory is right up my alley. And a great reminder of who I am in him. Mothers day is spent being spoiled by my four kids the best way they know how and it’s adorable to watch them love me in their own way.

  97. 4.22.17
    Suzi said:

    What a sweet giveaway! That beautiful cuff would make any mother feel very special on Mother’s Day! Have a great weekend Sarah! ????

  98. 4.22.17
    Candice said:

    The cuffs are beautiful! We love going to church on Mother’s Day and then a special lunch out. I love being able to spend the day with the family.

  99. 4.22.17
    Kelly said:

    Happy Mother’s to all Moms!
    Thanks for sharing the bracelet with your readers ❤️

  100. 4.22.17
    Kamy said:

    I will slip this on my sister’s wrist as she fights for her life in ICU in the cancer center.

  101. 4.22.17
    Sarah Andrado said:

    What’s not to love about this cuff bracelet?! Love the roses on this letter cuff, prefect for spring time and Mother’s day. I love the time spent with family celebrating all us moms in the family. It’s an awesome time.

  102. 4.22.17
    Gwen said:

    This is beautiful. So many moms deserve this for mothers day. As much as I’d be tempted to steal this for myself I’d send it to one of our kiddo’s birth Mamas. They’re beloved in ways they don’t even know.

  103. 4.22.17
    Molly said:

    Mother’s Day weekend my husband and I have planned to travel to New Orleans for an anniversary getaway. Twenty one years of learning what love is truly all about… seeking Christ together and pointing others to Him when they see our union. This is the first Mother’s Day morning I will not wake up to my 2 children, but will tuck them in that night with memories I made with their daddy that will last a lifetime. What a sweet addition to my wardrobe for the weekend this cuff would be! I have two and would simply adore a third! ????

  104. 4.22.17
    Christy H said:

    Beautiful cuff! Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me because my Mom passed away a couple years ago and I really miss her. But I get to enjoy the day with my son, his wife and our beautiful grandson!

  105. 4.22.17

    This is perfection and beyond beautiful. I would love to wear it and be reminded of His unconditional and eternal love for us plus his endless daily, beautiful grace. Thanks for doing this gorgeous and super cool giveaway!

  106. 4.22.17
    Veronica Ritchey said:

    Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mothers who gave us life !!! ????

  107. 4.22.17
    Kim said:

    Love this leather cuff. The colors are so pretty! Heading to play with grandkids today. It will be an awesome weekend

  108. 4.22.17
    Heidi Payeur said:

    Love the beautiful leather cuff. The colors are so pretty , cheery and springy. I would love to win this as it is very different. Mothers Day is special because it honors all we do and I am fortunate to still have mine. We will probably do a brunch. Hope I win, thanks for the chance.

  109. 4.22.17

    I’m waiting for my first one to get here and would love to add this one to it! No big plans for Mothers Day…hoping to have all 5 of my kids home!

  110. 4.22.17
    Lorie said:

    Love the cuff. Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there. Thanks 4 the giveaway.

  111. 4.22.17
    Lynn Brown said:

    I love the floral leather cuff. Just beautiful. I am the mother of 6 homeschooled adult kids and the mamaw to 16 grandchildren. One more on the way in September.

  112. 4.22.17
    Lisa said:

    I love the beautiful floral pattern of this! I’ve long-admired Becky’s cuffs, and would love this! ????

  113. 4.22.17
    Megan said:

    I love farmgirlpaints! Her cuffs are the best!! I am about to have my 3rd boy!! I would LOVE a nice girlie cuff for this boy mom!!!!

  114. 4.22.17
    Joanne Herron said:

    I would love to own one of her cuff bracelets????????????
    Roses are my favorite flowers! I just lost my Mother over Christmas, and I would wear this in her honor, as she loved roses & all flowers!

  115. 4.22.17
    Whitney Koehn said:

    I’ve never seen a leather cuff like this…it’s beautiful. I haven’t spent Mother’s Day with my mother for 5 years. We moved to Kansas and she is still in my home state of Georgia. I know I’m lucky, I can still talk to her, but all holidays are just a little bit sad since my family is so far away.

  116. 4.22.17
    Jolene said:

    I love the cuff! My mom is in heaven so I would love to give this to my sister. She is so much like a mom to me, a beautiful friend and of course my System of that we share our histories with our gardening tricks are painting furniture and decorating secrets!! I knew that she would love the cuff and I can just imagine it on her wrist!

  117. 4.22.17
    Gwen Cochran said:

    This is such a sweet gift from such a sweet lady!! Thank you for thinking of us!! I absolutely love your blog, and I am inspired by every post. I wish you a happy Mother’s Day!! Love and Hugs, and blessings abound, Gwen Cochran

  118. 4.22.17
    Debbie Sigler said:

    Loved my mom so much; she was such a blessing to me! And now, my children & grandchildren bring me such joy.

  119. 4.22.17
    Glenda said:

    I love the cuff and I think it would be a great reminder to me when there are days of doubt and confusion. I’m planning a train trip for Mothers Day. Love your blog!

  120. 4.22.17
    Brandi said:

    Oh my goodness, this is absolutely beautiful! I’m a lover of everything floral, so this is right up my alley! One of my favorite songs is actually called “Beloved”. 🙂

  121. 4.22.17
    Dorothy E Pfaff said:

    Beautiful! I love reading all you post. Look forward to my emails!

  122. 4.22.17
    Michelle Brooks said:

    So beautiful! I bought one of these cuffs for my daughter’ dance choreographer. She loved it! And that’s just what we’re doing this weekend…dancing! Actually, the next 3 weekends are filled with dance competitions and recital! What a great word…beloved!

  123. 4.22.17
    Abbey Decoteau said:

    I love the floral cuff! The flowers remind me of new beginnings. My son and daughter are both moving out of state so I am in the season of new beginnings!

  124. 4.22.17
    Gina Morrison said:

    The cuff is beautiful. I would give it to my Sunday School teacher! I’ve had a rough 2 years. She has come along beside me and been there for me during some dark days! My faith and love of Gods promises has grown under her love and teachings. I have to tell you how much I enjoy your lovely blog!

  125. 4.22.17
    Renee said:

    These cuffs are so unique and beautiful! I would love to own one!!

  126. 4.22.17
    Nanci said:

    Mother’s Day is my favorite because I Love being a mother! My baby girl will graduate that weekend and the cuff will be a nice reminder of that special day

  127. 4.22.17
    Marilyn said:

    I would love one of your bracelets because they are so feminine. Thank you for the giveaway.

  128. 4.22.17
    Deanna said:

    SO pretty! Would love to give this to my mom for Mothers Day!! Thanks for the give away opportunity!

  129. 4.22.17
    Joan said:

    To win this bracelet would be an honor. The work you put into each bracelet is amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to win the bracelet.

  130. 4.22.17
    Marion said:

    i would love to win the bracelet. It is so pretty and gorgeous. Thank you for this giveaway.

  131. 4.22.17
    Sharon H said:

    I love how florals are making a comeback! I’ve always loved the feminine floral look and I live in a house full of boys! Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful cuff bracelet! Love your blog!

  132. 4.22.17
    Daba said:

    What a generous offer! Mother’s Day means so much to me. I’m fortunate to have my mom living near by and I admit I totally take her for granted. I don’t tell her enough how much she means to me. St least I feel that way. I’m sure she’d say she thinks I tell her all the time. She’s an encourager. During my teens and early twenties I was told that I would have difficulties getting pregnant so I assumed that I’d be a “career woman” and pushed the thought of having my own children out of my mind. Well I married and ended up with four children! Guess my pituitary kicked in somehow. Yay God!

  133. 4.22.17
    Christina said:

    Beautiful! Lots of baseball.

  134. 4.22.17
    Marianne H. Commack, NY said:

    I’ve just started reading your posts. I love your ideas and can’t wait to try some of them. I’d love one of those cute flower cuffs too. Lol

  135. 4.22.17
    Lori said:

    What a beautiful leather cuff! I am a mother of two adult children. No grandchildren, but I have a grand-dog and a grand-cat!

  136. 4.22.17

    I have always loved being a mom from the moment they layed my child in my arms. But this last year when we lost my ex husband to cancer ( still very good friends, super special) I became everything to my 2 kids !!! Didn’t realize what a hole in our hearts we had & the sole responsibility of my loves. New meaning to Mom for sure …

  137. 4.22.17
    P. Windle said:

    I love the fresh, floral cuff that says BELOVED! I know I’m a BELOVED daughter of the One true King.

  138. 4.22.17
    Rhonda S. said:

    Love, Love, Love your blog and this rose cuff! So pretty!

  139. 4.22.17
    Sharon said:

    I absolutely love the bracelet. It’ll remind me that the Lord is just a prayer away.

  140. 4.22.17
    Corinne said:

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!!!! ????

  141. 4.22.17
    Robin Guthrie said:

    What a beautiful cuff!! I would love to win and give the cuff to my Mom for Mother’s Day.

  142. 4.22.17
    Theresa said:

    I ❤️ your blog! I really enjoy all the creative ideas! I appreciate that you praise our Lord in your posts!!!! Thank You ????

  143. 4.22.17
    Kathy said:

    Love the cuff and your website! Been looking at handmade cuffs on Pinterest. I think I will make one from denim and lace.

  144. 4.22.17
    Michelle said:

    This is so adorable. I would love to give this to one of the sweet girls at church to remind her how beloved she is!

  145. 4.22.17
    Jeanette Vincent said:

    Love this cuff. I lost my mother-in-law on April 2 so this Mother’s Day will be bittersweet. She was like a second mother to me. Would love to have this to remind me of her love and God’s comfort he provides in times of sorrow.

  146. 4.22.17
    Maureen said:

    ❤this is amazing..we are all loved

  147. 4.22.17
    Juraye Moran said:

    This cuff is do pretty. I would love to give it to my daughter an operating room nurse. She is a hard worker and sees some awful things. It would be nice for her to be able to look down at her wrist and to feel appreciated.

  148. 4.22.17
    Doreen said:

    Sarah, I love the cuff bracelet and would have the word, BELIEVE, put on mine if I win it. Believe is a powerful word which gives me the strength to get thru anything and everything. It is my strong belief in my faith in God that guides me through the day and helps me tremendously. I will be celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom and dad and my three children and their significant others with a home cooked beautiful meal I will prepare. Being together is mat important. ????

  149. 4.22.17
    Coleen said:

    This Mother’s Day will be spent with my 93 year young Mother, what a joy she is!
    The cuff is rather wonderful, whoever wins will be very fortunate!

  150. 4.22.17
    Suzanne said:

    Enjoy following you on Instagram! Love these cuffs. They’re so pretty and the words on it are so sweet and powerful. Always love celebrating my mom on Mother’s Day. The sacrifice mom’s make for their children is incredible.

  151. 4.22.17
    Amanda said:

    I love the cuffs and this one I’d give to my Bible study leader because she had been an incredible blessing and help to my life the last few months!

  152. 4.22.17
    Merri Schneider said:

    I think it’s the perfect spring/summer accessory!

  153. 4.22.17
    Michelle said:

    I absolutely love this leather rose cuff. I love roses. It’s my favorite flower. I love wearing bracelets. I would love to win this is would be a daily reminder of how blessed I am. I am a mom of five wonderful children and three grandchildren with one on the way soon.

  154. 4.22.17
    Sheryle Irving said:

    sweet for sure! i love “beloved”… i already have one that says blessed so i think beloved is perfect!

  155. 4.22.17
    Wendy M said:

    10 years Mothers Day, was the last that I spent with my Mom. The Lord said her work here on earth was done, and she was gone 12 days later. I miss her dearly, and can not wait, until I see her again.

  156. 4.22.17

    Beautiful cuff. Beloved is what I need to remember when the world says I am not enough. God loves me. i am His child. I would love to win this cuff to give to my mom.

  157. 4.22.17
    Alissa said:

    I look forward to your post everyday. I previously had my house decorated in a primitive country look. I never realized how it was affecting my mood. I have been inspired by your post to switch over to a farmhouse style. Everything that I paint white makes me feel so happy. You are amazing and inspiring. I would be so excited to win.

  158. 4.22.17
    Tina said:

    My mama is no longer here but she always made me feel loved. Love the cuff!

  159. 4.22.17
    Donna D said:

    I have been on vacation doing absolutely nothing so I will be spending my Sunday trying to mentally prepare me for work on Monday ???? Love the cuff, love your words of faith and inspiration and love your posts!

  160. 4.22.17
    Lesa Schell said:

    I have not had a mother for years. But I vowed to be the best mother and grandma I could for my family. I also would have beloved engraved for my lord and savior, for my girls and for my girls and grandma in heaven. Thank you for the chance to win

  161. 4.22.17
    Julie B. said:

    Ooooo, lots of comments! That is a pretty cuff! Thanks for sharing the ‘why’ of you having the word ‘beloved’ on it. 🙂 Always good to be reminded of our Lord’s unfailing, unconditional, and unending love! He is good, all the time!

  162. 4.23.17
    Jodi said:

    Love the cuff, love your blog! What a wonderful message.

  163. 4.23.17
    Mary Kaiser said:

    Every thing I am and every thing I hope to become I owe to my mother. I miss her every day of my life, I lost her in 1986. She was an amazing women. She raised NINE children and every one of us turned out amazing. I would wear this as a reminded of her every day!

  164. 4.23.17
    Vickie Longo said:

    This cuff is beautiful! Since my Mom passed away a few years ago, I’ll be spending Mother’s Day wth my daughter and her family. The cuff would be a wonderful gift for my young grandchildren to present to their mother! Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  165. 4.23.17
    Lynn Heinrichs said:

    The cuff is so pretty, would go with anything! I hope to spend Mother’s Day with my husband and kids, they are grown now, but if not working should be here. If I were to win this, I would have “Faith” put on it, a reminder to have faith that everything will be ok. Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

  166. 4.23.17
    Mikaela said:

    Such a beautiful cuff! It screams life, vibrance, and a fresh start! ????????

  167. 4.23.17
    Becky said:

    The cuff is beautiful. I let my husband and children plan Mother’s Day. They usually do a good job of it. As long as I don’t have to cook or clean that day, I’m good. Normally, just a whole day with my family for brunch. Thank you for the bracelet giveaway and I’m definitely going to check out her website too.

  168. 4.23.17
    Jenny Balbaugh said:

    I absolutely love this cuff. We spend the day celebrating 3 generations together. I love the message it reminds us of God’s love for us.

  169. 4.23.17

    This is a special Mothers’ Day as I am rejoicing in becoming a grandmother for the first time!

  170. 4.23.17
    Jen said:

    The cuff is so beautiful! I love the floral design! I would be so proud to wear this on Mother’s Day. I can’t wait to order a few for my mother and sister ????

  171. 4.23.17
    Kate said:

    I love Mother’s Day because I love the three happy little faces I get to celebrate it with!

  172. 4.23.17
    Alice Binford said:

    The cuff is beautiful and a good remember that we are God’s Beloved. Thank you!

  173. 4.23.17
    Laura S said:

    That is such a beautiful cuff. I have never been a big fan of cuffs since all of the ones I have seen are not beautiful, but this one is and is worth a great deal of wearing! I love all of her unique designs!

  174. 4.23.17
    Laura Allard said:

    I love Mother’s Day because it’s even more of a reason to buy my momma something pretty that she will love! Like this bracelet 🙂

  175. 4.24.17

    I lost my mother in 1998 and every Mother’s Day, I feel a little sad that she is not here with me. I think that this cuff bracelet
    could be engraved with her name and then it would be a special reminder to me that she is always with me. I love Mother’s
    Day, it is my weekend to indulge in bringing Spring into my house and outside by flower shopping and planting. It’s just for
    me and great time to enjoy something I love to do. It is my tradition I hope to pass to my girls!