Simple Vintage Farmhouse Winter Porch

Goooooood morning and happy Monday! Are we all bright-eyed and busy-tailed this morning? Or more like stressed and overwhelmed because Christmas is only ONE week away. One week! Are you ready?? I’m definitely ready if you consider all things other than shopping. Ready to eat lots of delicious food? Yes. Ready to drink copious amounts of egg nog? Yes. Ready to watch the Christmas Story on repeat all day long? Yes. But I’m definitely not ready when it comes to all the gifts I still need to buy. Not at all. I don’t even want to talk about all the shopping I still have to do because it just stresses me out and makes me mad at myself for being such a last minute shopper. I mean, what kind of ridiculous person still has tons of shopping to do one week out from Christmas?! I’m not proud of it. But I’m sure it will all get done just in the knick of time. Besides, Christmas isn’t about gifts. It’s about the birth of our Savior and that’s what really matters, right?! Yessssss. Anyway, here I am rambling on and I should probably get to today’s post, which is all about our simple farmhouse winter porch. I actually wanted to put a simple porch together that would last through Christmas and into winter, so this is what I came up with!

Simple Farmhouse Winter Porch Simple Farmhouse Winter Porch

I have two of these vintage sleds, so I grabbed one out of the shed and propped it up in this old red wagon. It actually fits perfectly in this corner with the old door and I just love all the vintage goodness happening here!

Simple Farmhouse Winter Porch

Simple Farmhouse Winter Porch

That cute little St. Nick’s Christmas bucket was actually a find my sweet neighbor got for me. I was excited to use it on our porch, but once Christmas is over I’ll just turn it around so the holiday part isn’t facing the front. Then it’s just a winter bucket, right?!

Simple Farmhouse Winter Porch Simple Farmhouse Winter Porch Simple Farmhouse Winter Porch Simple Farmhouse Winter Porch

Our “porch” is really more like a little stoop, but I always look forward to styling it as each season comes and goes. I like to keep it pretty simple, epecially since I don’t have much space to work with, but it’s always fun. And I think this look will take me right on into winter, so I plan on leaving it out for several more weeks.  I mean, what’s not to love about an old wagon, a vintage sled, and an antique door? All good things.

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  1. Kellie wrote:

    You are not alone my sweet friend 🙂 I have practically no shopping done either!! The only saving grace I have is my list so thankfully I’m not going out totally unprepared. Not having my gifts purchased this close to Christmas definitely goes against my obsessive planner nature 🙂 I have continually been reminding myself it’s all about the birth of our Lord and Savior and that puts things in perspective for sure! Your porch is so pretty and inviting! I hope and pray you and your family have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!! (I LOVE the Christmas Story movie, too! It has become a tradition in my house 🙂 ).

    Posted 12.18.17 Reply
  2. Der wrote:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing ❤️

    Posted 12.18.17 Reply
  3. Dee wrote:

    I am inspired with your posts to try new things. Thank you!

    Posted 12.18.17 Reply
  4. Karen wrote:


    Posted 12.18.17 Reply
  5. Chels Rief wrote:

    I love the rusty radio flyer wagon. Reminds me of the one I grew up with. Looks beautiful and very inviting.

    Posted 12.18.17 Reply
  6. Donalee Kennedy wrote:

    Love your porch display!! I’m really loving the flocked trees. Happy holidays to you and your family!

    Posted 12.18.17 Reply
  7. Lelanie wrote:

    I’ve been planning well with regards to gifts this year, I think. I’m pretty sure a day before Christmas I will want to have bought something for someone that slipped my mind. I do have a busy week at work though, so that is a bit stressful to get it all done. I just turned on the music and will get cracking! Really love your wintery porch, such an inspiration. 🙂

    Posted 12.18.17 Reply
  8. Mary wrote:

    I also have a small front porch and have always longed for a larger front porch to decorate. You did a great job, super cute!

    Posted 12.18.17 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Maybe one day we’ll both get our dream porch!

      Posted 12.19.17 Reply
  9. Nancy Davies wrote:

    Love the vintage front porch decor. Thank you for sharing. A great inspiration.

    Posted 12.18.17 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thank for dropping in Nancy!

      Posted 12.19.17 Reply
  10. Wanda Glass wrote:

    I am new to reading your blog and I love it. Thank you for not being afraid to talk of your faith, especially during the Christmas (not holiday) season! You are an inspiration. Your family is indeed lucky because of you. And, I looove your decorating tips, too.

    Posted 12.19.17 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Aw thank you Wanda, I appreciate that so much!! xoxo

      Posted 12.19.17 Reply
  11. Aimee wrote:

    I love all your farmhouse decor…but I just have one big huge question!! How on earth do you have kids in a house that is mostly cream, and white color???? We are starting to do some remodeling in our home, and I love the farmhouse look! We are starting in our master bedroom…adding a shiplap wall and various vintage decor… but I can keep the kids out of my bedroom. But when we move on into the main living area and kitchen…I’m really worried about having all really light colored things!
    We have 8 kids and we do foster care, and that is first and foremost for me…but do you think I will just drive myself crazy if I decorate with all lighter colors? I mean…how would I keep a white or cream color couch clean? I see alot of slipcovers which I could use…but I think I will get overwhelmed with having to wash them constantly.
    What would you advise?
    Thank you!!!! 🙂

    Posted 12.22.17 Reply
  12. Sharon Jensen wrote:


    Posted 11.25.19 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      That’s awesome, Sharon!! Happy Thanksgiving to you. xo

      Posted 11.25.19 Reply

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