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Pumpkin Wreath Dupe from Amazon

There’s nothing better than a good dupe and I have a fun one for you today! I was browsing on the inter-webs the other day when I came across this gorgeous pumpkin wreath from Williams Sonoma. It had a rather hefty price tag at $140, so I went over to Amazon and scoured all the fall wreaths until I found an almost identical dupe…for $39!!! Check it out:

Such a stunning wreath, right?! I can’t believe it’s only $39. The size, color and dimensions are almost identical to the one from Williams Sonoma.

I used a command strip with a hook to hand it on this round mirror.

I love finding good dupes for you guys and I hope you enjoy it too. It’s really amazing how many similar items you can find out there if you’re just wiling to dig enough. Anyway, I’d love to hear what you think of this pumpkin wreath. And I hope you have a fabulous week!


Amazon Wreath

Floating Shelves 

Round Mirror 

Storage Cabinet 


Curtain Rod 

White Bowl 

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