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Picture Shelves (from Amazon!) in the Breakfast Nook

You guys! I found the best picture shelves on AMAZON and I just hung them up in our breakfast nook today. I was going to wait to share these til next week, but I’m so impressed with the quality of these shelves I wanted to share right away. They are so sturdy and well-made, plus they’re nice and long so they hold a ton! (We did trim ours down a few inches to make them fit in our nook, so you could totally do that if they’re too long for your space.)

I love what a big impact these two picture shelves made in the breakfast nook. They have a natural wood finish, but you could totally paint them or even stain them if you wanted to.We hung the bottom shelf at 37″ and the top shelf at 62″.

These shelves are great if you have small wall space you want to fill up. And because they’re so well made, you can load them up with lots of art or family photos. Or even cutting boards! Or whatever you can fit on that little ledge. Just make sure you screw them into studs and you’re good to go!


Dining Table (we sanded it down to the natural wood)

Bench (also sanded it down)



Green Chairs

White Chairs

It’s A Good Day Art

Picture Shelves

Olive Tree

Pink and Gold Frame Artwork

The Sun Will Come Up Artwork

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