Painted Bench + Staircase Landing Decor

You know what’s awesome?! It was SEVENTY TWO degrees here yesterday. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and it was glorious. And you better believe I was loving every single second of it. We’ve actually had pretty nice weather lately and I’m soaking it in while I can. Especially with all the craziness happening right now, it’s the simple things like a bright blue sky and sunshine that make my heart so happy. I’m trying to focus on those small things and keep a grateful mindset as much as I can right now. Anyway, enough rambling about the weather! Today I wanted to share a cute wooden bench I just painted and my staircase landing decor! Before we hop into it, let me show you what my bench looked like BEFORE I painted it:


It’s a cute little bench, right?! I ordered this on clearance from Target a few weeks ago (unfortunately it’s no longer available) but I honestly didn’t love the color. It just felt blah in this space. I wanted more contrast, so I painted it with my favorite black paint–Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore. Here’s how it looks now:

Painted Bench AFTER

SO MUCH BETTER. The black paint really warms up this little landing area and gives this whole space more character. I love the contrast with the white walls! It adds a fun boho vibe to this space.

This is small bench, but it’s the perfect size for this landing area at the top of our stairs. If you’ve been around for a while you might remember that I used to have my bamboo clothing rack in this spot, but it just felt like a bit too much in this area. I’m loving the little bench now and it’s actually really handy for the kids. They love sitting there and playing!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! I hope you are doing well and hanging in there. Sending lots of love to you! xo

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  1. 4.8.20
    Debbie said:

    Sarah, I love the bench! You made it look so much better! I also LOVE the barn door gate you have at the top of the stairs! Is that a kit and if so where can I find it? Thanks!

    • 4.10.20
      Sarah said:

      Oh thank you! My father in law actually made that for us from scratch!

  2. 4.8.20
    Rhonda Boyum said:

    Looks great! What are you using to hang all your hats?

    • 4.10.20
      Sarah said:

      I just use little plastic wall hooks! Easy peasy.

  3. 4.8.20
    Becca said:

    So cute! Love it!

    • 4.8.20
      LORRI RAUSCHER said:

      You made the right choice by painting it black it..I bet it is helpful when corralling the kids to sit and wait for you when you are getting ready to go out.😉

  4. 4.8.20
    Melissa said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the bench painted black!!!

    • 4.10.20
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Melissa! So glad I painted it.

  5. 4.8.20
    glenda lafont said:

    Perfect, perfect, perfect, Sarah.

    • 4.10.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you Glenda. xo

  6. 4.8.20
    Ramona Wampler said:

    Amazing how much difference the change in color makes! It looks so good.

    • 4.10.20
      Sarah said:

      Yes! It always amazes me how paint can make such a huge difference with such little effort!

  7. 4.8.20
    Sue Thomsen said:

    Sarah, What are some blogs (decorating) do you follow?

    • 4.8.20
      Sarah said:

      Two of my faves are Liz Marie Blog and Love Grows Wild!

  8. 4.8.20
    sandy said:

    Hi Sarah
    I want to paint my barn table in the dinning room either white or white wash. What kind of paint do you recommend. You always have such good ideas! Love them!

    • 4.10.20
      Sarah said:

      Hi Sandy! I’m a big fan of chalk paint because it’s so easy and fast. My favorite is the Rust-Oleum chalk paint–it’s so affordable. But you could definitely white wash it if you want a more distressed look.

  9. 4.8.20

    Hey Sarah, Saw your post yesterday where you said you might paint it. I love it too! Perfect for that spot. It would be cute in a small entryway too, Thanks Sarah.

    • 4.10.20
      Sarah said:

      thanks so much Becky!

  10. 4.10.20
    Michelle said:

    Love it!! Good color choice!!

    • 4.10.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you Michelle!

  11. 4.10.20
    Shirley said:

    Your little bench is adorable but what I’m really loving is your gallery wall of hats! I’ve been working on a porch theme for quite some time. I was looking for something to do on the wall of the porch and this just inspired me! So thanks!

    • 4.10.20
      Sarah said:

      oh fun! A gallery wall of hats would be cute on a porch!