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New Hearth + Hand Collection + Weekly Roundup

Rise and shine!! And happy Sunday. I’m currently sitting in bed, drinking coffee and watching the sun come up. It’s a pretty perfect start to the day. The hills around our house are finally starting to green up and it’s such a welcome sight. I feel like this has been the longest winter ever, so I am ready to see some life come back to the countryside. Anyway, a brand new collection from Hearth and Hand just launched at Target today and I wanted to share some favorites!! I browsed though all the new arrivals and there’s lots of spring decor, new rugs, faux greenery, and summer games too. I also have a few things to share from the week!

I love this insulated bag–it’s perfect for summer sports and picnics. And how cute is that hanging corner clock?!


Victoria Emerson just launched a new collection and it’s all buy one, get one FREE this weekend! I have so many of their wrap bracelets and I love them all. And they make great gift ideas with Mother’s Day around the corner! Shop HERE.


Other great finds + sales this week:

Recent blog posts:

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Well I’m off to work out in the chicken coop today. Hope you all have a blessed day! xo

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  • Nina
    April 26, 2021

    hello! love following you and your blog / Instagram. Always inspired by your love of Christ. And of course your design style. That oven though, oh my, I would love to have one of those. All of this just to say, you need to change your blog picture so that your beautiful new oven is shown instead of the old one šŸ™‚

    • Sarah
      > Nina
      April 26, 2021

      Oh yes I do need to change that! Thanks for reminding me šŸ™‚