My Current Wellness Favorites

Well hello there and happy Wednesday to you. It’s 6am and I’m sitting on the couch with Murphy, drinking coffee, and watching the fire. Not a bad start to the day, huh? I actually got up at five this morning and did a 30 minute power walk on my Peloton Tread. Then I did a 15 minute meditation. One of my goals this year is to meditate a few times a week and so far I’m really liking it. We’ll see how it goes! I currently use this podcast for my guided mediations, but if you have any good ones be sure to send them my way! Anyway, I thought today it would be fun to chat through a few of my current wellness favorites for the new year.

One of my random interests is in supplements and wellness/health products. I’m a sucker for trying new things–anything that will make me feel better, more energized, sleep better, feel happier, etc I’m all about. I’ll give it a try! Anyway here are the main supplement I’m currently using on a daily basis:

Athletic Greens: I’ve been drinking AG for almost two years now and I feel like it’s one of the main reasons I don’t get sick very often (knock on wood!). It’s loaded with tons of vitamins, minerals, superfoods, adaptogens, probiotics, prebiotics, etc. It’s definitely pricey, but I feel like it does a ton for my immune system and digestion. I just feel better overall when I’m drinking this consistently.

Magnesium Glycinate: I’m a huge fan of magnesium because it’s a vital factor in so many things in our bodies. Just spend a few minutes googling it and you’ll find tons of research about how important it is. I take four of these magnesium supplements every single night without fail. It’s great for sleep and so many other things!

CBD: I’m been using CBD since 2019 and it’s still a big part of my everyday wellness routine. I’ve bounced around with the products I use, but I’m back to these daily soft gels. I really notice feeling more balanced, calm, and less stressed/anxious when I’m taking these regularly. I have a history of anxiety, so I love taking these to help keep me feeling my best. (You can use my code SARAHJOY for 15% off anything on the site.)

Beef Liver: I know this one probably sounds crazy to some of you, but beef liver is actually loaded with tons of great stuff. There’s no way I could ever eat it on a daily basis, so I take it in supplement form. I’m currently using this one from Amazon, but I’ve tried several brands and they all seem about the same. It really helps with energy levels!

Zinc: Currently taking this zinc for an extra boost of immunity support.

Protein Powder: I’ve tried a LOT of protein powders of the years, and this one is hands down my absolute favorite. It has super clean ingredients, doesn’t bother my stomach, and it’s truly delicious. I use this to make a shake pretty much every day! I get the chocolate flavor.

Electrolyte Powder Packets: I love these for anytime I’m feeling especially tired or worn out. They’re loaded with tons of awesome electrolytes and no extra sugar or junk.

Collagen: I’m back on the collagen bandwagon and I’m currently trying this collagen. It’s obviously going to take a while before I can tell if it’s helping anything, but the primary reason I’m using it is for skin elasticity. I have a family history of ehlers danlos syndrome, which is a skin and connective tissue disorder. It can cause all kinds of problems with your joints and blood vessels, and it also really impacts the elasticity of your skin. (My mom has stretchy, thin skin and I’m showing signs of the same thing.) Anyway, I’m hoping collagen will help.

I have a few other supplements I take randomly here and there for various things (like these when I’m feeling bloated) but these are the main ones I’m currently using daily and loving. Also let the know if there’s anything you take that you really love. I’m always interested in trying new things!

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