Merrrrrrrry Christmas & A Fun Giveaway!

Hi guys! Sorry things have been a little quiet around here the past few days, I’ve just been enjoying time with my little crew, baking, watching Christmas movies, and eating all the things. And of course I’ve been fighting the crowds like a crazy lady to finish up my shopping, but overall it’s been a really nice break so far. I hope you’ve been busy doing lots of wonderful holiday things too and enjoying this special time of year. I just wanted to pop in today to tell you all Merry Christmas and let you know how much I appreciate you. When I think back over 2017 and everything that has happened, you all are a big part of the “good stuff”. It’s been such a fun year, sharing my home projects and other shenanigans with all of you. Your support, kindness, and encouragement has made this blog such a happy place for me.

Cozy Farmhouse Christmas Living Room

Cozy Farmhouse Christmas Living Room

I am so grateful for each and every one of you, so today I want to do a fun little giveaway to celebrate your awesomeness and spread a bit of Christmas cheer. I’m giving away $100 CASH to one of you. (I’ll send it via PayPal!)

How to Enter:

1. Subscribe to my blog if you aren’t already. You can do that in the box below this post!

2. Leave a comment telling me what you’re grateful for this holiday season. (be sure to leave a good email address with your comment so I can reach you!)

3. That’s it! Easy peasy.

This giveaway will run until Christmas Day (December 25th) at midnight. I will randomly select one winner and send the cash to you on December 26th. Goooooood luck!! xoxo

***The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone that participated. One winner was randomly selected using a random number generator. Congrats to Stephanie Nunes for winning the $100!!!**

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 12.23.17
    Cathy Weber said:

    I have learned so much from your blog…your home is so beautiful. I am very grateful this season for my beautiful family. I’ve been looking through old photo albums today and trying to remember fun things from my favorite Christmases growing up.

    • 12.23.17
      Marit Howard said:

      Grateful for family and health. Just left Mayo clinic and no new growth for cancer and now traveling to see family. Have enjoyed this blog as I have been on my computer a lot for cancer treatments.

    • 12.23.17
      Nancy Hale said:

      Oh where do I start!! So many reason to be thankful!! Jesus, my family, good health, good Job, 2 great ladies that are my boss.

    • 12.23.17
      Melinda Henry said:

      I love your blog! I am so grateful my daughter and her sweet family were able to evacuate safely from the Thomas fire in Ventura, California a few weeks ago. Although they haven’t been able to return yet due to the air quality, their home was spared and they had a safe place to stay for the duration.

    • 12.24.17
      Laura said:

      I am thankful for so much, first and foremost God sending his only son for us. For my sweet hubby and our little boy. For my family, friends and our health. I think all of those we can take for granted at times. There are so many people who don’t have these things, enjoy and treasure them while we have them. Hope you and your adorable family have an amazing holiday!! Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁

    • 12.24.17
      Lauren W. said:

      I am so grateful for time off of work to really enjoy my family! I love that I can really focus on being in the moment and creating memories with them.

  2. 12.23.17
    Kristina said:

    Grateful for Family this holiday season!

  3. 12.23.17
    Mary Pickett said:

    I lost both my mom and dad this year. So I am eternally grateful for my three sons and their girlfriends, my brother and my extended family. I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas.
    Thank you for your beautiful blog.
    Happy Holidays and Peace on Earth.
    Mary P

  4. 12.23.17
    Amy said:

    I love reading all your posts and your beautiful pics. Family is my Christmas thankful!

  5. 12.23.17
    Kelcie said:

    So grateful for my beautiful and healthy children. Love them!

  6. 12.23.17
    Katie said:

    I am so grateful for my hardworking husband and the amazing gift he has given me in being able to stay home and raise our little humans.

  7. 12.23.17
    Stacy said:

    Greatful that my kids are heathy and we are all together

  8. 12.23.17
    Stephanie said:

    I have so much to be grateful this year but the first thing that comes to mind right now is that my best friend got an all clear after being diagnosed with cancer a few months ago.

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  9. 12.23.17
    Jessica said:

    We’re grateful for health, new careers, family, friends and the many blessings God continues to provide.

  10. 12.23.17
    Marja Adams said:

    I’m grateful that God loves each of us so much that He sent his Son, Jesus to die for our sins so we can have eternal life! Merry Christmas!

  11. 12.23.17

    Merry Christmas, Sarah! I’ve been following your blog for several months, after my desire to redecorate our home. After 27 years of marriage it needed a ‘face lift’ and lighter colors. I found your blog on Pinterest and have been inspired by what you’ve shared. I’m grateful for everything in my life but this year I’m reminded how blessed (and grateful) I am for my health. I just had my 5th surgery during the last 7 years. Despite the bumps along the way I’ve been reminded of God’s grace and mercy. Without our health we can’t accomplish anything in our lives and I’m so grateful I’m on the mend. Thanks for all your inspiration. Here’s wishing you and your family the merriest of Christmases and a New Year filled with prosperity, happiness and HEALTH!

  12. 12.23.17
    Linda said:

    I love reading your blog. You have such a beautiful home and your decorating is sooooo pretty. I am thankful for my family and my amazing church family.

  13. 12.23.17
    Corinne said:

    I’m grateful for my family. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and of course a happy and healthy new year!

  14. 12.23.17
    Meg Peitzmeier said:

    Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway!! I am grateful for my sweet students (I teach Kindergarten) and although I love those kiddos.. I’m grateful to be on break! 😉 I’m also grateful for my amazing family and that we welcomed two new brother-in-laws to my crazy crew this year!

  15. 12.23.17
    Aileen Nickel said:

    I am so grateful for good health this year. Merry Christmas everyone.

  16. 12.23.17
    Debbie Petersen said:

    Grateful for the chance to do good every day and support and love my family!

  17. 12.23.17
    Lauren Stuart said:

    I’m grateful that my husband is coming home from his deployment January 7th. I was feeling down listening to all kinds of Christmasy songs such as, “I’ll be Home for Christmas,” but then I realized my husband is alive and well, and I’ll get to see him soon!

  18. 12.23.17
    Brittany Smith said:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!! I enjoy seeing all your posts and LOVE watching your stories. This year I am grateful to spend time with family and friends. I hope y’all have a wonderful time with friends and family as well!!

  19. 12.23.17
    Cheryl said:

    I always look forward to family getting together. Christmas is always a magical time for me.

  20. 12.23.17
    Kristy LaLonde said:

    Thanks for all the ideas, love reading your blog. I’m so grateful that we get to spend Christmas at home with all our family together again.

  21. 12.23.17
    Linda said:

    I love reading your daily blog. I love seeing the post of your beautiful home. I am thankful for my health and my family and also my church family.

  22. 12.23.17
    Crysta said:

    I love watching your Instavideos. They are so chill and I especially love the baby.
    I know it sounds clichè but I really am thankful for the Family that God has given me. Thankful for His blessings and especially for His Son, Jesus Christ. Thankful that He has opened our eyes to see the meaning of His sacrifice so that we can celebrate with our whole hearts this Christmas.

  23. 12.23.17
    Robin said:

    I’m grateful for my family and all of life’s blessings and another year cancer free (total of 11 years) to enjoy it all 😁 Praise God!!!

  24. 12.23.17
    Paula Coil said:

    Thankful for the gift of our Savior – Jesus Christ.

  25. 12.23.17
    Chris said:

    I am grateful for family. My happiest memories are of Christmases past spent surrounded by a close extended family. Today’s family looks different, but I hope that my kids and grandkids will have happy memories of our time together.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sarah! You are a memory-maker!!

  26. 12.23.17

    Go many things to be grateful for, our family, friends, health, home. I am also grateful for your blog, it makes me smile and remember my own life 50 years ago.

  27. 12.23.17
    Rachel said:

    My favorite thing about the Christmas season is advent. I’m so grateful to have hope in this broken world and a savior who will return and make things right!

  28. 12.23.17
    Daniela said:

    Grateful for LVN and all the great ideas I glean from your posts. Our home is getting cozier!

  29. 12.23.17
    Amy Plungis said:

    I’m so grateful for my family and finding your blog!! I’ve learned so many fun things for my fixer upper! From kitchen redo.. to hanging drop cloth curtains.. and tonight making your chocolate cookies ..

  30. 12.23.17
    Nell said:

    I am so very grateful for family and friends and the opportunity for all of our extended family to be together during this Christmas season. And to add to our many blessings, I have heard we may have a few flakes of snow for Christmas eve!!!

  31. 12.23.17
    Maren said:

    I am so thankful for my family. Our children are growing and three are on there own. But it’s so nice to have the house filling up with all of them coming home for the holidays.

  32. 12.23.17
    Leah said:

    I’m grateful for my family. We lost my father unexpectedly 2 days after Christmas, going in 4 years ago.
    Happy to celebrate and cherish my family!!
    Merry Christmas to you 🎄

  33. 12.23.17
    Yuri said:

    I am grateful for my son. He is 5 and got to see snow for the first time. We live in Houston and it was completely unexpected. Seeing his face light up as he made a snowman just made my year!

  34. 12.23.17
    Deb Cole said:

    I’m greatful for great friends and family!! Luv reading your blog and seeing how you decorate your home. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!!

  35. 12.23.17
    Heather said:

    I am grateful for the opportunities & resources we have living in the USA. My husband has type 1 diabetes & though it is a pain sometime dealing with medical supply companies, at the end of the day, I know we have access to his life saving medicine that many people around the world don’t. I am also eternally grateful for the health of my amazing 3 kidddos!

  36. 12.23.17
    Janis E. Johnson said:

    I’m grateful for getting my first great grandson! I had the joy of seeing him come into the world on Thanksgiving Day!

  37. 12.23.17
    Leslie said:

    Merry Christmas!! I am so grateful for a wonderful healthy and happy little family. Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy start to 2018.

  38. 12.23.17
    Ellen said:

    Ecomony is going well. Research for children’s disease are reaching for a cure. I was able to retire this year after work started when I was 12. Raised two beautiful daughters. Paid off my home. Thinking what to do next. I’m 67 and love to read and learn from you.

  39. 12.23.17
    Angela Servello said:

    Merry Christmas Sarah and to all your followers. Wishing you a bright and happy new year. I’m grateful for each day the Lord lets me live. What a wonderful heart you have, to have this giveaway. I am removing myself from the contest. I want someone to get it who needs it more than I do. Happy Santa!💒🎄

  40. 12.23.17
    Mary said:

    Merry Christmas! I am so grateful for my 2 1/2 year old Grandson. He is truly a blessing.

  41. 12.23.17
    Sandy Sadleir said:

    I am grateful for my family and my home. And my boxer dog who brings us so much joy and laughter!!

  42. 12.23.17
    Karen Varney said:

    Enjoy your blog and wanted to tell you I pinned your library card holder picture awhile back and I get so many repins from people. Seems everyone likes it too! Keep up the good work.
    I am eternally grateful for Jesus the reason for the season and for my great family!
    Merry Christmas.

  43. 12.23.17
    Tanya Wilson-Orr said:

    Love following your blog and you how to tutorials! Love your master bath redo and we are trying the beadboard in our kitchen next year! It’s been busy this season, so I am grateful for those little moments of down time with one of my children or husband when we can just be together.

  44. 12.23.17
    Gwendolyn Jordan said:

    I am grateful to be live another year

  45. 12.23.17
    Amy Phillips said:

    Merry Christmas! This Christmas I am most thankful to finally feel settled in our new home (new state), for anti-nausea meds as I battle morning sickness, my two Little’s and the one on the way, my hubby who puts up with a lot and of course, the reason for the season Jesus Christ!

    Have a blessed holiday season!

  46. 12.23.17
    Whitney Zamiar said:

    I’m grateful for being able to host my first Christmas Eve dinner at my new farmhouse table for my family and my son’s first Christmas. I was originally going to host my first Thanksgiving but my father passed a week before so its very bittersweet for me. I love your blog and it’s been very helpful in giving my house a farmhouse feel. Merry christmas!!

  47. 12.23.17
    Marsha H. said:

    I love your blog, and the real life you share in your little squares. I am grateful for our family, friends, and health. We lost 3 close longtime family / friends this fall. So this year especially, it is a reminder of our blessings, and how much we treasure our loved ones. Thank you for this opportunity, and have a wonderful Christmas! ❤️

  48. 12.23.17
    Maricela Hinojosa said:

    Love all your fresh ideas! Have definitely used a few in my house. I am grateful for my beautiful growing family and my doggie Luna. We are blessed beyond belief and truly grateful for every moment we are on this earth.

    Merry Christmas!

  49. 12.23.17
    Patricia Broom said:

    Grateful, thankful and oh so blessed… Grateful for Jesus for he is the reason for this wonderful season. Love your stories. Merry Christmas!!!

  50. 12.23.17
    Lindsey Pelster said:

    I am grateful for my family and friends and their health. I have a roof over my head and now that i have my own child i have truly come to understand the true meaning of Christmas.

    Merry Christmas All! ❤️

  51. 12.23.17
    Glenda said:

    I’m so grateful for my family and that everyone is healthy and happy!!

  52. 12.23.17
    Katherine said:

    I am eternally grateful fr my husband. I was injured some yrs ago in an automobile accident & w/his help, hard work & a lot patience, he help me learn to walk agn. He continues to help me thro my bad days, wrks long hours & never complains. Almost 3 yrs ago we were finally able to purchase our 1st home. There’s a lot of projects to go but I know aftr 23yrs & all we’ve been thro together, anything can be accomplished. I was blessed the day I met him & everyday since-

  53. 12.23.17
    Nicole Tomaino said:

    I am grateful for my crazy and beautiful family that my wonderful husband and I created. I am thankful for my health and that of my family. From loosing some important ladies in my life to cancer and one just this past year, it makes me appreciate our time we have with loved ones. I’m thankful for finding you on the IG! I am inspired by all that you share and appreciate you being willing to help others start a blog and find their passion. Working part time and experiencing some changes this year is putting things into perspective. I have been wanting to start something of my own for so long and had trouble streamlining all the ideas in my head, but am feeling more focused and ready to start in 2018. Hoping Santa brings me a new laptop! I am grateful for you and all the positive gals who follow you and lift each other up! Sorry for the rant…holidays got me feeling like…xo

  54. 12.23.17
    Kelsey said:

    I of course am grateful for my sweet baby girl, wonderful husband, and our big family but I’m also grateful to have found your blog. You inspire me in so many ways (not just home decor) and when I’m having a rough day I just think what would Sarah do. Thanks for the wonderful posts and insightful reads! I always look forward to them! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to your family from mine😊

  55. 12.23.17
    Liz said:

    Love your blog! I’m grateful for our health and my friends and family. Merry Christmas!!!

  56. 12.23.17
    Janette Gage said:

    I am so grateful for our family and for having a healthy and happy 2017.

  57. 12.23.17
    Karen Roth said:

    Grateful to have my whole family home for Christmas and friends to celebrate the New Year with.

  58. 12.23.17

    I truly love that you are a person of deep faith and always try to focus on the positive. I am so grateful for my family, friends and also that we have been blessed with good health this year. My grandson is the love of my life. He brings such joy every time I see him. God bless and have a wonderful Christmas!

  59. 12.23.17
    Lyndie said:

    My son had a serious TBI 2 year’s ago, and let me just say how greatful I am for faith, family and friends to get us through life. I’m so thankful for finding so many inspirational people on IG that has helped my soul to heal 💝 Merry Christmas!

  60. 12.23.17
    Kim Lorance said:

    Thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus! Thankful for my husband of almost 30 years. Thankful for my children and grandchildren. Thankful for our home and our jobs. I could go on. There’s always something to be grateful for! Merry Christmas!!

  61. 12.23.17
    Juliet said:

    I’m thankful for 3 healthy kiddos. I’ll take the common cold any day of the year because somewhere Someone has it so much worse.

  62. 12.23.17
    Donna Bergthold said:

    It’s been a very difficult year for us, my husband has been out of work since July, we lost our son-in-law and my husband’s brother and then I received my layoff notice last week but through all of that I’m so very grateful for my family. We’ve all helped each other through the good and bad times. Looking forward to a better 2018. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.

  63. 12.23.17
    Vick said:

    In addition to my family and home, I am especially thankful to God for getting my family through a very difficult time following my elderly mother’s declining health and eventual passing. On a lighter note, I am very thankful for low gas prices! Merry Christmas, Sarah, to you and your family!

  64. 12.23.17
    Dot said:

    I wake up every morning looking forward to reading your daily blog! My husband and I loved your bathroom lights and ordered them the day you mentioned that the price was reduced! We immediately ordered two, one for each of our bathrooms.
    I am most grateful to have our children and their families with us for Christmas. Can never have enough of those grandchildren!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  65. 12.23.17
    Sarah Giles said:

    Love your blog and insta feed! This Christmas I’m extra grateful to spend my first Christmas with my hubs in our first home. I got to go through all of my angel momma’s decorations and use them in my home. Grateful to see a little piece of her in all the glimmering lights around here!! Merry Christmas!!

  66. 12.23.17
    Amie Flynn said:

    I am thankful that in this super fast-paced, often cynical, crazy world of ours, I am still able to take in the world around me & appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. Different for all of us, but it’s important that whatever makes our hearts smile— Family, a great career path, a pretty blog, delicious food (😋 yessssss, food) — we take the time to pause, & appreciate. Lucky for me, I have all the things I listed that make me happy every day!
    Merry Christmas & blessings to your fam & all your readers, keep up the good work this year with your blog, love reading it & checking out your stories!

  67. 12.23.17
    Cathy said:

    Grateful for everything. Life is about the good and bad. Something’s you learn from and somethings are just what you work hard for. It’s all Gods blessings. Happiness to all

  68. 12.23.17
    Angela said:

    I’m thankful for family. I am especially thankful that my boys get another Christmas with their grandparents.

  69. 12.23.17
    Amanda said:

    I’m thankful for my sweet Littlest, baby Lucia being a bright light in a very sad time as my sister battles addiction and mental illness.

  70. 12.23.17
    Alex said:

    I’m grateful for my family, cozy pajamas, hot chocolate and my Momma’s cooking!!

  71. 12.23.17
    Liz Reardon said:

    Always grateful for my family and, the roof over our heads and food on the table. This year has had some tough times and sad times. I am so grateful that through it all I reminded myself each time what I had to be grateful for in that situation. In the past I would not always find the gratetitude or hope when times got tough. Merry Christmas and thank you for your blog. I am loving it

  72. 12.23.17
    Sandra said:

    Eternally grateful for all the blessings God continues to share with us, family and friends. His goodness and grace is what keeps me moving forward as a mother to one darling little 2 year old. And, I am definitely driven by all the moms out there that take time for themselves…so thank you for being an inspiration in my life❤️

  73. 12.23.17
    Kristin Coffman said:

    I enjoy reading your blog! I am so thankful for my family and our dream farmhouse that we just bought after our cross country move and can’t wait to start renovating! Thanks for all the ideas and tips!

  74. 12.23.17
    Melissa said:

    Most of all I’m thankful for the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I’m also thankful for a loving family that was able to come home for the holidays, and share wonderful meals and cousin time with us.

  75. 12.23.17
    Carolyn Wesolowski said:

    I am grateful for family and this special Christmas season and the true meaning-Jesus!
    I’m grateful for the opportunity to homeschool my daughter-something I’ve been thinking about for a long time!!

  76. 12.23.17
    Nicolete Thompson said:

    I’m thankful to live by family this year. We are a military family so this is the first Christmas in 6 years that we will spend with family! I was wondering if you can reccomend good antique stores in the area? We just got based here in May and I’m enjoying finding new places to look for goodies. We are about 30 minutes Southeast of Denver. Merry Christmas!!

    • 12.23.17
      Judie said:

      I am thankful for my family. The gift of Gods son and the beauty of the season. God bless you all.

  77. 12.23.17
    Morgan said:

    Awe, so sweet of ya girl, Merry Christmas to your sweet lil fam jam!!

    2017 has been a great year for us, were all healthy and happy and for that I am beyond grateful.


  78. 12.23.17

    Merry Christmas! I’m thankful for my family, friends, and Jesus. I’m thankful to have spent the first year home with my baby and watch her grow!

  79. 12.23.17
    Sheila Sanchez said:

    I am grateful for every challenge God has given me, that has turned me into who I am today. Without those challenges, I wouldn’t be as appreciative of everything I have. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing your life.

  80. 12.23.17
    Shell said:

    Hi Sarah this is the first time I have left a comment on your blog. I am a ward sister and during this time of year you see a lot of sad and happy times on my ward. Death happens even at Christmas and can be a sad time for nurses as well as family. 2 years ago I lost my dad who was diagnosed with cancer st Christmas and died 4 weeks later. So this Christmas I am so grateful for the memories I have of him he was such a special person and left a lot if joy in our heart. I give thanks for the wonderful team if nurses I have on my ward looking after the old and sick and I give thanks to my wonderful family. Last but not least I give thanks to God for everything that I am. God bless and merry Christmas to you and your family you are an inspiration to me xx

  81. 12.23.17
    Noreen said:

    This year and every year I am grateful for my family and friends! I feel so blessed not just at Christmas but everyday! As we are all together i love to sit back and watch children and grandchildren having a good time. Happy times and so many wonderful memories. Happy Holidays to you and your family!🎄

  82. 12.23.17
    Mary Ellen said:

    Merry Christmas Sarah!
    So grateful for the love of family, friends old and new, and being able to live in the moment. All Gods blessing to you and yours!

  83. 12.23.17
    michele said:

    I am so grateful for my hubby, my wonderful daughters, and their husbands….but most of all our six wonderful grandchildren ( and our new baby due in the summer) love love love!

  84. 12.23.17
    Fran said:

    I am grateful to be able to wake up each day and to enjoy life, family and friends! To do the things I’m meant to be doing! Blessed and grateful each and everyday!

  85. 12.23.17

    I’m grateful for my husband’s and family’s support with all my health issues. I’ve really enjoyed your reading your blog and look forward to all your new posts.

  86. 12.23.17
    Julie said:

    I’m grateful for the love and joy I finally feel again during the holiday season after some difficult life events the last few years.

  87. 12.23.17
    Kristy said:

    I am grateful that my family is able to come up north to spend Christmas with my family and I.

  88. 12.23.17
    Lisa said:

    I’m thankful for finally living close to my family this Christmas. After leaving several states away for 15 years, this year has been a blessing.

    I have found such enjoyment in your daily blog. Getting to decorate in a Farmhouse style is so much fun and the things you share are beautiful.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the new year.

  89. 12.23.17
    Karen Moore said:

    I am grateful for my family. My husband is the strongest person I know. He has been dealt many obstacles in life and handles everyone of them with a positive attitude. I’m especially close to my sister and very thankful for her love and friendship. Can’t imagine my life without them.

  90. 12.23.17
    Lauren said:

    This holiday season I am so thankful for my parents! They are in their 70s and still willing to drive for 2 days to visit my little family for Christmas. They have been so supportive even though we moved across the country and for the first time in 40 years I’m not nearby to help them and visit. I am so grateful for their love!

  91. 12.23.17
    Brenda said:

    I am thankful for all God has done for me and my family.

  92. 12.23.17
    Lori Donohue said:

    I am grateful for each and every day I wake up….another day full of blessings and possibilities.

  93. 12.23.17
    Carol said:

    I am grateful for good health and my amazing family. I’m also grateful that this year is over- it’s been a difficult one.

  94. 12.23.17
    Anna said:

    I am so thankful for my three children and their wonderful and loving spouses. And also for my two precious granddaughters who are truly a blessing and treasured gifts from God. Plus I have two more grand babies on the way and due in March. I am so lucky and blessed. And I am thankful for all of our good health and happiness. Merry Christmas to your family.

  95. 12.23.17
    Eveline Hershberger said:

    I am so grateful for the good health of my family this year!

  96. 12.23.17
    Tammy Bixby said:

    Grateful for the obstacles my little family has been able to overcome and for long runs that keep this Mama goin (O, and coffee, lots of coffee)! Merry Christmas

  97. 12.23.17
    Heidi Payeur said:

    Hi Sarah! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family. I am very grateful for my family. They always come first. I have a wonderful husband and two adult children who I would do anything for! Keep up the great and inspiring work you do on your blog.

  98. 12.23.17
    Heather said:

    Merry Christmas, my sweet friend! May it be filled with lots of love and laughter and many blessings!!! Thank you for all of the inspiration, encouragement and tips you’ve given me over the last 6 months that I’ve been following your journey. You are a blessing to many!

  99. 12.23.17
    Sherry Darlington said:

    For the first time in a very long time our entire family will be together for Christmas. In such a fast paced world with many different jobs & locations it is no easy task to coordinate 23 people. We are blessed.

  100. 12.23.17
    Kailee said:

    Family and my husband:)

  101. 12.23.17
    Emily said:

    I am so very grateful for the health and safety of my loved ones- family and friends- this year and holiday season!

  102. 12.23.17
    Shawn said:

    I’m grateful for a healthy family, more than enough food on the table, a roof over our heads, and most of all love 💕 at Christmas and every day.

  103. 12.23.17
    Anna said:

    This Christmas season I am thankful for my healthy family… and friends to share
    the holidays with!
    Merry Christmas to your family!

  104. 12.23.17
    Jan said:

    Merry Christmas to all your sweet little family! I’ve enjoyed following you and love your spirit! This year among all the many things for which I am grateful , most important is our new grandson named for my youngest son who passed away at age 13. His big brother named his perfect little boy for the brother he lost way too soon! God has blessed us with this perfect gift!

  105. 12.23.17
    Amie McDonnell said:

    I am truly grateful for my family at the team of CF Doctors at the University of MN….my baby brother is currently there and battling the flu with 18% lung function. If I won I would put that money towards a plane ticket and get there ASAP!
    I love him more than words and pray they can stabilize him enough to get a much deserved lung transplant so he can finally breathe easy!

  106. 12.23.17
    Sally Smith said:

    I am so thankful for my family….they are the most precious gifts. I am very thankful that we are all healthy…we have had some rough years where that was not the case. Have a wonderful holiday, thank you for your thoughtfulness..

  107. 12.23.17
    Jody Jackson said:

    Wow there are so many things I am grateful for. But I will quickly share 3 of them. First and foremost I am thankful for God’s salvation plan for us. I’m so thankful for His love, mercy and grace and sacrifice to have come up with such a plan. And secondly I am grateful that my husband, kids, their spouses, my parents and sibs have all accepted Gods salvation plan and thirdly that God has led me to you and your sweet blog. God bless you Sarah and your family and Merry Christmas!!

  108. 12.23.17
    Jessica L said:

    I’m most thankful for my salvation and for my family and good health. It’s easy to take things for granted but I have much to be thankful for. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & your family!

  109. 12.23.17

    I love your blog and enjoy the stories of your family. This year, I am so grateful for being in remission in my fight against breast cancer and if I can add one more thing, we just got our 6th great grandchild on Monday, December 11th, Rhett James. What a great Christmas this is going to be with good health and more family! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  110. 12.23.17
    Dawn said:

    I am most grateful for my family. My dad passed away on September 28 this year. My son was living in Oklahoma studying Air Traffic Control and was not able to come home for the services. Being surrounded by the rest of my family was the only way I was able to get thru such an awful time in our world. Family and faith. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  111. 12.23.17
    Mikah said:

    So many things to be thankful for. Every day is a blessing and thankful most importantly for Jesus Christ giving his life for our sins. My family, health, and credit cards lol
    Merry Christmas!

  112. 12.23.17
    Catherine said:

    Im so grateful that i want for nothing. While we arent wealthy, we have plenty. Id my name should be drawn would you either give the money to my local homeless shelter or to our humane society? Merry Christmas. I love following along with your datling family.

  113. 12.23.17
    Cécile Renée said:

    I am grateful for my two young boys who embrace the Christmas spirit, which I love! To be a happy, healthy family of 3 means the world to me!

  114. 12.23.17
    Eva Holian said:

    Love your fun personality and decor ideas. Thanks

  115. 12.23.17
    Barbara Vint said:

    I’m so grateful for my handsome little three month old son! He was born 8 weeks early and has been doing so amazing! It was the hardest year of my life dealing with the scare of my water breaking early, being on hospital bedrest, and having my first baby in the NICU. But he’s almost triple his birth weight and I just can’t believe the happiness I feel in my heart when he smiles at me. So grateful for this life I’ve been given as a mommy!:)

  116. 12.23.17
    Valerie Teeling said:

    I am thankful for my husband, son, and family. I am thankful for a warm house and a fulfilling job.

  117. 12.23.17
    Tina said:

    Hi SARah
    I’m grateful for family. My middle son in the army overseas so his first time away from home at Christmas. He said the reason it wasn’t hard on him was bc he knew it would be hard for me. Love that Sam am. So I’m most grateful for him.

  118. 12.23.17
    carla said:

    I am grateful for God giving me another day here on Earth with my family.

  119. 12.23.17
    Tina said:

    Was hard on him NOT wasn’t. See above

  120. 12.23.17
    Amanda said:

    This year I am grateful that my husband is home with us. He is a state trooper and for the last two years has maintained a residence and lived away from us. We have been a law enforcement family for almost 20 years now so we are used to the eccentricities and weird scheduling that go along with that, but to actually have his address be in another part of the state was very trying.
    I know that the sacrifice that my husband, our three kids, and myself made are NOTHING compared to the sacrifices that military families make, so I feel almost guilty for even “complaining.” But I am so, so grateful that he is now back home with us this year.
    And also grateful for all of the families of first responders or military personnel who make sacrifices and have weird schedules and go through all the stress that those callings require. Thank you and I hope you have a safe and Merry Christmas!

  121. 12.23.17
    Jean said:

    I am thankful for Jesus who came to Earth. I am also thankful that I am going to be a grandma next spring for the first time at age 58 and get to celebrate Christmas with my 88 and 85 year old parents. What a blessing!

  122. 12.23.17
    Kristy M. said:

    I’m so very thankful for a quiet, non-traveling Christmas. I love being able to just snuggle with my littles and hubby. Moments like these are too few.

  123. 12.23.17
    Rhonda S said:

    Grateful for so many things…I am truly blessed and grateful that Jesus came to redeem me! Merry Christmas Sarah~have a wonderful time with your family!

  124. 12.23.17
    Darlene said:

    Merry Christmas! I’m grateful for Jesus. Then family, friends, presents, Christmas lights, food in the fridge, heat in the furnace, cardinals, my dog Simon …… oh my can you tell I’ve started a gratitude journal recently. What a wonderful time of the year!

  125. 12.23.17
    Amy Simmons said:

    I love all of your inspiration and how many things you share about what you like and what works for you. Your house is beautiful and I love it. I’m most grateful for my husband being home for Christmas. He just spent 21 days out of county fighting fires in Southern California. He just got home late last night. That is the best Christmas gift yet. I’m so, so thankful being home. I hope your Christmas is special. Thank you for your blog, you’re doing a wonderful job. ❤️

  126. 12.23.17

    Well, first I have to say how thankful I am that Jesus came to this earth to give His life for ours! Next, I’m so grateful for my family and friends! Merry Christmas Sarah to you and yours.

  127. 12.23.17
    Katie said:

    Merry Christmas! I’m so grateful for my home and my fiancé. I loving coming home to a cozy and decorated place that’s mine. My fiancé is my rock and is my everything!

  128. 12.23.17
    Sarah O said:

    I am grateful to have my little family all together for Christmas this year. We are all happy and healthy and that is such a blessing.

  129. 12.23.17
    Holly said:

    This year I am most thankful for family. My kids are growing up quickly and as hard as it is to accept that they are “little” anymore, I am thankful for each of them and the time we share together. We just got back from a fun trip to nyc and it reminded me that seasons change but family doesn’t. Christmas stays magical as long as you keep making those sweet memories together. I love following your insta stories. You have great ideas!! I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your sweet family and that everyone gets well and stays well!

  130. 12.23.17
    Tammy said:

    I am so grateful this holiday season and every day for that matter for the special people in my life. They each add something great to my life story and I am forever grateful. I am also soooo glad I found your blog. I look forward to reading it every day I see it posted. I have gotten so many ideas and have added a number of items to that part of my brain that says some day. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.

  131. 12.23.17
    Shellie said:

    I am so grateful for my family, but also very grateful for my dear friends who give love unconditionally and are a wonderful support and encouragement.

  132. 12.23.17
    Leslie said:

    Merry Christmas! I am grateful for a God who loves me way more than I could ever deserve. And that He sent His Son to die for all of our sins. I am also thankful for family!

  133. 12.23.17
    Rhonda said:

    Love your blog! You have a beautiful home and style.
    I’m most grateful for our newest grandson this year. He’s a precious and we are so blessed.

  134. 12.23.17
    Melissa Dengel said:

    I’m grateful for my family and good health. I really enjoy your blog… you have such cute ideas…
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  135. 12.23.17
    Gladys said:

    I enjoy reading your posts! I am most grateful for my happy and healthy family.

  136. 12.23.17
    Debbie Hibbert said:

    I’m so grateful for my family! I enjoy reading your blog Sarah. Thank you for doing such a great giveaway!

  137. 12.23.17
    Rachel said:

    Thankful for my family, my cozy cottage, and 2 sweet fur babies.

  138. 12.23.17
    Shelley Trunnell said:

    I am grateful for my family this year and every year. After my husbands heart attack and my sons cancer absolutely nothing is taken for granted anymore. Every day of every year I am blessed to still have them both. Life is good.

  139. 12.23.17
    Pamela Martin said:

    I am grateful for all the sights and sounds of Christmas. I have followed your blog for a long time. I also watch your InstaStories

  140. 12.23.17
    Anna Hatt said:

    I am so grateful to be an American and live in this beautiful country. Also, thankful for my family, husband of fifty years and sons and their beautiful families.

  141. 12.23.17
    Susie Stover said:

    I’m thankful for our family that has grown so much this year in the last 2 months! Our son and daughter in law had another little boy nov 21. Our daughter married a wonderful man with 3 teenagers, who adore our daughter, on December 1! We went from a family of 5 in 2007, to a family of 16!!!!!! Love every minute of it❤️

  142. 12.23.17
    Debbie Williams said:

    Love your ideas! I’m grateful for my family and my health!

  143. 12.23.17
    Funmi Vogt said:

    Merry Chrisrmas to you and your family!! I’m especially grateful this year for my children, who are growing up so beautifully. I’m grateful for God’s provision, and so grateful to be able to smile and laugh again since losing my Mother. I’m also very grateful for spaces like this. Where I can come to experience beauty and feel inspired. Thank you for all you do!

  144. 12.23.17
    Kathi Gammill said:

    I love your post. I am thankful for my family!!

  145. 12.23.17
    Amanda said:

    I am grateful for my 3 children and husband. Being able to celebrate Christmas with them is the best gift I could ever ask for!

  146. 12.23.17
    Rosanne said:

    I am grateful for health and family togetherness.

  147. 12.23.17
    Kendra Feagan said:

    I am very grateful & blessed this holiday season for time with family & friends, good health, good food & creature comforts but mostly, the “reason for the season,” the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

  148. 12.23.17
    SB said:

    So very grateful for my family! And the good lord above!

  149. 12.23.17
    Hollie said:

    I am very grateful for my Jesus Christ that was born. I’m blessed with a wonderful family and friends.

  150. 12.23.17
    Alex said:

    I’m grateful for nipple balm cause ya girl just started breastfeeding a few days ago 😳😩

  151. 12.23.17
    Rhonda said:

    I am grateful for the freedom we have in this country. Do come and go as we wish. To do what we want. To celebrate. To live out our dreams. To have opportunities. And I’m grateful for the opportunities and the challenges God has allowed in my life to make me a better person and to think outside myself. I’m learning to love helping others and care less about myself first–this is in itself a miracle- and I am grateful. I look forward to more of the new me in 2018.
    Blessings to you and your family Sarah.

  152. 12.23.17

    I am so thankful for family and great friends. I have had a very up and down year with my husband’s health. He is doing alot better now thanks to God!
    Alot prayers from my prayer warriors have been a great blessing.
    I have just started following your blog and I just love the farmhouse decor! We just bought a house last year and we are in the process of changing things to the farmhouse look.
    Thank you again for sharing your little family with the world.
    You have inspired me to continue on with finishing the look in our house on a budget.

  153. 12.23.17
    Nicolette Barber said:

    I am so grateful for my hard working husband. So grateful for my family and good health.
    Merry Christmas

  154. 12.23.17
    Stephanie Nunes said:

    I am grateful for family friends and freedom. After being in a very bad relationship for years I got up the courage to leave and move my daughter, my dog and myself 3000 miles across the US. We are now living joyfully in our new home, close to family and friends. Your blog has inspired me with the way I choose to decorate my home.(I can’t wait for your spring and summer articles to not so shamelessly steal/use for ideas.) Thank you for the inspiration. Your home is truly beautiful.

    • 12.26.17
      Sarah said:

      Hi Stephanie! You are the winner of my giveaway!! I’ll be sending you an email shortly.

  155. 12.23.17
    Janice Hixon said:

    I am so thankful for my sweet husband. Without him life would be so much harder. I lost my daddy this year, and I am a daddy’s girl. My mom is now having issues with her memory and is rapidly declining. Mom and I have never been close but this is a real trial. The stress is terrible. I am having trouble making simple decisions. He has been so good to help me shop and choose gifts for the grandchildren. God truly blessed me with this man.

  156. 12.23.17
    Callista goos said:

    Hey!! I am great full for family and that I can take time off from work this holiday season!❤️

  157. 12.23.17
    Jennifer Hayden said:

    Subscribing. Beautiful post!!

    jenannhayden1 at yahoo dot com

  158. 12.23.17
    Verna said:

    Love your blog and your decorating ideas! I’m so thankful and grateful for a safe harvest season and for my family!

  159. 12.23.17
    Carol-Ann Days said:

    I’m thankful for my Mom. She is still with me and every year could be her last so I am forever grateful for every moment I get with her, especially the holidays.

  160. 12.23.17
    Kathy said:

    I am thankful for my husband. He is the most loving, talented, supportive, hard-working, giving and spiritual man I know. Everyday I feel blessed to have him as my life-long partner. Together we have raised children and cared for our aging parents, while still loving and caring for each other. Gerry is THE best.

    PS. I love your inspirational blog too!

  161. 12.23.17
    Ashlee Newlin said:

    I am so grateful for my husband and our 2 kids!! And that we get to enjoy Christmas with all of our families since we live so close!! It is so fun to watch cousins play together!!

  162. 12.23.17
    Carol Johnson said:

    I love the beautiful things you share with us! I’m thankful for my friends and family, health and a warm bed, and this wonderful country we live in!! Merry CHRISTmas to All!

  163. 12.23.17

    I’m am thankful for my Lord and Savior and my Family.

  164. 12.23.17
    Vee Muller said:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. I’m grateful for my husband and daughter here with me in New Mexico and the rest of my family back in the Philadelphia area, son and his family and my siblings and their families!

  165. 12.23.17
    Sarah said:

    I’m thankful for my amazing husband and 4 kiddos! Also excited to spend Christmas with my sisters and parents for the first time in 7 years.

  166. 12.23.17
    Felicia said:

    So grateful for our family and to spend our first Christmas in our new house all together with our little guy! He’s 13 months so he’s going to be a blast this year for the holiday!

  167. 12.23.17
    Sherri said:

    It is very kind of you to do this drawing, thank you so much for thinking of us ❤
    I am grateful for so many things, although I am very guilty of forgetting how blessed I really am some days (I really need to work on that 😔)
    1 if the things I really am grateful for is you and your Blog & Instagram feed! I really do look forward to everything you share with us and it is a nice bright spot in my day (even on the days that don’t go so well) Your feed is sooo inspiring, your blog is enjoyable & enlightening on such a variety of topics, I have learned so much! And your “stories” really are a lot of fun! Thank you so much for all of the hard work, dedication & care that you contribute to these for us!
    Merry Christmas to you & your family Sarah, I hope you all have a beautiful day together ❤

  168. 12.23.17
    Heather S said:

    I am grateful for my kiddos, family, health, home and career. Thanks for hosting such a FUN & GENEROUS giveaway! Happiest of holidays! Cheers!

  169. 12.23.17
    Amy said:

    I love your blog!! This year I am extremely grateful for my fiancé and our dog, our little family!! We got engaged this year after being together for 8 years and I am just extremely happy and grateful for him more than anything!!! Otherwise, I am grateful that we are happy and healthy!

    Merry Christmas and happy new year!!

  170. 12.23.17
    Erin Smith said:

    I am most grateful for my family and our traditions! It’s hard to watch my kiddos grow older and head out on their own but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

  171. 12.23.17
    Cassie ilten said:

    I’m greatful for family and stretchy pants!

  172. 12.23.17
    Autumn said:

    Leave a comment telling me what you’re grateful for this holiday season. (be sure to leave a good email address with your comment so I can reach you!)

    I am grateful for my family, friends, amazing job, and good health ❤️

  173. 12.23.17
    Marilu Urciuoli said:

    I am grateful for my two little girls. Through some downs this year they have been my focus and have carried me through. God has blessed me so much. They are my everything

  174. 12.23.17
    Melissa said:

    I’m thankful for God and my family! My husband had 2 major surgeries and cancer this year and we are so thankful God was with our family during this time and my husband is recovering and is here to celebrate Christmas with us! Merry Christmas to you and yours! ❤️

  175. 12.23.17
    Julie Ehrens said:

    I am thankful for my family, friends, and health. I have just recently been following you, but i really enjoy the tips and ideas. Thank you! Merry Christmas.

  176. 12.23.17
    Tasha Wolford said:

    I’m grateful this year for not only buying my first home with my husband but also welcoming our little boy in September after having two daughters. My family lost our grandpa and uncle this year and we didn’t find out what we are having. So after he was born, it felt like a piece of those two important men were in our son.

  177. 12.23.17
    Lana H. said:

    I am grateful for my family and that we will be together for most of the day! This year has been so challenging but also the most rewarding for our family. My husband switched careers this past year and we are now a LEO Family. This Christmas will be slightly different for us as we share him with the community on Christmas Day!

  178. 12.23.17
    Kelly D said:

    I subscribed. I am grateful that I will get to spend Christmas with my family including my husband, kids, parents and my brother’s family. My kids love to see their cousins for the holidays.

  179. 12.23.17
    Tammie said:

    Sarah, this is so awesome of you to do! Most of all I am, of course, thankful for my family and that they are healthy and happy. We learned just before Christmas last year that our 24 yr old son had a brain tumor. This scared us to death as the doctor suspected the prognosis would not be good. I am happy to report after MRI’s every three months for a year there has been no change or growth. The tumor is stable and he has been able to go on with his life as usual. So this is a very special Christmas. We are all in a much better place this Christmas than we were last. (Please don’t put my name in for the drawing of the $100. I just wanted to tell you how special you are for doing things like this and to wish you and your family a very blessed and Merry Christmas!)

  180. 12.23.17
    Sharon Neighoff said:

    I am so grateful that my Mom (who just turned 84) is still alive and healthy, and able to live on her own. I am also thankful and grateful for husband and all of our families – that we are all healthy and will be together to celebrate Christmas. I love following you blog and all your lovely decorating ideas. I am trying to make my home as cozy as yours! I am also thankful I found your blog, as I love reading your stories and posts every day! Wishing you and your family many blessings in the coming year. Merry Christmas!

  181. 12.23.17

    I have really enjoyed your blog. I am thankful for my family. We are a small family, but we are happy, healthy, and close. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  182. 12.23.17
    Sherrill said:

    My greatest gratitude is for the love of God. He is my greatest hope and without Him I wouldn’t have all the wonderful blessings I do. He has provided me with love in my heart for others, He takes care of my needs, He watches over me and loves me even when I’m at my worst. I hope you have the best Christmas, filling your cup with love and joy.

  183. 12.23.17

    I’m grateful for holiday family traditions, 3 weeks off of college, and baking lots of goodies!!!

  184. 12.23.17
    Darla said:

    I am so thankful for my family and also thankful I have found you, I’m obsessed with your home and how you decorate, I consider you a friend although we have never met, you seem so down to earth. Such a fun give away, thanks for letting me enter. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family

  185. 12.23.17
    Deb Wiseman said:

    I am grateful for my family. I have been blessed with 3 wonderful children and we all live in the same state and get to share the holidays together. We have lost several loved ones and friends this year. I know they are watching over us. God bless and Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
    Looking forward to what you have to share with us in the coming year.

  186. 12.23.17
    Charity said:

    I am grateful for my family, my friends and Jesus sacrifice for me.
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  187. 12.23.17
    Jenny Young said:

    I follow your blog through feedly & never miss a post! I hope that counts as subscribing.

    There are so many things I’m thankful for but good health & quality medical care is at the top of my list this year. I just came home this afternoon from surgery & have been sick for a long time. So, the kids are fixing a finger food Christmas party to enjoy when we open our gifts together on Monday & I’m taking it easy & just enjoying their company. I am so very blessed!

  188. 12.23.17
    Dawn said:

    Thankful for: GRATITUDE sometimes were so busy chasing all the things we haven’t got that we forget to notice the things we already have, the people in our lives and the fortunate circumstances in which we live.

  189. 12.23.17
    Sarah said:

    This Christmas, more than ever, I am thankful for my home. Having evacuated twice over the past few weeks during the Thomas Fire, I am forever grateful that I have a house to come back to. The first responders and their families continue to sacrifice so much on behalf of our community.

  190. 12.23.17
    Erica said:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! I’m thankful for so many things but most of all the health of myself and family members. Love your blog and love coming here to read what you have to say!

  191. 12.23.17
    Lisa Thompson (Mamelle55) said:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🎄I’ve enjoyed following you for several months now – I especially like your sense of humor! I am most grateful that hubs and I will see all 9 of our grandkids tomorrow – not all at once though! 👀 I’m mostly grateful for answered prayer. 🙏🏼 God bless!

  192. 12.23.17
    Claudette Falbo said:

    Hello, I would like to tell you how grateful I am for lovely blogs like yours and to say THANK YOU and Merry Christmas to you And YOURS !

  193. 12.23.17
    Crystal said:

    I am so thankful for the gift of Jesus. My mama has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I’m thankful for the time being that she remembers me and is happy. I’m thankful for my dad who takes such good care of her. I’m thankful for my health and for my family who I love so very much.

  194. 12.23.17
    Sheila said:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Sarah!
    I’m the most grateful for my daughter, who turned 16 this year and is my best friend, my favourite human and still gives me snuggles. I’m also grateful for my sweet man who makes my heart smile every day. ❤️

  195. 12.23.17
    Gina Gentry said:

    I’m so grateful to be a mom and be able to build wonderful memories with my daughter. To watch the joy through her eyes as we celebrate some of the same traditions I did growing up as a child. I am also grateful for my wonderful parents. We are a super close family and watching them as grand parents is priceless! ❤️🙏🏻

  196. 12.23.17
    Michelle said:

    I’m thankful for my husband and three perfectly imperfect daughters. God has been so faithful to us and I’m so grateful I️ have him to navigate this crazy life.

  197. 12.23.17
    Amanda Harkins said:

    I am thankful for Instagram always helping me procrastinate. But seriously I am thankful for how far my husband and I have come in the last 4 years. I remember having $26 and buying thanksgiving dinner as we had a 6 month old and were in law school. I have a mountain of student loans but we are two practicing attorneys nowadays with 2 healthy girls

  198. 12.23.17
    Amy said:

    I have enjoyed “getting to know you” through your blog, photos, and stories. I am grateful for my family living close by that we can spend every waking moment of the Christmas season with them. I hope you have the merriest of Christmases!!!

  199. 12.23.17
    Pam said:

    Thankful for Jesus and all my many blessings, family, good health and friends to name a few. Our world needs for kindness, you are a shining example of that, this is why ppl are drawn to you. Love your feed and your stories. Merry Christmas 🎄

  200. 12.23.17
    Sheri said:

    I am grateful for my family and the love we have for each other❤️

  201. 12.23.17
    Aubrey Bess said:

    Merry Christmas Sarah. I am very grateful for hope. Hope is one of the very best things you can have. It’s brought me through 7 years of hitting my knees and answered prayers for many things; from my two miracle babies (just celebrated my baby’s 1st birthday) to breaking ground on a new home to hope of our savior during this Christmas season. ♥️

  202. 12.23.17
    Alyssa said:

    Merry Christmas!
    I am so thankful to be welcoming our first child this week. Such an amazing blessing for our entire family. I really enjoy your blog and everything you post.

  203. 12.23.17
    Christy H said:

    I am thankful for so many things; I am blessed. But I most thankful for my beautiful 2 1/2 year old grandson. He brings such joy to my life!

  204. 12.23.17
    lisandra said:

    grateful for my family and wonderful memories for 2017 can’t wait for what’s in store for 2018

  205. 12.23.17
    Sharon H said:

    I am thankful I have God, my family, and good health!

  206. 12.23.17
    Bobbi said:

    So much to be thankful for! This year we are in a new home and already making new memories we just love being with each other and being in the moment!

  207. 12.23.17
    Tammie said:

    I am thankful for my family and friends! I am thankful that I am able to spend time with them all this holiday season.

  208. 12.23.17
    Stacy M. said:

    Loving your posts! I’m thankful for my family each and every day. I’ve learned never to take anything for granted and to enjoy every second! Hoping you enjoy your family this holiday season. 😂

    • 12.23.17
      Stacy M. said:

      Oops, I meant to put a smiley face, not a laughing one!

  209. 12.23.17
    Allison Harris said:

    IM THankful for all of my family this holiday season!
    Merry Christmas

  210. 12.23.17
    Katie said:

    I’m just super grateful for my 3 healthy kids!

  211. 12.23.17
    Peggy said:

    I am grateful for Jesus and the many blessings I have received this year!

  212. 12.23.17
    Laura said:

    I am grateful for my family and my fiancé! I am looking forward to what the new year has in store and I know I will be able to get through anything with them by my side!

  213. 12.23.17
    Kenia said:

    I’m blessed to have a healthy family. I’m so grateful for my friends. This has been a challenging year that I’m ready for 2018!

  214. 12.23.17
    Dawn said:

    I’m so thankful for Jesus and all his blessings. I’m thankful for my marriage of 23 years and 7 beautiful children and one daughter in love. I’m especially thankful that my son got to come home on leave from the Army for Christmas. God is much better to me than I deserve. I’m also thankful to the ladies on here like you. I enjoy watching your stories and reading your posts and seeing the beautiful and creative home decor. It’s very refreshing and uplifting! God Bless!! Merry Christmas!!

  215. 12.23.17
    Jackie said:

    Your blog has been a great escape for me as 2017 was a rough year! My fiancé was in and out of the hospital but super thankful that he is now home and on the road to recovery! Peace, love and joy to all!!

  216. 12.23.17
    Kathy said:

    I have so much to be graceful for. God has truly BLESSED me and my family in so many ways but I will chose one as it been a long time prayer that been answered. After years of praying for my father’s salvation and that day have come. This was the BEST Christmas gift I could ever received. Thank you for sharing your blog as I have enjoyed every post. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a BLESSED 2018 Year!

  217. 12.23.17
    Gwen Ingle said:

    I am thankful for the health and happiness of my girls and their families. Within the last couple of months my husband and I have lost 3 family members, one just yesterday. You can never take your life for granted… cherish it and take time to enjoy the beauty that is right in front of you.
    P.S. I love your style and you are a delight to watch❤️

  218. 12.23.17
    Kamy said:

    I am incredibly thankful for my family and my health this year. I lost my brotherinlaw who was more like a brother in May. He died unexpectedly from pancreatitis at the age of 51. 4 week’s later, I lost my very best friend who suffered from cancer at the age of 54. Our mothers had been best friends. We were born two months apart and had been best friends our entire lives. I was recently diagnosed with macular degeneration and appreciate every day with my sight. It’s been a rough year, but I know I am blessed more than most. ❤️💚

  219. 12.23.17
    Lisa Heineman said:

    I am grateful for such generous people like you this holiday season🎄

  220. 12.23.17
    Janet said:

    The thing I am most grateful for besides the good health of my children is for being able to be a stay at home mom. It is not always easy or financially wise but it is very important to me and my family.

  221. 12.23.17
    Sue said:

    I am Thankful for my family and the true gift of Christmas which is my Savior Jesus!

  222. 12.23.17
    Kelly Y said:

    I’m grateful for my family (especially my husband and 3 kids). I feel like I’m living a dream with all the love and happiness that my family gives me. Merry Christmas!🎄

  223. 12.23.17
    Pam Fischer said:

    This Christmas is especially hard because my mom just passed away the day after Thanksgiving. But I’m so grateful for a mom who made Christmas so special. I was excited to find I have her holiday sugar cookie recipe in her very own handwriting…now a precious keepsake. So, I’m celebrating this year with joy and tears, with many memories, and with gratitude for my mom who loved her family so much.

  224. 12.23.17
    Christy said:

    Grateful for another baby in the house this Christmas and the fun watching my teens interact with him. 😍

  225. 12.24.17
    Jaime Herman said:

    Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for sharing beauty in a world that isn’t always beautiful. Thanks for sharing happiness. I’m grateful for friends who share happiness and laughter!

  226. 12.24.17
    Kelli said:

    Over the moon grateful for my two wonderful little boys and wonderful husband! Thankful that we’re able to spend Christmas all together as a family. Nothing sweeter than family at Christmas.

  227. 12.24.17
    Shelby said:

    First of all, you’re so sweet for doing a giveaway!

    Second, I’m so grateful for my family and friends and that everyone is happy and healthy. That’s all that really matters during the holiday season and anytime during the year.

    Merry Christmas and God bless you and your family. ❤️

  228. 12.24.17
    Jessika said:

    I am so grateful for my family, they truly bring me so much happiness and joy.

  229. 12.24.17
    Jessika said:

    I am so grateful for my mom and my sister. They are my best friends. They support me and love me.

  230. 12.24.17
    Renae said:

    Love your blog and your IG! I never really enjoyed the holidays before having my daughter. So I’m thankful for motherhood and everything it has and is teaching me. I’m also thankful for my family, of course, but most of all the gift of salvation.

  231. 12.24.17
    Crystal said:

    I am grateful for prayer and breathing techniques— lol- helps when my anxiety is running over.

  232. 12.24.17
    Elizabeth said:

    I’m so grateful for the health of my family. My dad just drove 17 hours to spend five days with the crazy chaos of my five kiddos. So thankful for that gift of sacrifice and time. And for Jesus. For new mercies every morning.

  233. 12.24.17
    Annette said:

    My parents are elderly, and in poor health, but I’m so grateful to still have them here.

  234. 12.24.17
    Barbara said:

    I am grateful for God’s love in my life and for his amazing son, our savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful for his example that is continually before us if we know where to look for it. It informs every day of my life. I am grateful for fellow believers, such as yourself, who strengthen me with their testimonies. May God bless you and your family at this happy time, and throughout the coming year.

  235. 12.24.17
    Amy said:

    I’m thankful for my health my family and that I’m loved.. what more does a person really want or need! Merry Christmas!

  236. 12.24.17
    RoseMary Broussard said:

    I am grateful for life, my friends and family and for Jesus going to the cross so that I may have eternal life in heaven with him.

  237. 12.24.17
    Sarah Dodson said:

    2017 has been a year, currently I am grateful & thankful to have some down time with my girls who are growing up so fast this year seemed to move faster than any before!

    Merry Christmas,

  238. 12.24.17

    This has been a roller coaster year if I’ve ever known one, losing my dad to cancer after a 5 year battle has been one of the hardest things to cope with, also suddenly losing my great aunt after not 1 but 2 strokes left her unresponsive only a couple months later tested me even more, and to top it off my Pup of 10 years also died of cancer just a couple weeks ago. But when there are hard times there are always even better times waiting ahead I became a mommy for the first time this year and welcomed my baby girl just 2 days after we laid my dad to rest. She has brought more joy to my husband and I then we ever imagined a little one could. My husband was also so fortunate to land a new job with a new fire dept which will allow him more family time to spend with the little and myself. Looking forward to a blessed new year and many new positive things ahead.

  239. 12.24.17
    Angel Taraila said:

    I am and always will be grateful to God for my family. Honoring my family is honoring Our Lord and Savior for all things here on earth. Blessings Always ~Angel
    HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!!!!!!!!

  240. 12.24.17
    Kathryn Thomas said:

    I am thankful for God’s faithfulness through a difficult year.

  241. 12.24.17
    Heather said:

    I am thankful for my husband and four children. I am also thankful that we can celebrate the birth of our savior❤

  242. 12.24.17
    Sa’Sha said:

    What I’m thankful for…..there are so many things! This has been a tough year on my family, I’m thankful through everything we’ve taken time to enjoy being together and growing together. Handing our troubles over to God and trusting He’s got this.
    Merry Christmas 😊

  243. 12.24.17
    Frankie said:

    I am so thankful this holiday season that I will be able to be with my three children and two of my amazing grandchildren. My oldest grandson is in the navy and was able to spend time with us for Thanksgiving. Time with family and friends, celebrating the birth of Jesus.

  244. 12.24.17
    Michelle said:

    I am thankful for family! My daughter is almost 16 and I can’t believe how fast time has gone. It’s sad to think how fast she has grown but also it’s been amazing watching her grow and become her own person. I’m also thankful for your blog. I have learned so much from you and I love your stories and posts on Instagram so thank you for what you do! Merry Christmas!!

  245. 12.24.17
    Vicky said:

    Hope. I am so thankful for so many undeserved blessings this year – but hope tops the list. Reflecting every morning this Advent season, the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ is a message of hope. And when I look around the daily weights and trials – I can see hope. From Him. Hope……I would love to see it become a decorating buzz word like gather. Everyone needs hope – and Jesus’ birth brings that to everyone.

    Merry Christmas – thank you for sharing your heart and home with us.

  246. 12.24.17
    DonnaLee C said:

    Thank you for sharing your talents and ideas through your blog. You inspire and lift spirits by sharing with others. Creating ‘home’ allows others to feel happiness & peace all year long. Thank you.

  247. 12.24.17
    MOIRA said:

    So very grateful for a healthy family

  248. 12.24.17
    Rebecca said:

    Family ❤️

  249. 12.24.17
    Jenny said:

    Merry Christmas! I’m am most grateful for my family this Christmas and spending lots of time with my husband, kids and our extended family is what I am most excited about in the next few days!

  250. 12.24.17
    Leesa McClelland said:

    Thankful for family, church, Jesus’ birth and celebration of Advent. Thankful for cold weather in Houston on Christmas (as apposed to hot), and snow for the first time in the last decade.

  251. 12.24.17
    TARA croy said:

    Thankful for family that lives close so we can spend lots of time together, that I was able to retire this year to help watch my first grandchild, the health of my family, and the fact that God lives within all thei hearts. ❤️ Love you blog. My daughter & I both enjoy following you. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  252. 12.24.17
    Gina Morrison said:

    The best gift ever is the birth of Jesus and the hope and promise that gives us! I am also thankful for my family and church family. Merry Christmas to you and yours. You’re blog is and inspiration and encouragement to me.

  253. 12.24.17
    Krista said:

    Merry Christmas! I am very grateful for good health this christmas, not just me but my entire family! Also, extremely grateful to experience my second Christmas as a mommy! This has been a truly magical experience watching my son enjoy the magic of Christmas!

  254. 12.24.17
    Dianne Mosser said:

    Merry Christmas! I am thankful for my faith, family. Since losing my mother last March my faith and family has helped me have a happy holiday!
    Love your site! Look forward to each post!

  255. 12.24.17
    Amelia Stasz said:

    Merry Christmas Sarah! Im so very grateful for my husband and the home we’ve created together. We are expecting our first baby this spring, a girl, and I just feel so blessed and happy ❤️

  256. 12.24.17
    Tara said:

    I’m grateful for family and friends to spend the holidays with. I’m also grateful for blogs like yours to help with the creative side of me after working my non-creative job every day. 😀

  257. 12.24.17
    Maggie DiSanto said:

    So grateful to still have my 91 year old mom with us, especially after losing my dad last year. And this one you will understand….My kids are grown and have moved away. One clear across the country in San Fran, CA and the other in Raleigh, NC. Both a very long distance away from Upstate NY. I am so grateful to be able to have them home under my roof again if only for the Holidays. It is SOOOO very hard to only see those faces a couple times a year! Enjoy your little ones while you have them….it goes by way too fast! And grateful to have my little dog still with me. Things have been a challenge since we lost his “brother” to intestinal lymphoma, but dogs give so much joy and unconditional love and that is priceless! Merry Christmas!!

  258. 12.24.17
    Patricia Lyons said:

    Thankful..My Life is so blessed with
    Amazing people. I am Thankful for the Family and Friends that the Lord has gifted me. I consider it a blessing to have support and encouragement from them.
    The last 7 months I have been through a severe trial, a test of Faith and Endurance. My battle is far from over. I am living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time. The Lord has brought the right people in my life just when I needed them. I am thankful to my family and friends who know my story and I am Thankful for the prayers and continued prayers during my illness.
    Merry Christmas Sarah! Wishing you and your family Peace, Hope & Joy this season!🎄

  259. 12.24.17
    Susan D said:

    I am so thankful this holiday season for our health & alllllllll the baby snuggles!!! (My babes are 4, 18 months & 1 month!)

  260. 12.24.17
    Kimberly Potts said:

    Merry Christmas! I’m grateful for the birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m grateful for all the many little things that I often take for granted, the kindness of strangers, a gentle smile in passing, a joyful laugh of a child, an unselfish heart, and finally so so many precious memories of family who have passed. May all who read this be safe this holiday season and be blessed

  261. 12.24.17
    Karla said:

    I am most grateful for my wonderful family and friends!!

  262. 12.24.17
    Cinthia said:

    God has truly Blessed me in many ways! I am thankful for my Family and Friends and that we are all healthy! Merry Christmas to you and your Family! May God Bless you always! 🙏🏼❤️

  263. 12.24.17
    Belen from the White Porch Farm said:

    Merry Christmas, Sarah! I am thankful first of all for a Savior that came into the world to save us! Although life isn’t always perfect… I am thankful for the blessings in my life…..and following sweet people like you enrich my life on a daily basis…

  264. 12.24.17
    Audrey C said:

    I’m thankful for many things this season, but I’ll only mention two (ha!). First, I am in nursing school and am on break right now. I am soooo grateful for this much needed time of rest with my sweet babes that I’ve been missing while studying. Secondly, I am so grateful for my nephew. He was born yesterday in the wee hours of the morning, and it’s a bit of a miracle he made it. They did an emergency c-section where they found he had the cord wrapped around his neck 5x, which that doctor had never seen. He is tiny and precious and perfect and I’m so thankful he’s here and everyone is healthy. ❤️

  265. 12.24.17
    Elizabeth Smokowski said:

    I enjoy your blog – thank you for sharing, including links, and keeping it real!

  266. 12.24.17
    Alexys said:

    I am grateful for the amazing man in my life who is getting me through so much loss and heartache this Holiday Season. We haven’t had the best week, but he is keeping things in perspective and giving me encouragement and love. I am also thankful for my incredible family as we will get each other through this time of sorrow together. So lucky for my support system.

  267. 12.24.17
    Erica said:

    I am grateful for my family, maybe that sounds a little cliche, but as this day (Christmas eve) ticks away, I realize just how lucky I am. My mom comes from a large family and every year for as long as I can remember we have gone to my grandparents house to celebrate the holiday this evening. I lost my grandpa a few years ago but my grandma has carried on the tradition. She’s sick this year and isn’t able to be with us. She’s asking that we all still gather in her home. My grandma is one of the kindest, strongest women I know. I love her dearly. I’ll miss her this year. She has given us all the gift of one another,the love and the strength to support each other, there is nothing more important than family. I truly am grateful. God bless you and have a Merry Christmas.

  268. 12.24.17
    Rosanna Wurtz said:

    So many reasons to be thankful! Jesus, my family, good health, and so much more! I wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a happy new year!:)

  269. 12.24.17
    Juliet said:

    I’m thankful for my Husband. Even though we’re married young, and Christmas gifts to each other might have to wait til after we catch up from buying everyone else’s gifts, we have have a roof over our head, a Christmas tree, and each other!

    Xoxo Juliet

  270. 12.24.17
    Connie said:

    Merry Christmas! As so many others, I am grateful for family and for the holiday season and the REASON for the season. I like reading your blog even being one of your more “mature” followers–wishing I had, had the confidence in my decorating skills at your age as you have–it has taken me several years to evolve. Wishing you a New Year filled with love and laughter. Connie Hoffman

  271. 12.24.17
    Jen said:

    I, like you, have welcomed a new person into our lives. He will be 6 months old on Dec 26 and I am so blessed and grateful to have had him come into our lives. I am grateful that his sister has a little brother and grateful for how he has doubled the joy in our little family.

  272. 12.24.17
    Amy said:

    I am grateful that I was able to configure one of my favorite holiday recipes to Gluten Free so I can enjoy it with the rest of my family!! Merry Christmas!

    • 12.24.17
      Sarah said:

      oh that’s awesome, Amy! I’d love to hear how you did that.

  273. 12.24.17
    kathy said:

    Thankful for all of my family and friends. Health care has been a new experience for us this year, but we are on the positive side of it. Your blog has been my little pick me up. Every time I read it you have something wonderful and exciting to learn from. Please keep up the good work in the new year. Thank you

  274. 12.24.17
    Farah said:

    I’m thankful for a healthy family this year. Merry Christmas Sarah! Thank you for all your wonderful content and just for being a sweetheart. ❤️❤️

  275. 12.24.17
    Sarah said:

    I am so grateful for time with my family and friends did for Jesus!!

  276. 12.24.17
    Ginger Cox said:

    Very grateful for my family and having some time with them for the holidays without work, school, homework or any commitments for a few days! Merry Christmas~ love your Insta stories!

  277. 12.24.17
    Linda Greene said:

    Grateful for the wonderful family and friends, not only at Christmas but all year round! Have a Merry Christmas!

  278. 12.24.17
    Lynn said:

    Thankful for a wonderful family and enjoy your blog. Merry Christmas!

  279. 12.24.17
    Melissa said:

    I’m so grateful for God giving me 8 babies and a husband who doesn’t quit. Between Homeschooling these babes, being a stay at home mom, having toddler twins, and trying to convince myself that becoming part of the home decor community is what God wants, allllll while renovating a farmhouse on our has been busy. Your IG stories and blog inspire me daily. I don’t need to be in the giveaway, I just want you to read this and know you’re inspiring moms and women every day to go for it. And so, I’m thankful for YOU this Christmas.

    • 12.24.17
      Sarah said:

      Aw that is so sweet of you to say Melissa, thank you!! It sounds like you have your hands full, but you’re doing awesome work and you should be so proud. Good luck with your farmhouse and best wishes in 2018! xo

  280. 12.24.17
    Cathleen Cedergreen said:

    I’m so thankful to celebrate the birth of our Savior surrounded by family and friendscat

  281. 12.24.17
    Michele said:

    I have had the privilege and blessed to have spent Christmas for the last 41 years with my daughter and her family. This year will be a sad one and very different. She passed away out of the blue, with that she left behind a daughter of her own. You think to yourself this is about being blessed. Well…..I feel blessed to have had her for those 41 years. I am sad she is gone, but I have all those memories of Christmas when she was a child and she and her 2 brothers would get up early and get into everything. Well then again so did I when I was there age. I happened upon her Pinterest page, and on it was a section of things remembered as a child. So her dad and I did something right. For that I am blessed. Love you Jennifer. Miss you lots……

  282. 12.24.17
    Rachelle Powers said:

    I’m so glad I discovered you this year! I love your home and I really enjoy your insta-stories! This year I’m thankful for my husband! He works so hard at a miserable job all so I can stay home and homeschool our children. He’s really taking one for the team! Love that guy.

  283. 12.24.17
    Mallory said:

    You’re the very first blog that I started to follow and you’re still my favorite! I’m most thankful for the slow down this weekend. I work full time, have 2 kids (Tori 3 and AJ 2) and a hubby that is just as much a diy-er as me! So…simple family time is such a blessing!

  284. 12.24.17
    Karen said:

    I’m so thankful this time of year for all my family, their health and for all the joy I receive from them. I could not imagine what life would be without having each one of them in my life. I am grateful for my husband and the sacrifice he has given to his family, always having to work while I was at home with the children. I am grateful for my own parents, who gave everything they had to my brother and I all their lives and loved me unconditionally. I am grateful for my own children, who retaught me how to be a child and how to expand my heart to love the next one, and the next. I’m also grateful for my sweet grandparents who loved me and made me feel as if I was their favorite, only to find all my cousins felt the same way. 🙂 Merry Christmas! <3

  285. 12.24.17
    Sara said:

    I’m so very thankful to be able to celebrate Christmas with my family and instill in them the reason we celebrate. So thankful Jesus came in such a humble way and lived his life as an example for us to follow. Thankful for his sacrifice for us and that he made a way for us to be able to go to heaven. I could go on and on about all of that, but I think you understand how I feel. I’m also thankful for my family, for our health, our freedom and for those who make that possible. I’m thankful for good friends, food, clean water and air. I’m thankful for way too many things to list. But I will end by saying I’m thankful for people like you who inspire me to create and decorate and find value and purpose in what I use to think was just something I like to do. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  286. 12.25.17
    Ellen Taylor said:

    I’m grateful to have a safe and loving home for me and both my daughters!

  287. 12.25.17
    Mary Kaiser said:

    I am thankful for my life, thankful for the talents that God has blessed me with. I am at a point in my life that I am extremely happy and blessed with good health.

  288. 12.25.17
    Kathryn said:

    I’m thankful for close family and friends as this is my first Christmas without my father

  289. 12.25.17
    Vickie said:

    I already subscribe to your blog and thank you for it! I am thankful that at this very moment we are all relatively healthy! Who know what tomorrow may bring?!

  290. 12.25.17
    Karen said:

    I am thankful to have both my boys home. Best gift ever, anytime of the year!

  291. 12.25.17
    Faith said:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! Many things have I been blessed with, that many don’t have…everyday things that I use, and eat, and hug and see…all provisions from God that I know He provides because He loves us so much….so much He gave us His Son, Jesus, who came to earth to save us, and give us eternal life with Him! That is my foundation of life, each new day, new year, and every new beginnings. I’m so grateful that He put me in a family that loves Him, and then blessed me with another generation of children to pass the good news on too…for the love of family is how He shows us what being part of His family is about!
    Nothing in my life beyond my family members is as precious as my old Bible…with a lifetime of notes, and names in margins for those I pray for…the gift of prayer brings me to tears as we are granted access to a Holy Father who loves to hear us pray and share all our thoughts with Him, easily, and momentarily, 24/7/365…He loves us so much!
    “Stuff” in my life may come and go, but my Jesus, He never changes, He will never leave me, and He is always working things out for my good. I enjoy the gift of my home, and seek to honor Him in the ways I use it, loving others, and offering a haven for the hurting over coffee. I know you know Him too, which makes us sisters in Christ…your home is lovely, and your family is precious…and you bless many thru your sweet blog! Blessings on you this day and always! Happy New Year too!

  292. 12.25.17
    Laura said:

    I am so greatful for my family.. I just wouldn’t make it without each one of them.. that are my heart and soul💜

  293. 12.25.17
    Kim said:

    I’m grateful that all my kiddos were under one roof Christmas eve and we are spending Christmas day together💕

  294. 12.25.17
    Melinda L Pollard said:

    Omg LOVE LOVE your home!! So gorgeous! I follow you on IG too (@thatsglamorous). I am so grateful for many things, but the thing that I am the most grateful for is how God healed me this year. I was hospitalized and it took me about 6 months to heal totally and I am so so grateful for my health! I’m blessed beyond measure! <3 (

  295. 12.25.17
    Judy said:

    I’m mostly grateful that I’m living in a time when a woman my age (68) is considered still fully able to hold down a meaningful job and to still have something valuable to contribute to society. Of course, I’m also grateful for the good mental and physical health that enable me to function in a field where I’m needed, valued and appreciated. I’m very blessed to have a sense of purpose.

  296. 12.25.17
    Norma said:

    Hello, I been following your blog for the last 6 months. I love it so much I’m trying to work on my fixer upper as well. The one thing that inspires me about your blog is not your decorating style. It’s your family values, I love how you always have something positive to say about your husband and your kids. I’m working so hard to install my vaules on my children. But let me tell it’s on hard sometimes. When I’m sad I love hearing talk about your life and your job it makes my day all better. Have a Merry Christmas to and your family. Love Norma

  297. 12.25.17
    Edwina said:

    Thank you for this giveaway and for the inspiration you provide on a regular basis! I am most thankful for my amazing husband!

  298. 12.25.17
    Robin said:

    I am so grateful for my family, a great husband, my kids, our health, plus friends who have come into our life infusing us with joy. We’ve returned to the church we were married in & feel like we’ve come home. Life is good.

  299. 12.25.17
    Kristie Beshears said:

    SO THANKFUL for my family!!! They are the reason for the joy and happiness in my life!! No matter how exhausted I might be from taking care of my little people they are still my sushine!☀️💕


  300. 12.25.17
    Rachrl said:

    I am thankful for my health and family. There is no greater gift to have family around and to be healthy. Things money cannot buy.

  301. 12.25.17
    Christine said:

    I am thankful to still have my Dad with us. He always been super healthy but had a stroke a few months back. He may not be the same and may forget certain things but he’s here and still has his sense of humor. I am forever thankful to God for answering our prayers.

  302. 12.25.17
    Desta said:

    So thankful for my family and our health this year (last year was a tough one in regards to health…). And I’m thankful for learning more about Gods grace this year!

  303. 12.25.17
    Karin carleo said:

    I am so grateful for my family❤️They are everything❤️Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  304. 12.25.17
    Jeanette said:

    I’m so thankful for God’s love for me, and for my family. We may not have everything we want, but we have all we need. Thank you for writing such a positive blog. You make the world a better place!

  305. 12.25.17
    Amanda k said:

    I’m thankful for so many things but to name a few, I’m thankful to have been raised in a strong Christian family, my children love Jesus and made the choice to be baptized, and my family is healthy and happy!

  306. 12.25.17

    I’m grateful for Jesus, my family, and the ministry God has entrusted to me. I’m also thankful for the many blessings this year, including this blog. I’m getting lots of ideas for a home we will move into in a few months. God is good all the time.

  307. 12.25.17
    Leigh said:

    Merry Christmas, Sarah! ❤️
    I am so thankful for the blessing of my husband and kiddos. Most of all, I am thankful for Jesus and the life I can leave in joy and peace because of Him.

  308. 12.25.17
    Allie said:

    I am grateful for the gift of life. My son is one and I have spent this past year every day in awe of Gods gift. Seeing the world through your child’s eyes is everything I’ve been praying for. I feel so blessed to be his mom. This year I pray to learn to be more gracious and humble and I hope I can teach him those things as well. Merry Christmas!

  309. 12.25.17
    Desirae said:

    Merry Christmas Sarah! I’m thankful for a quickly growing family 😳 On top of our biological daughter we are in the process of adopting a 2 year old boy and his 5 week old sister, and I’m pregnant due in April! We will have 4 kids under 3 years old, and even though things will be pretty crazy for a while, I’m so thankful they are all healthy!

  310. 12.25.17
    Stephanie said:

    I am so grateful for my family and our health! I am also grateful I found your blog this year! Thank you for letting us into your life. I look forward to each of your posts because I feel like we are friends and I am checking out what you did that day, with my coffee in hand (of course!) and ready to decorate and re-decorate something in my house! The honest mom moments also help because we dont feel alone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Sarah!

    • 12.25.17
      Stephanie said:

      Sorry!! My phone shut off and I thought it didnt post my reply thats why there are 2 replies!

  311. 12.25.17
    Stephanie said:

    I am so grateful for my family and our health! I am also grateful I found your blog this year! I look forward to each of your blog posts because I feel like we are friends and I am checking out what you did that day, with my coffee in hand (of course!) and ready to decorate and re-decorate something in my house! Thank you for letting us into your beautiful life! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Sarah!

  312. 12.26.17
    Nancy H said:

    I am so grateful and of my children as they have grown into young adults. It was fun being invited to their homes over the holidays and seeing how they are starting their own new traditions and including me! It was so wonderful and such a blessing!.