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Life Update + Thoughts on Slowing Down

I’ll be honest–the last few weeks have felt like a total blur over here. It started with my husband getting COVID in early November, then one by one we all took our turn with it, including the kids. Thankfully we had mostly mild cases–the girls barely even had a fever for one day and my son only had a 16 hour bout with it, which I’m very grateful for because I know that’s not always the case. My husband and I faired pretty well too, but now the biggest hurdle has just been regaining our normal energy. Plus my taste and smell are completely gone, so that’s been interesting. But I gotta say, it was definitely a bit surreal to finally have this thing that has turned our world upside down in the last year and a half. If you’ve had it you might know that feeling. You don’t know what’s going to happen, how your body will handle it, or what to expect. I definitely spent a lot of time praying throughout all of this and I’m so grateful for how God has walked us through this in such a sweet way. Sooo thankful to be on the other side of it!

I just want to thank you for being patient with me as things have been very quiet here on the blog this month. It definitely hasn’t been intentional, but sometimes life just throws you a curve ball and forces you to slow down. I struggle with the slowing down stuff (as most of you probably know by now!) but I also know it’s necessary sometimes and exactly what we need, even when the world is racing past us at lighting speed.

Now that we are finally out of quarantine, I have lots of exciting things to share with you in the next couple weeks–our mudroom makeover is almost complete after waiting months on tile work (hallelujah!) and we also have shiplap going up in the basement this week. I can’t wait to share both of those projects when they’re done, plus lots of holiday decor. Stay tuned!! xoxo

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  • Amy
    November 24, 2021

    Glad you’re on the other side of being sick. My husband tested positive after he was scheduled for emergency surgery for a shattered wrist. Fortunately no one in my house had any symptoms. I felt like it came from God as my husband isn’t one to slow down either. It forced us to stay home for two weeks while he recovered from the worst wrist break the orthopedic surgeon said he’d ever seen! When he went for his six week follow up the doctor said he expected to schedule another surgery and much to his surprise hubs had healed up perfectly. I love how you share some of the most personal aspects of your life with your audience and I look forward to all the upcoming posts!

  • Angela Servello
    November 24, 2021

    Hello my sweet, so sorry to hear about what you and your family went through. This damn virus needs to go away forever and never come back, but so happy that everyone is feeling better. Praise the Lord!! Also, you may of lost your taste and smell but you definitely have not lost your sense of style. You home looks magical. Love the dining room/den all dressed up in Christmas attire. It’s perfect. Stay well my friend. Happy Thanksgiving to all.🙏🙏🍗🍗

  • Jessica Hancock
    November 24, 2021

    All about that natural immunity! Woot woot!! It’s definitely strange how it effects households differently. I only know very few people who’ve had it run through the whole family. Which seems more normal to me than only half the family getting. 🤷🏼‍♀️ So glad y’all are good and don’t have to worry anymore.

  • Terry
    November 24, 2021

    Know exactly what you are going through. I came down with it right before Labor Day. Low temp, no taste or smell. You are right about being tired. Finally feel more like myself. So happy your family didn’t suffer to badly. Just found out my youngest daughter has it so they will not be driving 7 hours home for thanksgiving. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and God Bless

  • DONNA W.
    November 24, 2021

    I wish you could have shared the time when you and your family had covid so I could have been praying for you.

    May God bless your hearts and place His healing hand on you and your family.

    • Sarah
      > DONNA W.
      November 24, 2021

      Thank you so much Donna, I appreciate that!! xo

  • Sandy A
    November 24, 2021

    So glad you and your family had mild symptoms with Covid, and are doing well! Not so for many I know. For instance our SIL bedridden for two weeks, still dealing with issues of exhaustion. My sister hospitalized for a week on oxygen, with long term, life threatening complications that may end her life early. Her heart and lungs compromised, and her kidneys not functioning so she is looking at dialysis. Our family friend, an athlete in unbelievable shape and health, dead leaving son and wife behind. Yes, most have minor symptoms and get through their illness easily, and that is such a blessing. Truly a blessing for those lucky when you see others you know and love suffering.. But I worry, not enough people know, nor realize the life altering Covid has wrecked in some, many lives. I just feel need to pass on it can destroy lives and families. I also am immune compromised, so I must be wary and extremely careful even in day to day life. That is another reason I’m such a promoter of what Covid can do and it’s deadly seriousness. Thanks for listening….

    • Sarah
      > Sandy A
      November 24, 2021

      I hear you Sandy, I’m aware of how scary it can be and I too know of so many that have been impacted in such a heartbreaking way. That’s what is so scary about it–you just don’t know how your body will react or who it will impact so harshly. I’m so sorry to hear of your family friend. That is just heartbreaking! Stay healthy and safe. xoxo

    November 24, 2021

    I knew something had to be happening in your life for you not to be posting your lovely blog. Thank the Lord that yr family is OK and that you survived it. I will be praying for you and your family for continued health. 🙏

  • Candy
    November 24, 2021

    Hi Sarah
    I do believe all of us have been so worried about you and your family’s health. Thank God that you guys have survived this terrible Covid!
    Take care
    Love Candy

  • sarah berner
    November 24, 2021

    were you all vacinated?????

    • Mary
      > sarah berner
      November 27, 2021

      That was my question. No one even mentioned getting vaccinated. My husband and I got it right before the big shutdown. They had no idea what to do with us. I was so scared my husband would go to sleep and not wake up. He had breathing issues but all the doctor said was to call an ambulance if we thought he needed one. After more than a year and a half we both still have side effects. Get your vaccines, it’s not political it’s public health!!

      • Lisa Mothersead
        > Mary
        November 27, 2021


        • JANET
          > Lisa Mothersead
          November 28, 2021

          Vaccinated & Booster complete & I still wear a mask in public! There’s a lot of flu right now and Covid (of course) and I get stared at for the mask wearing🙄but my sister is in health care and she’s seeing some really harsh cases & side effects that will be a life long issue.