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In’s and Out’s for 2024

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There’s just nothing like the feeling of a brand new year. I love the fresh start. The new beginning. Another chance to figure out this thing called life. I always feel energized and hopeful in January. And even those most of us think New Year’s resolutions are cheesy and overdone, I still love taking time to think about new goals and things I’d like to do better in the coming year. I’ve seen people sharing their “in’s and out’s list for 2024”, so I watned to share my own! I also have an amazing promo to share at the end of the post.

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OUT FOR 2024:

Negativity: One of the best lessons I learned in 2023 is that I no longer want to waste any of my time being negative. I realized this year just how negative I’d let my thoughts become. It didn’t happen overnight, but slowly over time I let a negative mindset sneak into my daily life–most of the time I didn’t even realize I was doing it! But after a lot of work on myself in the last few months, I have slowly but surely started to re-wire my thoughts. And you know what? It’s so freeing not giving energy to negativity anymore or worry about things I have no control over. I want to keep that up in 2024.

Opinions from Others: This is a big one for me and something that’s not super easy given the fact that I put my life online. But I definitely want to stop caring so much about what other people think. I’ve made a lot of progress on this over the years, but I still have room for improvement.

Mindless Scrolling: No more hours wasted scrolling social media. I’m giving myself a 30 min limit each day–that’s it!

IN FOR 2024:

Journaling: I stared journaling in 2023 and I fell in love with it. It’s super therapeutic and I’ve made it a daily habit at this point. Definitely something I want to keep up with this year.

Walking: I think walking is one of the most under-rated exercise options out there. It’s seriously so good for our bodies, low impact, and it doesn’t require a bunch of equipment. Since the weather turned cold I got a cool tray for my treadmill that basically turns the whole thing into a walking desk. It’s so handy and gives me a great way to get in extra steps while I’m working on my computer. Shooting for the goal of 10,000 steps a day.

Yoga + Pilates: I’ve been a big fan of high intensity workouts for as long as I can remember, but I think working out like that isn’t good long term. So lately I’ve been wanting to try more gentle movement kinda exercises like yoga and pilates. I just got these little weights for the pilates classes I’ve been doing and I love them. Also grabbed a new pretty yoga mat.

Reading: I absolutely love reading and in 2024 I’d love to get back in the habit of always keeping a book with me. That way instead of grabbing for my phone when I’m waiting or have a few minutes of idle time, I’ll read instead. I started this book last year and never finished it. Gotta get it done this year! Here’s a few great books to kick off the new year:

Jesus Our Perfect Hope Devotional // 7 Habits of Highly Effective People // Atomic Habits // Authentically, Uniquely You // Jesus Listens Devotional // Beautifully Organized

Water: Who doesn’t need to drink more water? I just got this great non-toxic stainless steel water bottle and I’m loving it.

Travel + LOTS OF IT: This is probably my top goal for 2024. I absolutely LOVE traveling with the kids and I want to do that as often as possible this year. I dream about exploring the world with them. Definitely need to get them passports ASAP.

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