How to Turn Your Tv into Christmas Art

How to Turn Your Tv into Christmas Art

One of my all-time favorite decor hacks is how to get free art for your TV. I’ve shared this tip over on Instagram a few times, but I wanted to share it here too in case you don’t know how to do this. As long as you have a TV that can access YouTube, you’re set!

  1. Go the the YouTube app
  2. Search “tv Christmas art”
  3. Scroll through the options + hit play on one you like.
  4. Voila—you’ve now turned your black TV into artwork! Easy peasy.

This is the best way to get that frame TV look without splurging on the real deal. You’re essentially just playing a video that looks like a photo. I do this all the time when I’m taking photos of our basement and it awls looks like a frame TV. If you do leave it on for a while I’d recommend muting your TV in case any ads come up! Give it a try and let me know what you think. xo

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